Bisk CPA Review: Complete Video Course (Free)

Disclaimer: These videos were last updated in 2015.

Backstory: NINJA CPA Review acquired the rights to the Bisk CPA Review course as part of a larger acquisition with Thomson Reuters in 2016 and is putting them online for free so that Bob Monette's (FAR, AUD, and some BEC/REG) teaching legacy can live on.

Some of these CPA Exam study videos are old, but still quite popular (Cost Accounting, Governmental Accounting, etc).

Others are completely outdated, so only use them in conjunction with an updated CPA Review Course. By watching you are acknowledging that you understand this.

You are much better off watching updated NINJA Sparring videos (our weekly live CPA Exam tutoring sessions) than investing your time in the outdated Bisk CPA Review videos.


Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)

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Bisk CPA Review FAR

Bisk CPA Review AUD

Bisk CPA Review BEC

Bisk CPA Review REG

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