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  • Hi Olive and Kelvin – it’s a BOGO sale, so if you get a Combo, you can get a
    Combo…or if you get Notes…you can get Notes…or get an Audio…get
    Notes, etc. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Jeff, I have the same question as olive. Can I also pay half of the 10 point combo complete price instead of buying one free. As I live in Canada, none of people near me have interests in taking CPA, so I have nobody to share. I hope I can get your response and buy it before the deadline tomorrow. Thank you so much. Please let us know, thank you.

  • Hi, Jeff, I wanted to know if I could get half off the 10 point combo complete instead of buy one get one free. If so, please let me know how to make the purchase and I’ll buy it.

  • I can’t download any of your zip files? It keeps saying that AUDIO or Notes or Flashcards cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents and for some reason it keeps trying to open in Word (for everything)? Please help.

  • James – you can purchase one and email me for the 2nd…I’ll let you decide what you do with it 🙂

  • Hi Jeff, I’ve been trying to purchase my BOGO for the past half an hour. I think the site has crashed again!

  • Jeff,
    I want to split the costs with someone. Can I purchase one Combo and then have my friend email you for the second combo? Or will the second combo have to be on the same user account? Also how do we receive the combo mail, is it something that we have to download?
    Thank you in advance!
    – James

  • Jeff,

    I still haven’t gotten my BOGO. I’ve emailed a few times but get no response. Are you still trying to catch up with orders or did mine get lost in the shuffle somewhere?

    Let me know. Thanks!

  • Hi Jeff,
    Do we purchase one for the BOGO, then email you about the second one we would like? Or purchase both and email for payment refund?

  • You should get your free materials hopefully today – thank you for your patience! – the promo was very popular – inbox is flooded.

  • Hi Kaitlyn – the sale has been extended due to major site problems yesterday. Most people couldn’t get on all day.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I still haven’t gotten my BOGO e-mailed to me yet….either, do you know when I can expect to receive them?

    Thank you!

  • Jeff,
    I still haven’t gotten my BOGO e-mailed to me yet… Do you know when I can expect this?

  • Hi Jeff,

    You wouldn’t by change be extending this offer through Cyber Monday, would you?


  • Are the Aud notes changing significantly for 2014, I wanted to study for the 2014 aud exam, any way I can get the updated notes soon?

  • Lenni – I am out of town for a family event, but will have your free materials to you by Monday for sure.

    Thank you for your understanding,

  • Jeff, I emailed you regarding my question above but no response. I paid for the complete audio (AUD, REG, FAR, BEC) and wanted free complete notes (AUD, REG, FAR, BEC).

  • Hi Jo – it’s still available.

    The bogo portion won’t be sent until Monday, however.

    Thank you,


  • Is this offer still available? I got an email that it was available just until 11/28/2013 11.59pm PT, and here I see it is for Black Friday weekend, so I assume till 12/1/2013. Thank you!

  • Hi Jeff, can you give an update of when the BOGO’s are expected to be sent out? I have not yet received them. Thanks!!

  • Jeff, based on your BOGO ads “buy a complete audio get the complete notes,” I already purchased the 2013 “complete audio” but I have not gotten the “complete notes” How can I get the “complete notes”? and how can I get the updates on the 2014 “complete audio” and “complete notes”? Look forward to your response.

  • HELLO? Why didn’t you respond to my BOGO email. I bought the ten point combo lite for reg but you NEVER replied back with my ten point combo lite for audit??

  • Jeff I screwed up. I paid for both sections instead of 1 and then emailing you. How do I go about getting a refund? This is going to be an issue with my checkbook. Look forward to a respinse

  • Okay, so just to confirm.. right now until 3AM EST I can buy let’s say the Ninja notes for BEC, then I would just shoot you and e-mail and get the Ninja notes for REG or FAR.. plus use the 15% off code?

  • I’m not taking any exams until May or June. If i get the 10 point combo, will the WTB expire in a year from now or a year from when I activate it?

  • i will buy two 10 pint combos to get the other two combos free.. but will I still be able to use the coupon 15% off.. (Black)

  • The Lite Combo comes with BLITZ/Notes/Audio/Flashcards … the non-Lite combo includes the Wiley TB. Yep – just email for the second combo.

  • so if i get combo for audit.. what will i get? after purchasing all i need to do is to send an email to get the free one?

  • It won’t be up to date then, but that’s ok because all NINJA Materials come with Free Updates until you pass.

  • Email me and I’ll send you the same materials for your next exam – or send you BLITZ + Flashcards for REG – your choice.

  • If I were to buy them now but don’t plan to take a part until April or May will the material still be up to date?

  • ugh what a bummer i just ordered both the NINJA notes and audio for REG yesterday! loving them so far but wish i had waited a day haha

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