Official Wave 2 CPA Exam Score Release Prediction Dates & Information + Club 75 Christmas $18,000 Giveaway

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Update #4 (12/14/10):Ninjas Reporting In! ALL Scores to be released by Thursday.

Update #3 (12/13/10):
My original predictions will end up all being wrong (but in a good way)…

Updated Ninja report:
BEC – Tuesday 12/14
AUD – Tuesday 12/14 (yes, same day)
FAR – Wednesday 12/15
REG – by Friday 12/17
Update #2 (12/13/10):My Score Release Ninjas tell me BEC is expected Tuesday the 14th.

Update #1 (12/9/10): Wave 2 CPA Exam Scores will start rolling out the “week of the 13th” and all scores anticipate being released to NASBA “before the holiday”.


Jeff Elliott



707 comments on “Official Wave 2 CPA Exam Score Release Prediction Dates & Information + Club 75 Christmas $18,000 Giveaway”

  • Jeff, do you have any advice regarding the appeal process with a 74 on my last exam, and now my others are expired? πŸ™

  • I got my FAR score on 12/23! Passed with a 79. However, I cannot login to the cba website anymore to see my score again. Anyone else have trouble?

    Merry Christmas! Thanks.

  • CACACA, i just got 71 on audit for the second time. I know how you feel i was depressed all day yesterday after studying my ass off. Just keep going we can get through it.

  • Check the scores for CA AUD this morning at 6:20am, and scores and reports are both out. Long wait but passed 77.

  • WI is a joke when it comes to releasing scores. I suspect that we won’t get them unitl after the first of the year. This assumes history repeats itself. They’ve been consistently behind the eight ball and put their candidates behind if they don’t pass. Examples of Delays:

    BEC – Took August 28th – Received Score around October 4th. Most scores were out by September 20th. A representative told me at NASBA that they require all scores before the next test window. That didn’t happen.

    REG – Took October 14th – Don’te remember the exact date that I received the score, but I know it wasn’t before a trip I took on December 3rd. This was well past the date other states released the score. Most received their score three weeks before.

    I suggest you drink a lot of eggnog and not worry about the score. We should get to enjoy our holiday just like the people who are responsible for releasing our scores in WI – We know they’re having a few and not worrying about us.

  • CA-AUD scores are out! Thank God I passed!! I would like to thank everyone and Jeff here at for all the support and encouragement. This forum has gotten me through my darkest moments throughout my cpa journey…keep on trying, don’t give up!Happy Holidays!!

  • Just got my CA FAR exam this morning. Both my coworker and I got it at the same time. I took my exam 11/20 and he took his 11/23. Oh and also I passed. Good luck to you all.. hang in there

  • We got em, I passed, all 4, first try, get that ethics, and the 500 hrs and that is it. Good luck to all, and remember, study and you will pass!! And by the way, mine said score pending, not attended, and I passed, so I think that has nothing to do with if you passed or failed.

  • I just checked again and it IS POSTED! I PASSED and I’m DONE!!!!!! WOO-HOOOO

    FAR – 86
    REG – 83
    BEC – 85
    AUD – 89

    I just want to say that this community has been awesome and it has really helped me to keep sane during this journey. THANKS JEFF and ANOTHER71!

  • Guys, I had the “attended” vs. “score pending” the entire time and I just received a passing score. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

  • I checked at 6am. CA Aud scores are out, but no score report. Only an advisory score. That counts, right?

  • CA FAR SCORE POSTED- Under the start tab it now says “CBT Advisory Exam Scores received.” I’m so nervous I don’t want to check now. haha

  • any one knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww when CA audit will be post , is it today,tomorrow or after the vacation , please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stat for FAR 11/21 & status is “still pending”. I called the CBA and the lady was actually super nice. She told me that NASBA hasn’t finished releasing all the scores and that once NASBA does release scores they go directly to our client account “status” tab. Guess all we can keep doing is waiting….come on NABSA!

  • I did a little research regarding whether one must take a test before the expiration date. This is a copy-paste from the CBA website:

    Indicates that you did not receive scores of 75 or above on all four sections of the CPA Exam by the last date of the credit period for this section. (Note: Expired status may be changed to Pass depending upon the receipt and posting of score(s) for section(s) taken ON OR BEFORE the last date of the credit period.)”

  • Tried to call CBA today and left a message asking if they will post scores during the Xmas weekend. They left me a message saying that “it is true that NASBA has until end of Dec to release scores” and that “scores may come out any day” and advised me to check “at lease once every 24 hours.”

    The translation is: keep waiting and checking. This is going to ruin my holiday!

  • That would be a big mistake. If you take it on the day it expires you are one day too late. Read the instructions on NASBA. You must sit BEFORE the date of expiration. Best of Luck!!

  • I took FAR on 11/27 in Reno, though I am in CA, and my status page updated to both attended and score pending on 11/30. I have a friend who took FAR in CA on 11/30 and she received her score already. From what I have heard NASBA has released all the scores but CA has had an issue with the posting and they dont know why, but that they are working on it.

  • I took AUD on 11/13 and still waiting. If I pass, i’m done. if i fail, BEC expires. Oh, that reminds me, if you take a test on the exact day a test expires, it still counts, right? you don’t have to take it BEFORE the expiration date, right?

    btw, i think “attended” is just when they see you sat for the exam. When NASBA releases the scores to the CBA and it is running through their automated system it says “score pending.”

  • To be the odd ball out, I took AUD on 11/24 and mine still only states “attended”.

    Also, I don’t think there is a correlation between “score pending”/”attended” and passing/failing; otherwise, we’d already know our answer by now and wouldn’t still be blogging about our scores being posted.

    Regardless, I want these scores to post so I can get a decent night of sleep. Good luck everyone!

  • @ FAR in CA: My “score pending” is just in parentheses. The date and time on the status correspond to the my exam appointment. There’s no indication when the “score pending” notation was posted.

    It seems like those of us who took FAR/AUD late in November are still waiting. Ironically, I thought my wait would be shorter if I took the exam as far towards the end of the window as possible … Go figure

  • Yeah, still says “attended” for me. Took FAR on 11/27 and the status date says 11/29/10.

    I don’t recall a difference in “attended” and “score pending” equating pass or fail. Anyone know anything about this?

    To me, it seems as though “score pending” means that your score will be coming very soon and maybe the CBA has it. As for “attended,” it seems to me that the CBA just got notice that you sat for the test. Ideas anyone?

    For example, for me it says status date 11/29/10 “attended.” So it looks like on Monday, 11/29/10, they got word that I sat for the test. Just my guess.

    For those that say “score pending,” what is your status date? Is it way after the date you took the test?

  • Frustrating! It seems like CBA has mismanaged this royally. Any hope of getting timely results to help plan for the next steps have been prevented!

  • If they havent got them posted by tomorrow, then we may have a bit of a wait on our hands. We may see something next Monday or Tuesday. Just my thoughts.

    I have no idea what could be taking so long. I get the feeling somebody is still grading them, lol! If NASBA had the results they could have, by now, uploaded the results straight onto the CBA site. Other CA students, wave 1 and 2, have received results. Why the trouble with wave 2 AUD and FAR?

  • The scores must come before christmas…dont you guys think?

    So by friday we should get them for SURE!

    I hope! It would suck if they make us wait till like dec31st! Because CBA did say that they will have our scores posted by the end of december!

  • Another day and no AUD score (CA)! I took my test on 11/20. I actually feel relieved when I log in and see “pending” – the wait is killing me. Do the CBA have to have posted scores by the end of December – or will the holidays disrupt things futher yet?

  • I dreamed that the score of CA AUD was posted on my account, but I can’t see it clearly. Then I ran to my computer and checked, but still “score pending…”


  • CA 7:20am, still no score for FAR!!! I sweared to myself not to check until after the holidays, but can’t help! What’s wrong with NASBA and/or CBA???

  • Ok. What do you reckon the spread should be today guys and girls? : b

    I think this wait is actually starting to kill me. My hair is falling out, my appetite has diminished (not necessarily a bad thing), and im struggling to enjoy my holiday. Need of closure i believe…need to know if i have failed so that i can make the most of my holiday to revise : /

    On the other hand i do feel less nervous everytime i open that site.

  • Mine said attended for a few weeks. Now it is score pending. I took AUD on 11/29/10 and still waiting for the score.

  • Does everyone’s record show (Score Pending) or Attended?

    Last time mine simply said attended …and I failed…..this time it says score pending since the day i took the exam… friend who took the exam on the same day at the same location …only 10 minutes time difference..her status says attended…..WHY IS that?

    Is there are any pattern ppl have noticed?

  • No score for FAR yet! I took it 11/27. I hope I passed! My last name begins with a T. My buddy who took REG on 11/26 already got his score.

    Looks like REG came out before FAR?

    I am so stressed out! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.

  • I am so nervous.
    My friend take CA AUD on October 4. He got his score in December 17 and he fail with 70.
    I took my AUD CA on 11/26 still score pending.
    I do not know when CA would release the AUD score.
    I hope that tonight we can have AUD score.
    Good luck for all of us waiting CA AUD.

  • Passed FAR.
    Thank Christ, I’m done.

    It took me a long time and even had to retake a section because it fell off.

    For those of you still struggling, don’t give up. If I can do it, you can do it!

  • I think worst case scenario is us getting them at the end of December. Best case scenario has just moved to tomorrow, lol!

  • Anyone have any idea when CA will release the AUD scores? We’ve been waiting forever. I thought the worst case scenario was us getting them yesterday…

  • CA AUD and FAR candidates who haven’t got their scores, I’m with you. I took FAR on 11/20. Checked this morning at 6am and checked again just now, still “attended; score pending”! I have had problem sleeping for the past week!

  • The 1st day I checked my AUD for CA, I felt super nervous; 2nd day, nervous; 3rd day, no feeling; 4th day, impatient; 5th day, annoying… today, when I checked it, it still is not there, I feel extremely angery.

  • I don’t understand this. Can anyone (Jeff) explain why the score is released to NASBA but takes so long to post?? It’s not like some person in ca is waiting to push a button at 5am to post the score. It’s on some kind of schedule to post each section one wave at a time, one day at a time. Why not just release them all!

  • Hi All

    I got my Audit score yesterday night at 8 PM by an email. I passed it with an 87. Thank you god.

    Dhiren Sarin

  • No CA audit score either. Getting a bit ridiculous now. Maybe we will get lucky and they will issue by the end of day, or at least before Christmas Eve.

  • Jeff,
    I definitely have to disagree with your predictions on this one! You are usually only off a day at most…this time it’s been 5 already!

  • @Queston..: Yes, you have to pay each time you take / re-take the exam.
    @FAR in CA: It has nothing to do to failing or passing score, last window in August i sat for REG on 10th and got my score (81) on 23rd, just cuz i sat for exam on about last day of wave 1.

  • I took far for the first time on 5/10/10 and got my score by early June (I forgot the exact date, but it was fast). It’s possible that 5/10/10 was part of wave 1.

    But I did not pass that first time, so I figured that if you fail, they seem to post your scores faster. I got a 67 the first time around and I thought I got severely worked on the MC.

    This second time around on 11/27/10, things went a lot better. I’m hoping it’s good enough!

    FYI, for the other 3 sections that I passed, it took weeks to get my scores back. I took them: 8/29/09 – BEC, 11/28/09 – AUD, and 2/24/10 – REG. I believe all those dates were wave 2 sittings, so maybe that’s why it took 3+ weeks from my test dates to find out those scores.

    Who knows, it may be that I just took FAR during wave 1 and that’s why my failing score posted faster than my wave 2 seatings on the three sections I passed.

    I hope to get my 2nd FAR score soon! The suspense is killing me. I DO NOT want to take FAR in 2011 with the international accounting in there.

  • I am retaking an exam I failed once. In addition to the 50 dollar application fees, you have to pay the exam cost again ??? ( for instance 174 for bec)??

    Please help! I didnt recieve any new NTS in my email. But when I checked payment coupon through nasba…It is asking me to pay 174 again for the resumbitted application

  • Still waiting on AUD in CA. Took the exam on 11/20. Im new to the CPA exam process and from the looks of it CA is making us payyyyy. Is the delay a good sign or bad based on history?

  • Hi Guys, I took FAR in San Francisco on 11/27 at 6pm and I still don’t have my score either! My status still says I “attended” the exam on 11/27 and my start page still tells me about my NTS.

    It looks like scores have not been released to the CBA yet. I hope this is a good sign that means I passed. I am thinking that if I failed, they would post the score much faster.

    Good luck to everyone else! Thanks Jeff for the great forum.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t think those of us waiting for scores in CA are going to see anything unless NASBA released our scores to the BOA yesterday (Sunday) for them to post today. We may have to wait until tomorrow. But I could be wrong which would be great because I’m sick of waiting as well.

  • What website do you use to see if scores have been released to nasba? I know how to check my score but don’t know how to check what the status is. Still waiting on my REG score.

  • My status still says “attended”. My audit score has not even been released yet! I took audit on 11-15, and this is probably the longest i waited for a result.

  • I received REG and I passed!!! I’m finally done with this nightmare after 2 LONG YEARS; a lot of tears and hard work went into this process!! It totally felt like a MARATHON

    It may take a while, but you’ll get there… continue having FAITH and study, study study!! My best holiday wishes to all of you!!

    Merry Xmas from Puerto Rico!

  • took it 11/24 and still no results. It is like the AICPA and CBA decided that they are through with the old exam and don’t care anymore. I have never seen it take this long after release.

  • Did most ppl get their CA FAR score already?

    I know me and two other friends are still waiting for CA FAR.

    Was wondering if any1 else is still waiting? Hope it’s not cause we all failed… haha

    I took FAR on 11/20 and I think they took it 11/27

  • Final REG score was in at 5am in TX this morning through the grace of God I am done!!


    ….good luck to all of you and don’t give up!!

  • Took REG 11/22 for WI candidate at MN test site. Still haven’t got a score. This is frustrating! Anyone else still waiting?

  • Well…looks like abunch of people did below average based on comparison scores that I just received for FAR from Texas. Got a 73 but I was worried I was going to get a 50 based on how i felt after the exam. Almost as good as passing but just have another month of studying and then should be golden and on my way to my CPA…dorky line from Becker…thank Olinto! Good luck to everyone else out there!

  • It is over for me!! I just passed the last part of my exam. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the support on the website. This kept me sane and I just wanted to give a word of encouragement to all of you still to pass. I took seven total parts that took a year and a half, but through th support I got on this website, it helped me get through it all. Thanks everyone and good luck!!!

  • I’m still waiting on AUD results for CA. I took the test on 11/23. Has anyone received scores yet?

  • @ IL-IL; @ Sam- I know how painful it is be so close and failed. Don’t give up, just put a little more to master every piece of the material because you don’t know on which part you will be tested.

    Keep on looking forward and try to get over it.

    Happy Holidays.

  • @ Sam — Take a look at which sections of the exam you scored lower on and you can target your studying for the next time. I know it is discouraging but your score is so close so don’t give up!!!

  • unfortunately i got an 72 on my Auditing for Colorado.
    i failed
    but i cant beleive it
    it is failure right?
    SAY SOMETHIN GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Took my exam on 11/20 and I’m still waiting on results as well. Do you think anything will be posted Monday or we’ll have to wait until Tuesday morning? Congrats to all those who passed!!!

  • I just checked my CBA exam account and learned that I passed with 88 score! I am officially done with CPA exam, with 2 months to go until my FAR expires. Thanks God I passed! Jeff, thanks again for this awesome website and all the support it offered!

    For all those who are still waiting for your scores, good luck to all of you, I hope you get good results soon!

    Happy holidays!

  • I passed all parts i am Qualified now thx Jiff it was a long trip it took me 2.5 years to finih it now its finished its time to relax. goodbye i am singing off. πŸ™‚

  • Got BEC results today in AZ! Finally finished with this aweful exam! Good luck to all of you still waiting for scores.

  • Hi I am looking for AUD score in North Dakota. I took the test on 11/30/2010. Anybody has an idea when the scores will be out?

  • ouch IL-IL…i am really sory to hear that….that must hurt! =( I am 101 percent sure u will pass it next time….dont give up! U r SOOO damn close!

    Yep! I guess wave 1 got released! If anyone gets wave 2 in california PLEASE update rigth away! I am checking this sire more often than cba!

  • @Prospectivecpa

    congratulations to you, finally you got it.
    I still haven’t got mine. hopefully I can pass.

  • @ CA-AUDIT- I get it this morning. I believe it is the first wave that should have been released on November. I hope u’ll get yours pretty soon.

    Good luck.

  • ca-aud….u recived ur score at 5;35 this mrining…when did u take it?? congrats on passing

    I still haven’t got mine…does that mean I failed??

  • Prosepctive CPA…u got ur audit score in CA finally?…..WHEN?!! I still have not got mine! i TOOK IT 11/29

  • Praise the Lord who has inspired Jeff to set up this website to help us go through this painful process of tireless waiting our scores. Jeff, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
    With an 86 for audit, I’m done. To those of you who didn’t make it, don’t be discouraged, nor don’t give up. If I made it for the first time, it isn’t because I am smarter than you, let put it simply your exam could have been more difficult than you had expected. My far and reg simulations were so difficult that I was worried I wouldn’t make it.Thanks God, I passed them.
    For those of you who work full time, I know it can be challenging, but just create some time to make it happen.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas to all of you.

  • Cont’d:

    NTS 418
    Last Name F

    Still haven’t got the score yet, does it mean I failed or does it mean I’m at the boarder of pass and fail…

    Congrats to the ones who have passed. This waiting is killing me!!!

  • CA REG score from exam taken 10-7 finally posted this morning at 5:35.


    Back to the drawing board. I am doing as some others have suggested on this site and re-writing my own notes. Going to Becker classes did not work for me.

  • Guys, finally after all these anxious waitings. My Audit (in CA) score posted last night and I passed.

    Exactly one year ago today (12/18) I submitted the first CPA exam to the board.

    Exactly one year later I am finally DONE with it and move on to the Ethics exam.

    To all those of you still studying, remember this : “YOU CAN DO IT !!”

    @Prospectivecpa, @Alex, plz go check your score again. I hope yours should be up by now.

    Here is my wonderful CPA exam journey:

    REG: 82 (02/22/2010)
    BEC: 83 (05/03/2010)
    FAR: 80 (08/02/2010) <- Absolutely miracle!!
    AUD: 82 (11/01/2010)

  • at 7:13am, there’s a “sign-in failure” notice on CBA website, maybe they are working on something

  • No scores for me yet. I sat for FAR on 11/27 and my last name begins with a T.

    I am in California. Anyone know if “failing” scores post faster? When I took FAR for the first time on 5/10/10, it seemed to post in mid-June. Maybe 5/10 was part of the first wave.

    Good luck everyone! I just want to pass.

  • Hi

    Can anybody let me know , when North Dakota will report the scores. I took Audit on 11/30/2010.


  • Jeff,

    Thanks for running this site. This forum, in addition to your score release updates, certain help temper anxiety…so thank you.

  • Maine is up! This is the end of the road for me! Passed all four! Good luck to all. My advice is to never ever give up. It is worth shedding happy tears in the end!

  • @REGinMaine Lol. Been doing that trick for about a year πŸ™‚ Saving to favorites on both, work and home computers πŸ™‚

    @secondthoughtsCPA AICPA already did it’s job. They did their crunching REAL fast this window. Blame it on boards of accountancy! πŸ™‚

  • No word in AZ. Anyone else befuddled by the irony of being in a profession known for its ability to “bean count”, “crunch numbers” and “strict deadlines”, and yet the AICPA can’t get this simple grading stuff down. We are the cobbler’s kids without shoes.

  • Jeff, can you send some assassin ninjas to get the Maine Nasba folks?
    Tip for Maine victims: you can submit your info and save it to favorites so you won’t fill it over and over again! πŸ™‚

  • It’s officially been 48hrs! Where are our scores?

    @ChesterTheLover (btw, hilarious name). I know! A girl from my office got her BEC score today too. While myself and another friend is waiting for REG, two friends waiting for AUD (been WAY over 48hrs for those two) and another friend is waiting for FAR. I think Maine NASBA people fell into hibernation. It’s cold out there! Who knows?

  • @Elena I know the feeling, 2 friends who took BEC got their scores… and still I sit here waiting for FAR very VERY impatiently… Come’on MAINE!!!!!!!!

  • I second that wish CA AUD! Okay, I’m done checking for today. Hopefully there will be good news tomorrow morning for those of us in CA still waiting on scores.

  • Why is Wisconsin always the last state to post? They usually report 2-4 weeks after anyone else. Do I have a chance of getting my FAR score before Christmas? Has anyone else from Wisconsin received FAR scores or any scores for that matter?

  • @ MO-AUD, i feel your pain. I still have no audit. I took it the last day in the window, MO sucks! It is my last score too. We probably won’t get it until Monday, if it’s not released today.

  • I am not usually an impatient person but man…In 1hr and 11 minutes will be 48 hours from when we got that tweet from NASBA saying REG was released. And I know they released scores faster than in the past but this is starting to be painful.

  • Oh, and for those that are still waiting. My exam was FAR and my board is CA (and last name begins with H. I checked early this morning and nothing and checked again around 10 (mountain time) and it was posted.

  • @BEN

    Still not Audit score for Missouri, checking every 30 minutes. Last test I need to be done. Good Luck.

  • Hey Ben, I’m in your boat. I’m still waiting on AUD in NE. It’s driving me crazy that it’s not up!!

  • Still waiting onf AUD in CA. I dont thinks its alphabetical either. My last name starts with A.

    So once NASBA release them, score go directly to our accounts? No need for CBA to delay further with posting to individual accounts.

    Cant work, cant look away cant look at the screen – CANT DO ANYTHING!

  • California Breakdown for Me:

    Further information –
    My NTS# for AUD and REG is 428

    My NTS# for FAR is 440

    Hope this helps further.

  • California Breakdown for Me:

    I received my FAR at 5:58am PST – Failed with a 73

    I received my REG at 5:58am PST – Passed with a 77

    I have not yet received my AUD result.

    Some people were wondering if NASBA releases by last name. My last name starts with W.

    I hope this helps.

  • Do we get california scores in the middle of the day? or we just call it a day and wait for tommorow morning?

  • I’ve read this sight during my entire exam process and FINALLY get to say I’m DONE! I had 3 passed (first time around) and had to take reg FOUR times before I passed, but not before FAR expired. It was awful! Then I failed FAR the next time and just FINALLY passed all 4!!! Stick with it, it makes it that much sweeter!!!

  • @CA FAR

    Oh, my God. if this is the case that they post it based on names. I got troubles, both my first name and last name start with “Y”. ha ha ha

  • Passed Audit with an 81.I’m finished with all sections!!!!!!!

    Jeff, thanks for running this site. It has brought me peace of mind when things were hectic.

    Everyone else, if you havent passed all sections yet, stay focused and be determined. If I can pass all 4 sections, anyone can. best of luck!

  • Passed Audit with an 81.I’m finished with all sections!!!!!!!

    Jeff, thanks for running this site. It has brought me peace of mind when things were in hectic.

    Everyone else, if you havent passed all sections yet, stay focused and be determined. If I can pass all 4 sections, anyone can. best of luck!

  • I did check my oasis though. Under the application status, here’s what is says:

    Details The section(s) of your Notice to Schedule (NTS) have been attended and scored. The score(s) reported generated a score notice to be mailed to you.

    If you do not receive your score notice via US Mail after the next 10 business days (domestic) or after the next 30 days (international), contact our office at Please provide the following;

    your name,
    your jurisdiction,
    your jurisdiction id number,
    your complete mailing address, and
    in the subject line – Score Notice not received.

    I KNOW it was not saying that this morning. So I guess it is only a matter of a couple more hours. We can do this.I know we can.

  • Maine. One of those slow states. Out of 3 sections, from the looks of it BEC was the only one that has been posted. AUD, FAR and REG people are still waiting. We’ll get there eventually.

  • I am “K” so probably they released A – at least up to K as first batch and will release L – Z in the next batch (afternoon, tomorrow, etc).

  • I think, it might be based on last name, because i have two friends that took reg on the same day…. one has a last name beginning with the letter C and the other has a last name beginning with the letter T…

    and i’m waiting on my FAR score and my last name begins with he letter L

    and my “C” friend got his REG score whereas me and my “T” friend haven’t received any scores yet.

    :/ what’s up with that!!!!

  • @ Prospectivecpa – I would check couple of times this afternoon, I think that they are releasing the scores in batches (no clue what’s the logic there) and by afternoon you can shorten your name to 3 letters…

  • @ Machine,

    I keep on checking my audit pending score every 5 mns. Do u think I have any chance to get it today or should I check tomorrow?

  • @Prospectivecpa, how come your status just got changed to “score pending” just now?

    My status has always been “score pending” right after I took the exam.

  • Im wondering if they are releasing them in alphabetical order (or something ridiculous like that). It doesnt seem as though its in the order of when the test was taken. So maybe thats what it is… My last name starts with S and I have not received my FAR score. Anyone else?

  • What’s wrong with california?! They’ve always posted it so fast, now I guess they’re punishing us for it.

  • @ Prospectivecpa – Few times, I had some meetings, so I was not at my comp.
    @ Jyoti – Yes, but I got the rest and I sat those 11/13 and 11/26.

  • @ machine

    that means u got score for nov first wave.

    I appeared for audit on 16th nov. So I guess we need to wait.

    you got ur BEC score as well for 26th nov?


  • @ Jyoti
    Sorry, FAR is not 11/3, but 11/13 (weak with numbers:-) )

    AUD 11/5, FAR 11/13, BEC 11/26
    This morning 5:58am

  • @ machine,

    when did u appear for cali-audit exam and when did u get the scores(time and date on the score status stamp)

    Plz update.


  • @ K – Yes, I got mine. I still keep checking as it is 99, so I am worried that they messed up and it will show it as 66 in the next moment…

  • What in the name of all that holy is ARIZONA’S problem? Still waiting for FAR. Anyone in AZ have any scores?

  • Hmmm … my status has been “score pending” for days now since the NASBA tweet. Has this been the case for anyone else?

  • Guys, this is a correspondence from CA board (cited from other forums).

    It seems to confirm that the CA Board does not do anything with the score. We can only wait for NASBA to release our AUDIT score.

    In response to your email, as of today NASBA has not released your advisory score into your Client ACcount. The board expects NASBA to have all advisory scores posted by the end of December.

  • Thanks Machine. I’m still waiting to get my audit score wchich I took on 1/10. Hope to get it soon. I see the status change from attended to score pending.

  • REG is out in CA, I passed! All were done. YES. Thanks to everyone and Jeff and you did a great job here for us.

    So, next where to take the ethics and when?

  • @ Prospectivecpa – 20 mins ago, I have all my three (AUD, BCE, FAR) scores I could squeeze in for this period. AUD and BEC were up earlier this morning, FAR just recently.

  • Hey everyone. FAR scores posted in Cali this morning! So I can personally confirm that BEC and FAR have now posted. So I am now done. A perfect six for six!

    REG – 97
    BEC – 87
    AUD – 90
    REG – 93
    BEC – 88
    FAR – 95

    And no, I don’t recommend letting your tests expire. Having two surgeries and getting pneumonia just before two tests expire is not the way to do the CPA exam.

    Signing out and good luck to everyone else!

  • CA Audit- on the start page with the status of your application, my app for Audit is no longer there??!!! What does that mean? Jeff? Anybody? No score is posted. I think I have aged 10 yrs waiting on this score

  • Still no CA audit result. I am doubtful that we will receive anything today or over the weekend, but that may just be the pessimistic side of me coming out.

    It is so much easier when you have a pre-determined date, but when everything is in limbo it can get quite stressful, patient or not.

    The biggest annoyance is that any extensive waiting period will inevitably eat into potential xmas revision time.

  • Has anyone received the AUD score in Puerto Rico??? Please!!!! I need the boost for the new version of BEC. If I pased AUD it will be !!!three down one to go!!
    Someone from PR there????

  • CA isn’t the only state with unavailable scores. It’s just the people from CA who have been most vocal… in other words, you guys whine a lot!

  • I bet John and Yeah are now happy that ppl stopped taking here..
    And yet we still have no scores in CA

  • @allana…unfortunately no. We do not have access through NASBA; only our accounts through the CA website.

    @NotSurprised…NASBA uploads directly to the CA website. That is why you will see some scores released on weekends when no one is in the office. So, generally speaking it should not be a problem.

  • Waiting on AUD in CA. Checking DCA website every 2 minutes. IS there a way for me to get my score from the NASBA website?

  • @John…100% agree. It’s bizarre to me to see mature people behaving like imatient children.

    @Imatient and annoying people. John is right. Someone had to say it. John don’t take their comments personally. You’re not the only one that feels this way. Jeff went through the trouble of making a book for you people…not that hard to read it!

  • @John…100% agree. It’s bizarre to me to see mature people behaving like imatient people.

    @Imatient and annoying people. John is right. Someone had to say it. John don’t take their comments personally. You’re not the only one that feels this way. Jeff went through the trouble of making a book for you people…not that hard to read it!

  • Waiting on Reg in CA..last exam

    Not to put fuel to the CA fire, but tomorrow is a furlough day….lets hope they get it solved before then.

  • Why didn’t CA post something on its webpage to inform us of what happened? Do they really care about us? It was a shame to register with CA because they have respect for candidates. When you call them they keep saying we have until the end of December to receive our scores.

  • @John: The fact that you just called a lot of people “sad and cheap individuals” says a lot about you, don’t you think?

    @JW, thanks for update! were you asking about AUD specifically? I am thinking this transmission error happened one month ago, they could have figured something out since then. And yet we have no clue why wave2 is delayed for all the sections…
    Did anyone else get any notices from CBA?

  • @Jyoti

    I took FAR on 10/4, and received it in the middle of Nov from 1st wave.

    I am also waiting for AUD and starting losing paintience. :p

  • Guys, this is the official notice regarding the glitch. It DID affected AUDIT scores ONLY !!!

    ‘The California Board of Accountancy (CBA) has received noticed that there
    was a transmission error for AUD scores released on November 22, 2010.
    NASBA has been notified of the issue and is working to re-transmit the
    scores. Please continue to monitor your Client Account for status
    updates. I apologize for any inconvenience.’

  • CA FAR scores are missing too. No one I know has gotten any of their scores. That includes BEC, FAR, and AUD

  • Jeff,

    I have a recommendation for You should create 2 separate comment links on each update; One for the people who are just looking for informative updates and another for sad, desperate, and cheap individuals who feel the need to ask annoying questions as if you were God and you knew what was going on with all 50 states.

    If you are guilty of this, stop wasting time posting nonsense on here and purchase Jeff’s book and read it. Also, use some analytic skills on top of common sense and realize that a significant amount of people tested in this window and the AICPA released 4 sections in two days which probably caused different complications in a number of states.

    I apologize for ranting but someone needed to say it. Good luck to all!

  • We now understand why california is a bankrupt state. This is mismanaged in every aspect. If they have a problem with their system why do they need to hide it and let us believe that NASBA has not released the scores?

  • @JW: yes, I believe it is just the audit scores. I took BEC on Oct 1st and REG on Nov 7th and both of those scores came in during the last week of November. I think some friends of mine who took FAR during Oct/Nov have received their scores as well but I’m not as sure about that one

  • @cat

    when did u appear for ur far exam? and when did u get ur score today? i am waiting for audit-ca.Plz update

  • @ Christina

    TX usually takes two days to post scores. If audit was released on Tuesday, it should have been there this morning. Maybe they are running a day behind.

    When I wait for the second day, I have checked my account at 5 am and scores have been posted, with an official email to follow around 9 or ten.

    Here’s to hoping TX posts both AUD and FAR tomorrow morning.

  • @Grrr

    Haha I cannot agree more… Ive been at work all day and have pretty much done nothing except refresh this page and the CBA page over and over… sad… Tomorrow I will probably find out I passed FAR but be fired because of my lack of productivity

  • I hope the CBA knows that thousands of would-be-productive hours have been and are continuing to be lost due to CPA hopefuls reading this site instead of working.

  • Illinois BEC scores are out, I passed!!

    AUD – 91
    REG – 85
    BEC – 83

    Congratulations to everybody else!

  • Does anybody know if I take an exam ON the day my AUD score expires, will it still count if I pass? Or do I need to take it BEFORE the exam expires? In CA the CBA calls is “Last day of Credit Period” so I was hoping that meant I can still take an exam on that day.

  • @JW

    My guess is that it has affected FAR as well… results were released yesterday.. nothing has happened since then.

  • @SoCalCPA, did the error affected only our AUDIT scores or other parts as well ?

    My friend got her BEC score yesterday so I am guessing the worst scenario: the tech glitch affected only the AUDIT scores.


  • Is there anyone waiting scores from states other than CA? It seems that only californians are left, and that’s very disturbing… Besides, CBA keeps giving different explanations to every one who calls, it gives me some paranoid ideas – what if they lost all our scores?

  • Well if its a system glitch, can’t they just upload the scores manually? I mean it’s a text file with all the scores I suppose. Why would it take this long to post it on the website. I guess Cali budget cuts affected exam applications also.

  • @CAT
    Definitely sure I do not have it. Did you recieve a passing score? It all just seems so random πŸ™

  • Seriously, why can’t they just snail mail the darn scores?! How can they expect people to pass all within 18 months, if they take 3 months to release scores (been waiting 11 weeks now). So Frustrated!

  • I am a CA candidate and have been waiting on my audit score since Oct 6th. I called the CBA this morning and they confirmed that there was a transmission error on Nov 22nd between NASBA and the CBA and that the IT dept in the CBA is currently working with NASBA to figure it out.
    Basically, this means that anyone whose scores were included in that transmission won’t get them until they fix this error… πŸ™

  • I am also waitning on my AUD score in CA, so, I sent a VERY friendly e-mail to the CBA tring to get answers on the hold up, if I hear anything I will let y’all know. I hate to wait (yes, that was a Princess Bride reference) good luck to all

  • Imitating the governor: What’s the worst that could happen ? hee hee hee

    I don’t owe anyone ANYTHING (except CPA scores to you guys)

    I’ll be back…

  • This is some sort of cruel joke because Cali is usually one of the first states to have scores posted. Gaaaaah! Someone call the Governator!

  • @CA-FAR

    I took FAR on 10/4, but I received it last month from 1st wave. Are you sure you have not received yours?

  • Dear Jeff, could your ninjas do some Christmas trick and let us have our scores in CA? Update #4 says that window has been closed, but according to many calls it looks like NASBA doesn’t have all scores yet. Please help us find out what is going on with CA if you can! So many of us are on the clock with the sections which are about to expire, and others are just desperate… I am just hoping my FAR score is worth the wait – praying for 75!!

  • I took FAR on 11/23 and did not start the 2nd sim but feel good on other testlets….Praying for a Christmas Miracle!!!

    Come one Cali; your tearing the bandaid off tooooooooo slowly

  • Beginning to lose hope that it will be out today.. Tired of refreshing all my forums and signing in and out of CBA website… Im sure by tomorrow it will be up

  • Still waiting as well. I took audit on 11/20 and this is my last section. I need to know if I truly have my life back!

  • @JW

    No… Two people in my office (including myself) are waiting for FAR scores. We took them within the same week of each other… No idea what the problem is

  • Not yet, not yet. I took AUD on 11/1 in CA and stillllllllllllllllllll waiting.

    Has anyone in CA got any scores beside BEC ?

  • Yes please, can we find out what’s up with Cali? I took AUD in mid October, still waiting for results. This is my last part. I needed to know if I need to study, I have 2 months until I loose FAR credit.

  • Just wanted to let the poor IL people know that I just called the board and they have nothing to do with the delay in the score release. They have not received any scores from NASBA yet.
    Right before that, I called NASBA and she made it sound like even though the tweets went out that the scores were released by the AICPA and the window was closed, that in reality NOT all scores have even reached NASBA yet. So if NASBA doesn’t have them, then the board can’t get them. This sucks!
    By the way, I’ve been trying to join you guys in the IL forum but it won’t let me set up a username. It never sends me an email with a password and I’ve tried twice. Any suggestions??

  • @Jodie – I had the exact same experience. I rec’d a 73 on REG and if I try to register to take REG it’s grayed out with the other section that I passed. I called 800-CPA-EXAM and they said b/c of the faster release of scores it’s slowing down the updating process and I should be able to register for REG in 24 hours.

  • Maine oh Maine! Please make it happen today NASBA. I am so curious as to what is taking them longer than usual to release. Even in the slow states. AUD and BEC were released on Tuesday and noone knows yet. hmmmm…granted, I’m waiting for REG..Oh well

  • I just spoke with a lady at the CBA. She stated that California does not do ANYTHING with the scores. Our applicant accounts are directly linked with NASBA and that any releases from NASBA go straight to our accounts. She also indicated that NASBA confirmed in a memo they received this morning that not all scores have been released. However, the memo did say to expect another batch release some time today. So for those of us who usually see scores first thing in the morning, it may be worth checking later today.

  • My friend in Texas already received her BEC score. I still haven’t received my FAR score, but I’m in IL.

  • Does anyone in Texas have any of their section scores? The wait is unbearable
    Why cant we just call NASBA direct and cut out the middle man?

  • Hi, just so you know Delaware FAR is out and I passed with a tiny margin: 79.

    Good luck to everyone here~

  • @Name (required)

    I have the same situation. I can’t consentrate on REG becasue I still have not received AUD in CA. SO Painful. I don’t like waiting AT ALL…

  • yeah the lady at the CBA said they are experiencing a problem with the scores somewhere between NASBA and the board. My friend took BEC after I took AUD and yes he got his scores on Wednesday. I’m thinking that since BEC, is the only one without SIMS, that is why it was the only one released. Maybe they’re having an issue with the scores on the SIMS for AUD, FAR and REG???

  • I agree. Riot!! Haha ya, my coworker received his BEC score yesterday in CA. I would imagine FAR and AUD would be posted before the end of the week. No reason why those would take so much longer (since we are already waiting 3 weeks)

  • Really?! Up to 2 weeks for CA to post scores? I think we should start a riot outside the CBA office πŸ™‚

  • why does CA suck so bad? STILL waiting on AUD. I will be much more motivated to study for my last exam once I know this one is out of the way!

  • FAR Tutor Β– Does any of the high scorers on the CPA exam especially in the FAR section feel comfortable/confident tutoring FAR? I live and work in NYC and really want a CPA candidate that has recently taken the exam as a tutor. I just took FAR for the first time and got a 65Β… I have 2 parts passed (Aud & Reg) and just received a score of a 74 on BECΒ… will take BEC in January and looking to take FAR again at the end of February. I have this testing window to pass the two parts, and then the april/may testing window as well before I lose Audit. I want to be confident going into the Jan/Feb session that I can pass these both to take the pressure off. Need the most help in FAR on Journal Entries, they were all over my 2 sims and I had no idea.

    Please contact me at if you are interested with a brief cpa story and scores, we could work out a schedule and a pay rate. Thanks!

  • I am also waiting for CA AUD. I called the CBA yesterday and they said it could take up to two weeks from the date the scores were released by AICPA. I also called NASBA today and they said that they haven’t released all scores and will continue to release scores up til the end of December.

  • So does anyone know why IL is being so slow at releasing? Has IL received the scores or does NASBA still have them? I just called NASBA and a woman said all she knows is that all scores will be released by 12/31….that’s too long!

  • I’m from Indiana and still have not received my BEC score-want to poke my eyes out in anticipation. NTS 441.

  • VA candidates…There is a voice message on the VA BOA phone line that no one made it into the office today due to inclement weather. However, they said that they should receive the file from NASBA and upload the sit today.

  • I am now getting frustrated. Almost everyone is posting that they have been passing, and i am extremely jealous. I just found out that i failed FAR for the 2nd time. This doesn’t make for a cheerful holiday season πŸ™

  • Loophole:

    It isn’t the Ohio loophole. Try your own state. If it will let you register-you did not pass….if it won’t, chances are you did. This is supposedly still working for the slow states. I believe everyone thinks this is the “ohio” loophole because someone used Ohio as an example.

  • when are scoress coming…….??????????????

    We should do something if we dont recieve our score by tonight

    Audit was released on tuesday..and its thursday now

  • CA – FAR Waiting..

    I’ve been checking my score since 5AM…

    I was able to create a new remittance application… Does this mean I failed?

    it’s my last exam… why why whyyyyyy must they torture us πŸ˜›

  • I hope not!
    Prospectivecpa, I can’t even believe you still haven’t received your score. I really feel for you. Hopefully after all the waiting it’ll be a good news for you.

  • Do those folks at NASBA and BOA of CA understand what we are going through for not having our scores posted on time?

  • I just got my REG score and for the second time I got a 73. When I try to reregister the REG section is greyed out with the other sections I have passed. What does this mean?

  • Has anyone in CA received their scores for FAR and REG? I haven’t received the scores for any one of these tests? Also, CA exam takers, I don’t think the loophole works in CA so don’t even try it. What it does is just lets you create a new application. I hope they don’t just fail me thinking “oh, maybe we should give her a 74 since she already created a new application”

  • We are all tired of waiting. California needs to call Nasba to find out what’s going on with our scores.

  • @Alex, same here. A friend of mine got her BEC score on 12/15 afternoon (it was posted 5:48am on 12/15).

    Prospectivecpa and I are also waiting for the AUDIT scores in CA.

    C’mon C’mon……..


  • All People I know, had received their score from CBA, HOWEVER My status is Β“Attendance receivedΒ” till now, should I have to worry ?????

  • I am also waiting on AUD score in CA. My co-worker got his BEC score the day before yesterday, and it is driving me crazy because I thought that they released BEC and AUD on the same day, yet here we are, sitting on PINS AND NEEDLES, waiting on the BOA to get it done. Good luck to all and congrats to those that have passed

  • Hi Jeff

    i cleared other three papers BEC,AUDIT and FAR in regulation i got second time 73, and iam very much confident that i did well, so i want to know is it advisable to go for score appeal


  • No scores in IL yet, at least I haven’t receveid mine. Waiting for BEC since Tuesday. How fair is that?
    Why are they not posting them?

  • I do not believe that CA has a loophole like some other states. I accidentally hit the button to reprint last week and it let me. This was clearly before any scores were ever released and I did pass BEC. So I would not get discouraged. Chin up and good luck to all.

  • The back door trick must not always work. I was waiting on REG score and it’s still grayed out but my score is 73.

    Good luck to everyone on their exams!

  • Since FAR was released yesterday, it has been my experience I received the score the following day sometime in the morning. Although I have friends waiting for BEC and AUD in IL and they haven’t received their score and that should have been posted yesterday. So I have no clue with IL. I’m assuming the delay has something to do with the sight being down yesterday.

  • BEC – 85
    FAR – 89
    REG – 96
    AUD – ???

    When are we getting these scores, I have checked 100+ times since the NASBA tweet. Anybody in Missouri received AUD?

  • @ AUD – CA – This process is killing me I have been waiting since for almost three months to get my audit score. Can u imagine taking the exam on 10/1 and still waiting for ur score? This is nonsense to me. I think those who are involved need to do a more effective and efficient job to meet our expectations.

  • where’s CA FAR?!?!?!?!

    after nasba twitter announces released scores, i usually receive mine by 7am the next day!!!!


  • Anyone have any luck with FAR in IL? I know it’s not a NASBA state so I didn’t know if anyone knew how long it would take for them to post FAR scores?

  • @ Prospectivecpa — I’m waiting on audit results as well … not as long as you have so I can only imagine the anxiety you must be feeling. But what is going on with the CA BOA??? This is my last section and usually they are quick to post scores so this is super irritating.

  • Finally, I passed all four sections. It has been a long journey for me.
    BEC 82
    AUD 99
    REG 92
    FAR 93
    Congraduations to those who passed. Those who fails do not feel bad. Just keep trying, you will get that eventually. Just to say something about FAR. To be honest, I walked of the room with distressed mood because I did so bad. I did wrong on both research, I got hedging question for the simulation which I had no idea about that. But I still passed, I think it is because I did good on the multiple questions. I have heard that if you did good on questions, average or below on simulations, mostly you will pass. So if you are short of time in studying, try your best on the questions.

  • Is there any other way to bypass California BOA to get our scores. It is really rewarding to register with a NASBA state. I have been waiting for almost three months to get my audit score. This process is painful and unfair to those of us who have been waiting for so long.

  • Any hope on TX score releases?? Passed three and trying to patiently wait for REG….ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY CPA!!

  • Hello Group,
    I recv’d my last passing score for FARS last night. (NY 439). This may be my last post so I wanted to say few things:
    1. FARS Exam: was hell for me. Before going into exam I was sure that I will have to repeat this part. I only had 17 days to prepare for this exam. I used Becker and went over 7 lectures in 7 days. I skipped last two. (That part was heavily tested on my exam). I went through Gliem questions (Yes all of them) and studied my notes for last two days.
    For all other CPA parts I was confident going into exam, but FARS was different because I felt I did not have enough time to study.
    On the exam day, I went through first testlet in less than 25 mins, I felt Gliem q’s helped me. Second tested was little harder many long Q’s but I still went through it very quick. Last testlet was also very hard, I had to guess on couple of Q’s. By the time I got to SIMS I had plenty of time (1 hour and about 45 mins). But SIMS were hard as hell. First SIM I did communication part first. Everything else I was not sure if I was right. Second SIM I did communication part first. But all other tabs I had to guess. Also I did research part correctly for both SIMS.
    I walked out of test feeling little better than I walked in. I still had doubts about passing.

    These are my scores for each part and time I spent studying:
    BEC: 94 (23 days)
    REG: 91 (14 days)( I knew most of the topic)
    AUD: 94 (68 days) (Baby came out, new job, and I was scared of AUD)
    FARS: 94 (17 days) (Last chance before 2011, Could not get later dates)

    2. Jeff: I did say nasty things about him sometime ago. I am very sorry for that. I think he has done wonderfull job with this webpage and I wish him luck. I am not sure if I ever got help passing exam because of this website but I did help me around result time.

    3. Members of this group: If you prepare well than CPA exams are easy. I have noticed few people trying many times for each part of the exam. They can pass this exam very easily once they are prepared for it. There is no set amount of time you need to prepare for each part. I always go through topics of each part and decide how many days I need and then I schedule exam. This way I am locked for that date and I can focus on study. But for FARS I did not get time I needed but I guess I was lucky to pass…

  • Has anyone received any scores back in KY. I am waiting on FAR and nothing yet. I looked in the comment section to see if anyone else in KY had gotten any scores at all cause it doesnt appear to me that the state board site has been updated. Let me know if you are in KY and have gotten any scores back, Thanks!!!

  • @needhelp
    Still waiting. Maine is not one of those states that releases quickly. I’m assuming I might know either tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. If you need any help or advice, let me know. I hate it when people that want this so bad have to go through the emotional turmoil of failing. It never feels good…There is that saying though. If you never failed, you never tried πŸ™‚ I know you can do this!

  • Still waiting. Maine is not one of those states that releases quickly. I’m assuming I might know either tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. If you need any help or advice, let me know. I hate it when people that want this so bad have to go through the emotional turmoil of failing. It never feels good…There is that saying though. If you never failed, you never tried πŸ™‚ I know you can do this!

  • Thank the Lord. Thank you any and all. I am now 3/4 of the way there REG, AUD, and BEC are now done. FAR is going to be the next victim. This will be a very relaxing Christmas.

  • @elena

    thanks for ur post, i suspected i failed far, I was way more confident with BEC ugh. But i was hoping for a miracle! plan on taking BEC in jan, and far again in feb!

    did u find out about reg?! hope you passed!!

  • FAR Tutor Β– Does any of the high scorers on the CPA exam especially in the FAR section feel comfortable/confident tutoring FAR? I live and work in NYC and really want a CPA candidate that has recently taken the exam as a tutor. I just took FAR for the first time and got a 65Β… I have 2 parts passed (Aud & Reg) and just received a score of a 74 on BECΒ… will take BEC in January and looking to take FAR again at the end of February. I have this testing window to pass the two parts, and then the april/may testing window as well before I lose Audit. I want to be confident going into the Jan/Feb session that I can pass these both to take the pressure off. Need the most help in FAR on Journal Entries, they were all over my 2 sims and I had no idea.

    Please contact me at if you are interested with a brief cpa story and scores, we could work out a schedule and a pay rate. Thanks!

  • @needhelp
    I am so very sorry to hear that. I wish the loophole was true. I did some research on the forum re: that and saw a post from about 4 months ago saying that NASBA was trying to close it. Maybe they did. Don’t give up. It will all be over some day!

  • Just got NY FAR. Passed & Im done!

    Congrats to everyone who passed and best of luck to everyone still waiting.

    BEC 78 (4/09)
    REG 77 (8/09)
    AUD 85 (2/10)
    FAR 80 (11/10)

  • REG scores are up!!! I’m in TN and literally just got my score. It’s my last one so I am done!!!!

    Thank you, Jeff and everyone who uses this site! All of you inspired me to keep studying when I really felt like giving up! Good luck to everyone:)

  • Any news on CA audit? normally they are the first one to release but this time.. even if they are last there should be something by now!!!

  • hey everyone just wanted to let u know, dont go with the ohio loophole, I have tried it in the past and it usually works but i tried it yesterday for FAR, the scores got realeased in the morning, and I didnt try it until around 9pm then again at 10pm and everything was grayed out except BEC which i found out the night before I got a 74 on… I thought it meant i passed far (already had reg and aud done).

    But got my far score from NY around 11pm and i failed FAR w/ 65 so it didnt work ugh… back to the drawing board.

    good luck to all.

  • finally, i have cleared all the sections, though a long journey……just got BEC 78 and FAR 77 for CO….YIPPEY…its done for me….congrats to all those who cleared this time and those who have not, please dont be dishearted, just fo thru the scores below.

    BEC – 75, 73, 78
    AUD – 69, 73, 75
    REG – 46, 72, 83
    FAR – 33 (no study), 69 (some study), 71 (lot of study), 77 (a lot more study)

  • I can only see button “Request New Remittance form” there, nothing about the reprint… But i haven’t gone to that tab since May when i actually applied for FAR. So i don’t know how long ago did the “reprint” vanished from there, sorry…

  • I am waiting for FAR in CA, and i don’t even see where this button reprint is… Where do you guys see it?

  • Is there anyone who can’t reprint their remittance in CA??? Does anyone know if they were able to reprint it before today?

  • I think being able to reprint your remittance before the score is released is CA’s way of telling us we didn’t pass ….but that’s just my guess…

  • I really DON’T like waiting for AUD in CA. It is killing me. I check my account every 2 minutes today. still getting NOTHING!!!

  • idk about this backdoor method because i was awaiting my far score and it was greyed out. then my coworker who already got his failing score tried it and his was greyed out too..

  • I dont have a button like “reprint”

    it just says” Application (ATT) accepted by NASBA.
    BEC: Confirmed.”

    i have no idea wats going on!

    we just have to wait till tomorow ii guess lol

  • Ca-Question, I obviously think i didn’t pass if i can reprint it – go to the website, and the tab next to status. GL

  • I have been following this site for a while. I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Jeff for keeping all of us sane during the difficult process. Good Luck to all of you. Don’t give up. Passed all 4 parts and couldn’t have done it without the support I got here.

  • Quick question: I’m in CA waiting for last one, Audit, and now the CBA website allows me to reprint a remittance form…Is that a good indication I missed this one?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @magsoo12

    Cause it is my last section, I got the msg with “We are sorry. Currently all sections of this exam are still in process.”

    Then, should I just sit back and click SCORE button tomorrow morning?

  • @YJ – Try to reregister to take the exam on the NASBA website. People say that if you can’t click on the box to the particular section, it means you passed.

  • Has anyone in MN received their scores yet? I’m waiting for FAR. The backdoor method indicates that I passed, but I’m skeptical!

  • FAR scores up in FL – first three digits 436. This was it for me – 93, all done! Good luck to all those still waiting.

    BEC 85, REG 99, AUD 88, FAR 93

  • Still waiting on NY REG score too…

    when the prediction is “before Thursday”, does that mean in the next 15 minutes.. haha? just hopeful

    backdoor method says i passed. anyone else try that? attempt to re-register and see if your test is grayed out.

  • Any REG score up in any NASBA state?

    I am waiting my NY REG.

    Three down, REG left, but FAR and AUD gonna be expired after 2011 Q1.

    I cannot do anything but clicking SCORE button on the website.

  • Yey, NASBA site is back up just got my FAR score 92, and I had tried earlier to see if I could reregister for FAR and it was greyed out so I guess the loophole works.

  • @reallyneedtopass
    Oh I hear ya! How would THAT be for a Christmas present? πŸ™‚ Good luck to you also! I’m hopeful…for you and I and all those that trully put their heart into this..time and effort. We all deserve it

  • @Elena
    Thanks for the reply. If nothing else, maybe it will ease the pressure in my chest until I see my score. Hopefully we will both be done! Best wishes!

  • @reallyneedtopass
    I am waiting for the same thing and I am getting the same message.Rumor has it, it’s good news. Otherwise, it would have let you re-register. Who knows? We’ll see tomorrow.

  • @needhelp,
    Thank you so much! That is so very sweet of you! πŸ™‚

    To be perfectly frank, BEC SUCKS…just to get THAT off my chest. That part was I swear the worst part immaginable! So don’t lose hope. FAR is not necessarily the hardest πŸ™‚

  • I have passed all but REG, and I’m waiting on the REG score release tonight. When I did the “Ohio loophole”, I get the following message: “We are sorry. Currently all sections of this exam are still in process…” Any thoughts from the loophole experts?

  • Are people still waiting for audit scores in California? Seems like someone posted earlier that they goes their score (passed) but mine has yet to materialize. Do non-passing scores get released after passing scores???

  • @elena

    that is insane thats exactly how i felt about my FAR… if i pass it I will be the most excited on earth and will sign up for BEC in late january tomorrow!!!

    I hope its not too early and i actually receive a passing score, it will put my 74 on BEC behind me! I would just feel much better!

    crazy how addicting this stuff is… ugh. I am praying for this to be ur last! that would be such an amazing gift i cant even imagine the weight lifted once u pass!!! no idea when nasba will be back up, but hopefully soon. Keep me posted on ur score, hope you get to celebrate greatly u deserve it!

  • @needhelp
    It sounds so familiar. When I took FAR, I was not confident in my MCQ and on the second simulation the only thing I had time to do is write a very pathetic essay. Granted, the first simulation was about 90% a pure guess. I was PRAYING for a 75. Imagine my shock when I saw an 88.
    In regards to the loophole, it is not too early. It works AFTER AICPA releases. And all 4 sections have been released πŸ™‚ I am keeping my fingers crossed!
    I’m in Maine waiting for REG. My last one..I hope.
    With BEC though, I honest to God think that in 2011 it will get easier. With 3 essay, you have so much more room for error than you do with MCQ only.

  • @elena… man i do hope u are right… that would be a miracle, id taking passing FAR on the first try over taking BEC for a 5th time haha!!! i never wanna take far again after the test i got, but i just cant see myself passing that one only did the WC parts of the sims! hence confidence in failing..

    my only apprehension about the loophole is that the scores were released today… the loophole has always worked for me as well but once i checked to early and then the next day i checked again it had showed a fail and i did fail it… so im hoping its not to early to check for FAR? but now that it doesnt take 24-48 hrs for NY, i thought it might work…

    thanks for ur encouragement! what are u waiting on and state?

  • Then I don’t know buddy. The loophole is not a scientifically proven fact. I’m just saying. 3 times it worked for me. Let’s hope it is good news.

  • It’s definitely not unusual. I have been waiting for scores for 5 times before this one. It usually crashes from now until about 11pm or 12am. The site cannot keep up with people’s refreshing it…unfortunatly

  • It’s definitely not unusual. I have been waiting for scores for 5 times before this one. It usually crashes from now until about 11pm or 12am. The site cannot keep up with peiople’s refreshing it…unfortunatly

  • what happens if i failed audit (this testing window), the score is posted (today), and the re-application still shows audit grayed out (today)?? what does that mean about my greyed out far??

  • needhelp! DO NOT DESPAIR! The loophole worked for me 3 times! It looks like you passed FAR! I have to share it with you. I failed BEC twice before I finally passed it. When I failed, I felt like I passed. When I passed, I felt like I failed. With FAR I was POSITIVE I failed, and I passed with an 88. You just never know! BUT, the fact that the other three are grayed out is a WONDERFUL sign!

  • @leaveareply

    thanks for your post! I hope so too! 74s are the worst! this site is so positive and keeps me going i have had a struggle – passed aud my 3rd time with an 83…reg passed first try 79, BEC took 4 times, this was my 4th! 67,69,72,74…ugh.

    and waiting on FAR… cant get my hopes up bc i was sure i passed BEC and didnt, and it will be a miracle if i passed far but waiting on the damn score…

    Thanks for the encouragement and u keep admire ur determination as well, 4 74s on Reg is just a scam! i hate how they say u cant be a CPA, by ONE point?! esp on a test other then BEC! good luck to you!!

  • @needhelp-wow, 74. I have just been dealt a 74 in AUD, which I was positive I passed. Also have received 4, yes 4 74’s on REG, trying again in January!! I did get BEC after a 74 also. Keep your head up, keep trying you are right there!!! As for the loophole, I hope it is working and you pass!

  • hey everyone – so i am in NY and FAR was released today…

    found out last night i got a 74 on BEC which i was pretty confident i passed! last time i took it i got a 72, so ridiculous!

    anyway i am waiting on FAR, was pretty confident i failed..and i just did the ohio loophole and everything is grayed out minus BEC (which i foudn out 74 last night). Do u think that means i passed far, or would it not be working for some reason? UGH!

  • Hi ,Jeff
    I still have the trobles with NASBA website.I have checked my score this morning. The score is 75. I am afraid it would be changed, as the website works again……has this situation happened before?

  • As a non-NASBA state, OK takes it’s sweet time. Does anyone know about how long it will take the OAB to post scores?

  • It seems the NASBA website has crashed for score retreival? Anyone else experiencing this? Any FAR scores for MA yet?

  • Nasba site is not working for me either – probably tons of traffic and updating scores, hopefully we can get REG later tonight or tomorrow in NY.

  • Jeff,
    Are u sure that the window is closed? What about those whose sat for the exam on october and still don’t have our scores?

  • Her BEC score was released on 12/15 at 5:48am. This is California.

    So perhaps our AUD score will be released on 12/16 at 5:49am ?


  • Waiting for Audit as well….

    Has anybody received ANY exam scores for CA? bec, reg, or far even.

  • @sharkdog, we are in the same boat as Prospectivecpa, waiting for our BELOVED CA to release our BEDEVILED audit scores.


  • Got my FAR score. I passed and I am done! Thanks God!
    A big Thank you to Jeff and this website and all the support it provided while we are all waiting and waiting for our score to be released.

  • JW, I am in the same boat. I have come to realize CA does things a little differently. I received my BEC score in 2-1/2 weeks after taking it in Nov. but took my REG on Oct 7 and still have not received it. I am assuming NASBA releases it to CBA and that is where the stall is. I bet we will find out later on today or tommorrow. Here’s to hoping.

  • I am in the same boat as DB. I just called NASBA and they said they haven’t received my FAR score yet. So there must be some more still to be released.

  • Jeff, I have not received my score for FAR in TN but one of my co-workers received theirs earlier today. Do you think it is possible that there are more FAR scores to be released?

  • In TN waiting on REG. Passed BEC (79) in July, took REG in November. Planning on sitting for FAR in February and AUD in May if all goes well. The best to everyone and thanks Jeff for your predictions and keeping us in the loop.

  • Nope, waiting for my FAR score in PA too. However did the loophole and if it still works then I passed, last cycle I failed FAR (74 ugh) and I did the loophole and I would have failed…..which obviously I did. So here to hoping the loophole still works.

  • I’m also waiting for BEC scores in IL. ILBOA website is really slow or doesn’t work at all sometimes. This is really frustrating…

  • Did anyone get any scores in IL yet?
    Was anyone able to get a hold of IBOE on the phone?
    I don’t understand why BEC is not posted yet, they have the scores for more then 24 hrs.

  • lefrax:

    I am in PA and that is the same thing I am seeing as well. I have passed three exams and I am waiting for FAR. I was told that if the screen goes to that message…its a good sign. Hopefully that holds true. Good luck! Praying for a Christmas miracle!

  • CA people, what’s the deal with FAR? It’s looking like NASBA released FAR scores today and we’re looking for them to post to our CA accounts tomorrow?

    I sat for FAR on 11/27/10 here in CA. I hope this will be the last score I’m waiting for! Hope the 2nd time around is the charm for FAR.

    Good luck to all! Here’s to a good Christmas for all of us!

  • Does anyone know if the ” loop hole” works in NY? I tried to re-register for FAR, my last part,it would not let me re-register. However, it did not say that i passed, simply that all scores were still ” in process”

  • @AUD – CA: Thanks a lot for the info, will hope for some good news tomorrow… Good luck with AUD score to you!
    Jeff, thanks a lot for all the work you do!

  • @ CA FAR – Was FAR just released by NASBA today? There is usually a one day lag between the NASBA release and when it gets posted to your online account. If FAR was released today, check your account tomorrow.

  • My guess is that we will not get AUD scores in CA until the morning, this is my last exam also. The wait is torture. But we will know soon enough. Thanks Jeff for putting up this site, it has been great for me. Best of luck to everyone.

  • Still waiting for FAR in CA. CA is not in the Instant release list. Does it mean we are not getting our scores today in CA?

  • PrayinForA75

    We are in the same boat. Passed all three and waiting for FAR results. Good Luck to you & everyone else waiting!!

  • Does the AICPA ignore those of us who sat for audit on the first week of october? I cannot believe I’m still waiting for my score.

  • So I am glad FAR released today, guess I will find out if I passed in the morning. I have passed all three other parts, but this is my third time taking FAR. My REG score expires in the middle of Feb, so I really need to have passed this. the anticipation is killing me. I just wanted to wish everyone, including myself, luck that we all passed. It has been a year and a half and I am so sick of studying for this think. Thanks again to everyone, it helps knowing you aren’t the only one in this and thanks again to Jeff for the site.

  • Totally was looking in the wrong place for my score! But I passed woot!!and I’m CA for all of those wondering and it was BEC

  • Just tried the loophole…..FAR was BLACKED OUT!!!!!! I pray this hold true, last time I failed it allowed me to re-register.

  • I don’t think California has that loophole?! I don’t see the “re-register” thing and we don’t get our scores through the nasba website.

  • Okay… I have no more patience for people’s impatience πŸ™‚ I don’t know how Jeff does it.

    Good Luck to all!

  • Jeff

    You have redeemed yourself beautifully my friend. All those “haters” as some like to say are now very quiet. Your ninjas are great warriors. Just a quick question since you’ve been reviewing this stuff a lot longer than me. Is this a record for number of scores in a window? I mean 11k-AUD, 18k-BEC, 13k-FAR.

    Thanks as always for getting me through this painful/stupid process

    waiting on FAR as my last one in IL

  • so whats the deal with this “instant” release now? if they announce FAR is up today, will i see my score fairly soon or is it a few hour lag?

  • buzzywasabuzz…DEFINITELY a good sign. When that happened to me on three sections, I passed all three πŸ™‚

  • Tweet from NASBA:
    Today, 13,044 FAR scores were released by AICPA for the Oct/Nov 2010 testing window

    GOOD Luck to those who’re waiting for those!

  • question on the loophole….
    IN-waiting on BEC…box won’t let me check it…too early or good sign I passed?

  • Any news on CA? specifically FAR, but I assume AUD and BEC have to be released first and from some of the posts, this hasn’t happened yet in CA.

  • Still waiting on AUD score in CA, it is usually up by now, does anyone know what is going on? CA has been pretty quick for me in the past, I don’t why it is taking so long this time. This is my last exam and the wait is KILLING me. Good luck to all

  • Thanks Jeff. BEC passed earlier. I saw the AUD score this morning. I passed yeah! Now waiting for REG. Hopefully I will only have one test to deal with next year. (FAR)

  • I don’t know what to do to get my audit score after 2 months and half. Anything about CA audit scores.

  • VA is out. Boom! Passed all parts this year, one part each month of the last two windows. First timers club! Drinks are on anyone else except me!

  • Anyone got their BEC scores in IL?
    What a nightmare. How much longer we have to wait for the scores that were available to them since yesterday?

  • Anyone get a wave 2 FAR score back yet? I have 3 down and waiting on FAR – if all goes well i will be partying like a rock star tonight

  • Got my AUD results (91) from CO

    Done with CPA, all the best for others.


    thanks a lot jeff…

  • got my BEC score…passed! i am done! thanks jeff for all you have done and thank you everyone else for all the support! i dont know how i would have survived without finding this site!

  • Just FYI — BEC has been posted to VA BOA website.

    FAR: 85
    REG: 81
    AUD: 77
    BEC: 84 (done. merry christmas.)

  • BEC up in Pennsylvania! Two down two to go!! Woot! Thanks Jeff for the predictions!

    FAR – 10/7/10 – 75
    BEC – 11/30/10 – 86
    AUD – Feb ’11 – ??
    REG – May ’11 – ??

  • Jeff, you said all CPA Exam scores by Thursday, does that mean Thursday is when the AICPA releases them? Or is Thursday when we should be able to see them? I am from Illinois, an indie state. Thank you!!

  • I am waiting for my Audit score in North Dakota, Any guesses when can I receive it. I took it on 11/30/2010.

    Eagerly Waiting

  • Just got BEC score (81!) for CT online. Wishing AUD was really coming out today because that’s the last one I have left!

  • I don’t understand why my AUD score is still not posted on CA. 10000+ were relesed today, and yet there is no score. CBA says the NASBA and CBA sites are liked. So why do I not have my AUD score yet? Is it because more AUD scores will be released later or because CA does not actually release when NASBA receives them?

    I guess waitng is truly the hardest part.

  • Jeff,

    Those ninjas are good. Just don’t piss them off. You won’t like nijas when they’re pissed off. lol

    Now, if the ninjas could just steal the 3 scores I’m waiting for, that would be awesome.

  • According to an earlier post, 11,012 AUDIT and 18,970 BEC scores were released by AICPA to NASBA.

    What about California ? When will California get a piece of this big pie ?

  • I took Auditing on Nov 19 my very first exam and I am soo nervous about the results, even though I know Idaho isn’t an online state I keep checking back here. Let me tell you it isn’t not easing the nerves.

  • I took my BEC exam Nov 30, so that puts me under wave 2. When will wave 2 scores be released, does anyone have any idea? It wont be today right?

  • From NASBA twitter acct..

    Today, 11012 AUD, 18970 BEC scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for Oct/Nov 2010 testing window. #cpaexam <— Wave 2 starts now!

  • Well, one put in a lot more time studying for one. But both get the same Certificate. Nasba tweet “keep checking” ya very funny. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Whats the difference between a CPA getting a combined 300 points on all 4 tests and a 360 on all 4 tests…


  • NASBA’s tweet:

    Some may hv rec BEC scores, they r slowly being released, NASBA states: continue checking webpage over next 48 hours

  • Utah BEC posted this afternoon. I took the exam 11/21/10. And with a big fat passing score I have completed my journey. Thanks to all for the encouragement and support. And thanks to Matt for making the journey a little more fun, with less unknowns! Keep going, friends. There is an end!

    Signing off!

    FAR 91
    AUD 91
    REG 90
    BEC 91

  • I am also a NH candidate, and I also did not see anything on BEC as yet? Is NH an early bird or not? should I waite until tommorrow?

  • Daniel,

    According to a lady at the CBA whom I spoke too, she said when the AICPA releases to NASBA the CBA receives it at the same time.

    I’m waiting for 3 scores; REG, AUD and FAR.

  • I love all these people posting how they took AUD in Nov or late Oct and are complaining they don’t have their score. I took AUD Oct 1st, the first day of the window- 11 weeks ago and STILL don’t have my score from CA. Talk about having patience!

  • Jeff, thanks for taking the time to make your predictions. So far with the four sections I took I have been happy with your predictions. It brings on the nervousness more quickly. πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately I did not pass AUD the first time, so I am waiting for that score. I took my second AUD test 11/29/10. Not only would a release today with a 75+ score for myself be a nice early Christmas present, but also an excellent birthday present (that’s tomorrow).

    Whether your predictions pan out or not, I still really appreciate you taking the time to predict the releases. Thank You and Happy Holidays!

  • But I dont understand how is that both BEC and AUD are getting release today, should we expected by the end of the day or at any time today. Waiting on AUD.

  • I passed FAR in the first wave and waiting for my BEC score but it is driving me crazy. They need to come out now so i can start studying for Regulation!! Thanks Jeff for your continuous updates even though i think they are driving me more insane!

  • waiting for AUD & BEC results today. attempted first time. hopefully things go my way. jeff’s prediction is making me nervous. anyway thanks jeff for your predictions which is a sort of guidance to all cpa students and all the best for those who are waiting for results like me.

  • i took that off the nasba twitter… they said now once the aicpa releases them then those states above come out within hours… i actually got the info from nasba twitter and jeff during wave one after nasba posted they got the FAR scores and mine was up for MA within the hour… you can prob find jeff’s post from wave 1

  • We now provide, in less thn 24hrs, scores for AL AK CO CT DE FL GA HI IA KS LA MA MI MS MT NH NJ NM NY OH PA RI SC TN UT & WA.

    from the NASBA site…

  • jonathan, it depends on what state you are in… some of the nasba states are set up to get the scores within hours of nasba getting them and some still take 24 to 48 hours… jeff had a post of them during the wave 1 release updates and there is surely one on nasba’s twitter if you look back a few weeks.

  • Yes, i also would like to know if score release date means ill see my grade today or if it means we are now in the 24-48 hour waiting period after scores are released to see them online…. So far i went on NASBA today as of 9:50am eastern time and no scores are available yet.

    Also…how does the 9pm score release deal factor in?

  • Thanks for the updates jeff…

    Waiting for AUD. Done with the other three.

    Hope I finish with CPA b4 Christmas…

  • Thanks for the updates Jeff! You are my lifeline in this crazy waiting game. Here is to getting the AUD results tomorrow. CMON!

  • Am I correct to assume these predictions represent the date we will be able to view our scores online? As in, when I hit ‘submit’ tomorrow I’ll see a 75 appear?

  • Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the update. I reside in North Dakota. I took audit on 11/30/2010 and eagerly waiting for results. Does this date means that we will receive scores by email tomorrow or receiving the scores will still take a day or two?

    Thanks in advance.

  • My original predictions will end up all being wrong (but in a good way)…

    Updated Ninja report:
    BEC – Tuesday 12/14
    AUD – Tuesday 12/14 (yes, same day)
    FAR – Wednesday 12/15
    REG – by Friday 12/17

  • i am in your boat acgbandit…waiting on BEC…done with the other three… i was hoping for mercy and a score release today!

  • BEC tomorrow? fingers crossed last one left. This has been the longest 8 weeks of my life….FAR 88 / REG 96 / AUD 96 / BEC ?

  • Jeff- In one of your video’s you mentioned that reg was getting the shaft. Could you elaborate on this? For the first 3 qtrs cumulative pass rates reg has the best and bec had the worst? Anyone else find this odd?

  • jeff – any word on what day of “the week of the 13th” those scores are coming? this is killer….

  • I passed 3 parts till now and REG remaining i applied REG in 11/28/2010 and still waiting the results, i applied for REG before during Sep. 2010 and i got 74!!!! thats so weird hope to pass this time and to finish this matter, i been with this since 2 years i got board from repeating πŸ™

  • I am not sure how the AICPA can give somebody their score 1 day after they take the exam, and now it has been 10 days since the window closed, and they cant release them. What is the difference.

  • Sorry not following the “update #1”. Is the score release still expected to start on the 14th???

  • thanks, Jeff! i was thinking you did but as you know it is about that time where we hit crazy mode and will hang onto anything we can get. πŸ™‚

  • so does anyone know if “update #1” came from the mouth of an AICPA person or if that is just a prediction….

  • Me too, 3 down and also waiting on REG. Just thought I’d share how they tweeted about the candidate bulliten for new CPA’s. A lot of the information in the bulliten is expired as the next testing window has many changes. πŸ™‚

  • @Mike – it seems to me that based on the high volume of candidates sitting for the exam (most likely due to the pending changes on 1/1) the AICPA was trying to get through as many scores as possible in wave 1 so they can release all of wave 2 prior to the holiday break. Just my thought though…three down and waiting on REG

  • I took FAR on 11/11/10 in GA and got my score back already – 74. Seems strange that it was so close, and after the deadline for wave 1 and already got it back. Thoughts?

  • i am anxiously awaiting my BEC score from 11/24 as it is my last test and i got a 74 the first time! (it was crushing, haha) here’s hoping the AICPA shows mercy on us and releases the scores ASAP! πŸ™‚

  • @ Margaret CONGRATULATIONS! I’m waiting on my AUD. I took it on 11/20. I’m praying I can say the same thing. πŸ™‚

  • @ Name (required) 08. Dec, 2010 at 9:10 am I left the comment about my friend who took the exam on 11/11 and found out she failed. So 11/11/2010 fall under wave 1? I thought that would be considered wave 2.

  • I have a friend who took AUD on 11/11/2010 and she already got her score (called me last night). She failed but she already received it. I took the exam on 11/20/2010 and I’m still waiting on my score. I thought the prediction for AUD was 12/16.

  • We will most likely know by Christmas. FYI – Whether you get your score on the 17th or the 22nd; it wont alter your grade. Clam down; study for your next exam and if you are down to your last one; have a whiskey and relax.

  • Hi all, this year has been a great one for me, i work full time at a Big4, in the audit department. After several attempts i managed to complete these section in 2010.

    FAR (79)Jan
    AUD (92)Apr
    BEC (?) Nov
    REG to be done Feb 2011.

  • As per Jeff’s posting on Dec 3rd, the predictions are:

    BEC Β– December 14th or 15th (youΒ’ll understand if you watch)

    AUD December 16

    FAR December 20

    REG December 21

  • I took AUD on November 21, 2010. That’s right, sunday afternoon. Do you thing I will receive my score before Christmas as a Christmas gift?

  • Love the background music to the score predictions, Jeff! I cannot place the tune. What track is it? Thanks for all you do.

  • As Wisconsin still waits for Wave 1 scores. This state is cold and slow on the score release…

    Seriously, what is wrong with our board, just release the scores already.

  • Did Santa eat all the gumballs?

    I want scores to release earlier – so there are no stragglers to ruin everyone’s Christmas. Can you make THAT happen? πŸ™‚

    I would imagine the AICPA and NASBA may be closed December 24 until the first of the year???

  • Love it! “Just give me the stupid predictions, I know they are wrong but they will make me feel better!” So right on! They really do help ease the pain!!

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