I Passed FAR!!! BEC Exam up next.

Jay is a weekly columnist as a Club 75 Blogger, where he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of Club 75 since April 2010.

Week 25:

My FAR score came in this week and I did it. I finally passed FAR.

I’m still shocked and in disbelief, but I’ve triple checked the website and its official. I’m now halfway through this journey, although FAR has been my Achilles heel and so it feels like a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I still have BEC and REG to go. I’m scheduled to take BEC in early May and plan to begin REG shortly thereafter for an August exam date.

If all goes well, hopefully I’ll be done with the CPA Exam in 2011. I think I’m slightly different than most of the folks taking the CPA, as I have not had any Big 4 or any other auditing experience. I’m a controller of a very profitable trading division at a Wall Street firm and hope the CPA will give me the last credential to successfully compete for a CFO role at a small firm. I’ve interviewed for these roles in the past and always seem to get edged out by a CPA, so I believe becoming a CPA will take me to the next level of my professional career.

During the past week, I’ve spent 21 hours working through Becker’s Financial Management chapter. This chapter went a bit slower than I expected, but I’m pretty comfortable with the concepts, so I will continue pressing through and working to memorize the formulas. I have not completed the chapter and all MCQs yet, but hope to do so in the next day or so.

I think I should be through all the lectures by Tax Day, so that will leave me with about 3 weeks to work on MCQ’s and drilling definitions and formulas. I was briefly thinking of pushing back the exam to mid or late May to give me extra study time, but have decided against it at this point, because I think it may just give me reason to procrastinate and not really benefit me.

Also, with the weather getting better, it will only be tougher to log library hours on the weekends. Anyway, congrats to everyone that has passed their exams this cycle and chin up to everyone that may not have passed…It can be done, just keep at it.

By the way…Kansas loses to VCU?? What an upset, there goes my bracket.

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george 12 years ago

probably not the smartest thing to post you are trying for new job kinda easy to figure out its you with your picture posted there

Name (required) 12 years ago


Allyson 12 years ago

Congratulations!! A well deserved win for you. You're halfway there. Feels great to get FAR done, I know!

Ballgame 12 years ago

Jay, I just failed FAR w a 63. I think I did ok on the MC, I bombed the sims! The sims threw me as I felt they were nothing like the Becker sims. What did you think?

andrew 12 years ago

i'm with you all the way, just can't get past the pink shirt. congratulations! keep up the grind

Jay. O 12 years ago

George - I've actually been open with management about my longer term career goals. Everyone's got their own aspirations and I think they respect it. Listen, they can always keep me for the right price...lol. Ballgame - I didn't spend much time on the SIMS this time, just focused on the content and kept hammering my weak spots. Good luck to you. And Andrew...glad to hear everyone's getting a laugh at the pink shirt...My wife thinks it's hilarious. At my expense, of course.