Columbus Day and Dead Laptops

12 Oct 2010

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By Jay-O

Jay is a weekly columnist as a Club 75 Blogger, where he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of Club 75 since April 2010.

Week 4:

Hello all. My morale is a little better this week, but I am really feeling exhausted. I called my doctor after I read Allyson’s post about the vitamins, but he said the Ginko Biloba theory has been disproven and I should get myself more sleep.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough time in the day, so I haven’t tried that yet, but may really need to consider slowing down a bit.

Studying went pretty well last weekend, I logged 4.5 hours Saturday (I was still a bit hung over from the birthday happy hour). Then on Sunday I logged 5.5 hours. My wife had a bridal shower, so I had to get the girls over to my parents’ house and traffic in both directions ate into a good amount of Sunday’s time. As fate would have it, my laptop has been acting up (freezing and sometimes overheating).

(Jeff's note – Get a Mac!) 🙂

You couldn’t make this up if you tried, but I did work around it and get good use of my study time this week. During the week I did 3 hours in the library each night, Mon-Wed. Unfortunately on Thursday I got caught up at work, so I used the opportunity go to Best Buy after dinner and get a new laptop.

This exam just keeps costing and costing and costing me. At any rate, no studying Thursday night, but I am getting the laptop initialized, so will be ready to rock in the library on Friday night (what a loser, I’ve become).

I made it through Chapter 3 last weekend and started the Chapter 4 lectures, so by the end of this coming week, I should be into Chapter 5.

Columbus Day is an extra study day, equity markets are open, but we’ve put a skeleton staff on duty, so I will utilize the whole day to study (6-7 hours will be my goal for Monday).

Well, that’s all I really have to say, the plan for the coming week is 5-7 hours each Sat-Mon and 3-4 hours each Tues-Fri. Best of luck to everyone.


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poster 13 years ago

Macs are hardly known for good cooling...

Jeff - 13 years ago

I run an iMac and a Macbook pro and neither one of them put out much heat.