Brutal BEC

I have received several e-mails today from frustrated people who failed BEC for the ___ time today. One person failed it on their 5th attempt and another on their 3rd. I'm no expert on BEC, but I do know a thing or two about repeatedly failing it, so I can relate.

I began this blog the morning that I received my 3rd failing BEC score.

Another Freaking 71.

I got mad and decided that I would never let this stupid exam get in the way of my CPA license. I decided that I wanted to get some audio lectures to listen to at work. I was having a hard time deciding between Yaeger audios and another company and as fate would have it, I went with Yaeger because I wanted them today and they were the only one that offered mp3 downloads.

I bought the audios…got the BEC cram after talking with John who is in charge of their student development…ordered the Wiley book online and the rest is history. I finally slayed that miserable dragon. Some people breeze through BEC and struggle with Auditing. I breezed through Auditing and struggled with BEC. Everyone is different.

If you got your result back from this testing window and you're feeling like you've been kicked in the face, you have the right to be sad for a day, but tomorrow – get up, shake it off, purchase another NTS, get whatever resources you need to pass (I recommend the cram – do what you need to do), and keep on fighting.

If you're mad because you failed BEC again – you're not alone…there's probably hundreds of candidates out there feeling the same way right now. I've been there. I'll say this: I would rather re-take FAR than BEC. I consider FAR to be the most difficult, but BEC is the Twilight Zone of the CPA Exam. It's just a weird exam.

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…and the flagship post of my site: Keep Moving Forward

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Anonymous 13 years ago

Thank you for such a great blog. It truly is inspirational. I am so sick of this test I could cry.
I just don't know what it takes to get over this hump and feel like I just must be stupid. I don't know how I can do so extremely well at work, but can't pass these freaking tests! I'll keep on trucking, but it's difficult since this was my 4th failing BEC score... 6 pts to go on this one and one year to pass 3 exams!

joe 13 years ago

thanks, man!
you are right. when i get done with this exam i am going to burn all of my materials and probably cry like a baby.

Brandon 13 years ago

I studied for BEC using Becker. The study material makes it seem like the test is a monster, but I took the exam 2 weeks ago and I didn't feel like it was that hard. I guess Becker just prepares you so well that the exams just don't seem that hard. You just have to put your time in and you'll do fine.

I got my score yesterday and got an 81. Although it is my lowest score so far, I'm happy. Just waiting on my REG score. If I pass that I'm done, having taken all exams in the last two windows.

Nate 13 years ago

Can you offer an unbiased opinion regarding the audio reviews from Yaeger?

Thanks 13 years ago

Can you offer an unbiased opinion...

They're solid as far as audios go and reasonably affordable too. However, I'm a visual learner, so I struggle sometimes with not letting my mind wander while listening. I have to really concentrate. I do better if I take notes while listening.

Nate 13 years ago

Great, thanks for the advice.

Ashish Mehta 13 years ago

I got 73 in BEC and i am quite disturbed. Could some one tell me frm where should i study to pass this exam. I have 2007 becker study material 13 years ago

Ashish -

You're CLOSE! I recommend the Yaeger cram as a supplement to your current material because I used it myself to pass.

Lynn 13 years ago

I ordered my BEC Cram DVD today. I have been taking the BEC 5x and did not pass. Super frustrated and sad. I completely lost my confidence. I wish for Yaeger Cram to help me pass like it did for you. I feel like it's my last hope. I know they lecture off Wiley book. Do you know if they will give out handouts? What is your advice on how to utilize this cram?

Darlene 12 years ago

I too am at my witts end with this exam. I have taken Auditing once and passed with a 79. I've taken FAR twice (scores 59 & 65 respectively) and BEC twice (scores 64 & 65 repectively). I am scheduled to sit for REG on Nov. 3rd. I too feel like an absolute idiot!! I have taken Northern University's CPA review, have followed all of the instructions given to me and have spent countless hours studying the material and I still failed two exams two times!! I just ordered the Yeager cram material and I am praying that it helps me with BEC. I have to pass all of the sections by June 2009. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. 12 years ago


A friend of mine passed BEC using the Yaeger cram and they too had a 65 and got a 76 he next go-around.

After you watch the cram, I highly recommend doing every question in the book and reading every answer explanation immediately after you answer the question. I would also start a word document and type out every "fact" that you forget or are likely to forget...every little nuance or exception.

REG is a beast. I would rank it as the hardest, except that now that I'm studying for FAR again, I think FAR is king. e-mail me if you need any help.

Anonymous 12 years ago

So this is the First Anonymous writing back... I took BEC for the 5th time and imporved my score... by 5 points. I scored a freaking 74. I can't tell you how frustrated I am. I felt so prepared and when I walked out I thought I aced it no problem... Now I'm up for the 6th time and I feel hopeless because I know I'm definately qualified to be a CPA and I do so well in everything else, just not this test. Sigh!

Taryn 12 years ago

I realize a lot of these posts are old...but here it is April 2009 and I am suffering just like everyone else has. Two attempts at BEC, 73 then 69. Used BECKER both times but ready for something else now. Think I'm going to try Yaeger Cram. But glad to read that I am not the only one feeling the pain of BEC...

M 12 years ago

If you have the time and the energy, try to use at lest 2 different company review materials. It worked for my Audit exam.

BEC nightmare 12 years ago

BEC! BEC! BEC! I was hopeful when I walked out the test center after my REG exam and starting to study for BEC right away, feeling excited because I heard that it is the easier part of the 4 exams... 1st chapter, Business Structure, piece of cake... 2nd chapter, my heard suddenly dropped to the coldest point, what is this??? Continue to flip through the whole book, all formulas!! Immediately, I realized BEC is a monster. Now I'm discouraged... Any suggestion on how to get over this monster will be greatly appreciated...

Jeff - 12 years ago

Taryn, Yes - the post is old, but the nice thing about the new site format is that your comment gets bumped to the top on the front page comments section so that people see it and can respond. As you can see from my category "I HATE BEC" ... it was my least favorite section. I finally passed it with the Yaeger cram (which you said you were considering)'s money well spent in my opinion.

DT 12 years ago

BEC nightmare: yes there are lot of formulas in BEC, but very lightly tested. I just took it for the 2nd time in early april and that exam is still very foreign to me! I'll have to say the exam iteself is the MOST different from hwk out of all 4 sections!

BEC nightmare 12 years ago

Dear DT, After two weeks of struggles, I finally decided to move on... to another subject - AUD. If I keep on facing those formulas, I think I will give up the whole exam. Maybe after a break, I'll be able to handle it again.

Lynette 11 years ago

Well it is nice to see there are others feeling as dumb as I am right now. BEC is the shortest exam but it is difficult because of all of the formulas! Theoretically, anyone with a BA in Business SHOULD be able to pass BEC. I thought it would be easy since it is more business than accounting... but economics is my bane and BEC is heavy on eceonomics and other formulas. Keep plugging fellow exam takers! I try to look on the bright side... there is no "failing," we just "didn't pass." Still, when you are so close but yet so far, it just sucks! :)

Page 11 years ago

It is so comforting to know that I'm not alone in the BEC nightmare. I have passed all but BEC. So close to the finish line and then.... My BEC score came back as a 73. I was heartbroken simply because it was TWO miserable points. Then the second time.... a 74! Are you kidding!!! Anyway, after a six month break I'm diving in once again. I'm going to try to supplement Becker with other review materials... Here's hoping!