CPA Exam Blogger Blake: Week 2

09 Jun 2011

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So I completed A1 today and am moving on to A2 tonight at a Becker class in Seattle. A1 really didn’t seem overly difficult and I ended up feeling relatively comfortable with the material. I was averaging 70% on my Becker MCQs first time through which I thought was relatively decent; I nailed the rest of them on my second run through.

It was weird experiencing the shock I felt when I got an answer wrong. Now, there is nothing I hate more when I select a radio button on Becker’s MCQs and see the yellow line of death (especially when I eliminate the correct answer with certainty!). I do admit though, there is a kind of instant gratification when you do well on the MCQs which, dare I say, is fun and rewarding.

I might change up my logistics a bit though; I think I will 1.) Attend the Becker class 2.) Re-read the subsections of subsequent Audit sections and then take the MCQs immediately after each subsection. For A1, I was re-reading the entire section and then taking all the MCQs at once. I feel like this segmentation of tasks might be better for me (especially for my confidence when it comes to doing well on those MCQs).

I am looking forward to starting A2 and progressing to the almost half way point of Auditing. I picked July 8th as my AUD exam date, one day before my 26th birthday so that I can enjoy it. I did manage to put myself back into a BEC test timing pickle, again. I’m only going to have about 3.5 weeks to study for BEC which, after self-studying BEC1, I really did not enjoy.

Do to the test schedule for FAR, I will have to self-study myself BEC and take the BEC exam on August 5th. I already backed out of BEC with a 3 week study period, so doing it again seems very counterproductive. Hopefully, it all works out. I’m certainly not going to let my NTS expire because I couldn’t find a decent testing window, especially considering it’s already paid for.

Anyways, here’s to a solid week of progress.


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