CPA Exam Blogger Blake: Week 3

21 Jun 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

I just attended my 4th Audit class and will finish up the last section on Monday. I have been pleasantly surprised with the Auditing material; thus far, it hasn’t seemed too complex. It feels very possible to achieve a healthy understanding of it all.

I have switched up my study style and segregated the material into smaller chunks (i.e. I read a subsection of a chapter and then perform the MCQs immediately afterward).

It has been great; I’ve increased my MCQs from a 65% average on the first attempt when I did them all at once, up to a solid average around 80% when I segregate. It looks like this might be the best way to study.

I’m about three weeks away from my July 8th exam date, and I believe that will be the perfect chunk of time to restudy all of the material and really get a handle of it.

Between the last section of Audit, section 5, and my exam date I plan to re-read the chapters, actually memorize all the mnemonics, and master the MCQs to achieve a solid grasp of the material. Though I’m only a month into this process, it does feel a bit draining.

I’m starting to realize that this will be a process to navigate and not a quick cram session.

Already, I can’t wait for this to be over. Maybe I shouldn’t be looking too far ahead though!


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