Family Week – Took a Study Break

01 Jun 2011

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Erica is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since March 2011.

Not much progress was made last week due to being out of town from Middle TN to West TN for a total of 12 baseball/softball games. The TCA High School baseball team finished 6th in the state at the tournament, not a bad attempt for the first appearance in the school’s history. My son’s 7 year old travel baseball team finished 3rd in their tournament over the weekend.

I do not have a lot to write about my study progress, I was not too successful in completing my multiple choice questions as I had planned. Therefore, I will be completing those this week.

I am so glad to be home and ready to get focused on sticking to this nice study plan. I hope all of you guys had more success in your study schedule last week.

Until next time!


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Brooke 13 years ago

I see you are from West TN! I am also from West TN! I believe only an hour from where I would assume you live! Crazy! The school my sister attends (private school) won state in softball. I also remember playing the TCA softball gils when I went through school. They beat us in sub-state the year they won it. I believe it was 2004. Such a small world. Hope you have a great week!