Jay’s Study Report: Week 35

Jay is a weekly columnist as a Club 75 Blogger, where he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of Club 75 since April 2010.

Week 35:

Hello all. I logged 17 hours this week, wrapped up Chapter 1 and started on Chapter 2. Individual Taxation doesn’t appear too difficult, but definitely a lot of minutia to memorize. I spent some extra time on Like-Kind Exchanges today, after I got a bunch of the homework questions wrong. I actually don’t think I ever really had LKE’s down when I took FAR.

I spent time reading the Wiley material and then went back to Becker and I think I’ve finally got it. Now I just need to remember it, but as long as I keep up the repetition of the MCQ’s, I should be okay. In order to ingrain all of the minutia in my brain, I am going to take the Becker flashcards to work and spend 30-60 minutes during lunch reading them. I think that should help me keep these things fresh as I move through the chapters.

I haven’t really spent too much time thinking about the BEC results, but just had some thoughts about them this weekend. I’m not one of those people that checks the website multiple times a day, because I always feel like it will be a better outcome, if I just chill and don’t make a big deal about it. However, I must be honest, my stomach got a bit queasy thinking about the fact that I still don’t know whether I passed BEC or not. Waiting stinks, but I need to worry about REG, not BEC. It’s history and will be what it is.

For the coming week, I will continue working on Chapter 2. I don’t believe I have any hectic scheduling plans, so my goal will be 20 hours for the coming week. The local college library is on summer hours, so they close at 10pm rather than midnight, which translates into 60-90 minutes less on weeknights than during the regular semester. Well, no excuses, I have to make it work. Good luck to everyone struggling to stay focused during the summer months.

And congrats to the Mavs, I’m not a huge basketball fan, but everyone knows Miami and the Big 3 were the team to beat.

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