Jay’s CPA Exam Study Report: Week 45

07 Sep 2011

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By Jay-O

Jay is a weekly columnist as a Club 75 Blogger, where he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of Club 75 since April 2010.

Week 45

Hello all. Last Sunday night, I didn’t know whether I should be thanking Irene or cursing her. My REG exam was scheduled for Monday afternoon in New York City, and this nasty hag was wreaking havoc on the tri-state area, potentially impacting my exam date.

Well, she passed through without any major damage and the NYC MTA was scheduled to be running on 6am Monday, so I thought it was a date, but apparently Prometric had other ideas in mind. A day off for clean up.

Well, at first I was PO’d, because I just wanted to get past REG, but then I realized it was a good opportunity to work over some of the topics I hadn’t been focusing on in the last week.

I really tried to focus on Tax for the last week, so I used that last day to review Bankruptcy, Contracts, Sales, all the non-tax related stuff, etc. The week leading up to the exam, I had a few days off, so I logged roughly 45 hours.

I never feel confident going into an exam, but boy, I walked out of this exam and I feel like I got served. Not really sure, but I feel like it was an absolute BOMB. Pretty sure I’ll be retaking REG unless there’s some miracle from above that happens, but I doubt it.

When you guys said that TBS were something else, boy you weren’t kidding. I had plenty of time and didn’t even know what to do with myself on some of them. Anyway, it’s over for the next few weeks. I really do need the break to recoup and spend some time with the family, but like I said, I feel Round 2 with REG won’t be far away.

Anyway, it’s Labor Day weekend and I have a frozen Margarita waiting for me in the kitchen, so this is Jay. O signing off. I’ll be back in a few weeks, when I pick it all up again. Or of course, for my final post to let you know that I’m a CPA, but don’t think that will be happening.

Jay. O

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Bradley 13 years ago

Thinking you bombed isn't necessarily a bad thing. When I took FAR, people asked how I did and I told them that I made an appearance for the exam but didn't think it went well. I thought I made in the 30s-40s. I ended up passing (by a few points).

Jay. O 13 years ago

Bradley - I could only hope to be sooo lucky. Will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks, Jay

Matt 13 years ago

Jay, keep your head up. I too have felt as though I've bombed before and passed. I'm waiting on two scores...good luck!

12 years ago

Did you end up passing?