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08 Jun 2011

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So, here it is Tuesday night, as I sit playing Gardens of Time on Facebook, so trying to get motivated to start studying again. My last exam was May 23, and I am waiting now on two scores, two scores that might be my last – which is why it is so hard to study.

I really should just start studying for the exam I just took, Audit, in case I didn’t pass again, so I will be ready come early July. But these last two weeks off have totally crashed my study mojo.

Facebook is just so much more fun.

It is so hard to keep going back to same material over and over and over again. So this time, I did suck it up and purchased the Yaeger Audit section, because:

1) I really do not have high hopes that I passed Audit this last time, and if I have to study the Becker material for a fifth time, I might just poke my eyes out.

2) And the very fact that it possibly didn’t work the first four times could be that certain study material is just not for me.

3) My Becker software expires on June 29, (which quite frankly totally blows, they only give you one year to pass a typical 18 month exam window? What is up with that?) I finally passed FAR in January using a combo of Becker/Yaeger, so I am thinking that this time around it should be Yaeger all the way, since I seem to do better with it, AND it doesn’t expire.

OR, maybe I just spent $475 I didn’t have to spend, which I would not be too upset about.

Such a conundrum. Then I only have to buy the material for BEC if I didn’t pass that, or maybe I did.


These last 2 weeks are going to be torture.

But what I need right now is for someone to just light a fire under my butt, and for people to stop sending me Gardens of Time requests so I don’t have to keep logging in to accept them and play :).

Ok one last time to the London Nightclub and then I will really get back to the material.


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Zizoty 13 years ago

I used Yaeger and really like it. Yaeger is more of a teach me or old school way of learning while Becker is just a REVIEW. I think you should watch the video, take notes, do all the recommended MCQ in Wiley textbook(recommend twice) and do as many MCQ as you can on the Wiley test bank DVD.GL!

Kelli 13 years ago

I agree about the Yaeger method, reminds me more of college classes and textbooks, they actually EXPLAIN the why's and wherefore's. Becker just takes a FASB and puts bullets in front of the important stuff and plops it in a book. Strictly a memorization process and not a learning process, at least that is what I have found in my case. I am a Yaeger believer!