Studying Progress: Slow, but Steady

10 Jun 2011

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Lynn is a new weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since November 2009.

Studying is going slower than I thought, but at least I’m still at it. I am on track with the study schedule that Roger’s suggested, but after I cover each section, then I go back and review all that I have covered for a couple of hours and that really seems to be helping.

MCQ’s seem to be getting easier the more that I review them. I am using MCQ’s from three sources and see a whole lot of the exact same topics, just worded a little differently.

This is good since I am able to get a different perspective on these topics and am able to see where I need to focus my learning. This also keeps me from memorizing the answers and giving myself a false sense of success.

I think my biggest problem is that as we all get older, learning seems to be harder. I have to keep covering the same topics multiple times to get them to stick in my head. But repetition does seem to be helping.

I am going to take Jeff’s NINJA Notes and begin using them for additional reviews. I am using Roger’s suggestions and not take so many notes, but I still use 4×6 index cards to put major topics, etc on and this allows me to carry them with me for review.

I also have Wiley Focus Notes on my iPhone and they are also a big help.

If I have even 5 minutes (like in the drive through car wash) I just review something.


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