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Introducing Club 75 Blogger: Lynn


Lynn is a new weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since November 2009.

My name is Lynn and I’ve been trying to pass the CPA exam for more years than most of you have been around, but this time I am going to be successful ?

When I graduated from College back in the dark ages, all you had to have was a Bachelors degree, some college courses in accounting and 2 years of experience to obtain those three little letters behind your name. I sat for the old paper and pencil exam once and came pretty close to passing all 4 parts, but that was all that happened. I was working in private industry and no one really cared about those three little letters.

Fast forward a whole lot of years to 2008. I had the opportunity to join a mid-size local CPA Firm and they really didn’t care about my credentials, they just wanted someone who could take extra special –good care of their QuickBooks clients, and I was that person. Then over lunch one day with a co-worker in her mid 30’s who had just completed her Masters told me that all I had to have was 150 hours, and the rest was history. I got the “bug”. Yes, I took the rest of the courses that I was going to need to get to my 150 hours, submitted my Letter of Intent, and ordered not one, not two, but three different review courses.

Whoa!!! Three review courses. Yes, I was going to set the world on fire!!! Needless to say all I have accomplished so far was getting my education requirements grandfathered in with the State Board of Public Accountancy. But at my age, that is quite an accomplishment.

Now I am getting my study plan together to re-attack FAR. I have my updated review course (notice I said course in the singular) and S-Day (that’s study day) is Monday May 16. All of our tax filing deadlines will be behind us and I am working on my study schedule. I am using Jeff’s Ninja Study Planner as a guide. Also, two of the three review courses I purchased do not come with texts, but I can print the texts either on-line or they send me the pdf’s. Sure makes studying different topics easier.

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  • Great to hear from you Lynn. You are a great example of why is never to late to give up on your dreams.

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