Big Hair, NINJAs, and BEC

Rebecca is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since June 2010.

Well, my REG exam has finally come and gone! I am going to join the band wagon and say that the simulations were pure torture. However, I must give it up to the NINJAs. They saved me and I am forever grateful to Jeff for such a great outline (Thanks Jeff!).

The night before my exam I reread the NINJAs a couple times, and I even taped some of the pages that I was having hard times with around my house.

I even went to the point of taping one to the wall upside down in my bathroom! Ladies, those of you who blow dry your hair and want volume I am sure you can relate to blow drying your hair upside down!

Needless to say my husband thought I was totally losing my mind. I guess if I were in his shoes I would think I was a little “off” too; but hey whatever it takes! It worked for me though. Things just stuck better reading the NINJA notes until my brain couldn’t handle it anymore.

Then low and behold, my upside down page in the bathroom that I read before heading to the exam was a simulation. I remember giggling to myself during the exam and saying “wait till I tell my husband this one”.

Overall I am not positive how the exam went. I felt as though I did well on the multiple choice questions, nailed the research question, hopefully got two sims totally correct, and struggled a little through the others. One of the sims was poorly written and seemed way too long so I am hoping that was my “freebie”.

I was happy not to walk out of the exam with tears in my eyes for once. However, my hair was sticking straight up! One would have thought the guy at Prometric would have been nice enough to tell me the head phones pulled my hair to an upright position. Oh, the joys of being a CPA candidate!

Now that REG is behind me, I am going to take a stab at BEC. I am going to use Roger CPA Review this go around, where I gave a different review course two tries and couldn’t get that 75! I watched the intro for Roger, and I really enjoy his enthusiasm and drive to help each person pass.

I am just waiting for my materials to come in the mail now. I am ready to start studying and almost want to start before my books get here, but I am not sure if I will need them while watching the lectures. Therefore I am trying to think of things I can do now to not waste valuable time since I plan to test at the end of August.

Any suggestions?

I am determined and have reevaluated my life and goals, and I am so ready to kick this exam’s butt! Have a great week of studying everyone and to those testing this week, good luck!


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JoMarie 12 years ago

Glad to hear REG went well. I hope I feel like that when I sit for REG. Good idea about taping the NINJA notes around the house, I might try that. Let's go kick this exam's butt!!

Dianna 12 years ago

Rebecca, I know what you mean by wanting to keep your study momentum going. If you have time you can always go to and work tons of multiple choice questions. Good luck!!