Anxiously Awaiting BEC Study Materials

29 Jul 2011

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Do you ever get that sense of excitement when starting a new review course? I had been tracking my package from Roger CPA Review all last week. I knew it was going to take 4 business days, but I would religiously check the UPS website in hopes that it would get here sooner!

The intro that I could watch on the website just was not cutting it for me seeing I watched it a couple times. I know. I am a little too excited to study!

To prepare for my review course’s arrival I even made a trip to Target for new notebooks, colored index cards, pens, and pencils. It almost felt like the first day of middle school when you were so anxious to start and have all new stuff. I mean you did always have to have the coolest school supplies.

I finally received the package in the mail on Monday from Roger CPA for the BEC section of the exam. This will be my fourth attempt at BEC and I am hoping Roger can help me get past the 74 I got last time.

I printed out Roger’s suggested study schedule which is supposed to prepare me to take the exam in four weeks. However, I am allowing myself five weeks because something is bound to come up and put me behind. The suggested schedule seems very doable and it is nice to have a schedule printed out on a calendar for me.

So far I am right on schedule and have completed the first two hours of economic lectures and have taken notes. I also have been writing down any formulas on index cards as I go along. Therefore I have no excuse not to study on the go.

I plan on wrapping up economics tomorrow and then will do the homework problems for that chapter as Roger suggests and read all the answers whether I got it right or wrong. I never really did that before, and I hope it helps drill the concepts in my head. I am looking for a win this time around!

I hope that all my excitement for my new study materials keeps me going. Roger has so much energy; I think it makes you pay attention so you don’t miss anything. From what I have seen so far I am really enjoying his course and thrive to help me pass.

I will keep you all updated with my thoughts on the course as I continue to work my way through it. Have a good week studying and to anyone testing, good luck!


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