“All In” to Pass the CPA Exam

03 Aug 2011

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Rebecca is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of Another71.com's Club 75 since June 2010.

My first week of studying BEC has been a success with Roger CPA Review. I have decided to take the NINJA approach and so far have made it through about 8 hours of video.

I am enjoying the way that Roger’s lectures are about 30 minutes each. He makes them as entertaining as possible and it has really helped me zone in and pay attention.

It is almost as if he knows when the student will zone out and then takes a break. After each lecture I have been rereading his notes and then finding the corresponding information in the NINJA guide and reading that also. Then I rewrite the NINJA notes. I feel as though I am retaining the information more taking it in small pieces.

I plan to finish the lectures by my next blog with the hopes that work doesn’t get in the way! Lately I have felt busier than normal with work. I know it is because I am gaining more responsibility but sometimes I wish I could just go back to the carefree days of being a “first year.”

There are days when photocopying and not having to worry about deadlines because you know the person above you is the one worrying sounds so much more appealing. But then again I wouldn’t trade my opportunities for growth at my firm for the world. It is just the addition of studying that can make is overwhelming at times.

Anyways! In order to get in my study hours I have been very strict with myself and study through my lunches. I bring my notebook of notes with me for anytime I have a few minutes to spare. Then at night I try to aim for an additional 2.5 to 3 hours a night.

The hubby has recently picked up golf with a group of his friends and has been going on Sundays, so I don’t feel guilty studying for five hours. I managed to get in about ten hours this past weekend.

I am waiting on the arrival of my NTS and then will schedule BEC for the end of the month. Something happened the other day as I forked over another $500 to NASBA. I made a promise with myself that I am done with not giving this 100% of my energy. I am sick of spending hundreds of dollars on something because I didn’t give it my all even though at the time I told myself I was.

I am ready to move on from this exam and enjoy my life. That being said, I am going all in and I am so determined to knock these exams down. Who wants to spend gorgeous weekends at the library?! I know I am sick of it when I see posts on Facebook of all my friends heading to the beach! I WILL be there next summer and only going to the library to pick up books for my reading pleasure on the beach in my lounge chair.

Hey, this might all be wishful thinking but I am done with being a pessimist about this exam and am becoming an optimist! So here is to positive thinking! Have a good week of studying everyone and keep those hopes high. We all will past these exams at one point or another.


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CPA2B_Kx2008 13 years ago

Very well put Rebecca...And this ordeal is all temporary!!! Goodluck with BEC..