BEC: Coming in Fifteen Days

12 Aug 2011

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Do you ever have one of those days where anything someone says to you about the CPA exam bothers you? Well that has been my feeling this past week, never mind day! I am getting sick of the “Oh, you’re so smart. I don’t understand how you are not done with that exam.”

Well thank you for the compliment, but what you don’t understand is that this is one of the hardest professional exams, and the odds are against you from the start.

Or this one was my favorite this week. “So you are losing audit now?” Umm no, I will lose audit in November if I don’t pass three exams by then, but thanks for the reminder.

Talk about discouraging as I am studying my butt off to get them under my belt. Don’t get me wrong. I am prepared for losing audit, but I am trying to keep that in the back of my mind.

I know that these people do truly wish me the best and want to see me succeed, but I am a little on the sensitive side with these exams. I feel as though I have given up so much over the past 15 months and only have one exam to show for it that I might end up losing.

At times it is a very discouraging exam and I want to throw in the towel. At other times I look at it as I am probably more up to date in the accounting world than some of my superiors! I guess I just need to keep moving along and let people’s comments go in one ear and out the other.

On a different note, I reached my goal of watching all of the lectures from Roger CPA Review by this blog! I really enjoyed Roger’s teaching style and have told that to some of my friends studying.

Roger makes the information easy to understand by making silly jokes or relating the information to everyday things. I feel as though I have a better grasp on some economic topics that before I was lost on. Overall, I would say Roger’s style is definitely one that works for me.

This week I am implementing Jeff’s Pass the Exam in 20 days blog, or in my case 15 days. I am going to begin doing multiple choice questions like a maniac for the next 7 days, then will rewrite the NINJA guide and then work testlets of 20 questions.

My husband starts a 6 month personal training course this weekend, so I will have the house to myself both Saturday and Sunday for 8 hours each day. This means 16 hours of uninterrupted study time which I am totally going to take advantage of!

Hopefully my plan of attack for the next 15 days helps me pass BEC on the 27th. Then I will be a little closer to proving people wrong that I will not be losing audit! Have a good week studying and to those of you testing, good luck!


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Matt 13 years ago

Really nice words, i totally identify with what your going through. I lost both Audit and Regulation. When I go to my state account it has those two exams listed with my passing scores and the words, EXPIRED next to them. I feel like they are taunting me. Now I just put my head down, and try not to look. I to am taking BEC on August 31, having just took FAR on August 5TH. Yes you are more up to date than most people you work with, but i'm guessing your firm doesn't necessary use the price elasticity of demand all to much, seems very wrong we need to responsible for useless formulas like that. Good luck and thanks for the interesting words.