A Week Off, Then Time for FAR

08 Sep 2011

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I have come to realize that I am the type of person that if I do not have something to worry about I feel “off.” That is exactly how I felt this whole week where I allowed myself the week to regroup before starting the grueling process of studying for FAR.

I honestly did not know what to do with myself every day when I got home from work. It did feel nice to actually feel as though I contributed to the house cleaning and other chores.

My darling husband has been quite the little “house wife” during this exam process, but when I am making the big bucks he will not regret it. Hey, I can dream!

I plan to begin studying for FAR today during my lunch break. I will be spending all my lunch breaks with my good old friends Cindy and Phil from Yaeger CPA Review. I actually do not mind studying during my lunch where it takes an hour off of the time I would spend at home at night. I would much rather curl up on the couch for the hour at night with my husband and pups.

In order to do this I need to set up a strict study plan for myself. After reading numerous posts on the FAR exam I am pretty much petrified of it. My goal is no less than 20 hours per week. However the 9/15 deadline at work is quickly approaching, so this could be a challenge.

I am really hoping for two passing scores in the upcoming weeks to help motivate me. If this comes true, then FAR is my last exam, which sounds crazy to say! I can’t even begin to imagine what a life without studying would be like.

I can just see a spotless house, vacations, reading material of my liking, less grays, and less stress. Those things alone make me anxious to get this exam over with. I am envious of some of my friends who are done with the exam. Granted, I know it was not a walk in the park for them either, but still.

Well, wish me luck with this beast of a section. I will let you know how week one ends up going! Keep studying everyone. Do not let the score release wait keep you from your long term goal. I wish you all good luck, though!

Happy Studying,

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