Deadlines, Anniversary Dinner, and Ready to Knock Out FAR

14 Sep 2011

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Deadlines. The word alone make me cringe. I never knew when I entered into the world of accountancy that I would live my life by deadlines.

I watch years fly by now as I rush to get to the next deadline. At times it is thrilling, and at other moments it causes a knot in my stomach. Lately it has been the knot in my stomach feeling.

The September 15th deadline is finally coming to an end tomorrow, and with 19 returns behind me I feel great. However my studying was pretty much nonexistent this past week. I worked late every night and worked full days Saturday and Sunday.

This was not what I had planned on, but sometimes the job just has to get done. Unfortunately, knowing that I have not begun my studying for FAR as planned causes the knot in my stomach to keep growing bigger.

Thankfully I am on vacation next week. I am not sure if I would really call it a vacation since all I plan on doing in locking myself in the library all week. The only exception will be Monday night. It is my 2nd wedding anniversary and we will be going to dinner at Ruth Chris in Boston.

We enjoyed our first dinner of our honeymoon at the Ruth Chris in Cabos san Lucas so figured it would be a nice memory. That will be the highlight of my vacation. Although, I am hoping that the highlight is some passing score results from the last testing window and some serious study hours logged. Shhh… Don’t tell my husband!

I need a plan of attack for FAR, and I am not sure I have developed it. I would be open to any suggestions anyone may have. Hint hint! This week I think I will try to write out a study agenda so I can keep myself on track. Otherwise, I feel as though I will lose the battle to FAR in November. I am not allowing that, though. I need this exam behind me so I can finally have my life back. I am determined!

I am also determined to get the remainder of the September 15th work off my desk by lunch time so back to it I go! Good luck next week with score results everyone.

Happy studying,

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Amanda 12 years ago

I started studying for FAR using Becker (for the fourth time!) a few weeks ago and it's been helpful to stagger lectures, MCQ's and note taking. This week I'm watching F8, doing MCQ's on F4 and taking notes on seems to help me remember information in old chapters as I move on to new ones. Good luck developing your study plan and staying motivated!