Five Weeks Until FAR + Anxious for BEC Score

27 Oct 2011

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Now that BEC is behind me, it is time to focus on FAR. I am very nervous about FAR because I am cramming it in a five week timeframe.

I know this is not the ideal situation, but if I want any chance at not losing my Audit credit then I have no other choice. This is going to be a very interesting five weeks to say the least.

I have made good progress so far this week and have completed Modules 9a – 9c of the Wiley book using the Yaeger, and it’s only Wednesday. I found Cindy to be a speed talker at first but am getting used to her now!

However, I can’t lie; I got excited to see Phil come on the screen to slow it down a little bit. He was my “best friend” for REG, and I totally owe my passing score to him.

I am finding it a little hard to stay focused when I know that I could potentially find out my BEC score next week. I keep telling myself if I failed, that I will just move FAR to January to allow the proper amount of study time. It is kind of sad that I am banking on that when I should be telling myself I passed!

I actually did not feel horrible leaving the testing center after BEC last week. I definitely had to guess on a few questions, but I feel as though that is normal with these exams. It’s impossible to know everything.

The Wiley test bank was probably the most useful thing I have used to date. I have had it and never really used it until studying for BEC this go around. I saw some very similar questions on my exam that I had practiced the night before on the test bank and that greatly boosted my confidence. I plan to use it with FAR also in hopes of the same feeling!

I guess my question for all of you is did anyone pass FAR in five weeks and work full-time?! I am not expecting this to be an easy task, but I am willing to take on the challenge if it means that I will have my freedom back before the end of the year! Good luck studying everyone.

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