Nervous & Excited for Score Release + Focusing on FAR

02 Nov 2011

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Rebecca is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since June 2010.

It is hard to believe that score release time is here once again. I am both nervous and excited for it.

Nervous because I cannot fathom failing BEC for the fifth time and excited because I could potentially only have one exam left. Needless to say I am getting a little anxious and finding it difficult to study for FAR!

However, thanks to my buddies on the forum these new posts on study goals for the week are keeping me in check. My goal this week is to get through 7 modules worth of lectures by the end of the day Sunday.

I am taking Jeff’s advice and just watching the lectures and taking notes before working any problems. This has worked for me in the past, and I am hoping it works again.

My main goal is to complete all of the lectures by November 12th. That way I have a solid two weeks to work all of the multiple choice questions before my exam on November 28th. As I have said before, my BEC score will have a lot to do with my decision on whether or not I move FAR.

I only scheduled FAR for 11/28 in order to possibly not lose my audit credit on 11/30. Something tells me either way I should still take FAR as planned so that way if I do fail FAR the first time around I have more chances to take it.

I swear this exam is one big mind game. I am always looking at it from different angles and trying to come up with the best plan to up my chances of passing. I am not sure if I have figured it out fully yet or if I ever will. All I know is I am getting tired of this exam and will do just about anything to pass now. That being said, good luck to all of you waiting on scores to come out tomorrow!


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nadia 12 years ago

Rebecca, I am so pulling for ya to get good news on BEC!!!! And keep up the great work. I totally agree this is a mind game. Well said. Best of luck :)

Rebecca 12 years ago

Thanks Nadia I really appreciate the support!