BEC Results Lead to Change of Plans

16 Nov 2011

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Last week I was MIA due to my pity party. The unfortunate happened and I failed BEC for the fifth time. I had a hard time swallowing that when I saw my score.

I cried in my cube at work and was embarrassed. I allowed myself the weekend to sulk and enjoy life not studying. Then I decided that sulking was not my answer and it was time to start studying again.

Since I failed BEC, which in turn resulted in me losing my audit credit, I have decided to postpone FAR. I was only giving myself 5 weeks to study in hopes that I had passed BEC and could have been done with this mess of an exam at the end of this month.

Well, plans fall through and we have to come up with a backup plan. That being said, FAR will now be scheduled for January to allow for the proper amount of studying.

I am currently half way through the lectures and hope to finish them up by Thanksgiving. Then I plan to rewrite the NINJA Study Notes and get going on a crazy amount of multiple choice questions.

I also have the Yaeger CRAM that I am excited to watch to help fine tune the topics that I am unsure on. I really hope this will be enough to beat this beast on the first try because I truly need a win. I went from being a ½ of a CPA to a ¼ of a CPA. Back tracking was not what I had in mind!

Well back to the books I go! Good luck to all of you receiving scores in the next wave and good luck to you testing in the upcoming weeks!

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Phil 12 years ago

Your pesistence is incredibly refreshing. Five times is a lot to take one exam... keep up the good fight!

Karen 12 years ago

Oh no!! I was hoping you passed and were still partying!! I have my fourth rematch with BEC on November 28. You can do this. We all can:)

Rebecca 12 years ago

Thank you! Five times is a lot. I mean I guess two out of the five I were bad planning on my part and were taken during tax season. O well I guess we just keep trucking along. Good luck Karen you got this!!!

Rebecca 12 years ago

And I can't lie... I almost wish I didn't put how many times I have taken BEC now because I am embarrassed. On the other hand though I am sure I am not alone. Can't win them all all the time I guess :/

JoMarie 12 years ago

I took BEC about 7 times until I passed it and now I've lost it. You are not the only one. I think a lot of us underestimate BEC. Just keep at it. We will get it!!!

Scott 12 years ago

I just took BEC for the 3rd time last week. If I fail, I lose credit for Audit. If I pass I'm done. I feel your pain. Also, my FAR exam expires in February. Failing could really make this thing spin out of control for me. Keep up the hard work!

Rebecca 12 years ago

JoMarie we WILL get this!!! Scott I am sending positive thoughts your way :) best of luck to you!!

Karen 12 years ago

Thanks Rebecca! Um, forgot to say that I have my second rematch with REG THIS Saturday. I passed AUD last window so time is ticking for me now. I wouldn't be embrassed by the number of times you take this crazy exam. And I do mean crazy. I am reminded quite often of another blogger that used to be on here. I believe her name was Virgina? Anyway, she said that a friend had asked her(after she was so frustrated with repeating sections) "What do you call a doctor that finishes last in their class? A doctor." We can and should keep the same thought process for attaining our CPA. I took this exam many years ago(23 years to be exact) when it was the old pencil and paper method. I can't tell you how many times "I did not pass" the exam then. And then last year I decided it was time to study again. And now I have one part behind me and missed BEC by only four points last window. Keep at it!

david 12 years ago

Hi Rebecca, Is there an area of BEC that keeps tripping you up? I never understood cost accounting variances for example, and I'm pretty sure I got those MCQ's wrong on my exam. Are your score reports indicating the same weaknesses, or are they all over the place? I think it will be very important to determine what area's you are stronger in and weaker in. Is your study material out of date? I feel bad that you were so upset that you failed, we all know what that feels like.

Rebecca 12 years ago

Thanks David! Well it is weird I was always weak on financial management and this last time I got stronger on that but went down on other topics. I feel as though I am all over the place each test. My materials are up to date so I don't think it is that. I am thinking maybe my next go around I will try a different review course to see if that gets me over the hump. All my scores have been in the 70s just not that 75!!

david 12 years ago

Well for the review course, I was lucky enough to have my work help me get Becker. They are certainly not cheap but they are incredibly successful and I got an 84. That being said, BEC's a ton of work regardless of which course you choose, because the topics are so spread apart and are often not accounting related. When I studied any of the 4 sections, I needed a lot of focus and organization in my studying. You may want to consider the importance of organization this time, because you're clearly putting the effort in to pass BEC, and you don't ever want to spin your wheels studying. There's too much material and not enough time to ever NOT be 100% efficient in your studies. I hope this helps.


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