Ready to Own the CPA Exam in 2012

09 Dec 2011

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Rebecca is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since June 2010.

Today has been a bittersweet day. Three people from my firm found out they have completed all four parts and are now CPAs. If my testing window cooperated I would have been celebrating with them.

I am happy for them, but at the same time I am crying on the inside. Sometimes this exam just seems unfair, and when you think you might have gotten one step closer it gets pulled right from underneath you.

However, I am not going to let myself sulk and beat myself up for not passing with the best of them. If anything I am hoping that by them all passing it pushes me that much harder to pass these exams.

There is so much more out of life that I want than spending all my spare time studying. I can only get there if these exams get done. I am on a serious mission for 2012. I will own 2012!

I toy with the idea of moving FAR once again. It is more out of fear though. I will be done with the homestudy lectures by tomorrow night and will have five weeks to work multiple choice questions. I hope that this is enough time to get FAR under my belt because that is one exam I do not want to repeat! From reading everyone’s advice on the forum that seems to be the only way to pass FAR: MCQs, MCQs, and more MCQs!

I hope all of you waiting for scores receive happy news! To those of my friends in the forums that did not receive the news they wanted – keep your chins up. We got this next testing window! Yankee and Jomarie are constantly my support through this process lately, and I just want you ladies to know I appreciate it more than you know! Keep at it!

Until next time,

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Casey 13 years ago

What a great post! This exam is completely unfair, but we need to keep our heads held high and just keep pushing. I am right beside you owning 2012 with this exam!!

JoMarie 13 years ago

Thanks Rebecca!! We will conquer 2012 together!!!

Brandon 13 years ago

I would recommend doing tons and tons of MCQs. I just passed FAR and I am no done with this exam. I failed FAR 5 times trying to just read and understand as much of the material as I could and doing some MCQs. This time around I watched the lectures and wrote down some notes and then I attacked thounsands of MCQs for weeks on end till test time and went in and got a 78, which is 18 points better than my 60 that I got in July and I have no doubt it was due to working thousands of MCQs. Good Luck

Kricket 13 years ago

Rebecca, WE WILL OWN THIS TEST BY JUNE! I'm here with you dear and if you need to vent, scream, cry or whatever, just give me a call! I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to see another score below 75!

Rebecca 13 years ago

Thanks Kricket! I am loving the JUNE idea that would be amazing!

Kim 13 years ago

You've got this Rebecca!

Shelby 13 years ago

I'm IN on the owning of 2012 with you all...let's do this once and for all.

nadia 13 years ago

Rebecca, Sometimes I think the train conductor gave me the wrong ticket -"Mr. Conductor, this is not the ticket I wanted---I want the non-stop to CPAville, this ticket makes too many stops!!!!!" But in the end the destination is the same, probably will be sweeter when we all arrive :) It takes a village to get through the CPA process. And thank God. I don't want to do this alone. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I agree with you, let's go get it in 2012!!!! Nadia (Yankee)