No Excuses: FAR will be My First Pass this Year

05 Jan 2012

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Rebecca is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since June 2010.

Happy New Year everyone! Last year I made it my goal to pass the entire exam before the ball dropped at midnight on January 1st. However, as we all know that has not been the case.

That being said, the goal continues on into 2012, and I WILL be successful this time. I am not allowing this exam to take over my life for another year, so this is it for me. I know there are a lot of you who are going to be right there with me too!

As much as I love the holidays and all the craziness they bring, I am glad they are over. My study schedule definitely ended up on the back burner with the back to back weekend holidays, so I feel a little behind.

I am not worried, though, where now I have no excuses as to why I cannot put in the appropriate amount of time and my eyes are on the prize. It’s a new year for new accomplishments and FAR will be my first one this year!

?The volume of FAR is what scares me the most I have decided. I am not sure how I am going to get through it all and retain it. I know that I cannot allow it to intimidate me or else I really won’t make it out alive.

Plus, the more I let it scare me the more often I want to change my test date. I know that isn’t the answer so I am just going to keep pushing through all these multiple choice questions and hope for the absolute best. I only need a 75, but this is the one 75 that I need to keep me motivated as I am losing steam.

Which exam do all of you plan on knocking out first in 2012? Are you just as nervous as I am and sick of not passing? Well we are all in this together for better or worse. I love hearing peoples’ success stories as I envision the feeling of passing the entire exam and those of failure make me realize that I am not alone and make me want to keep fighting this exam.

I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in 2012! This is our year and we will own these exams!

Until next time,

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Sara 12 years ago

BEC will be my first exam of 2012. Hoping to pass and then move on to re-take REG and FAR. Good luck to you!

Navjot 12 years ago

I am taking FAR on Monday! It's scary, I don't feel prepared at all and I keep getting questions wrong. I keep thinking about moving it but my schedule is so packed at work until April that even if I move it, I won't have enough time to study. Ugh! Anyway, good luck to you!

david 12 years ago

Good luck Rebecca! I admire your dedication and confidence that you'll pass. And because you're so determined - you will pass! Keep up the good attitude.

nadia 12 years ago

Rebecca I love the title!! And a great blog. I hit Audit first, and I am really looking forward to some success. Aren't we all????!!!!!! Go get 'em! Your enthusiasm is motivating...just what I needed on a Friday at 4:30! Keep up the great job. Nadia (Yankee)

Rebecca 12 years ago

@ Sara, best of luck to you! BEC and I do not get along and that is the next one on my list! @Navjot, from what I hear we will never feel confident walking into the testing center with FAR. Just put your game face on and try to stay calm. I agree I though of moving mine until April as well but who am I kidding. I know I won't study during busy season. Any free time I do have during that craziness I like to spend it stress free :) Good Luck Monday! @David, thank you! I try to make light of it all even if at times my attitude blows. No Debbie Downer here :) @Nadia, I think we will be successful this time! Fingers crossed for us :) I know audit isn't your friend as BEC isn't mine but you have been working hard, you got this!!

Eslam 12 years ago

I enjoy reading your posts Rebecca, I am also testing for FAR on Feb 27th, this is my second attempt at FAR and I hope I can knock this beast out of the way. wishng you the very best of luck

pattym 12 years ago

@Eslam Good luck to you! I will be taking FAR on Feb 29th too!!