Studying at Work; Re-writing study Notes

25 May 2011

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Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel as though you have all the time in the world but yet nothing gets done? Well that was my past week. I was supposed to be at a client for the week but due to the client not being ready for my audit team our engagement had been pushed off till this upcoming week. In my mind I thought woo-hoo some downtime to study at the office!

However, it is funny how when this happens and you have some time to study it is a lot easier said than done.

I don’t know why, but you can ask some of my fellow co-workers who are also studying for the exam, sometimes it feels that surfing the internet during the day is more accepted than studying during downtime. I am sure the shareholders would beg to differ but ask a co-worker and they mostly will agree!

Maybe it is the constant guilty feeling that one of your co-workers who is also studying for the exam is swamped with work when you aren’t? I have definitely formed a love-hate relationship with trying to get in some study time at work. I have discovered that my most productive studying is done during my lunch break when I plug in my head phones and drown out the sound of the printers going a mile a minute and tune in to Phil Yaeger.

I managed to meet my goal of studying the full 20 hours this week with the help of Jeff’s NINJA study outline for REG. I also managed to get through the Yaeger HomeStudy lectures for partnerships and corporations which was the other goal I made for myself this week. I have come realize that I am extremely goal oriented so making myself a goal each time when I write up this blog to keep me true to myself totally makes all the difference in the world.

Therefore my goal for this upcoming week is to get through the tax section of the home study and review Jeff’s NINJA notes that I have marked up crazily.

Jeff’s NINJA notes are my life saver! I used to write my own notes but I have the habit of rewriting the ENTIRE book and that takes me a life time and then some so now I just add to his. What is each of your goals for this upcoming week of studying? I am curious to know!

I sort of feel behind in my study plan but I think it is because I have taken a different approach to my studying this time around that seems to be working in my favor. I used to watch all the lectures first and then do the questions. Now I watch the lectures for each module and then work the minimum required multiple choice questions.

I know people feel differently about this but when I think back on my past studying habits I realized that I was just trying to rush through the lectures to actually get to the multiple choice questions. With that being said, I felt as though by the time I watched 30 hours’ worth of lectures my mind went blank of what I learned in the beginning.

Hopefully my “new” studying habit helps me retain the information and get that passing score on July 2nd!

I recently saw a quote on infamous Facebook from the fan page of the movie Something Borrowed and I thought of myself and this whole CPA exam process when I read it so I will share it with all of you. “I am learning that perfection isn't what matters. In fact, it's the very thing that can destroy you if you let it”. I personally know that I feel as though perfection is 100% necessary when studying for these exams.

Meaning that if I don’t score a 100% on a testlet of 20 questions I get nervous that I am going to fail. However, I just need to let it go and move onto the next one because the panic of not being “perfect” eventually will destroy my score if I let it.

Until next week,

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MOMCPA2B 13 years ago

I have taken the same approach. I am using Roger CPA Review. I watch the the lecture for that day and then he walks us through the class questions. The homework questions follow. I like builiding on things. I feel that if you build on the material you have a better understanding of how it comes together and you remember it better because you reapeat it throughout lectures and class assignments. I am doing the online study course. Also what I do after a day of a lecture and homework is the next day I review again but the following day I review multiple questions from previous lectures. My building blocks work for me. Keep it up Rebecca! You can do it!

Name (required) 13 years ago

Ya that makes total sence lol. Just do the work and pass. No more excuses.