Test Approaching; Motivation Fading?

17 Jun 2011

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Do you ever feel as though when your testing date is approaching that your studying habits that you worked so hard to maintain start to go away? I don’t know what it is but I am in a serious rut right now. I can’t seem to keep the momentum going that I had two weeks ago. I always do so well watching the lectures and taking a ton of notes but when it comes time to doing the multiple choice questions for each module in the Wiley book I freeze up.

I think it is because I become so overwhelmed by how many MCQs there are to do and count the calendar to see how I can get it all done. Also, I obviously have forgotten how to do some of the problems that I learned in the first couple lectures weeks later when I retry them. That always gets me discouraged. Does anyone have any tips on how they stay on track and don’t let the ever approaching exam date freak them out?

I have a lot riding on this exam where I have to pass three exams in a matter of five months or I will lose my credit for Audit. Needless to say I have no room for failure. One would think that would be enough to keep themselves motivated! I keep reminding myself of this and then a little spark goes off and I keep moving forward. I guess that is the only thing I can do!

I think I am going to lock myself in a room this Saturday and just study the entire day away. My husband works all day on Saturdays so it is the perfect study day. I try to go to the library because my pups can be pretty distracting sometimes with their cuteness but the library is now on summer hours!

That being said that is my game plan for the weekend. Sunday I plan to spend some of my day with family where it is Father’s Day but I do plan on getting some hours in in the morning.

Well I hope no one else is feeling the pressure of their exam coming up and somehow begin panicking and slack on studying! I am going to turn this attitude around and go full force the next couple of weeks.

I think I may be in need of a phone call with Jeff for some serious motivation!

I am still debating on getting the CRAM from Yaeger where it is offered at a discount for 2010 and 2011 REG students. Has anyone who recently sat for REG and passed watched the CRAM?

Until next time,

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English Teacher 13 years ago

moDivation? Really?

Jeff - another71.com 13 years ago

Oh wow...that one is on me. I was once a copy editor for my college newspaper, believe it or not :)

R 13 years ago

That's what happened to me during an exam I just took in May. I completely self destructed a few weeks before the exam and the four nights leading up to the test I actually watched movies all night and was severely lacking sleep. I was really sleepless during the test too because I watched movies til 2 am the night before. I have no idea what got into me! I know I failed and I don't need to see my score next week to know it. I don't know what it is! Maybe it's like giving up when you feel overwhelmed or something? Or feeling like the last minute studying you do wouldn't help anyways so you just give up?

DemoDivated 13 years ago

K, I feel exactly like you. I have one section left and have already wasted 4 months not studying. So devoid of and iota of motivation. :(

Freddie 13 years ago

Hang in there! My advice to you is to break down MCQ into small hills instead of the massive mountain of questions the review course hands to you. I think by giving yourself small victories, you regain your momentum for the exam. Also, I don't really have the time in my schedule pull all day study sessions. But a little bit each day puts you closer to your goals. Remember: You are so close and you know more than you realize. You've already passed three of the four. You're so close :)