Martinis, NINJAs, and CRAM

06 Jul 2011

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Well now that the 4th of July holiday weekend is behind me it is time to hit the books hard for the remainder of my vacation. The weekend kind of took over my life but I can’t lie, I had a good time.

However, every once in a while that little birdie on my shoulder would be going “you really should not have that martini and study!”

Then the next morning I would wake up and do a couple hours so my guilty conscious would disappear. Let me tell you though, that constant “So when is your next test? O you are so smart, you will totally pass!” made those martinis taste so much better!

Today is a day dedicated to studying though. I am going to continue watching the Yaeger CPA Review CRAM which is going pretty good. I like being able to say what Phil is going to say next. It makes me realize I did retain a lot of information.

In the middle of the afternoon I have an appointment to go to, but then I am hitting up the library till close with a friend who is studying for finals. He helps me stay grounded and pushes me to study. It always helps to have a personal “cheerleader”! So I am hoping for a solid 6-8 hours of studying today.

I have ten days until my test date, and I am trying not to psych myself out which I am very good at. I am going to get through the cram by the weekend, rewrite the chapters in Jeff’s NINJA notes that I am struggling with, and do multiple choice questions until my brain stops functioning. I can do this, I just need to stay focused!

Well I am keeping this post short so I can hit the books! I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July and is now back on track with the studying. Next Wednesday’s blog will be two days before my testing date and hopefully I will be writing about how good I feel!

Until next time,

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