Three-Day Countdown to REG

13 Jul 2011

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Rebecca is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since June 2010.

Well my exam is three days away and I finished watching the Yaeger CRAM which was definitely worth my 20 hours.

I feel as though it helped me brush up on the topics I am weaker at and information that did not click while watching the home study now make sense. Needless to say, I think it was worth the extra cash!

I plan on doing a ton of multiple choice questions over the next two days and then Friday I will read Jeff’s NINJA guide a few times for a light study session. What do you do the night before an exam?

Yesterday I did make the mistake though of asking a friend who recently took REG how it went. I kind of regret asking because now I am a little worried! He mentioned that REG was only two testlets and one simulation.

For some reason I was under the assumption that it was three testlets and two simulations. Therefore, I am glad in that sense that I talked to him because my time management would have been way off. Phew!

I am looking forward to REG being behind me after Saturday and moving onto a new section. However, I just know that if I walk out the testing center Saturday feeling defeated studying until score release will be tough. It will be tough because I will be thinking that I am back to square one and lost my auditing credit.

At least I am an auditor and if I had my choice of which one to lose that would be it. Why I am thinking the worst case scenario already?! I think it is how I “protect” myself in case the worst outcome occurs. I am trying to think positive thoughts but all these formulas are taking up too much space in my brain for happy thoughts!

Well I am going back to the books and cramming some more nuggets of knowledge in there for the hope of a 75! Have a great week studying and hopefully next week I will be telling you the exam wasn’t that bad!


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Gwen 13 years ago

Whoa...are you taking BEC (from the title) or REG (from the post)? Either way, there are 3 MCQ testlets (if I remember correctly, 24 MCQ for REG and 27 MCQ for BEC, but I think that can change per test). For REG, there is 1 sim testlet with 7 sections. For BEC, there are 3 essays to answer.

Rebecca 13 years ago

Hi Gwen. I am taking REG, Jeff may have had it wrong in the title. Hmm this makes me wonder! So 3 MCQ testlets and 1 Sim testlet. That is what I thought but he took it last week and said two testlets for MCQ and one Sim. Thanks!

Kaela 13 years ago

Yeah, REG is 3 MCQ testlets with 24 q's each and there are 6 tabs within the simulation testlet. Good luck!

Aday 13 years ago

Reg is 3 MCQ testlets with 24 q's each and you can have 6 or 7 tabsl for the Sims. If you have 6 tabs means you got 1 research question and if you have 7 tabs means you have 2 research questions and one doesnt count.

Allyson 13 years ago

Good luck, Rebecca. I'll send good thoughts your way. P.S. The night before: relax! Take it easy.

TARA 13 years ago

Good luck!

Rebecca 13 years ago

Thanks for the kind words everyone :)