Tax Returns, Illnesses, and Scheduling the CPA Exam

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I am beginning to wonder if I chose the right path as of late. I was trying so hard to follow my study schedule, even loaded videos on my iPod to take to the gym while I work out. Problem is I’m just starting to go back to the gym, so my workouts are very short.

I also spent the last 2 weeks working on corp tax returns. Then I had to help my husband out on a photo shoot this last weekend. He had a charity concert that they wanted promotional coverage for. And of course, there was a private performance on Friday night that needed to be shot.

Then the baby decided it was a good time to get sick. Nothing major, just some stomach bug or something, but he also gave it to the toddler. So, now, I’ve got two sets of clean up tools at the ready. I don’t know about any of you other parents (I’m sure you’ll agree), but this one can’t stand having to do something else, when her babies don’t feel good.

So, here I am two weeks after I picked my sections and received my payment coupon and NASBA has yet to receive my fees. I had on my study schedule that I printed out from my Roger CPA Review account that FAR would take place the first Monday of October. HA! That’s two weeks away and I have my annual Rotary fundraiser that I got asked to step up my participation in this weekend. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get a chance to schedule my test.

The guilt is really tearing me up. I had hoped that I would’ve taken FAR at the end of last window. Now, with test scores coming out, I feel guilty that I didn’t get it done. As I’m always trying to find the silver lining or the attitude of this is how it’s meant to be, I just can’t seem to separate the guilt lately.

Guilt or no, I will be paying my fees today and considering how busy NASBA is this week, I hope I can schedule my tests before this weekend and have actual deadlines to work with.


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  • I feel ya. Sometimes, life just seems to throw wrenches in the middle of the train track. But like the gym, we start with baby steps. Good luck studying!

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