(Not Quite) Ready for Regulation

09 Feb 2011

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Two days from now I will be taking the Regulation section of the CPA Exam for the first time. My whole body tensed up just typing that! Even though I’ve spent weeks diligently studying and taking notes for each module of my review book, I don’t feel 100% ready. I’m not sure if any generous allotment of additional time would make me feel totally ready – I just have to go in and do this!

My very best friend during my final hours of studying (read: cramming) is my set of CPA Exam flashcards. Since I started studying REG, I’ve been taking notes but also jotting down important points that I’m not likely to remember into flashcards. I know many of the review companies print their own flashcards, but I like the added bonus of taking the time to write the concepts down in the spirit of “practice makes permanent” memory retention.

It really surprises me that while many study guides encourage the use of flashcards, I don’t see many people use them! All through my grad program I made flashcards for almost every exam and when I pulled them out on the day of the test (for some last minute cramming, of course), I would get at least one comment from a classmate about how I must have spent a lot of time studying because I made flashcards.

I’m not totally sure if the comments were meant to be compliments or insults (lol) but flashcards have always been an essential study companion, usually making the difference between being prepared or not.

I am happy to confirm that while I’m not 100% ready, I’m prepared to pass REG on Friday! I also look forward to typing up my first post-exam post .

Happy Studying!


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