Time Change, Score Release, and … American Idol?

16 Mar 2011

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Anyone else totally exhausted from the time change? I'm worn out! I even took a nap on my lunch break on Monday (don't tell my boss). Hey, I was off the clock.

With it being spring break here, I hope to get extra studying time in. I'll have my husband home to watch our boy, so I hope to get an extra hour in after work and before dinner. I have major catch-up to do.

I am still getting in some studying every day, but it's taking me a lot longer to get through the chapters this time around. I have 3.5 weeks left, and I think I can get through everything and still have some time to review. I just don't want to rush through the chapters like I have in the past.

Since it's (possibly) score release week, I know I'll have a hard time concentrating. I don't know what it is, but knowing that my score is potentially out there totally ruins my study mojo. I'm in Texas (indie state), so if the scores are released in one big batch on Thursday (as predicted), I could get my score Saturday morning. I have never gotten them on the weekend before—but, for example, if scores are released one day (say, Tuesday), I'll get them at 4am, two days later (Thursday morning). That's been the pattern for the past six scores I've received. But, since I doubt I'll get them on a weekend, I'll most likely get it on Monday morning. I hope the anxious waiting doesn't ruin my weekend studying.

I asked in my last blog about ways to overcome study slumps. One commenter compared the process to working out/losing weight. Although the thought of working out 34 weeks pregnant kind of makes me shudder, it really is a good analogy. It's no fun (unless you're one of those weird types 🙂 ), but the hard work will really pay off, and you'll get tangible results.

I also had a commenter that suggested giving yourself scheduled breaks to improve the quality of the time you are studying. I think that really helped too. I had given myself breaks before, but never formally scheduled them. This helps me get the breathing room I need, but limiting it to 10 minutes or so every hour keeps me from getting distracted by other things going on around the house.

And it gives me enough time to fast forward through American Idol to see a few contestants at a time 🙂


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