In a CPA Exam Study Slump – Any Tips?

08 Mar 2011

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This week hasn't been quite as productive as I would have liked it to be. I'm getting back into the groove, but I'm having trouble getting excited about it. Not that I've really ever been excited about it, but I'm at the point of the pregnancy where I'm large and uncomfortable and can't sit for 3-4 hours watching lectures, and I'm just tired of the studying routine.

I have finished F1, F2, and now onto F3. My husband is in school for his second degree (mechanical engineering), and it really helps having him home to do homework alongside me. If he were just hanging out and/or wanting to always do something, I'm sure I wouldn't have the willpower to say no. He also is really great about helping me around the house and helping me chase around our little boy so I don't send myself into early labor. He's been great, and deserves a little shout-out 🙂

I read a tip in my Becker book to review after every 3 chapters in FAR to make sure you don't lose everything by the time you get to F9. I think I missed this tip last time, and I hope it makes a big difference.

Back to being in a slump – how do you get yourself out? I know I haven't been at this process as long as a lot of people, but today marks a year that I have been studying for this thing. How do you pull yourself out and get back on the ball?


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Barry 13 years ago

I personally like to do something fun or just treat myself to something special. For example a movie, or a banana split.yummy. I also like to integrate working out as it is a great stress reliever. Sometimes you do have to take some time to sharpen the saw because your studying may become counterproductive. All the best,

Maki 13 years ago

I was going through the same thing! I still am a little. But Im getting better!I started on Jan. So it's been a little over a yr for me! I just try to think about the end result! I need to pass BEC and Im done! I hate this test, which is why I am not studying as much as I should... so many formulas. ANd m/c are a little tricky! :/ But, just thinking of how much it would hurt to keep losing time and risking letting the other scores get expired does it for me! So I basically use pressure to force myself to study! I know I would be so depressed if my scores expired after so much hard work, so I can't let it happen! That's what keeps me going! ;) Personally, I compare my struggle with BEC to working out, I hate it but I have to do it everyday if I want to lose weight/pass BEC! Hope to hear back from you, maybe we could motivate each other?! lol

Rose 13 years ago

I have been working on this for 6 months and already feel the same way! I felt completely drained and burnt out after I took FAR in February, so really wanted to change some things to avoid that feeling with my 3rd (REG) exam. I have been reviewing each section before moving on to the next. This is a little time consuming, but I want to avoid the panic and stress of an overwhelming final review (that killed me with FAR). I am on the 3rd section, so before starting I did a review of sections 1 and 2. I am also taking my notes and hand written flash cards with me, so if I have a few minutes in the car or while waiting in line I glance at them to get a little extra review in. I also am having a difficult time sitting in my office for several hours at a time (and I'm not even pregnant!) and staying focused. So I decided to give myself more breaks. I study for 45 min to an hour, then take 10-15 minutes away from my desk. I thought this might stretch my study periods out too much, but it really helps with my quality of study. If I am sitting there thinking of all the things I need to do, it helps to know that in a few minutes I can get up & do some of it. Or at least get up and stretch, play with my dog, or spend a few minutes with my patient husband! You're almost there!! I am excited for you to have this crazy exam life behind you just in time for your new baby!

Megan 13 years ago

Barry - Mmmm banana split! Good idea! That could work for me :) Maki - The analogy to working out is a great one! I do NOT want to lose my passing scores, so that is a big motivator. I needed to be reminded of that, so thanks! Rose - The scheduled breaks sound like a good idea! I hadn't really thought of doing that intentionally, but it could really work. Good suggestion!