Stages of Accepting CPA Exam Failure

02 Jun 2011

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One more month until scores, jeez!

I have been on the receiving ending of failing scores far more often than I have been on the receiving end of passing scores. Of course there are the steps of receiving a failing scores (kind of like the steps of grieving).

Denial: Oh, the state board must have posted my score online wrong. I mean come on, there’s no way I failed.

Anger: Seriously?! I studied my butt off. How could I fail, again? This is ridiculous I hate this entire process.

Sadness: I just can’t get back into studying. I put so many hours into this; I gave up so much of my life.

Resentment: What? She passed and I didn’t? She didn’t even study and she thinks Washington, DC is part of the state of Maryland.

The Blame Game: Well, if she didn’t ask me to plan that baby shower, knowing full on I couldn’t say no and how much I needed to study, I definitely would have passed.

The Cold Shoulder: I can’t even open those study books right now, or even look at them. They’re dead to me.

The Turn Around: Ok, fine I failed, but I still want to tackle this entire process and become a CPA.

The New Plan: Time for Plan K, since Plans A through J failed. What can I do differently to pass?

Starting to Study Again: Oh man, this stuff again? Ugh, how badly I just want to be done.


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Brian 13 years ago

Yeah, I can relate to all of those. prob going to have to go for reg for the 4th time.

Rose 13 years ago

Haha .. So true , I think this post is brilliant ..

Name (required) 13 years ago

Love it! So true!

Barb 13 years ago

That is just too funny and so true.

Derek 13 years ago

guys im scared. im preparing for the cpa exam.. is it as bad as ppl say?