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24 comments on “This Promotion has Ended.”

  • I was hesitant to buy the flashcards since I already have one from Becker. Thanks Ninja Team! This is an awesome deal.

  • Got the flashcards to work on my Android GS3 and was studying on the train today. This rocks. You and your team are amazing!!! Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Thanks this is really helpful know i can study at my daughters soccer practice and not have to carry a ton of things with me.

  • YOU ARE AWESOME AWESOME!!!! It was a smooth transaction and I did everything all on my phone. This is the only time Im doing the happy dance when it comes to studying for this test. Well besides when Im finally done. Thank thank you. So when you are coming out with your own full CPA review course- I would purchase it. You’re more exciting than the boring Becker lecture dudes. If I have problems sleeping, I fire up a Becker lecture and works like a charm- Im out in five minutes. But if I was watching a HIYA lecture, I would be wide awake and really listening and retaining information. Thank thank you again.

  • I’ve got them, Really thnxxxxxxxxxxxxx, U R so kind man, that’s extraordinaryyyyyyy, I love U so much bro !!

  • I love these flashcards! I can’t make them myself because I cant ever decide what is important and what isn’t. These are awesome to study on the go or get a refresher on past topics!

  • Excellent flashcards! I appreciate the the PC/Android/iPhone applications you provide to use with Brainscape. I have successfully loaded them on each electronic device I have so I will be able to gain those precious extra minutes of study painlessly. Great study tips and strategies on your video too!

  • Thanks for the great flashcards, Jeff!! I’ve been looking for a study tool for my free moments, and your flashcards seem to be just the answer!! I received them moments after I submitted my payment!! Thanks for the quick and painless solution!!

  • Awesome. I had just downloaded the free download version before today and was curious. Thanks fro the awesome deal!

  • I bought the REG flashcards and they are AWESOME! They are already helping me exponentially more than just trying to read through the book or my notes alone. I swear I leaned more in 10 minutes using the flashcards than I did in hours of reading the book. Thank you, Jeff!!

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