CPA Exam Rants

CPA Exam Rants: Jan/Feb 2009 Window


If you're sitting for a section(s) of the CPA Exam in the January/February 2009 window and have questions or want to share your Prometric testing experience for others doing the same, feel free to do so here.

Obviously, please don't post any disparaging comments about review companies or entities (“Review Company X sucks”), other people (“hey anonymous at 1:15pm – you suck”) or anything that would violate the confidentiality terms that you agree to when you sit for the Exam.





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  • I took AUD(93) and BEC(80) in January. My best advice to examinees is to master your test taking skills. You can study all you want but if you are not test savvy you may not be successful. For BEC, I went through the testlet and answered the easy memorization questions first. Then went through again to tackle the calculation questions. Also, use all the time alloted, even if you finish early, review you answers carefully because you may find obvious mistakes.
    I recommend studying by answering questions because knowing what is in the textbook is not enough to answer tricky questions. You have to be familiar with how the answers are listed in the exam and what examiners do to confuse you….More advice to follow. Best of luck to everyone!

  • took BEC – 84, REG – 81, and FAR – 87 in Jan/Feb window. Studied with becker, did most of the stuff I could do in the Becker material. went easy on the simulations, focus on MC, those i did not get on the first try i did again at least once. i did not do all the supplementary MC, sometimes too many of them

    hope this helps

  • Reg is out in NY – I came home with a 74 (first time a 71). Guess I’ll do it again – this is my last section too!

  • I took REG in Feb 13th and still have not heard back. Anyone know when those scores will be posted? I live in Texas and I’m ready to pass one of these damn tests!

  • I had a terrible time passing BEC (72, 73, 73, 72) and I used Gleim and CPA Excel for BEC. CPA Excel has little lectures for each subject-let and the professors doing the lectures actually answer your questions on the boards. I liked their program a lot. The only weakness on BEC was that they should have had more math questions. I finally passed BEC – I think it was a mental block more than anything.

    I passed FAR and REG straight up and failed AUD the first time (didn’t put in enough study time.) I re-took AUD on 2/28 and got my score today.

    I passed! Finally done!!

    Hey, to those having problems, failing one section over and over, as someone whose been there, move on to another section and then go back to the one you failed. In my case, I picked up on the passed section’s good study habits. I had just been banging my head against the wall on BEC and it wasn’t doing me any good. Once I took and passed REG and re-took BEC, I passed BEC.

  • Has anyone used CPA Excel review? I took my first exam in Feb. and I failed BEC with a 70. I was wondering if I should try another review or stick to CPAExcel?

  • AUD posted today in IL and CA for sure. Someone also mentioned it was posted in MD.

    Not sure how that affects you (whether or not TX posts the same day as CA and IL or if there is a day or two delay)

    Hope that helps. I’ll be kicking my roommate (yes, he deserves it)until I get my score for REG.

  • I took FAR in February & was POSITIVE that I had passed. I was really expecting to get in the 80s at least, but a big 74 shows up when I check online. uggh! I have been a wreck for the past 2 hours & had to leave work. This latest failure goes along with my 72 on REG. Somedays (especially today) I feel like letting my passing score from Audit expire. These tests are too stressful!

  • AS – For BEC I took a Live Becker review course and did as much as the homework as I could stand. I found that the test was a little odd (topics I expected to be covered more heavily more ignored, and those that seemed less relevant were emphasized). I wrote down essential formulas and other important notes that I couldn’t afford to forget. I used Becker flashcards as a supplement also.

    Overall, I really was only able (time was of the essence for me because of work constraints) to put in a solid week of crunch time studying. Hopefully it will pay dividends.

    Good luck

  • Hi J

    I had jotted down notes and mnemonics for FARE. If you done the homework, (for me it was the Wiley book) the exam was very close to it. It basically touches on every topic, but nothing was very in-depth. I too was waiting for my BEC result when studying for FARE. But the time I rec’d my 70, it was like a week I was due to take FARE. I was bum but just went in and did my best anyways. Happy with my 81 πŸ™‚


  • Hello J.,
    Since you have just taken BEC, what was your study strategy on it, it seems like a weird test? But anyways, any tips.
    I am sorry i am due to still take FAR so i cannot help you there.


  • I’m currently waiting on the results of my BEC exam taken in late feburary. I’ve started my studies for the FARE section and it seems to be REALLY comprehensive and detailed. Any study tips for FARE?

    I’m taking notes in a notebook of the key topics and specific info about each of them. Basically I condensed (in Becker) the section 1 material (about 50 pages) into 8 pages of hand written notes. Is this a good strategy? I know it differs for each person, but I want to get a general idea of what others do.

    I appreciate any advice or comments.


  • Thanks MAWIller, advice will well taken into consideration. I appreciate your feedback.


  • AS

    If I were you I would be wayyy more concerned with Chapters 4 & 5 (in becker) than I would be with the econ portion.

    I took BEC in November (got an 87 — woohoo!!) and true to the Exam Content Specifications, Econ was hardly covered (I think in the spec it was 8-10%).

    If I were you I would be more concerned about learning all the "buzzwords" they test you on for the "Information Technology" section (22-28% of the exam) and the Planning and Measurement (again, 22-28% of the exam).

    I think one of the keys to doing well on the CPA exam is spending your time studying the "right" material. Basically dont spend an entire week right before the exam cramming in all the econ you can learn when it isn't tested as heavily as some of the other subjects.

    Best of luck!!!

  • Hey DT,
    You know what, some of the sections on the exam could be very tough because some people have strong Accounting Background but are weak in business concepts and have trouble with BEC. Come on now, how often do we look at Aggregate Demand curves in our everyday lifes? I know i dont. I am sitting for BEC in the near future so i got to work hard at this. But keep up the hope, thats what keeps up all going.
    I am waiting for my REG result, i put in so many hours into that since it was my first exam, but who know what will happen but still got to keep on humming along.

  • Hi AS,

    sorry I'm very new at this blog, just joined yesterday and I found the release prediction date page. 3/18 for Wave 2 is way too long! omy! Orig I thot it was becuz of state budget too, but I guess I just fell into the Wave 2 bucket…darn it! because of that I resubmit my app today cuz I really wanted to retake BEC in April. I thot I was ready for that exam, but my weaknesses were in business struture & IT. Altho I usually tell ppl it's becuz it's my 1st exam 11 yrs outta college! haha


  • Yes…every exam but BEC.

    If you refer to my post from yesterday one of the articles (I believe the first one I linked) talks about this very fact.

    Cheers! 13 more days til REG scores…

  • Most of you know that the degree of difficulty of the 2nd testlet is determined by how you did on the 1st testlet. I have heard this is true for all the Exams EXCEPT for BEC. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Hello MAWILLER and DT,
    Isnt it usually true that Wave II release is third week for the third month in the quarter. I am thinking our REG scores will be released by that time. But here is the other scenario, CA board is closed the 3rd Friday of each month because of budget shortages and all. So oh well, add that to the frustration and waiting.
    Hey DT,
    You did not pass BEC, sorry to hear that, but what do you think was your weakness, the reason i am asking is because i am sitting for it in the near future.

  • Hi AS:

    when you said Feb 18 is the prediction for Wave II release, does that means ppl already should rec’d their scores for exam taken for any dates in January? I took mine on 1/31/09 and it’s already march πŸ™ Do you think it’s because of state budget and ee cutback so everything is just SLOWer in CA?? I took Roger Philip’s live course in LA. I didn’t pass BEC, however got 81 on FAR and 86 on AUD.
    from my previous experience, I rec’d result about 3rd week the following month. So this is driving me insane!

    MAWILLAR: I agreed with you that the scores are somehow wt..because if you look at your score report, sometimes MY performance is a little lower than Passing candidate performance. But yet I still passed.


  • See MAWILLER & DT,
    Thats my whole concern, is the exam curved or not? AICPA says it is not, but i have also heard from people that if a bunch of people do bad on a exam and they have enough statistical data, they might curve, what does all that mean.

    Any input is appreciated.

  • Hey guys…also feel your pain. I took the REG 2/17 in CA and the last simulation literally kicked my butt. Oh well, I am hoping it kicked everyone else’s butt too and that we get a bit of a curve.

    Best of luck…14 days (but who’s counting?)

  • Hey DT,
    I felt the exact same way too. The simulations were brutal. I took my exam on 02/02 and i am still waiting for my result. I am also a CA candidate, well Feb 18 is the prediction for Wave II release. Anyways DT, what review material did you use?

  • Hi Everyone! I just came across this blog cuz I’m also waiting for my REG result that I took on 1/31… it seems many other peeps also struggled… I felt so defeated after that exam! It’s just nerve wrecking checking everyday. Anyone else from CA rec’d their REG result yet? πŸ˜›


  • The exam isnt curved per-say but questions are weighted for difficulty and certain questions are only there to see if they can be used on future exams (they dont count towards your score).

    If you ctrl+f my name (mawillar) I posted a couple links above to articles explaining the scoring process that I have discovered while unnecessarily checking my score three times a day (even though I wont be getting my score until the second wave).

    I found them to be very informative so I'd recommend checking them out. Ah, I'll do the work for you…


  • (last comment deleted…you can’t share exam information – even the number of questions encountered on a topic on the exam…I know you were just trying to help…sorry…)

  • Matthew, you’re not alone in your frustrations over the Jan/Feb 2009 Regulation section. Nothing but a bunch of tricky 1 or 2 liners… Many more tax questions than I expected. I made an 85 on audit, but I’ll be lucky to have passed Reg. Good luck!

  • I took FAR today and really am not sure how I did. I have passed the other sections, but FAR is killing me. This was my third time taking it. The simulations are absolute hell. The posts about bombing the simulations and passing the test are encouraging. I feel like I am on the fence. This website has been my savor through this gueling process.

  • everyone make sure to go to the wiley page to print the lastest corrections for the REG 2009 book!!

    I can’t find much for cpa review on Kindle but did see a great CPA pocket guide by Wiley on Kindle I might get on and down load that book anyway

  • QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!

    does anyone know about the kindle 2.0 in regards to studying for the cpa review////I think the text-to-speech feature could help me

    Jeff have you heard anything on this one….oh yeah I got my Yeager Cram for Reg on the way should have it 03/05

  • Just took BEC on Feb 26th. I feel kind of up in the air with how I did. Some questions were a guess, while some I feel like I got for sure. Any thoughts on others that took BEC this window?

  • I think you still have a posibility to pass if you did a good job in MC,when i took REG , i bombed in both SIMs, but i passed it 77.good luck for you

  • Looking for some input! I did not have the chance to finish my 2nd simulation today. All I did was the memo and timed out. It was an extremely hard simulation (hoping due to doing well on other parts, there is no way the average person could have answered this sim well). With only doing the memo, how does this affect my chances of passing? Any input helpful.

  • When an applicant takes an exam in Wave 1 and does not get the result until Wave II, does that mean anything? Does it mean that your score was a borderline pass or fail and they have to apply some psychometric analysis to it. Any input folks????

  • No worries on not clicking “DONE” on your last sim. I wondered that many times myself, as it’s happened more than once. It happened most recently on my final FAR exam…I was scrambling just to input numbers…any number into the blanks as the seconds ticked down and then it was over…didn’t get a chance to hit “DONE”.

    I passed…assume that your sim was fine as well. I’m sure that this happens to candidates every day.

  • I took REG on 1/5 and just as I finished up, time ran out and I received the same message. As soon as I got home I looked it up, but couldn’t find anything on NASBA’s or the CPA Exam’s site. I emailed NASBA explaining what happened and received a reply that all answers were accepted and my test was submitted for scoring. I would assume that it would apply to anyone in the same situation, but you could always email NASBA.

  • Hi. I have a question on timing out. I took REG today. I was budgeting my time well and was finishing/polishing a calculation and I had a minute remaining. Well, when I was working on the calcuation I took too long and looked up just as my screen said “You have timed out”. YIKES! What EXACTLY does that mean? Have I lost the whole simulation, just that calcuation, the whole page I was on? I can’t find anything on the cpa_exam site, Gleim site, nasba or the tutorials. What is the implication of not hitting “done” on the final simualtion?

    Thank you.

  • The times you see posted for each section include an extra half hour that is not allocated to the tests themselves. They add it because you’re supposed to arrive at the test center at least half an hour before your scheduled time slot. I think it’s confusing, but that’s how they do it. The actual FAR exam itself is indeed exactly 4 hours in length.

  • Hi:
    I am a foreignor,just have been in USA for 2 year, i took 2 sections and passed them,i took FAR today,i thought it is 4.5 hours,why it become 4 hour,time change?
    cos i am from another country it is pretty hard to study sections.

  • Ok…so I’ve read from one of the posts and from what I’ve heard others say that when you do the appeal, they look at your memos. I scored “strong” on my written communication but received a 73 on my exam. Is it worth appealing?
    Any advice is welcome.

  • Regarding FAR:

    I took FAR this section and passed, even though I felt like I totally bombed the simulations. I thought that the sims were much more difficult than any of the other sections. And, yes, I felt like I had to randomly post some numbers on a couple of the worksheets… and didn’t even finish the big one before my time was up. So… yes, it’s possible to pass even if you feel like you didn’t do well on the sims. Good luck!

  • The most frustrating thing is waiting for results and really not being able to know when it is going to be released.

  • I got Reg score in PA today, passed, finally done….

    5 years, 20+ exams, 2 74’s, 2 rescore attempts, 1 lost exam, 5 passed parts, = CPA!!!!!

    Keep at it people, it can be passed!!

  • This post also appears in the score release predictions comments, but I realized it probably fits better here. (Sorry, I just left my test and my brain is "FAR" from functional right now.)

    Has anyone wound up passing FAR who pretty much BOMBED the simulations? (As in, you feel you did a decent job on the written communication tab, had no luck on the research tab, and had to just toss random numbers into 1/2-3/4 of the spreadsheets?)

    I passed REG & BEC the 1st time, AUD the 2nd time, and today was my 3rd attempt at FAR. I just plain wasn't ready the first time, but it seems that the simulations were what kept me from passing the last time. I simply need more time than they give us to absorb the requirements and navigate through their maze of options.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I'll keep reviewing the more detailed stuff until I get my score report so I'll be ready in case I failed again. So depressing…

  • JG:

    Congrats on your first victory!!! lol

    Good luck with BEC on Friday and just remember that Chapters 4 & 5 (Becker) are tested the heaviest (at least from my experience and from what I have read about other people's experiences). Then Ch 3, 1, and 2 (I think I had only couple econ questions).

    I took BEC in November and got an 87 (BEC was the first section that I took).

    Good luck and hang in there this week!!

  • This is my first post on the site. I really enjoy reading the comments on here and it helps to know that there are others out there as miserable as I am during this process. I got my first score back today in Maryland for AUD that I took on 1/29. I kept reading here how bad it sucks waiting for your score. It is much worse than I thought it would be. Anyway, I ended up with a 76, which was a major confidence-builder. I take BEC on Friday. This is a great site.


  • Anyone in CA that has taken REG in Jan that has not received their scores yet? Board has said that over the next few days, the results will be getting posted, so be on the look out.

  • I’m from PA and took BEC prior to Feb and have not received my score. I spoke with the PA NASBA coordinator and she said that they still have straggler scores for all sections that haven’t been posted but if they aren’t up in the next few days then it looks like 2nd wave πŸ™

  • don’t look. study hard…BEC is the second hardest part of the exam in my opinion after is so random you don’t know what you will get..studying for it is easy bc it is so small..but the questions you get can be anything..wait one more week b4 u check..hard to do, i know..

  • Got word back from my girl in the VA office that the score posted for FAR was a bug from my previous FAR exam. Just AUD and BEC are out for VA.

    Here’s a question, assuming IL and VA post FAR scores tomorrow, should I check my grade or wait until after my BEC exam on Saturday?

    Advice would be greatly appreciated. Its a huge risk/reward studying this week.

  • I took Audit on Feb 11 and it was the hardest part of the exam. I passed the other 3 and am crossing my fingers on this one..the sims were SO MUCH harder than I had anticipated and my second MC testlet was a combination audit/vocab test the wording was very confusing. Good luck all -fingers crossed!

  • I just checked my REG socre in NY i sat 1/5. Got a 75! Now I am done!!!! Go luck to everyone else still waiting!!

  • Anybody get REG in NY this morning? I took on 1/6 and it’s not up. Ugggggggg. I don’t if I can stand to wait for Wave 2.

  • sims are random I think

    MC are hard all around and will darn right P.O. most ppl

    i think with a 73 last time you will pass with atleast a 78

    hard questions is either a good thing or a bad thing

    its good if they are hard to the standards

    its bad if they aren’t but just hard to you

  • First os all good lucj to the people who took the exams lately and are waiting for the nerve recking results… from my past experience it takes about a month to get the results.

    With that being said, i finally retook the AUD exam yesterday and man oh man it seemed much tougher. I scored a 73 last time, but felt like the exam was not as hard as the HW problems. However, this time it just kept on getting harder.

    I brezzed through the first testlet and thought, hey this is not so bad…. however it was a whole different story with the second testlet and the thrid testlet was like a nightmare…. same goes for the simulations…. second one was tougher than the first one…. dont know what to think at this point other than just wait and see the results.

    Any thoughts?

  • I took Reg in early Feb, i am assuming in CA that the Board might post some results next week since on Friday CA board was closed. What do you folks think about it???

    Or do you think its all over with Wave 1 and now we have to wait until Wave 2.

  • I took FAR on 1/12/2009. I am in CA and still have not gotten my score posted to the website. Maybe I am in the 2nd wave? This cant be a good thing right? Maybe I am border-line passing and they must re-grade my sims once they have more statistical data?

  • Just got my CA FAR score today….83!!
    Only AUD left.
    Passed BEC, REG, and FAR all with Becker so I would recommend Becker.

  • I actually got both my BEC and my REG scores from Virginia yesterday. I had to email them, but they responded. That bloody website update is too much.
    At least I’m finally done, though. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site (and the man that maintains it). One can feel rather adrift when studying for these tests.

  • I would either give up or try a totally different approach to studying

    sorry to here about the tuff time

    do a long review and take one section a quarter or two a quarter not sure but maybe try Joe Hoyles site and buy CPA Excel I saw a someone on this try that has never failed an exam this way……..

    good luck and do not get burned out

  • FAR posted overnight in CA. I passed! All done. Cannot believe it. I get to celebrate by going to work on Saturday for tax season. LOL – the life of a CPA.

    Great blog. Very therapeutic having a community to with which to commiserate during the stressful testing process.

    Good luck all.

  • Its a tad frustrating, luckily the office is so nice. I got my score via email (I never pass when I email, so its bad luck), and that score hasn’t posted. I’m having hopeless optimism that my AUD score was incorrect when read since its not online, AND my FAR score is just a bug. I’m taking 3 exams this window, and just to pass at least 1 or 2.

  • Jason – I am from VA too and am going nuts waiting for my REG score. I know that a few people from VA have not received their REG score yet, I am yet to hear from anyone in VA that has received their REG score on this and other websites. One person was apparently told that they don’t expect REG and FAR until next week – so for what that’s worth, you may be looking at some bug while they get their website up and running. I also read that one person who obtained their AUD score by phone did not see that score posted on the website yet, so go figure.

  • Can anyone else confirm if they got their FAR score from VA today? I have a 69 on there with no date taken. Please say they haven’t been released and this is a bug in the system. If I pull just a 69, I’ll probably fail BEC a week from today.

  • I’m in California and have been taking the exam since 2005. I’ve now taken AUD 4 times and got 69, 68, 65 and again another 69 my last try which was on 2/9/09. I had taken AUD in Nov 2008 when I paid for all 4 parts (have taken the other 3 parts 3 times and not passed any yet) at once. So because AUD was fresh in my mind from Nov, I decided to re-apply and that’s why I took it again in Feb. But I still didn’t pass so now I am torn between applying again for AUD and maybe giving it another shot for the next window OR moving forward and studying for my remaining 3 parts which I need to take before July 09 (my 9 month window). Can anyone provide suggestions? I have a friend that is taking one part at a time, she fails and she re-applies and takes it again and she just passed AUD. My other friend says to move forward and study the for the upcoming parts. I am just so tired of it all, losing motivation and can’t even focus. I took Roger Philipp back in 2005 and haven’t taken a live/online course since. I am now relying solely on the 2009 Wiley books, which I think were very helpful with AUD. I just can’t decide what to do. Help!

    And to Anonymous post from 2/3 @ 2:06pm, I am scheduled to take REG early April, BEC mid May and FAR mid July so it is possible to take 3 more parts before July, just not sure if it’s enough time for each.

  • Did anyone get an email from Texas Board saying they received your REG score?

    Still waiting for my notice……..

  • not sure; maybe more QA procedures; like new sim test/mc questions or more review for sims is needed on yours

    types of tests maybe your type is stuck in wave 2

    who knows but it is somthing on those lines

  • Me and my friend took AUD on the same day and she got her score and I didn’t. Do you think that means anything?

  • Illinois has an updated post as does Kentucky. It looks like Illinois only received 71% of REG scores taken in Wave 1.

    I took FAR this window and I hope my score comes Tuesday. I have seen nothing about anyone receiving FAR and since Illinois and Kentucky have not received scores they will likely receive them on Monday and hopefully NASBA posts on Tuesday. The question is what percent of Wave 1 scores get released early.

  • Should I move on and take another part and worry about Audit later being that I have failed it two times in a row?

  • AUD 73
    UGH!!!! That sucks so bad. I really thought I did super this time. I’m so frustrated and don’t know what else I could have done because I felt really strong this time.

  • Okay, so the AUD scores were not out today (for WI) which I am dealing with πŸ™‚
    But, if they don’t come out on the day you predict do they usually come out shortly after?

  • RE: "Is it true that it isn't worth appealing?" – Anonymous

    Based on this article I read off of CPA Review for it appears that it isn't.

    Apparently, they re-grade your memo section if you are within a certain metric of passing.

    Here is the article (it's actually pretty useful assuming it is correct):

  • .do they release scores on Saturday?

    I have never had one on Sat…but I have heard of others that do. Don’t expect REG on Sat for NASBA…it’ll be Monday

    2. did you change your estimate on when FAR should release based on the timing of prior released sections this window?

    I based my estimates on past windows as well as days of the week that they fall on. Once I make a prediction, I don’t change it…I shoot for 50%…I usually get 2 right…(2/2 so far this window though)

    3. when do you think Far will be in NY?

    Tuesday Feb 24th.

    Good luck!

  • I wouldn’t be concerned with older materials. I have passed 3 sections of the exam with great scores on my first try using 2007 Gleim materials while testing in 2008.

  • I have the 2008 Wiley REG and Yaeger DVD’s. Can these materials still be used if I take the exam during the second 2009 testing window?

    If you’re a Yaeger student, I believe that you can update your materials for pretty cheap…like $25 or something…don’t quote me on that.

  • I have the 2008 Wiley REG and Yaeger DVD’s. Can these materials still be used if I take the exam during the second 2009 testing window?

  • Since the IL Board of Examiners say that Wave 1 AUD scores will be released Thursday, 02/19/09, does that mean candidates that took AUD in Kansas on 01/03/09 will have online scores posted Saturday, 02/21/09? (in a perfect world)

  • AUD is out in CA.

    Tommy Boy, thanks for the wishes, I did pass AUD with less than 60 hours. Like 10-15 hours studying this time. 3 down, 1 to go. (REG next week).

  • I’m waiting on FAR from VA, too. I took the ethics exam today. Hopefully, FAR will come out tomorrow because I am really sick of waiting. I took the exam 1/30, so I really hope I am not in Wave 2 or I’ll have a stroke.

  • I emailed as well. 67 for Auditing. I’m really bummed out now. I still have FAR left outstanding, and BEC on 2/28. I lost a little motivation.

  • I took the CPA exams in WA and my experience has been that the results are posted on the castleworldwide site a day earlier than NASBA post theirs

  • I emailed VA just a short while ago and I passed AUD with a score of 81! (3 down, one to go -REG) This is the 2nd time I took this one, so anyone out there that failed it, keep the faith.

    Thanks for the site another71. I needed it and still do.

  • I’m from California. I just woke up at 6:57 Pacific to check my AUD score and it was posted. Passed with an 86, so I’m psyched!

  • Is AUD still expected out tomorrow? I’m in NY and want my grade!! Can someone please tell me if AUD was released in CA today????

  • Hi Folks,

    Writing from Seattle, Washington. Waiting patiently (sort of) to hear the results from the FAR, (taken 1/8/09.)

    Does anyone have knowledge or experience as to when Washington State posts scores, in relation to NASBA?

    Thanks much!

  • Hi guys,

    I gave BEC on Jan 24, 2009 and was wondering if anyone has receive their score by any chance? Can you check your scores online? If yes, where would I check? I have already browsed NASBA and ILBOA website.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Dear Captain Crappypants…

    That is an impressive knock at my name. I need to pass that one along.

    The rest of your post was pretty much gibberish.

    Everyone bombs REG? I lucked out on REG, but I am struggling with AUD. Hopefully these next couple days will bring me a happy score that will make my pants really FANCY!!

  • REG everyone bombs then ones that know there crap get A’s everyone else passes b/c everyone sucked more then them; it is a hard exam so they take you to the limit to find a breaking point if you don’t break you should have already been a CPA and are just getting you license late….the test is for newcomers not experienced vets

  • What time of the day do they get posted again? If everything goes as planned and AUD does come out on the 20th (lets keep our fingers crossed), is it there at midnight or does is show up sometime in the morning?
    Captain Fancypants…that sounds like something I would do…..really either way pass or fail I don’t think I could go back asleep though!

  • Whatever you do, try to avoid checking to see if your score is posted in the wee hours of the morning because if it *IS* there…and you *DIDN’T* pass….and your score was super-low… well, uh, then that would suck *AND* you would be really tired.

    I’m just saying…that would suck. I couldn’t imagine that actually happening to anybody…ever.

  • If you send VA an email, they’ll give you your score. I did it earlier today and found out I got a 74. πŸ™

  • mawillar – I may be in the same boat. Waitng for my REG score (took it 1/23). I felt so-so coming out of the test. If I have to retake, my plan is to take it the middle to end of May. That will give me a good three weeks to cram after tax season. During tax season I’ll spend a couple of lunches a week in the Wiley book. Mostly on the non-tax topics. Hopefully, we both passed so we do not have to worry about it.

  • OK…after a few drinks last night to console myself I have come to accept the fact that I probably didn’t pass REG.

    Anyone have any suggestions for trying to retain all this information through tax season and then maybe taking three weeks to study full-time again before re-taking in May?

  • I will say even you pass the CPA exam, you are not necessary capable to be a CPA. The exam is uniform and oversimplified. If you didn’t do well this time, fine, not a big deal, think the reason why and the things what you should do next time.

  • I only used Becker for FAR, AUD, and REG. I passed all of them at my first attempt. I had BS in accounting, MBA in Finance, and experience with big 4.

    The Becker AUD is very good for people who already know what Auditing is. I even didn’t finish the passmaster before the exam. Just be sure that you download all update from Becker’s website. The devil is in the detail.

    The Becker REG is more than enough to pass the exam if you focus on the right topics (4 and 5) and practice to search on this website.

    I only went through Becker FAR materials twice before exam without doing other questions. I don’t really not sure whether it is good or not.

  • Mawiller, everyone is saying the same thing about Reg. Some people have to pass. It does suck studying so much and having you’re only hope be that others screwed it up more than you.

    It really makes it clear that the purpose of these tests is not to test your knowledge, just to exclude a certain % of people from becoming CPAs.

  • Just got out of REG today…I can say that I completely agree with a lot of the posters before me.

    I’m pretty sure that I got the REG test every auditor dreams of (I’m a tax accountant)…

    Anyways there has been a couple people alluding to the 2nd simulation. I’m pretty sure I had the exact same one cause I have checked and the topics covered in the simulation were barely grazed over by Becker…

    This is my second section…I took BEC first and coming out I felt “cautiously optimistic” (I got an 87)

    I can say definitively that I don’t have high hopes on REG. Here’s to hoping for some sort of curve…

  • My Q is –IL Reg on friday,NASBA Reg on monday 23rd?

    That’s what I’m thinking. This isn’t a perfect science, but if IL releases Friday, I think NASBA releases Monday. If IL releases Sat…then REG probably Tuesday.

  • Thanks a bunch Another71 for being here even after ur journey.

    My Q is –IL Reg on friday,NASBA Reg on monday 23rd?

    Thank you so much!

  • No problem…ask as many questions as you have.

    WI releases through NASBA, so it should be the same as all other states.

  • It’s just a generic answer…AUD will likely be out for IL on Wed or Thurs…AUD for NASBA Friday.

    My one caveat is if they release REG 2nd, which that have done at least once…but AUD usually goes 2nd.

  • hey question for you guys, I emailed the NASBA site and they told be that the scores are not realeased until either Early March or April, but another 71’s prediction said the AUD scores should be out on the 20th. Is NASBA jsut giving a generic answer??

  • no the waiting does not get easier

    but the good feeling when you pass gets better and better
    it is right up there with graduating high school and college

    I amount a stress you release apon seeing that beautiful “credit awarded” post is just awesome

    well atleast to a nerd like me

  • Waiting is hard. I check every morning even though logically I know my score will not be posted yet. Of course, tax season is ramping up so I have plenty of work to keep my mind occupied.

  • Grrrr. I took BEC on Jan 10 and it’s not showing up!!!! (I’m CT.) Anyone else from CT get a score yet?

  • MA BEC scores are out!!! I passed, yay! i passed them all! πŸ™‚ What’s next? eheh

    g’luck to everyone!

  • WI will release when NASBA releases…please see the results post (linked at the top of this page) for more info. BEC should start rolling out tomorrow…

  • Still waiting for FAR and REG. I took FAR on 1/9 and REG on 1/23 so really hoping for first result release. Pass them and I’m a CPA. Miss either (or both) and it is back to testing after tax season. Good luck all!

  • well it’s Presidents day so I am going with no and my guess would be Tues or Weds

    but whatever I just hope for passing grades..they can take as long as they want in that case

  • so you guys think all other States will be posted on NASBA by Monday for BEC? How about REG?

    I wrote both exams on January 6th and 7th…

  • Do not be too impressed with the score. As somebody said in this thread, we all bring unique backgrounds to the test. I spent 10 years in enterprise software prior to becoming an accountant. Since 25% of BEC is computer questions I had many points already in the bag.

  • Wow Rich! Congrats! At least you didn’t have to wait to horribly long for your score. I took BEC 1/03 and probably wont get mine till monday or tuesday..Come on BEC in TX!

  • California Board posted BEC advisory scores last night (CA posts advisory scores a few days before posting the official score). I took BEC on 2/6. Scored 92!

  • RE: Rob in TX

    Well said my man. I put myself through all of my accounting classes after I was out of college for 4 years and working full time.

    There will be nothing more satisfying to me than when this long arduous journey has finally ended (or just begun!)

    Plus now we have that…

    “when I was your age I used to walk 4 miles in the snow just to get to school”

    …story to annoy our kids with!

  • Man, you people are going to give me an anxiety attack! I’m taking REG on Tuesday…no Presidents Day Weekend fun for me. Oh well, it will all be worth it (that’s what I tell myself anyways…)

    I took my first section – BEC – in November and got an 87 (confidence building sentence there for Tuesday…) so hopefully I can keep this momentum going.

    Good luck to everyone!! Studying sucks in the middle of tax season…I have to work tomorrow (Sat) before I start studying πŸ™

  • maybe I would not be so sure because they application process clearly states it need to be the same

    my paper work all matches if your two ID’s match what is on file for the State you are ok; if your ID does not match what the state board has then you have problems

    for me I graduated in 2001 so alot of things changed heck SOX wasn’t even around so I needed a good refresher plus the test is expensive and I am cheap so yeah the “gifted one” is right fresh out of school should make the test a breeze; my boss did that and got the 8th highest overall for Texas or the nation I can’t remember; but she took all 4 parts over 2 days back to back with a 99 in reg and 98 audit if I recall correctly plus english is her 2nd language

    so maybe we are all just normal normally it takes 300-400 hrs to pass

    I think I could of passed BEC with alot less time and 65% of what I studied was not tested but for Audit I needed every bit of the 70-80 hrs I clocked

    Plus I studied on my own with no Becker cheat sheets or instuctions from some nerd who all they do is sip coffee and read up on the latest SFAS fair value ruling or whatever

    plus I have a family raising my own on my own working full time paying all my own bills and enjoy several hobbies as well as sports

    if I was a kid in college having my parents pay for everything I would got a MBA and not wasted many years trying make a better life for myself but I went to community college working full time to make ends meet and to me I just didn’t have the money to give school its proper attention so anyways I have my work experience for over 6yrs dealing in corp acctg for a public company on the NASDAQ doing consolidations, acquistions, budgets, internal audit, cost accounting, and SEC filings …… when in a couple more months I will get my CPA I will be way more valuable then some one with no experience and just a CPA

  • Hello – I have a question I’m hoping someone could help me with…
    I’m schedule to take my exam tomorrow and just realized my NTS states my middle name, where my drivers license just has my middle initial – Does anyone know if this is acceptable?


  • well…if you just graduated, I could see someone MAYBE doing what you did and being successful. I didn’t go back to get my 150 hours until I was 3 years out of school and didn’t start on the exam until I was 4 years out of school.

    Even though I passed FAR once (and then lost it)…I still put in 100 hours…50-60 of DVDs…40-50 of MCQs and review.

    Maybe you’re just gifted? 300-400 hours for the entire exam is normal.

  • I’m just curious. I see people post that they put in 100 hours, that it takes that long, and wonder why. If you never studied when you took the classes, or barely passed, it makes sense. People act like it REQUIRES 100 or so hours of test prep studying to pass. But I guess you should count the time you studied for the classes into that, if it wasn’t too long ago to forget.
    Note: I studied maybe about 2-6 hours for each of the 4 tests I took in 3 weeks. 2 passes is fine with me, as the ones I didn’t pass were the ones I studied the least for. (I took AUD 2 days after BEC, and I have never taken an individual income tax class, or business law, so I didn’t expect to pass REG, so didn’t put much time into it.)

  • yo Tommy haha I was thinkin that myself

    I think if it takes you 100 hrs to pass then go for it

    it is not insane to want to pass even at the expense of an extra couple weeks studying

  • liven the dream

    barely passing and partied and…. and well partied more then anything

    I failed audit I failed intermediate acctg I failed everything almost one time but I never gave up and I graduated and so there you have it I am not rocket scientist but I have never failed a cpa exam so I guess I waste alot time but in the end I had fun doing it

    you failed 2 exams so when you pass them all …..why did you even post anything……if your not here be positive your just setting yourself up for failure…good luck passing Audit without putting in atleast 60hrs

  • Some people stress about the test so much, and make long schedules… I just took all 4 sections the first time in November, with minimal studying. I passed FAR & BEC. Now I only need to really study for 2 tests. 100+ hours of studying for each? That is insane! What were you guys doing in class? Did you not learn things then? Seriously, if you are studyng so much now, did you not take the subjects before, or barely pass them?

  • AUD seems like more memorization is required than actual auditing or accounting skills. (What goes in what paragraph, wording, etc.)

  • Thank you guys for the feedback on taking detailed notes when studying for Reg. What are the cram DVDs? When would one need to use the cram DVD. I am taking the Becker class through school starting March because I get credit for it and I also purchased the Yaeger homestudy packet. I am making sure I leave no stones unturned and hopefully will pass. I started studying the Yeager material on my own to be prepared and then I will see how the other class goes and see if it is worth a whole saturday. Only time will tell. This blog has definitely been very helpful. It is like a support group and it helps to know that I am not the only one trying to deal with this beast of an exam.

  • Has anyone used the Yaeger Cram for Reg, not the complete HomeStudy. I am almost through the material for Gleim but my problem is that I get a lot of different rules mixed up. I am thinking putting down the Gleim and just doing the Cram for my last week.

  • FAR -the volume of information makes it hard. Please do not forget Gov and NFP sections. For a lot of people these two section made the difference between passing or failing

  • How comfortable did some of you guys feel before passing FAR? I’m almost done with the review course and don’t feel as comfortable as I did with the others. There just seems like there is so much info that I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around all of it. Did any of you guys feel the same way and still pass? Just curious….I still have a couple weeks to prep so hopefully I can get done what needs to get done to pass.

  • yeah; I think Audit is the cornerstone of CPA examination
    atleast when I was in school the profs always stressed this section of the exam…….so
    you pass that one and you got somthing to be proud of!

    plus FAR these 2 exams are very healthy material for public acctg

    REG is kinda but I think software takes a big pain out of the tax part

    BEC is good for ????
    maybe looking at ratios for some red flags on an audit and BEC is good for the knowledge of business structure material

  • Above – It seems that one can study and know the basics but the exam takes it to the next level. MC are based on logic and applied concepts.

    Bottom line you do not know what draw you will get on test day so cover all the bases and study everthing!

    My opion is: AUD was considered the easiest one (look at the historical passing rates), so they changed it to make harder.

  • ^^ and I meant for the above post to be helpful…***AUD isn’t easy***…I just found it to be “easier” than the others. AUD sucks and I slaved away the week before my exam putting in a good 35 hours by staying LATE each night at work…it was terrible.

  • I’ve never done an audit and I found the exam to be “easier” than I expected. Of course, I memorized a ton of stuff…I didn’t memorize any of the reports, but I knew the different language in each report so that I could identify it.

    I did memorize all of the usual stuff…the audit steps, assertions, etc. AUD was easy to me, but BEC kicked my tail. For others, BEC was nothing, but AUD sucks…everyone is different.

  • For those who have recently taken AUD and found it to be difficult, do you have auditing experience? I’ve been studying for AUD and have not had too many problems, but I think this is because I spent a couple of years as an auditor. Any comments?

  • I used becker, but i'm sure it's pretty much the same principle. What i did is 1)watched each lecture in one sitting usually, 2) worked ALL regular multiple choice the next day or two, 3)went back to review the chapter (even the parts not covered in the lecture) – summarized it in note form bc i find writing is what helps me remember 4) went over the MC again and supp MC for the first time. Then I would review the noted cards and take the two practice exams starting two weeks before the test.

    Do focus most of your time on the areas emphasized in the lecture, but make sure to also glance over the ones that aren't. I have noticed that the exams are a lot more definition & logic based rather than nitty griddy calculations problems that you have in your tax/accounting college exams.

    That being said, I did put a LOT of time into every single exam, and so far i've also passed all of them. For me, one hour a day would have never worked. I stayed after work for legit 4 hrs to study, and got home at 10 on those days. The weekend? — forget about it. Like Peter Olinto says; there's an inverse relationship between your happiness and your score. I wanted to kill him every lecture he said it, but it's true.

    Spend your weekends in the library and your days late at the office. I strongly believe that if you put in the right amount of time you'll pass. Only you know how much time you need. It's really annoying to have those co workers who can crammed 2 weeks before the exam and still pass, but life's not fair. It's harder for some people.


  • take short notes

    the test has alot of material to study but alot of it is missed on the exam get an overall perspective you max your potential like that commerical says

    it does take practice

    I got the most out of the MC practice questions

    its up to you

    do an hour every day but dont give up take it like a champ and on game day don’t miss that hail mary with no time left b/c the play is gonna happen……..

  • I am studying for Reg and it will be the first exam I sit for. I just started studying my first Yaeger DVD and am not sure how to do this. I know I read somewhere where A71 you mentioned taking notes. My one question is when going through the DVD and the topics covered in text I noticed that Phil skips some topics. Should I focus on the topics and concepts covered in the lecture and then if I have time go over some of the other stuff? This exam makes me nervous each time I think about it and want to make sure that I try my hardest to do the best I can.

  • Illinois Board is reporting that 1st wave scores will include up to 7th, with a few from the 9th. I took on the 9th as well and pray that I make the cut.

  • My experience in REG was horrible. I felt very well prepared and was very confident, especially after scoring well in BEC and AUD. However, I did not think the exam did do a great job of testing my knowledge, since many of the important topics were barely tested. In AUD and BEC I had some of those tricky one line questions where it often comes down to a 50/50 educated guess. Reg was full of those and took me off my game so to speak. I think I bombed the Sims as a result.

    Jeff, I would appreciate advice on my strategy. I was thinking of splitting the next 6 weeks between starting FAR and retaining REG. If I get the low 70 I am expecting in March, I would then order the CRAM and hit REG hard for 3 weeks and test around April 10th. Then, I would take FAR at the end of May. What do you think? I think I have an adequate understanding of Reg, I just feel that I got a ?bad? test.

  • It’s been so aweful waiting for my last test!! I’m thanking god it’s at least BEC and it comes out the earliest, but man it’s only been 2.5 weeks since I took it. Why does it feel like ages?? My very last test — if i pass this i’m done! G’luck to everyone else who’s waiting.


  • Yes – I experienced the same thing on 1/23/09.

    Let the waiting game begin, hopefully on 2/20, we will know if the testlet was a non-graded section.

  • Wow. I took AUD on Saturday. I have never felt that bad about a teslet. One of them was so hard I felt I wasn’t sure of any of the 30 answers. Anyone else experience this and still pass?

  • Does anyone know how long it takes (shipping) to get Yaeger products? Should I pay extra for overnight shipping?

  • everyone is different they all are hard some exams are worse then others for some ppl and some just a challenge

    plus test questions vary to some extent

  • REG test wooped me good just like Audit did I just hope I had what it took to break on through

    testlets got crazy but tossed me some esdy ones not many

    sims wooped me good

    finished with 1.5 mins left

    ny pace was perfect just kinda blah over the sims

    its gonna be close

  • Can someone tell me why AUD is such a long exam? I feel like it should be shorter since there aren’t any calculations…Am I missing something?

  • memo is easy….I was scared of that to……way over hyped

    heck you got spell check……make a good point and have a good presentation

    you should worry more about the other six tabs…..

  • I am taking Audit on Friday and I am horribly afraid of the memo part of the sims. Any advice would be appreciated! I know everyone says it is the easiest part but I am terrified.

  • Any score release predictions if I took REG the beginning of January?!

    You *should* be in Wave 1 (I posted the predictions).

    Can you purchase just the “Yaeger Cram”? Is the link provided on this website?!

    Yes – click the pic on the left sidebar for the CRAM DVDs…it will take you to the Yaeger site…save some $$ with the “71cram” discount code. Good choice.

  • Regarding FAR I would DEFINATELY buy the cram if your feeling a little short. I ordered it and watched it in 3days before my test and it saved me! I never would have passed without it. They to a good job of explaining the important topics. Another tip, don’t underestimate government and NFP. I barely covered them and I felt like 1/2 my test covered those sections!!

  • Another 71…how many hours did you put into FAR? So far I’ve put close to 70 and still feel like I have no grasp over all the information…. =/

    Good question.

    I spent 100 hour or so studying for FAR, but it’s because I ran out of time. I didn’t get to go over NFP like I wanted. To do it right, I should have spent another week for a total of 25 hours.

    The 13 Yaeger DVDs are right at 50 hours, so I should have spent another 3 weeks @ 25 hours per week doing questions and reviewing at a minimum.

    Obviously, I passed, but if I had to do it over again, I would have spent 5-6 weeks @ 25 hours per week.

    If you get to the end of your review process and don’t feel confident *get the Yaeger cram* – it adds 5-15 points according to them and that has been my experience, as well as several others who have bought it and wrote me to thank me for recommending it.

    Just my $.02…

  • Just have to get into a good routine.

    I take 2 exams per window and take a month off to wait for my scores.

    CPA WantaBe

  • To MUSTPASS…you can do it. I would suggest taking BEC end of feb, that way you can take 1 part about 4/1, one part about 5/1 and one part about 5/31…roughly. that gives 30 days b/w each part, and that is do-able. Check out the Becker schedule of classes to get an idea of how long each part takes to study. (They reccommend sitting each section in between each class.) I sat BEC, FAR, REG, then AUD. I wanted FAR out of the way, but BEC was the shortest, so I started there. If you put a lot of time towards it, you can do it.

  • Another 71…how many hours did you put into FAR? So far I’ve put close to 70 and still feel like I have no grasp over all the information…. =/

  • I took REG today. Everything was fine up until the last simulation. I tried to fill everything in, but was a little unsure how they wanted the information presented. To top it off it was a subject barely skimmed over during my Becker review course. I’m a tax accountant and thought I would nail this test…I had excellent scores while studying, but today left me very unsure.

    I noticed in a few posts that you said 1 of the 2 simulations isn’t even tested. Is this correct? I have never heard this before. I think that would be my only saving grace!!(well only if they grade the first sim!)

  • yeeeeeeeeeah duh unless you can bring a cheat sheet into the prometric center with you on test day………but that’s no gonna happen so I would take a min of 50days per section; 30day min; 70-80 day review- best choice

    My advice is take it slow and get ready to become a hermit lose your girlfriend, end up having no life, gaining weight, and missing out on cool events everyone else is going to…………oh wait that’s me

  • Hi Everyone:

    I took BEC in Aug 08 and scored a 71. Needless to say I was crushed! I had not take the exam since 99. I took off several months, and now I am planning to retake it later this month or early April. I still have to take the other 3 parts.

    This is the section that was totally unfamiliar to me. The material was so dry and uninteresting. What advice can you give on passing BEC? Secondly, what section would you recommend next?

    Finally, do you think it is possible (working FT and other obligations) to complete all 4 parts before July 09? Is that being too ambitious?

    Thank you,

  • eh I reviewed those thousands of REG MCQ with Gleim, went in feeling more confident then ever,and yet somehow many questions (which typically were only two lines long, testlet to testlet which is bad news for me) had info which left me unsure of the answer. I’m expecting my score to be in the 65-70 range.

  • yeah I am just reviewing the solutions nor racking my brain and consuming alot of time with each

    but yes I am doing a great mix of problems; yeah the ones I miss I have to rationalize why I missed it; sometimes I am in hurry other times it is worthy of notes well I gotta start my next set thanks for tips

  • My advice: skip the sims…I’ve never been big on sim practicing. For one, you could study 10 sims and they will ask you two of them and not necessarily in the way you studied the topic.

    Two – I always found that if you know the MCQ material really well – you’ll nail the sims…it’s just an extension of what you already know.

    Make sure you can do the research on the sim and navigate the research material. Other than that – my advice is to skip it and work the MCQs.

    Tonight: work 5 testlets of 20 over 5 different topics. I would work indiv tax, partnerships, corps, property transactions, gift estate. Tomorrow, do 5 testlets over B Law…or whatever you have time to do.

    If you miss questions – take notes over them – this is important…if you missed it at this stage in the game, you are likely to forget it…

    Skip the sims (it worked for me…)

  • Thanks, well I’d rather wrestle an Alligator then revisit this examination process….

    I finished my first set of 100 and reviewed them.

    Tonight I am reviewing the sims and knocking out another 100 random questions. It is a pain but that’s how I passed audit on the 1st try.

    Starting Saturday afternoon I am taking 10days off of studying….this will be my longest break since Hurrincane Ike(took 5 days off)

  • finally finshed tax portion of Reg review:

    sat 2/7 is my day for reg wish me luck

    I am doing 200 random questions and reviewing 7 sims daily starting today

    whatever time I have at night I will review video lessons

    remember to say a prayer for me and karma will come back to you even greater πŸ™‚

  • I have a question, I’ve been watching the Yaeger cram course for REG and on the section covering “Gains and Losses on Business Property” with sections 1231 assets, 1245, 1250 and 291 recapture. In Phils examples sometimes he subtracts depreciation to get the basis and sometimes he adds the depreciations to get the basis. I thought you subtracted depreciation but I was looking for some clarification…

  • I need a Yeager……………bomb


    no really that test was wicked killer

    come on magic number 75 don’t fail me now

  • some thing to consider is how to properly manage time and guess

    those to things can make the difference of pass or fail to the hardworking/studying test taker

    if you want some tips I found some online that make real sense …….it is easy to forget that with so much pressure

  • The AICPA states the general breakdown of the content and I’ve always said that my experiences have been in line with what they state.

    I don’t mean to offend by not allowing those types of comments…I really don’t. I hope you understand.

  • Then what can we say that will help a person pass the test?

    “Study everything!”

    The terms we agree to prior to taking the exam states that in essence, we won’t divulge even the “nature” of the info…so that’s my guideline for the site.

  • I appreciate everyone’s comments…as a reminder, you can’t post what you saw on your exam in keeping with the agreement we all said “yes” to prior to taking the exam. If you do, I have no choice but to delete your post, which sucks.


  • I jsut finished retaking my AUD exam. Seemed bette than last time…

    Just a heads up because I didn’t know this going into the exam, I just took it in November..For AUD there are now 3 teslets of 30 MCQ. It used to be 24. I think it is a good thing, each is worth less. However, there was no aditional time. (which was fine for me)

  • AUD and Becker materials above. I think what really helped me was writing my own flash cards for the memorization items. These are the items that have the head and puzzle piece icon next to them. Time is always a factor, I gave myself plenty to write them. If you only have a couple of days left to study, then writing all of them out may not be the best use of your remaining time.

  • Above Another 71 – “2nd testlet was harder”. The 3rd testlet was the hardest for me. I took AUD on 23rd.

  • I signed up for my tests in late December and did not receive my NTS. I “thougt” I selected e-mail but when I called NASBA they told me I selected mail. All right I must’ve made a mistake–I’m used to it and compared to how many times I’ve taken these exams it seems to be the one thing I’m good at. Ok sidtracked there. Anyway, I took my exam and still no NTS in the mail I called them to have it e-mialed to me. Be careful and don’t wait too long. I definately did not get the pick of the litter of testign slots.

  • Took BEC yesterday. Studied and sacraficed alot . . .again. I don’t know what these people want from me!! I walked out saying to myself “what the hell was that?” I would have been better off not studying at all!!

    I don’t hear alot about Bisk. . .their questions are good but there software is poorly written causing you unnecessary frustration. I bought FARE and it does not work with Vista. That was several months ago. .. they still do not have a patch. They took my money no problem though. Countless other problems too.

    This stinks!

  • qualler – the 2nd testlet being a monster is a great sign…it means you were rocking on testlet #1.

  • I took FAR yesterday. Overall, I think I did well. The first testlet seemed extremely easy, but the second was monstrous. Based on some of the comments / posts I’ve seen on this blog, that seems to be a good sign. The third testlet wasn’t as bad as the second but still tougher than the first.

    I ended the exam with three minutes to spare while using Jeff’s “take out the memo first” strategy on the sims. At the end I felt wiped out but good that I left it all out on the exam.

    Anybody have similar experiences with passing stories to back them up? This was my fourth time through FAR, and I definitely haven’t ever felt this good (and exhausted) any of the other times I took it, so I think that warrants confidence.

  • I have a question, what do you think works better to study for AUD, reading the books over again, or doing the practice questions? (I have the Becker materials)

    For the other three sections I did a lot of problems, but they were math oriented, and I learn “problems bettter by doing the math, but I can’t decide the best way to study for AUD because they are all theory oriented.

  • Did anyone else see about Florida getting CPA exam scores in less than 3 weeks for all exams. Florida government is passing this law to make the process faster. The like is in cpanet forum under fare. Anyone know how we can get this done in our states? We neeeed to get this done because the wait times of months are comical

  • I passed FAR in October…got my score in November and didn’t get anything official until January…no worries.

  • Is there anyone here who took /passed an exam in Q4, 2008 and has still not received their official score in the mail?

    A71 – how long did it take you to receive your official score for the final section? It was my last one and I am hanging on a thread…I need to apply for my certification soon…and not having the official score / letter stating I passed all sections is killing me….

  • Jeff – I agree with your comments. Unless you work in governmental or not for profit accounting, those areas are study for the exam and forget. Unfortunately, I scored a 74 on FAR (my last part) in November, and am back to studying. Congratulations on passing, it is an undertaking that requires a lot of sacrifice.

  • It must get easier revisting the review material

    In some ways yes…in others no. There are some topics that are just so boring that it takes every ounce of will to force one to start studying it again. Pensions…Government accounting…bleh…

    There is also a very strong short term memory component to studying for the CPA exam that I think is underrated. If you study material that you don’t encounter in every day work life, there is a strong possibility that you forget it 1 week after you sit. You may remember a little bit about it – but not to the degree required to sit for the exam.

  • It must get easier revisting the review material I mean more must soak in and more will build on what you already retained and that is some good news for you atleast

  • Do you think I am in the first wave of scores for this window??

    BEC seems to be the one exam that is least likely to have scores held back. It’s not adaptive like the other 3 and there are no sims…it’s pretty cut and dry. I would be very surprised if you didn’t get your BEC score in Wave 1.

    Wow, losing FAR would be hard to handle. FAR, I beleive is the hardest because the volume of material covered!

    As someone who has lost a credit – and the worst one to lose (FAR) – I can tell you that it sucks…it sucks VERY bad, but it’s not the end of the world. You can sulk for 4 days (2 days for the exam you failed and 2 days for losing FAR), but after that – back to work…no excuses…back to it…study with a vengeance.

  • Wow, losing FAR would be hard to handle. FAR, I beleive is the hardest because the volume of material covered!

  • I took BEC yesterday…..I am in jeopardy of losing FAR and AUD if I didn’t pass. Do you think I am in the first wave of scores for this window??

  • cpaexcel has new books out 150.00 for all 4 sections I like them but prefer the online study method def worth the money for a quality product

  • I think Oct/Nov grading was behind due to Thanksgiving/Christmas. Normally – Wave One is around 75%.

  • Is there a set % of Wave I score releases. I tooked AUD on 7/1 and got my score last week of September.

  • I know you are planning on posting an anticipated release schedule in a couple of weeks, but any guesses as to whether there will be more Wave 1 releases this window?

    I (along with a lot of people) waited a long time for my REG score in the Oct./Nov. 2008 window and I took FAR this window and since it is my last section if I pass I am quite anxious for my score.

  • ^^You say in a couple weeks and predict REG on Feb 20th…is the jan 2009 an early release guess??
    Just curious….

    REG and AUD seem to swap as to who gets released after BEC. REG was first in Wave 1 last window…we’ll see.

    With each score release, I’ll be documenting when each one game out for each Wave…I doubt there’s a rhyme or reason (REG or AUD first depending on the Wave), but you never know. I was fairly accurate with Wave 2 of Oct/Nov, so we’ll see.

    Plus, Joanne Vician @ the IL Board of Examiners has taken an interest in the blog and passed on some info too, so that was helpful.

  • Had the REG exam, and I would have to say that it was definitely about a 50-50 split on tax and law questions.

  • coming from A71’s post:

    “Any predictions on Jan 2009 Reg wave 1 score releases?

    Coming soon (in about 2 weeks) :)”

    ^^You say in a couple weeks and predict REG on Feb 20th…is the jan 2009 an early release guess??
    Just curious….

  • I see that lots of people are asking question about how to prepare and about tips to pass the exams and let me tell you, the best way to prepare is PLAN. No matter what material you use, as long as you plan and stick to it, don’t wait till last second. I clared 3 exams with scores of 82,90 and 94 in Aug, Oct and Nov window and waiting for FARE result that I took on 5th of Jan. and I dedicate that success to planniing ahead.

  • yeah it is b.s. but then again that’s 90% of what accounting adds up to……….a pile of steaming hot dog poo on a cold winters morning for all your hard work

  • Anybody else wish they had the resources to sue the AICPA and get their exam supoenaed so they could go through and see the question, their answer and (what the AICPA thinks is) the right answer? I have been through Bisk, Wiley & Gleim materials and rarely see the same curve balls that are on the test.

    Is the test audited by an independent body? Is there transparency? If so, let the body know.

    I feel this way because I feel as if I could take half the questions on any given test and argue against all the given answers.

  • Soon cannot come soon enough. πŸ™‚ I hate that I’m so anxious even though I know it takes a while for scores. Do all states tend to release scores at once? Or does timing depend on the state? Just curious.

  • I think 14.0 is out now; basically the majority of stuff carries value most outdated material is still fair game and is questioned still.

  • I think 14.0 is out now; basically the majority of stuff carries value most outdated material is still fair game and is questioned still.

  • I think 14.0 is out now; basically the majority of stuff carries value most outdated material is still fair game and is questioned still.

  • I think 14.0 is out now; basically the majority of stuff carries value most outdated material is still fair game and is questioned still.

  • I think 14.0 is out now; basically the majority of stuff carries value most outdated material is still fair game and is questioned still.

  • I think 14.0 is out now; basically the majority of stuff carries value most outdated material is still fair game and is questioned still.

  • I think 14.0 is out now; basically the majority of stuff carries value most outdated material is still fair game and is questioned still.

  • Questions are just a tool to learn the material. 15 years ago there was only a pool of 1,000 questions, so people memorized each question. Passing rate was 80%, so they hired people to write new questions.

  • Wiley are outdated – I looked at 9.0 Software and compared to 13.0. 5 verisons latter, the same questions. Each section maybe 3 or 4 differant questions

  • the man is a true nerd a absolute Guru of accounting that man is

    I’d rather be fishing then to waste my years doing MC questions questions but if you have a gift like he does…….. it makes sense that he wants to share his wisdom so that others can benefit and help the country with good accounting skills

    but really as for me I’d rather be fishing

  • I would like to thank the person who gave the address for the free J. Hoyle website a few weeks ago. Plenty of MC questions to review!

  • Regarding the sims. I never practiced any of them while studying and passed audit first time, then most recently have passed FAR. I looked at one FAR sim the day of the exam and was like, oh I wish I had looked at that before. Then wouldn’t you know it, there was a sim with the exact same content on my exam! I had wished I had looked at it in greater detail. I also ran out of time and didn’t even finish the exam…In any case, having said all that, I still passed the exam. So, what matters is if you know the information. I reviewed, did tons and tons of multiple choice and just knew the info. THat will come through on the exam no matter if you do the sims or not. However, doing multiple choices is very crucial in my opinion. THey help you to understand the material and solidify it in your head.
    And one other thing, another 71 once wrote that if you don’t have time on the sims on the exam, always do the written part first since it is worth the most. So during the FAR exam, that is what I did. So even if I didn’t finish the sim, I did get that written memo in and it was good. So I would like to thank you for that great piece of advice. I didn’t do that for audit (although I really didn’t need to for audit since I had time). AM

  • Thanks for the info I am about to start tax on SAT and work it to death over the next 3 weeks.

    Since I will have completed B Law I will do MC on them everyday but just one random draw everyday. I am not sure how many but atleast 40.

    I will have my day soon enough.

  • 81 on REG, didnt really do the sims but pounded the MCQ, especially the tax ones (partnerships and corporations the most) and not so much on the b-law stuff

  • I just hope the same issue w/ the scores with last quarter doesn’t happen this quarter. It would be nice if more than 41% of total 1st month reg scores are released early. I knew so many people who were fairly annoyed about that.

  • I agree with A71. I got an 82 on REG and did no sims to prep, just MCQs. I also found if I could master the MCQs, I could do the sims no problem. The same was true for FAR. I got a 75 on that one with 20 days to prep while working full time. FYI – I took both exams twice so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work out for you the first time.

  • Thanks! I am going to try to do as many of both.

    I figured that was the case; I agree with you both. I have like 9 or 10 sims and a bunch of questions so I will just have to work them and rework them.

  • It just goes to show you that everyone is different…I practiced maybe one or two sims and that was early on in my study process. I found that if I understood the concepts via MCQs, I could tackle any sim.

  • Rob in TX,

    My secret was to practice on as many simulations as possible. I did not memorize all the tax rules but use the simulation to understand how the concepts were applied. I still practiced on MC questions. My time allocation was 60% simulations and 40% MC.

  • how did you get an 80 any good words of wisdom?

    any time saving methods you think could boost performance and productivity

  • From my experience after getting an 80 on REG, it seemed like the first 10 MC questions were hard in each testlet. As I moved through the testlet the questions got easier. I believe the question selection is based on your performance from previous questions. I could be wrong!

    The ultimate question is: Are the questions randomly selected or is based on performance?

  • I’m going to predict that because of the weekend, IL, CA, VA get them on Monday and NASBA releases Tuesday the 17th. Just a guess…

  • edit


    the more you flat out guess the easier the test will seem b/c you are NOT testing yourself just guessing and guessing is a lot easier then making educated choices and working problems out

  • it’s a tough call; either you are realistic and passed or you are realistic and failed

    at least you know you tested to the best of your ability and made educated guesses when you had to

    everyone is in the same boat so there is a good chance you passed

    the harder the test the better the more you just flat out guess the worse

    the more you flat out guess the easier the test will seem b/c you are testing your self just guessing and guessing is a lot easier then making educated choices and working problems out

  • If you thought the MCQs were hard – then that’s a good sign. If you left the exam thinking “that wasn’t so bad…what’s the big deal?” you should plan on re-taking it πŸ™‚ (I’m joking…but not really)

  • I sat for REG in NY yesterday and thought that the MC questions were pretty difficult. Most questions I could narrow down to 2 possible choices then it was a 50/50 shot after that. This is my 3rd time taking it. Started with a 55 then got a 71. This was my last chance to sit before I loss my credit for AUD!! I am glad to hear everyone else felt the MC seemed as difficult as I thought!

  • Is it true for REG and all the exams with simulations that 1 of the 2 simulations isn’t graded?? That seems like a lot of work for nothing. Do you know if it is the whole simulation that isn’t graded or is it just part? Calcuations? Memo? Research?

  • Whoa there thats alot of stuff.

    any give an adivce on what the main areas are? to focus on

    You have to have a working knowledge of everything, honestly. Skipping AMT or something you’d rather not study (or don’t have time to study) could be there difference b/w a 74 and a 75. This is why having a good review course is essential.

  • Thanks for posting that list.

    This is why I call REG #1a in terms of difficulty followed by BEC and AUD. It’s a subjective ranking though…just my opinion.

    People who don’t find REG as hard as others tend to work in tax. Those of us who don’t can feel overwhelmed by all of the rules, exceptions, and differences between entities.

  • Federal Taxation
    Property Transactions
    Classification of Assets
    Nonrecognition Transactions
    Income – Basic Principles
    Nonrecognition – Double Tax
    Nonrecognition – Subsidies
    Individual Deductions – For AGI
    Itemized Deductions
    Business Deductions
    Limitations on Business Deductions
    Individual Income Taxation
    Personal and Dependency Exemptions
    Filing Status
    Additional Taxes
    Other Income Tax Issues
    Personal and Business Tax Credits
    Taxpayer Responsibilities
    Taxation of Corporations
    Formation of a Corporation
    Corporate Income Computation
    Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax
    Penalty Taxes – Corporations
    Distributions from a Corporation
    Corporate Redemptions and Liquidations
    Taxation of Related Corporations
    Corporate Reorganizations
    Taxation of S Corporations
    S Corporations – Introduction
    S Corporations – Income and Basis
    Taxation of Partnerships
    Partnerships – Introduction
    Formation of a Partnership
    Taxation of Partners
    Partnership Sales and Liquidations
    Estate and Gift Taxation
    Introduction to Transfer Taxes
    Federal Gift Tax
    Federal Estate Tax
    Income Taxation of Fiduciaries

  • thanks it feels good to know you think saving tax for last is a good course of action

    I can’t wait till this weekend to start it; I think I am going to enjoy the last half of this month.

    I think it is b/c BEC was so freaking lame that REG is actually much more fun to study and work problems on.

  • ipurchased the cram is that good enough

    It depends…the cram is a “review” for someone who has put in the proper amount of study time and wants one last solid look at everything…or they failed with a 70-74 previously and want to use the cram to boost them to a 75 or better.

    If you’re weak on REG or scored a 69 or lower, then the HomeStudy is a must…you need the thorough teaching that it offers. I scored two 74s and still used the HomeStudy because I didn’t want to risk another letdown and it worked.

    It’s up to you…only you know where you stand. If you’ve been through your review material and have put in the requisite time and effort, then the cram is all you need. If you’re hoping that the cram will be a silver bullet and substitute for prep time, then you need the HomeStudy. I spent a good 75 hours with the HomeStudy and still felt like I should have spent more time on it…there’s just so much to know between taxes, law, and ethics.

    I hope that helps (??) Call Phil…he’ll tell you where you stand…he won’t sell you something you don’t need. He’ll shoot you straight.


  • They will ask you anything and everything…the REG HomeStudy will prepare you for it all and you won’t need to worry about what they ask…you will be equipped to answer the questions.

    With Estate/Gift tax…it is the least important tax topic, so study it only after you have a strong understanding of the rest of the tax topics.

  • ar as tax goes, make it the last thing you study. ???

    waht does that mean?

    i am just starting law

    i am so confused with all this tax stuff.,

    like do they really have questions that asak you to name the prefs or adjustments of the amt

    or is it more basis focused?

  • Has anyone here compared Yaeger to Becker? I’m using Becker to study, but I was just wondering if anyone ever compared them. Thanks.

  • Make sure that you have a basic understanding of estate/gift tax, but Indiv, Partner, C/S Corps are much more important to know on an in-depth level. As far as tax goes, make it the last thing you study.

  • how much estate tax is on the exam?

    should i focus more on the basis problems then the DNI and that stuff?

  • REG I sit Feb 7 I am finishing Business Law this week and starting Sat I dive into tax for the remainder of my studies.

    I plan completing my review course on 01/27 and start 01/28 working only MC and Sims up until my exam on 02/07. I of course will read some but my focus is mainly to work problems; no guessing and with that said I am about to dive into the UCC – Negotiable instruments and letters.

    If I had 2 weeks only I would hit tax hard and busines law hard working MC & Sims at least one sim a day and 100-200 MC problems and not worrying about absorbing everything in the reading materials but just an overall general knowlege from the MC questions answer and reasoning.

    Hope this helps; anybody with words of wisdom for REG test takers this quarter would be helpful

    I have 25 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am still worried about REG….it would be nice to hear from people who took it this wave that think it went well…I am so nervous and worried about the exam. I have only studied about 2 weeks for it. I took it before and only had two weeks to study and just barely failed. I don’t want that to happen again.

    IS it certain that one simulation always does not count. In every single exam? I thought it was just the multiple choice questions. AM

    January 10, 2009 9:14 PM said…
    The pretest questions are those that they are considering using in the future as questions that count. They can make up to 20% of the exam. Also – one sim isn’t graded…you never know which one.

  • Christina – If I were you, I would call Phil Yaeger and tell him what you’re doing at NIU and ask him what his course has that your current course doesn’t…that will help you determine if you need to spend more $$ or stick with what you’ve already bought. Call him directly at 800.824.2811 … tell him Jeff the blog guy told you to call and get more information…he’ll be glad to chat with you I’m sure.

  • Has anyone here used the NIU CPA Review? I’m using it now and wondering if I need to switch to Yeager- any thoughts?


  • So if the assumption is that this testing window’s wave 1 scores will be released in about the same time frame as last window’s wave 1 scores, that would be about mid-February you’re predicting? I just took BEC 2 days ago and since it’s my first part I’m really anxious to get my score. Thanks.

  • Thx Jack,
    yeah I figured as much and that is my goal

    I think the application has a deadline just to sit and pass a section and then if you pass you have the new exam deadline

    I am not going to worry about it because so far I am running ahead of schedule

    I am surprised another71 doesn’t know anything about the application of intent.

  • Jack,

    That is TERRIBLE. I am hoping that you received your NTS by mail and it wasn’t an email. If that happened to me and they didn’t let print it from my email, I would be so pissed that I would fail the test. Hopefully you passed.
    Rob in TX,
    I am not sure about your app of intent, but you MUST pass all four sections within 18 months of one-another or you will loose credit. Do whatever it takes to get all 4 sections passed during your 18 months. I lost credit for BEC and REG, because I didn’t get AUD and FAR done. It really sucks having to take two sections over again after having already passed it once. Hopefully I will be done soon and can get AUD and FAR passed the next time!!!

  • The pretest questions are those that they are considering using in the future as questions that count. They can make up to 20% of the exam. Also – one sim isn’t graded…you never know which one.

  • What do they mean by pre-testing MC’s or SIMs? Are those just questions that they are trying out for the first time and are going to evaluate the statistics or was there something I didn’t see when I was in there?

    Took REG today and enjoyed it thoroughly. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the NTS form as I confused it with the test location print-out and nearly lost my testing window having to drive back home to get it. That would have been bad!

  • I guess I’m ignorant as to what an intent is in relation to your credits. Are you asking about credits expiring?

  • Jan 8 is a great day to take the test that’s awesome I bet you passed

    as for FAR and going to studied for a long time and hopefully knock it out in the 4th quarter this yr

    another 71 I have a great question
    or maybe someone else knows this:

    If my app of intent is good through Fec 2010 but I took 1 exam in Nov 08 and pass so my exam credit is good till June 2010 what happens if I have 3 credits and sit in March 2010 and pass and get my 4th credit. Would I be out of luck b/c the intent is expired or what?

  • For me REG and BEC are easy. I passed both of them twice (75,78,78,83). Like someone else, I like the law and I have a tax background. My problems are FAR and AUD. I think that I have taken each one 4 times. I just took Audit on 1/8/09. Hopefully that is the last time. I just ordered the Yaeger FAR, so I will work everything and hopefully never have to worry about it ever again.

  • Just got back from REG. It wasn’t what I expected, but I got questions on topics I was strong on while studying. The simulations weren’t what I expected, but fairly manageable all things considered. I did run into something that I have honestly never seen in my review materials though, hopefully its pre-test stuff and won’t count. Time will tell. All things equal I feel better than I ever have walking out of an exam.

  • How come no one ever talks about the AUD exam? Am I the only person who has to retake it? I passed the other three on the frist try, and I feel like an idiot not passing AUD…and I bombed it. I think I have a hard time with the memorizing. All of the other ones are conceptual and I guess I understand them better…

    I got an 80 on REG the first time I took it. I got a 55 on AUD the first time, 66 the second and just took it a third time last Monday.

    You can study all you want. You can brag on messageboards about how *you* have the key to success on the exam, the truth is that the AICPA likes to do trick questions. Plain and simple.

  • Just took REG for the second time, after getting Jeff’s favorite score the first time. THe second time around was just as tough. I studied so much, but the simulations were a killer…

    Anyways, I found out that I didn’t pass BEC so I will have to take that again after busy season. My question is this: does anyone know if they are going to have simulations or the written part this year for BEC? I have heard rumors the past few years that they were thinking of doing this but I am not sure whether it went through or not.

    Thanks Jeff for the great site. Everyone really appreciates it!

  • Reg was the easiest for me the tax was basic and I like law; studied about 2 weeks and got a 81 back in wave 1 on my first attempt

    Audit was hell barely passed on 2nd my attempt

    BEC…..tba………FAR was piece of pie b/c I did a 80 day review and mastered that puppy

  • Yeah, only 40 MCQs (5 MCQ on one page, with the total of 8 pages) for the Nov, 08 edition. Yours must have been an earlier edition. Anyone who is ordering now (since the start of new year) would get the nov 08 edition.

    I know I don’t blame you πŸ™‚ Thank you, though for all your GREAT help. Raza

  • Hi Jeff – Thanks for all your kind help about the ehtics CD and requirements. Just took and passed it – Your insights, and help is greatly appreicated. Also, to let eveyone know – the new ethics exam has 40 MCQ only (Nov 08 edition). The CD worked great for me, and Jeff your advice was perfect. Thank you once again! Raza

  • So, I took REG with Becker, scoring in the high 90’s on all the practice stuff. Pretty sure I failed. What would you recommend if I have to retake? Would the Yaeger cram be sufficent, or should I go for the full course. I was very confident on the stuff that Becker taught, but there was so much that wasn’t covred. Hoping you say that the Yaeger cram would get me over the hump (if I, in fact, did fail).

    Also, do you think my score for REG will be released in the first wave? I sat for the exam yesterday.

  • How come no one ever talks about the AUD exam? Am I the only person who has to retake it? I passed the other three on the frist try, and I feel like an idiot not passing AUD…and I bombed it. I think I have a hard time with the memorizing. All of the other ones are conceptual and I guess I understand them better…

    AUD is straight memorization and taking each question and applying it to what you know…that’s how I passed it anyway. I know several candidates who struggled with AUD…it was the “easiest” to me, but that means nothing…I struggled with BEC while others felt that BEC was no big deal.

  • The regulation test is not 60% tax. Try more like 80%. I didn’t get too many business law questions at all.

    It’s 40% business law and ethics combined…this has been in line with my experience, anyway.

    Please help me, some body whoo is from Texas and has gotton the license – my ethics course will expire in Jan 22, so if i submitt all the paperowrk alongwith professional code exam before Jan 22 but failed, would I be required to take 4 hour ethics or not.

    Anybody else has similar experince, please share. Jeff now you are CPA, enlight the my curiosity. Thanks

    I’m actually not sure how your state works…I just had to do the AICPA course and submit paper that said that I passed it along with my paperwork for my certificate. I would call your state board.

    After reading all the posts about the REG exam and how tough it was, I must say I am a bit worried. I have my exam next week.
    I hope it is not as bad as it seems. But if it is difficult for all of us, then don’t they take that into consideration when marking? Do they grade on a curve?

    REG is a tough exam…I call it #1a in terms of difficulty…1. FAR 1a. REG 3 BEC 4 AUD (just my opinion).

    You need to be well-versed on all of the tax rules that your prep course should have covered, as well as know the bus law and ethics stuff…don’t be afraid to put off REG for a week or two if you need to. It’s better to put off the exam than to walk in and not be 110% prepared. I recommend the Yaeger cram (16 hours) or HomeStudy (33 hours + MCQs) if you have time.

    Also – while the questions are weighted differently, I don’t think the exam is curved. I used to think that, but I don’t think they have quotas for pass/fail.

  • How come no one ever talks about the AUD exam? Am I the only person who has to retake it? I passed the other three on the frist try, and I feel like an idiot not passing AUD…and I bombed it. I think I have a hard time with the memorizing. All of the other ones are conceptual and I guess I understand them better…

  • You have reason to fear REG . . . I ended up with a 93 on AUD, and studied HARDER for REG. Took it yesterday, ran out of time (I NEVER run out of time on an exam), pretty sure I will fail miserably, unless the curve helps me and the sim I did REALLY bad on is not graded. Fingers crossed, praying, making deals in my mind. Pleeeeeeeeeease, let me pass. Relly don’t want to do this one again.

  • After reading all the posts about the REG exam and how tough it was, I must say I am a bit worried. I have my exam next week.
    I hope it is not as bad as it seems. But if it is difficult for all of us, then don’t they take that into consideration when marking? Do they grade on a curve?

  • Please help me, some body whoo is from Texas and has gotton the license – my ethics course will expire in Jan 22, so if i submitt all the paperowrk alongwith professional code exam before Jan 22 but failed, would I be required to take 4 hour ethics or not.

    Anybody else has similar experince, please share. Jeff now you are CPA, enlight the my curiosity. Thanks

  • REG in general is a psychometric exam so maybe that is what your experience can be linked to

    many a horror stories and urban legends have been quietly spoken around distant campfires telling the tell of this very taxiation hell you speak of

  • The regulation test is not 60% tax. Try more like 80%. I didn’t get too many business law questions at all.

  • I prefer that we move on from this topic…kind of a murky subject.

    I appreciate everyone’s contributions, however.

  • I thought I already posted this, but I don’t see it.

    Anyway, do you know in Virginia released Wave 1 scores?

  • OK -Jeff, that’s I would be doing then as well. Thanks for the VERY QUICK reply. Greatly appreciated. I will let you know tomorrow, how it goes, and how many MCQs are there, for sure- Thank you once again. Raza

  • Raza – I would start the exam and work through the material in search of your questions…that’s what i did…took about 8 hours (6 hours + 2 hours after the 89)


  • Hi Jeff –

    I got the ethics CD in the mail today. I have looked into it, and see that there are 145 pages worth of lectures etc to go through. Do you think that we need to listen to the lectures or just start the exam and look for the answers along the way? Also, I have heard that anyone who have ordered the CD in the Jan, 09, would have only 40 MCQ. I don’t know this for sure though I have yet to take this exam. Raza

  • good call Matthew now move on to the next one no bother worry about it just hope for the best if you get bad news you will woop it up on the next go

  • I’ve decided that I past my REG test that I took on Monday. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • It really does help to sign up as soon as possible. I just got my NTS and all Mondays and last week of the month was closed (all test centers) for January in MA.

  • what way to take five from the REG studies for 2nites:

    Remedies for Breach and Discharge of Contracts

    right on brother Fancypants

  • Anonymous January 7, 2009 3:21PM wrote:
    “I guess no one ever heard about that exam candidate blog guy who lost all his credits by posting information about what questions he had the most trouble with on his web blog site.”

    Can someone give me more info on this or is this a “CPA Urban Legend” that can be found on

  • I don’t think anyone said that they were a bad program. If they did I would have deleted it…it’s one of the few posting rules…no disparaging remarks about review programs. If something worked…share it. If you think something is terrible…keep it to yourself, please.

    I’m glad they worked for you…nice scores, btw.

  • Gleim is great actually I think all of the ones mentioned on this site work. It is really up to the candidate to utilize their purchase and get actually apply what the learned in the review course.

  • For those deciding what study materials to use, I am sold on Gleim books and cds. I have taken AUD, BEC, and REG one time each (I take FAR in one week) and passed on the first time with scores of 99, 80, and 87. That is enough to convince me it is a good program.

  • Im taking Reg this Sat. I feel like I have the Law nailed down. Earlier posts have me worried though.Praying for a sim on any law related topic. I’ll post back how it went.

    I know Im going to have to fill out a 1040 or something awful and write memos about itemized deductions, I can feel it

  • Oh gosh it was on a pdf news letter called cpa alert i think; released back in 2005 I think. I goggled it and it led me to it; I am not sure what I typed to get the interesting hit. But I saw it with my own eyes exam on first of month and grade on the 19th of same month. So I started searching the net.

    I did not search long maybe ten minutes.

    oh well I saved you the trouble here it is:

    “Which candidates may qualify for early score release?
    Candidates who take the examination during the first month of a testing window may qualify for early score release. Early reporting depends on the examination content that is presented to the candidate, and on the number of completed test events during the first month of testing. It is not possible to predict exactly how many candidates will be able to receive their scores on the earlier schedule.
    If the test form the candidate answered requires no additional statistical analysis, scores will be available in time for the first wave of score release. Early score release is most likely for examination forms that include previously administered test content. If more analysis is needed (for example, in the case of new simulations), scores will not be reported until the second wave of score release.
    The number of completed test events in the first month of testing is important because statistical quality control procedures cannot be completed until we have received a sufficiently large number of examination results. This means that the larger the group of
    candidates who take the examination early in the testing window, the earlier the scoring process can begin.”

    http is:

  • This is what you agree to prior to beginning your exam. Keep your posts about the exam within these contstraints and all is well…

    I hereby agree agree that I will maintain the confidentiality of the Uniform CPA Examination. In addition, I agree that I will not:

    -Divulge the nature or content of any Uniform CPA Examination question or answer under any circumstances

  • Anonymous January 7, 2009 3:59 PM,

    I don’t think it is another71 you have to worry about suing you.

  • ahhhhh im soo nervous for reg, i like do not understand taxes at all…..

    i have not even started the biz lectures

  • The post eluded to what they encountered in a sim without giving the actual question. I’m not trying to be difficult or a tool…for obvious reasons, I can’t allow even a hint of it.

    Sorry for the drama

  • deleted post…I hate moderating comments before they’re posted and I don’t have time to do it…speaking generally about your exam like “yeah…it was brutal” is fine or “yeah…I ran out of time on Sim #2” is ok. However “I had to make xx type of entry” or “my sim testing me on xx” isn’t allowed.

    We all have too much time, emotion, energy, $$$$, and so do our families to have sloppy ethics in this regard and get in trouble….too much at risk. You’re anonymous…I’m not (it’s not too hard to figure out who I am if they run a query on my exam scores).

    Thank you.

  • Early grade cut off is subject to several factors like the number of ppl and subject matter tested and some quality review standards; I would think it would be around the 1-6th

  • PS common sense can go along way with simulation questions in general they are NOT suppose to be accorn crushers

  • I guess no one ever heard about that exam candidate blog guy who lost all his credits by posting information about what questions he had the most trouble with on his web blog site.

    Sheesh that is why we have ethics ppl!

  • Did the simulations have question on correcting GL entries.

    Generic questions about the exam only, please.

  • Most review companies buy their annual questions from the AICPA…no worries on a 2009 book being outdated.

  • Do you Wiley questions are outdated? It is hard to find good prep. material because the last published test was 1998.

  • I just want to say that this is the best website! My coworker told me about it, because I am taking the exam in April (hopefully). The last time I took the exam was in 2003 (the last written one). I use Wiley, but my job deals with Becker. After looking at different forums, I’m sticking with Wiley.

  • Thanks for the link to the past post Jeff. As we all know its comforting knowing that other people feel the same way as were feeling. Here’s to hoping that everyone who feels on the fence about how they did passes with flying colors…for what its worth, haha…..and the wait begins.

  • Captain Fancy Pants – Did the simulations have question on correcting GL entries.

    I think it is a joke that AICPA only has for practice material: 5 MC and 1 simulation. After you take the exam the survey ask you if the practice material was helpful….NO!

  • Jeff, With the Yeager/Willey material ( home study) how did you study better, watch the DVD first and then work the questions or read the chapter first and watch the DVD after so you kind of know what he is talking about ? just thinking of the most effective way to do it. Thanks

  • I take REG on Friday 1/9. So far, I’ve gone through all of the Yager HomeStudy DVDs, all of the m/c and simulations twice, and went through the HomeStudy DVD sections and m/c in the sections (3rd time)in which I felt weak. I’m still planning on doing a full review over the course of Wednesday and Thursday. I’m hoping this, and a ton of confidence, will help me get through the exam. Ugh.

  • Thanks Jeff- Greatly appreciated. I have ordered the CD Rom and hope to get in a couple of days. Will let you know how it goes. Kind Regards, Raza

  • Are you allowed to take a section twice in the same testing window if need be(I took BEC on 1/3 so I will be first wave)?

    No – you can only take a section once in a window, unfortunately. If someone fails a section that they sit for in January…the earliest they can take it again is April.

  • Another71: What did you do differently in studying the fourth time around for REG that got you such a high score?!

    It’s pretty simple, actually…I just watched the Yaeger DVDs…took great notes…worked the MCQs they assign…re-wrote my notes (which took a week)…worked some more MCQs…reviewed my notes…took the exam.

    The key was Yaeger’s lectures (they teach college-style) and taking REALLY good notes.

  • Another71: What did you do differently in studying the fourth time around for REG that got you such a high score?!

  • I took AUD on Monday, 01/05/08. Third time is the charm! What I hate about this testing process is that you can know the AUDITING material inside and out, but if you can’t decipher AICPA’s trick questions that they call “Multiple Choice Questions,” you stand no chance of passing.

    I know that the AICPA would justify such techniques as weeding out the candidates that can’t problem solve the question or analyze the question to its core, but I disagree. I think that is absolute crap.

    I know the material…now give me my passing score damnit!

  • I took Reg today and feel the same way! I got through the first testlet feeling OK and then all of a sudden I got bombarded with ridiculous questions that were very tricky. I could mostly narrow it down to 2 answers but then it was a guess! Not to mention this was my 3rd time taking it and I studied sooooooo much this time! So I’m saying a few prayers.

  • Matthew I also took REG yesterday( I’m the first Anon) and the questions were all quite short and quite a few of them had some tricky info which frequently reduced my answer to an educated 50% guess. I think the fact that they stayed short ( two lines mostly) meant that I kept doing bad ,testlet to testlet.Never had I studied so much and felt so angry and frustrated after a test.

  • Any date predictions for the Jan/Feb waves being posted?!

    It’ll be similar to Wave 1 of the last window…I’ll have a post dedicated to it early Feb.

  • So they are effective for both FARE and REG. My current plan is to take FARE in the beginning of April and REG again in the end of May.

    They (the HomeStudy programs from Yaeger) were both very effective for me. I scored a 92 on REG and re-passed FAR the first time after being away from it (and forgetting everything). I highly recommend them both.

  • Raza – I liked the CD-rom version of the ethics material because it prompted some PDFs that you can do a word search through to find your answer. I don’t know anything about the book version. The search feature through the PDFs was a real time saver.

  • I took REG yesterday. I really knew the stuff coming into the exam but the multiple choice were extremely hard, i mean brutally difficult…I have taken this test once before and the MC seemed to get harder…so bummed, Has anyone else who took the test felt this way?

    I thought I at least knew all the simulation material…..I just don’t know if I can take another fail in REG.

  • I read on epa-exam org that people who take the exam at the beginning of a window are subject to a early grading process. Which means they get the grade back before the actual window is complete.

    Before you disclaim as B.S. I have a audit person who took audit in may 1 and got score on may 19; so we started asking how thiscould be and the above is what I was able to find on the net.

  • Hi Jeff- I have emailed you regarding the ethics course. Just thought post it here as well. Wondering whether I should buy the text for the ethics course or the CD Rom. Do you the difference (pros and cons) between the 2 etc. Thanks. Raza

  • I see.(I’m the first poster) So they are effective for both FARE and REG. My current plan is to take FARE in the beginning of April and REG again in the end of May.

  • FYI for those who are waiting…I requested a NTS on 12/29 to retake AUD, and I received my NTS today.

    (I know someone mentioned it on the previous post)

  • So should I make the switch to Yager?

    Well, the Wiley book is the best on the market (in my opinion) and what Yaeger does is take the Wiley material and teach it along with weeding out the extra stuff that they don’t think will be on the exam…it worked for me. FAR is a beast (20 chapters…13 DVDs), so I highly recommend Yaeger for it.

  • well REG was a traumatic experience. I was making growling screams for a while after it.:-) After three months of Wiley and two thousand GLeim questions, I was constantly confused by simple looking one line questions that somehow always had some little tricky fact that I didnt know.(and those God damned CPA ethics it seemes that chapter was tested more then any other) I’m taking FARE next. So should I make the switch to Yager? Or should I stick with Wiley and Gleim?
    (this post pretty mirrors my email, sorry abou that)

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