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    I'm shooting for late December (which is only a few days away…) for release.



    @Jeff- Is there any special if i want to buy Ninja Notes + Wiley Test Bank…


    I have 2 combos you might be interested in … they have the savings built in

    Without Wiley: https://www.another71.com/products-page/ninja-combo/

    With Wiley: https://www.another71.com/products-page/ten-point-combo/



    Jeff – Done w/ my CPA review videos tomorrow. Looking forward to the 2013 notes b/c even with only minor changes I'd rather just wait until I have a clean, fresh set to study. Me and REG battle Jan. 20th. Happy New Year.


    Cool – I'm putting the finishing touches on the notes and then editing the audios and will have it all released by the morning of 1/2 is the plan.



    @jeff Awesome. Godspeed sir and thanks for the timeliness – beats all other CPA review courses out there.



    I just ordered 2012 NINJA + Wiley for REG and have yet to use it, but I plan to start this week. I did not realize that a 2013 version was coming out already, so will I need to upgrade? I didn't even think of a possible update when I purchased 2012.


    I'm almost done with 2013 tweaks … no worries – I give free updates until you pass.


    I purchased 2011 FAR and AUD, but did not get updates for 2012. Will I still be able to get 2013 updates?


    Yep – I should be releasing the 2013 updates to NINJA Notes today … just e-mail me.

    There will be a lot of people e-mailing, so if you don't get it right away – it's coming 🙂


    2013 NINJA Notes now available: https://www.another71.com/2013-cpa-review-course/



    Is it just to jeff@ email?


    yep – jeff@another71.com

    My inbox is swamped so if you don't get it right away … don't worry 🙂



    Hi Jeff, i bought the REG notes 2 weeks ago am i eligible to have the 2013 version ? my exam is on the 11th ! wish me luck 🙂


    Yep – just e-mail me … inbox is getting slammed right now



    Thanks Jeff, just mailed you 🙂



    Has anyone who sent an email request received their updated 2013 yet?



    No, I still have not received my update notes.



    I got mine last night

    They had a ton of requests so it may take a while for them to get to everyone


    I'm sending them out as fast as possible. The downside of giving free updates is that everyone wants it 🙂

    Thanks again for your patience.



    Do anyone if the Audio ever goes on sale. I have been eyeing it for a while and the price is constant…



    Just received mine.

    All good things!


    I've never discounted the audio.

    I think it's because I've spent literally hundreds of hours on it that I just can't bring myself to do it 🙂

    The Audio is part of the 10 Point Combo – which is the Notes, Audio, Flashcards, and Test Bank all for $197.



    Thanks Jeff..I have heard great things so I may bite the bullet. I noticed that Gleim had an audio only version but I haven't heard any reviews on it…Again Thanks Jeff!!



    Anyone still not receive the note updates? Requested 1/3.

    Maybe Jeff is just doing FAR last due to lack of updates?


    I have someone doing nothing but mailing out the updates…there were a gazillion requests.

    They even worked over the weekend. Thanks for your patience.



    Not to push the subject too hard, but its been an entire week…

    Are the updates still going out?

    The reason I ask again is that I take FAR in about two weeks – I'm sure I'm not all that unique in my situtaion…it would just be nice to have them in hand soon to be able to prepare with them.


    Sorry – I didn't see where you had e-mailed me for the update for your 2012 purchase. I looked up your forum e-mail address and sent it.




    Got them…thanks again.



    Does anyone know how long it takes to get the update, on average? I only asked on the 7th so I'm not expecting them immediately, but I'm going to be away from a computer (but with a textbook!) this weekend and don't want to accidentally miss the email with the updated notes if they come in while I'm out. Thanks in advance.

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