2013 NINJA Notes

02 Jan 2013



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I used your Ninja Notes for all 4 parts of the CPA exam. I was able to pass all of them on the first try, and overall, they were very helpful. I just wanted to thank you for all of the help.” -Austin

The backbone of my study experience was based on ninja material, notes and audio. And I swear by it at this point.” – Roxwella

Yes!! Every time I've rewrote the NINJA Notes I passed!!” – JoMarie

I used your notes for FAR and they were TREMENDOUS! I scored a 52 on first attempt; with the help of your notes, study plan and the Wiley Test BankI scored an 81 on my second attempt!.” -Adriana B.

“You've been a great help by the way, you, your products, and your whole site! I found out I got a 96 on Audit last night, I'm in shock (still). 3 down and 1 to go!!!!” -Kristin S.

I just bought FAR because the notes helped me so much with AUD. Great product!!” -LittleMoe

Just wanted to let you know I ended up passing audit this time with a 87! Your notes were a huge help in raising my score. I followed your instructions of reading them over and over again and leaving myself a week to rewrite them. I'm deploying this same method as I study for FAR.” -Kris K.

I bought the NINJA Notes for AUD and, after using them once, I'll be sure to get the NINA Notes for the next two tests. NINJA NOTES ROCK!” – mdrobbin


I just wanted to update you with my score, I passed BEC with an 84!!! I am sure that those Ninja notes helped a lot!!!” – Jessica W.


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