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    Hey Guys,

    Currently studying for BEC using Becker. I am tryin to narrow down the modules (TOPICS) that relate to Written Communication. Are they be the ones that have “Analysis” and “Evaluation” Emphasis? Wouldn't want to waste my time on the chapters that are just going to appear as multiple choice.



    Jimmy Dugan

    There is no way to know which topics will appear on a WC. If you have Becker, watch some of the sim videos where the instructors walk you all the way through their response to a WC prompt. That was extremely valuable to me in preparing for the WC portion. IMO, it's a lot more important to know how to go about structuring your answer than it is to know the topic down to the most intricate details. They have to keep the topics pretty high level, else there won't be enough time to answer all 3. If you are doing well enough in the MCQ on each section, you probably know enough to form a solid answer in the WC's.

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    You're killing me Smalls



    Steven K

    Going off of what Jimmy said, I would say that the best way to prep for the WC is to know the material. I took BEC this morning and while I can't specify the questions I got, I will tell you that every WC came from a different Becker Chapter. I happened to feel comfortable with all the WC I got but there was definitely one of them where Becker literally only talked about it in a small paragraph. I happened to remember what Becker said about it and was able to put together a slightly relevant idea but that just goes to show that if you open becker to a random page and just find a paragraph, chances are you could potentially have a WC on it.

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    Thank you for the feedback!

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