CPA: International Exam of Mystery

The AICPA has announced that “beginning in the second half of 2011, candidates who qualify will be allowed to schedule their CPA Exam at select international locations.

It will be the same examination offered in the U.S. and it will be given in English only, regardless of location.

In addition, the exam will be offered at the international locations for only one month within each testing window. Information about the testing dates is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The exam will be offered at selected Prometric testing centers in Bahrain, Kuwait, Japan, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

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Baba 10 years ago

No African locations?? Sad sad sad!

Rachel 10 years ago

Graphics remind me of a good James Bond 007 movie........

zuhair hamza 10 years ago

woooooooooow finally

Mohammed 10 years ago

That's a great new

aisha yousif 10 years ago

that's great :)

Jonathan 10 years ago

Great news but no HK? Sad that APAC was left out.

CPA 10 years ago

what i want to say is that NASBA and AICPA has damaged the reputation of the cpa exam by this transition, the only distinguishing mark of cpa is the inside administration of the exam RIP my dear cpa exam

Yale 10 years ago

to CPA, I respect your opinion and thats true but i heared that AICPA and NASBA will make the exam more difficult than now and the pass rates will not exceed 30-35 % for the whole year, in addition to that, they will impose additional exam fees which may cost an average of 4,000 USD for all parts

Herb 10 years ago

to CPA and Yale, The AICPA and NASBA decesion was taken from trading and financial perspective

BECKER 10 years ago

The best CPA material is Becker, i've tried several materials including Wiley but it dosnt work with me

Wiley 10 years ago

what about Egypt & Saudi Arabia

Mark 10 years ago

Still no news about which month of each testing window will the exam be available in 2011?

Mosaab 10 years ago

I'm really happy Last year I took my BA after 5 years of steepness and now I can get the CPA. Trust me, when you love your dream, be sure it will come true on day

mohd 10 years ago

is there any news about which month in 2011 they are going to start ????

Reem 10 years ago

I have bachelor degree in accounting & I work as an accountant. I need to know what should i do to get the CPA from kuwait ? how how long does it take to finish & costs? thanks alot all

Manoj 10 years ago

Until now Additional fee required not mentioned

ibrahim quteshat 10 years ago

im so happy to take exam in near country i sit two time in usa but i cant pass now im ready to be cpaaaaaaaaaaa i will always try

Sabreen Mirza 9 years ago

I want to register to CPA I have finished Diploma in Accounting from University of Bahrain & CAT From ACCA and I have 11 years experiance in accouting is it enough to registre without having BS degree