Video: CPA Exam & Masters of Accountancy at Same Time




Donovan says, “I want to start studying for the CPA while getting my Masters of Accountancy. Which section do you think will be the best to take concurrently with my masters program? Hoping to pass all four within six to eight months.”

That is a tall order. I don't know if I would do it if I were you. You have a pretty big load studying for your Masters of Accounting. I would look and see how your semester lands up. If you're taking some financial accounting classes, like some heavy financial accounting classes your first semester.

Most Masters of Accountancy (MAcc) programs, unless you're taking night school, it's like two semesters. If it's heavy financial then take FAR. It probably has financial tax and audit, so all those being equal I would take FAR. However you're taking it concurrently so that's a problem.

What I would say is, finish your masters and then do the CPA exam. If you insist on doing it concurrently I would probably do BEC and then auditing and save regulation and FAR for when you're done with your masters. Although that's like a whole year. I'm kind of going in a circle here.

If you insist on taking it concurrently, see which topics line up best semester wise and then take those exams. Maybe FAR and regulation, if you're taking a lot of financial and at classes.

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