CPA Exam Pass Rates First Quarter 2008 Released

18 May 2008

CPA Exam Study Tips

By Jeff

BEC 46.94%
FAR 45.95%
REG 45.66%
AUD 44.66%

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Surprisingly, AUD had the lowest passing rate. It is generally regarded as the least-difficult section of the CPA Exam, while FARE is the hardest. Opinions vary, obviously.

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Temasik_Temagi 16 years ago

I'm sitting for AUD at the end of May. Since it's the easiest part among the 4, I wonder if they are stricter at curving the AUD scores. By the way, I thought your Jason Bourne comment on CPAnet was funny. Someone removed the guy's post today. 16 years ago

I'm glad someone else thought it was funny too. :)

Ezra 16 years ago

I am obsessed with the passing rate of each section. I guess I am worried I am not going to pass... so thank you for posting them.
Why did you lose the credit for FAR? 16 years ago

Why did you lose the credit for FAR?

18 month rule. Passing FARE felt like I had passed the Exam, so I took a year off and celebrated :)

Josh 15 years ago

Passed FAR and AUD this window. Failed REG. Glad to know that I'm part of those statistics (mostly on the passing side).

Brett5768 15 years ago

They don't curve the scores. Each question is weighted differently, but they DO NOT curve the scores.
Here is a good reference if you do not believe me, as I know this is a common misperception.