Video – CPA Exam Prep: Active Learning vs Passive

Scott writes in, “Jeff, I took my FAR CPA Exam last Thursday after studying for 2 months and feel decent about it. I’ve passed REG and BEC and have my arch-nemesis AUD left. I used Roger for all of my previous failed attempts and typically watch videos, take notes, then work MCQ at the end after I’m through the videos.

“For some reason, I feel like watching videos helps, but I find my mind wandering this time around and with only 13 days until my exam I don’t have time to waste on inefficiency. REG expires at that time and pending a passing score on FAR I could be done. I have thorough notes from my last attempts using Roger and began rewriting them but just felt like I was going through the motions.

“My question is this – I have 13 days and I’m off all week next week, what should I do? I feel like I need to watch videos but I don’t have time and clearly, it hasn’t worked before. Change it up from Roger completely? Read NINJA notes and Book and hammer MCQ? Help me! I want to be done and feel like I have wasted a week watching videos and rewriting notes. I’m trending and averaging 75% and that’s with just a few days of review.”


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