CPA Exam Result Watch©: Monitors so that you don’t have to


I am happy to introduce a new advertiser on CPA Exam Result Watch©.

The developers of CPA Exam Result Watch© saw their friends and family agonize over the CPA Exam score release process and decided to create a solution to free CPA Exam candidates from the burden of constantly checking for their scores.

Basically, CPA Exam Result Watch© works like this: You enter your session ID and date of birth into the program and CPA Exam Result Watch© takes care of the rest. You never have to check for that exam section again because when your scores appears on the website, your score gets e-mailed to you.

With CPA Exam Result Watch©, you no longer have to stay chained to your computer on the nights CPA Exam scores are supposed to come out. When your score shows up online, it gets e-mailed to you. If your cell phone can receive e-mail, you can literally get your score sent to you no matter where you are or what you're doing.

I've had several people contact me about checking their scores for them because they would not have internet access on vacation or wherever they were going. They could check e-mail on their phone, but couldn't check the website and asked me to check for them. This application would have solved all of the frustration of relying on someone else to check your CPA Exam score for you.

result watch
Once you buy the application, you can use it for all of your remaining CPA Exam scores.

The price of the application is $9.99, but sanity is priceless.

(Where was this thing when I was taking the exam???)

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13 comments on “CPA Exam Result Watch©: Monitors so that you don’t have to”

  • Kya sir 10th ka result kab aaye ga ham sab log bor ho rhe hai pelese pelese

  • My cousin would appreciate this website. We were not too long ago discussing about this. lol

  • So there is no point to this in say, California, where we get our scores through the AICPA and a few days earlier than the NASBA people, correct?

  • If you have a cell phone, it will email your score. So you can get your results anywhere w/o worrying about when they come out.

  • It’s really not faster than keeping a window open and hitting refresh on NASBA.

    However, anyone who has obsessed over their score and hit refresh on NASBA’s site hundreds of times waiting on their score will appreciate the convenience of this.

    Your employer and family will probably appreciate it too.

  • Will it work for states where the score is posted on the state website rather than the NASBA website? (I am in VA).

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