CPA Exam Results March 2010

March is upon us and as candidates are going postal patiently waiting for their CPA Exam results, here are some things to keep in mind:

March 8, 2010: Due to the crazy weather on the East Coast, the January/February 2010 window was extended to March 8. According to NASBA, exams taken in March will be part of the Wave 2 score release.

Keep in mind that the March 8 extension could wreak havoc on the score release process. Then again, it may not. I wouldn't be surprised either way.

The following are predictions based on historical trends:

Monday March 15, 2010: AICPA releases BEC

Once the AICPA starts releasing CPA Exam scores, California, Illinois, Virginia will follow suit. NASBA usually releases scores within two business days after the AICPA release.

Tuesday March 16, 2010: AICPA releases REG

Tuesday evening March 16, 2010: NASBA releases BEC at approx 10pm Eastern

Wednesday evening March 17, 2010: NASBA releases REG at approx 10pm Eastern

Thursday March 18, 2010: AICPA releases AUD

Friday evening March 19, 2010: NASBA releases AUD at approx 10pm Eastern

Monday March 22, 2010: AICPA releases FAR

Tuesday evening March 23, 2010: NASBA releases FAR at approx 10pm Eastern


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CPA Exam Score Release Wave 2 FAQs:
Q: I sat for my exam in early January, but didn't get my score in Wave 1. Am I “borderline”?

A: No. It likely means that you had a brand new, never-before-tested simulation and are therefore in Wave 2 automatically, per my Interview with the AICPA.

Q: I didn't get my score in Wave 2!!! Am I borderline?

A: Possibly. Keep in mind that the AICPA will release a section like Regulation and then release 1,000 more REG scores with Auditing.

However, once Wave 2 is complete, an additional wave of scores usually come out 2-3 days later. This is known unofficially as Wave 2.5.

Historically, people who get their scores after Wave 2 usually fall in the range of a 72 to 76. Granted, there will be some outliers here (i.e. a 90), but people who fall into this “Wave 2.5” almost always end up reporting scores in this range.

Get CPA Exam score release updates at the CPA Exam Forum.

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David H. 13 years ago

Why did they create a week extension into march? I didn't think you could sign up for tests in March? Is this just something special they did for those northeastern states where whoever signed up got to take their test in march as well?

Jeff - 13 years ago

It was to accommodate the people affected by the storms, but my understanding is that it was extended nationwide to make it equal for everyone.

David H. 13 years ago

That's odd because late February I tried rescheduling it again and March was blanked out so I just went ahead and took it on Feb 20th. I'm in Georgia so maybe they just excluded the peach state.

Becky 13 years ago

I received my scores yesterday and I'm finished! Thank you for being an inspiration to me throughout my process. I have been out of school for 20 years and didn't know if I could pass the exam because of all the changes that take place. After reading your blog and finding the Yaeger products, I knew that I could do it. Perserverance and dedication are the keys to success. It took me about 18 months to finish the process, during that time my mother was very ill and passed away last summer. I know that she is watching from Heaven and is so proud. Thank you again for sharing your story and keep up the good work!

dan 13 years ago

I took the exam on march 2nd and I am in CA. so I am sure they extended the time nationwide

Cynthia 13 years ago

I took the exam on March 4th in CA, so the time seems to have been extended for all states as Dan mentioned. I rescheduled a Feb. 25 test on Feb. 21.

Delux 13 years ago

In lieu of passing my 4th exam and getting my certification I'll exchange my license for for 1 round in the octagon with the board of the AICPA in charge of administering the cpa exams....and yes I am talking about me vs all of them at the same...Seriously, if anyone knows how to plug this into the correct channel let me know. I think it would be a great way to raise money for charity as well as reliquinish me of something that I really don't care to have anymore. Took AUD 4 months ago and knew a 71. I wait 3 months and take it again with ZERO studying and only about 1/2 the knowledge still in my brain....I get an 81. Good job AICPA, sure...its not curved...I believe that...laugh...not to mention that the test shouldn't involve that much luck. Side note: I have studied Item response theory and I think the tests are graded as such. They say there is no curve...sure...then what takes so long to get your grade, or for like new simulations you have to wait till 2nd wave. And yes I have read a million discussions on this matter and here is what I have concluded. Sure, the only questions of yours that count towards your grade are the correct answers. From there, in your given testing window individual questions are matched with other candidates that had the same question....the less candidates that get it right, the more points its worth. So, if you happen to answer the same questions everyone else gets right your not going to score high. Its that simple, thats what takes MONTHS to get your grade back because they have to wait till they get the correct weighting down for questions. Also, the ENTIRE test is computer graded, even the written. And just so happen the pass rates every window have only a few % points variance....thats also NOT POSSIBLE without with essentially curving the grades by using a weighting system like I have described. If it was not like that 1 window might have 75% pass and the next 25%. How is it that I was less intelligent in Jan of this year then the end of 09 and scored 10 points higher? Its because its busy season and who the hell wants to study for and take AUD then...NO ONE. However, I can guarentee everyone busts their balls studying EXTREMELY hard at the end of the year because they know they can't test for like 4 months because of busy season. Congratulations AICPA, you've created a test that not only makes everyone hate their lives but also is no indication of how much they actually know. I'm starting to consider maybe the IRS has something to do with all of this considering how pathetic the system is....but the IRS is a different topic for a different day. get money

john 13 years ago

I do agree somewhat with what Dilux said. I mean they say clearly that not all questions are worth the same amount of points. So they have to weigh them somehow. Whats the best way of doing this? Take everyone that had the same question and see how many got it right. So I agree in that I believe your grade somewhat depends on others. And by doing this it would certainly keep the grading consistent throughout the windows. I still think its fair tho. The fact of the matter is if you study longer and harder then the majority of the people taking it you should be able to answer the questions people normally would miss. So in that regard I think the test does a pretty good job. thats really odd you went up 10 points without studying more. I'd imagine your in the minority there. If you happen to be the majority, I would begin to question the validity of the test big time. I dont know the SD and varience of the entire population of people taking the test is but you'd expect 68% to fall within 1 SD and 95% to fall within 2 SD.......maybe your part of the 5% that fell outside that.

ROBIN DAVID 13 years ago

Hi - my husband took the BEC part of the test on February 25, smack in the middle of the snowstorm -- when can we expect his grade to be posted on the NASBA website, anyone have any idea?

Allyson 13 years ago

Robin - the prediction is next Tuesday night (the 16th)...I'm waiting for a BEC score, too.

Mel 13 years ago

Hi Jeff - I took AUD on March 8th, and I'm registered in IL. Usually, after I take my exam and I look for the score, it will say "AUD - Waiting for Score." But now it doesn't say anything. No "AUD", no "Waiting for Score." Anyone else have this problem? Did AICPA accept my exam?

Alice 13 years ago

Mel, it takes a few days until IL Board updates your info in the system. I had the same issue with every test. It will eventually say "Waiting for Score".

Mel 13 years ago

Thanks Alice! I finally saw it today.

napo 13 years ago

Hi Do you guys know when the result is comming out for those taking on Mar? Thanks

wait 13 years ago

Has the AICPA released the BEC scores yet?

jason 13 years ago

Wouldn't we all like to know by now! I can only refresh the IL board of accounting website so many times. Can we get some info please!

Tyler 13 years ago

This is hopefully my last test. I wouldn't have even worried about getting the results except I read on this site that it should be out today. Now I can't concentrate on anything else.

usha 13 years ago

has nasba started releasing the results for february wave 2 window yet

napo 13 years ago

I called Nasba this morning and they had not received anything from AICPA yet. Anyone has any info , please share.

Shanda 13 years ago

According to Jeff (in the CPA Exam Review Forum section of this website), BEC should be released by AICPA tomorrow.

Milehigh 13 years ago

I took AUD on Jan 22 and still havent heard back. Friday will make a full 8 weeks. Am i reading that right that the prediction is for Friday? Why wasnt I in wave 1?

Laura 13 years ago

Good luck everyone!

Nash 13 years ago

Anyone received BEC score? I took the exam on 22Feb! Anyone can help with any information about the BEC score release! Thanks!

Susana 13 years ago

I took BEC on FEB 28th in Texas and checked the NASBA website but it gives me an error saying score not found.

Nash - BEC 13 years ago

Susana, "an error or saying score not found" means the score is not posted by NASBA, I am getting the same....! I am checking every hour and still NOTHING! ANY NEWS!

Eric 13 years ago

Wow guys... It's pretty straight forward if you read his initial prediction, and then just wait for the first shoe to drop (AICPA score release). After that, everything will fall into place. I'm just as anxious as anyone about getting my score (REG, my 4th and hopefully last test), but you're all going to go crazy if you don't just be patient and check when you know the score should be there. As Frankie says... RELAX.

Nash - BEC 13 years ago

Thanks Eric for your advice!

napo 13 years ago

Just call nasba and they said scores will be out at the end of next week. Are those nasba representive reliable?

Susana 13 years ago

Thanks for the info guys!! I guess I can stop checking every hour now. lol it is just so hard to focus sometimes :D

Shana 13 years ago

For Texas, go to the state board website,, and log in. Your scores will be posted there once they are released.

DBell 13 years ago

6527 BEC scores were released by AICPA for the Jan/Feb 2010 testing window according to the website.

amy 13 years ago

any idea when will AUD score come out??

Ben 13 years ago

Audit probably won't be out until next week if I had to guess.

Cesar 13 years ago

I hope my BEC score is one of the 6257.

napo 13 years ago

If AICPA release BEC today, then Nasba will release tonight or tomorrow?

MIMO 13 years ago

What about REG release , up to date i don't receive my exam result

CPA Bound 13 years ago

Just received a 75 on BEC! 3 down and 1 to go. Must complete FAR by 4/30 or will AUD will fall off. This is going to be a very busy 5 weeks. Time to file extensions and study!

Nash - BEC 13 years ago

CPA Bound - which state you are? I am waiting for the BEC score, i hope i get it by today and plan for next exam, the delays is killing me!!!!! Wish everyone all the best!

Cesar 13 years ago

Just checked ! FL Nothing yet.

Frank P. 13 years ago

How many release's of BEC do they do? If I'm not part of the first 6,000 is there an estimate of when the others will be released?

Luke G 13 years ago

I am in CA, I just got my BEC score this morning. 79! SHIP IT

Jessica 13 years ago

What about the REG scores? When are they going to be released?

Jan 13 years ago

I took the first test last Feb, and honestly, I do not know where to view the results upon release. NASBA scores? Accounting board examination association per state? By mail? I am in CA. Pls. pardon my ignorance.

Tyler 13 years ago

I am in California. After checking all night last night, I received my BEC score at 7:30am this morning. Passed and that is all four down. I am done. Good luck to everyone still fighting the good fight.

Megan 13 years ago

Waiting on BEC in Ohio...nothing yet.

Susana 13 years ago

Congratulations Tyler!!! BEC is the first exam I have taken so I am going insane and checking the website. Does anyone know if they send you a notification when they have posted the grade? or do I just keep checking until something is posted?

Tyler 13 years ago

Thanks Susana. If you are in CA, then you have to just keep checking. Good luck to you.

DBell 13 years ago

I am in TN and I did not get my BEC grade as of yet. I did not take till 2/27. Maybe they will release another group today or tomorrow. Congrats to all those with a Pass...great accomplishment!!!!

Frank P. 13 years ago

Anyone from NJ here yet. Took it on February 28th and haven't heard yet.

Jan 13 years ago

Hi, Tyler! Congratulations! As I mentioned earlier, I am in CA as well. Is the CBA the first source of information on test scores?

Tyler 13 years ago

Jan, yes. It seems like they are released by the CBA in batches since some people had their scores last night and mine came this morning. I bet more will keep leaking out. Keep checking.

Jan 13 years ago

Thank you, Tyler.

usha 13 years ago

Why no release of scores today for AUD or REG today. Anything expected tomorrow.

Nat 13 years ago

did anyone receive reg from VA?

Cesar 13 years ago

FL scores for BEC are in !

Patrick 13 years ago

Any news on Wisconsin BEC or FAR release?

waitingGL 13 years ago

No REG in VA...when's the next release Jeff??

Frank P. 13 years ago

Got my BEC results this morning for Jersey and I got a 77. 3 parts down and I'm waiting on REG to be released for this testing window. Does anyone know when the REG results will come?

Scott 13 years ago

Ohio BEC was in last night. I passed AND my alma mater Ohio University pulled off a huge basketball upset. Double bonus. Good luck everyone.

SS 13 years ago

HI everyone, CO BEC scores are up! Passed with a 80! Jeff, do you have any idea when REG scores will be released?

Laura 13 years ago

Has anyone received a BEC score from TN yet? My score still isn't up.

amy 13 years ago

Will the AUD result come out anytime this weekend?? :-( It's been a very long waiting time with all the delay...wish I can know the scores by Sat....

Alice 13 years ago

im in the same position as you amy :( want my AUD result too..though i have a feeling it won't come til sometime next week.

Kim 13 years ago

Any word on REG results? It's so frustrating waiting this long

napo 13 years ago

For Reg, should check if something there, then check nasba web or just wait

MI723 13 years ago

Has the AICPA not released any other scores besides BEC on WED?

Kim 13 years ago

They just released FAR according to

napo 13 years ago

Unbelievable , how come FAR before Reg

amy 13 years ago

yes, i agree with you napo... how come FAR comes before AUD and REG??? :-(

CPA Bound 13 years ago

Techology has spoiled so many. Before everyone continues to be so impatient about score releases remember it use to take six months for scores to be released. WE are lucky to be able to recieve scores as quickly as we do. Any faster or slower will not change the outcome or what step you'll need to take next. So take a deep breathe and remember good things come to those whom wait.

Tucker 13 years ago

Thanks CPA Bound for bestowing your great wisdom upon us ordinary people. Actually for some of us the "faster or slower" does matter as to the step we have to take next. But GREAT post!

usha 13 years ago

Does anybody know if AICPA ever releases results on saturday or sunday. Waiting for my audit score.

Soupergenius 13 years ago

Waiting on my REG score in Indiana. I guess it will be next week. Always makes me nervy when I'm late getting scores. Makes me think they must be double checking something and I'm borderline. I really don't want to take REG again...come on 75!

Jeff - 13 years ago

I don't check this thread as much as I do the forum...if you have a question for me, the best bet is the forum. Thank you, Jeff

Lastone 13 years ago

Are the scores posted from NASBA on weekends or only business days? Waiting on FAR...

Mimo 13 years ago

To Lastone I have received my FAR score yasterday evening 78%. hope all member pass. Now i wait REG score.

Nash 13 years ago

Anyone has received REG? I am not sure if they release the score in the weekend,, i guess we have to wait for two days more!!!

napo 13 years ago

Hi Mino what state is that?

mimo 13 years ago

Hi Napo it CA state do you any news about REG

Nash 13 years ago

Hi there, Any news about REG? anybody got the result!

TommyH 13 years ago

I'm in GA and still no FAR score...

napo 13 years ago

hopefully REG comes out today

dkenny 13 years ago

MD's FAR scores have been posted, I passed my first section with a 94! says when scores are released to NASBA, then it's 24 - 48 hours (1-2 BUSINESS DAYS) for them to be posted. good luck everybody

bw 13 years ago

No FARE score in NY yet...

lulu 13 years ago

Is Reg./MI realeased yet???????? Any advice how to pass FAR after retaking for 3 times!!!!!!!!!!

napo 13 years ago

Hi Lulu; make you get all 100% of Becker passmaster. you're good to go for FAR

usha 13 years ago

Just checked with Nasba. They don't have scores for AUD and REG Yet.

B 13 years ago

Anyone received FAR result in IL????

Tony 13 years ago

I got my FAR result at 12:00 noon in IL for FAR. 78 Good luck!

napo 13 years ago

Finally, AICPA released REG.

jr 13 years ago

Anyone get FAR scores in UT yet??

KV 13 years ago

Does anyone know when FAR scores in TX will be released? (or have got it already?)

Donald 13 years ago

Does anyone know what's the deal with AUD?

w 13 years ago

Has anyone received a REG score yet? I'm in IL waiting.

Kerrie 13 years ago

I am still waiting for AUD as well. I tested on Feb. 19th in CA. I received the scoresof the other exams I took, even the 2 exams I took the week of Feb 25th :(. I didn;t know they extended another week, I would have not crammed 2 exams in 1 week! I ended up with a 73 on FAR, I had the worst headcold the whole week before and day of the test and I got a 71 on BEC , but I only had 1 afternoon ot study, so I would have been more surprised if I had passed. All the formulas I memorized, I didn;t need and all the ones I didn;t study, I needed, figures! I will know all of them this time. I did pass the REG section with 75, which was great! Just hoping AUD has a passing score. Is waiting longer a good or bad sign?

@@ 13 years ago

Does anyone receive a REG result in Illinois? thank you!

napo 13 years ago

Anyone received FAR and REG in NY?

Malek 13 years ago

Kerrie, I haven't received AUD yet either and I took it on Feb 26th. I didnt know about them extending either!! When I registered it was blocked off! I would have definitely used that extra week to study.

Matt 13 years ago

PA and I got FAR back. I took it Feb. 22nd. Good luck.

Delux 13 years ago

First, see my first post at top of page for intro....its the longest post here and near the very top. 2nd.....just failed FAR for the 3rd time(note: its the only test i have havnt passed) got 87, 81, 75 on other 3. SO....70, 73,70. Note 2 of those scores is with ZERO studying and the 73 is with like a month "studying". I have now taken full offense to these stupid tests....they mean nothing. But now I only have 1 shot more shot before my 87 runs out and I am offended by the aicpa. I'll be reporting a 95+ on this stupid peice of (insert a magnitude of things here). Note: the best part of our tests....its the only profession were actual PROFESSIONALS who have been practicing for 20 years would have 0% chance of passing any of the 4 exams.....good job aicpa...real meaningful test. Every other profession in the U.S. the more experience you would get in the field the easier the exams to get certification would become. Sorry for the rant just sick of wasting time studying instead of doing important things I need to do to further my career. Summary. AICPA is a joke

bw 13 years ago

NY FAR score are up. I don't understand, the more I study for a test than the last, the worst I do...?!?!

Nash 13 years ago

more than a month to get my result, I need to start studying either for the same part (Incase failed) or other new part. I am just worried that the one i passed will get expired and i have to repeat it again. I am waiting for REG result? anyone got the result of REG! we are in 23rd of the month and still the score not released!!! Wish everyone all the best

mimo 13 years ago

TO NASH I am same to you the time kill me hope this day REG release.

notsopatient 13 years ago

Anyone received AUD scores from OHIO?

JF 13 years ago

Still waiting on AUD in FL for a test I took in January! Urgh!

Nash 13 years ago

TO MIMO,,,, I Hope we receive REG score today with passed score. Is there anybody received REG score who appeared in FEB?

Ben 13 years ago

Anyone receive AUD score from NY?

BW 13 years ago

Still no AUD scores for MA. Good thing I sat Jan 10th??

Mimo 13 years ago

To Nash Very thanks now I have received REG score 80% hope evry one pass realy Iam soooooooo pleasure. thanks all friends

Mark 13 years ago

Hi Mimo, which state in REG? I'm waiting for IL release REG. thank you!

Patrick 13 years ago

Mark - I'm waiting for REG in IL as well.

Kim 13 years ago

I am waiting for Reg in MA

mimo 13 years ago

CA state hope all pass

CPAwanabe 13 years ago

Waiting for AUD in MI!!! It's killing me!!!

Nash 13 years ago

TO MIMO,,, Great news,,,, I am DE state and not sure when it will be released! I wish i pass as well in REG........ :( Good Luck to everyone!

MI723 13 years ago

Any thoughts on when the AICPA will release AUD? Tonight, hopefully?

Donald 13 years ago

AICPA hasn't released AUD yet, so we'll probably see it tomorrow. Everyone says they release it after 9pm. I don't think government workers work that late!

Taty 13 years ago

I'm waiting for my REG score in NJ

KD 13 years ago

Anyone received AUD (wave 2) scores for Virginia?

Nat 13 years ago

just received REG from VA got a 74. any tips on how to study and get a 75?

Frank P 13 years ago

Did anyone get REG in NJ yet? That is my last part and I am anxiously waiting for it. I believe they released to the AICPA around 4 o'clock yesterday. So would it be safe to assume that NASBA will update the scores prior to 4:30 today?

Jessica 13 years ago

Did anyone get REG in PA yet?

AnnaB 13 years ago

did anyone recieve the REG for NY score yet?

Chris 13 years ago

Has anyone received REG scores in Texas yet?

Kerrie 13 years ago

I got my REG score 2 weeks after I took it. I took it on Feb 11th and got eh score on the 25th. Still waiting for audit though :(

Kevin 13 years ago

Anyone here use CPAexcel? How does it compare to Becker?

Ann 13 years ago

CPAexcel is pretty good to me. I passed 3, using CPAexcel only. Still waiting for REG result in TX. Good luck everyone!

SCOTT 13 years ago

If REG in NY doesn't get released, I may explode.

JMS 13 years ago

THIS EXAM BLOWS!! That's right Patty...I said it...It Blows!!

napo 13 years ago

I think REG in NY will be released tonight after 9pm

Frank P. 13 years ago

Still have not received REG in NJ and it was released from the AICPA to NASBA over 24 hours ago, has anyone else received it? Also what is the "ohio loophole"?

usha 13 years ago

AICPA has released the AUD scores to NASBA.

amy 13 years ago

how long does it take for us to see the audit results? im in ca.

KD 13 years ago

Anyone has any idea on when AUD scores will be released by Virginia?

Kerrie 13 years ago

Amy, I am in CA also waiting for Audit. It is excruciatingly long!! I have all my other results except this one, and I took this test 2nd.

napo 13 years ago

Any one get Reg in NY yet?

Ann 13 years ago

I passed REG in TX. Just got the scor in. Good luck everyone.

Pam 13 years ago

Has anyone received REG for CO

Kelli 13 years ago

Just check to see if AUD was released in go. I took the test January 9th! Should I be worried?

Joey 13 years ago

I am in GA, still waiting for AUD...drives me crazy

Danielle 13 years ago

I'm in MI and still waiting on AUD! Glad I'm not alone!

JF 13 years ago

Still waiting for AUD in FL... I wonder how many times you can hit reset on the website before it crashes? :)

usha 13 years ago

I am in MA and still waiting on AUD scores. Please update.

Happy 13 years ago

I am in CA and got the AUD score this morning. I passed it and got 83!

s 13 years ago

Hi KS, Sandra, If you are still checking this site, then just wanna let u know i had sent the papers to them. Did u hear anything after sending the evaluation papers, i mean eligibility status?

Ashleigh 13 years ago

In Ohio...still waiting for AUD (took it Jan 6th)

Pam 13 years ago

S, Do you know whether CO releases scores on NASBA website for those who haven't send their eligibility yet, or as Sandra mentioned earlier we have to wait for the US mail.

Anna 13 years ago

It's my understanding that the eligibility paperwork has to be submitted before NASBA releases the score. I want my AUD score and I want it now!!! :)

s 13 years ago

Pam, I think now the CO is releasing scores for everyone. I got mine on the website only. US mail came later. But its much better if you submit the papers as soon as possible, else the scores may become invalid.

Luke G 13 years ago

This is re-donkulous! I am in CA and I still have not received my AUD score. I am convinced it is a bunch of monkeys running the CPA test.

amy 13 years ago

Im in CA. no scores yet either :-(

Pam 13 years ago

Hi S, Thanks for your response. Actually the thing is it is my last section. So if I pass, why should I spend couple of 100 bucks to get evaluation done. Also can you tell me what do you mean by "scores may become invalid"

P 13 years ago

Still waiting on the AUD for NY that I took on January 2nd.

s 13 years ago

Pam, I think even if u pass all the parts u have to get ur evaluation done,its just that if you read their requirement they say, that the scores shall be invalid if the person do not meet the eligibility criteria. This might results in difficulty in getting ur license or transferring the scores credit in future. Also i asked abt the prospective application of the new rule they said that its mandatory for all the students taking exams after the changed rule, whether or not they received NTS before. Hope this helps!

Rick Ross 13 years ago

For CA, will they release the scores this afternoon or in the morning tomorrow?

MC 13 years ago

I'm in CA and scores for AUD are out. Got mine at 7:30 am.

fffffftttttt ffffffftttttt 13 years ago

NY AUD anyone

Donald 13 years ago

Im in NY too, nothin yet? AAAAAA!!!! This sucks

usha 13 years ago

Just called Nasba. They say scores for AUD for MA have been posted on their website.

VK 13 years ago

Waiting for AUD - CO any news....

Dave 13 years ago

I GOT ANOTHER 71 on Aud!! Argh!! I felt as if I 'ACED' it!! I got a 76 on Reg. and I actually feel I did WORSE on Reg. than Aud. Any comments? Do you actually have to score darn near 99 to even be 'considered' for a 75, or what??

usha 13 years ago

Nasba told me that scores for MA for AUD have been posted but I still get the error Message. What does it mean.

Rickball 13 years ago

Anyone in MA actually get there score?

RR B Noss 13 years ago

did anyone in NY get AUD ...have they been released?

webstarr 13 years ago

I'm in MA and I have not yet received my score.

Dennis 13 years ago

At least you don't live in Mississippi, where they still mail them out. I still have to wait til next week to get my AUD scores... MS catch up with the times and use a computer!

napo 13 years ago

Dear all If I take the exam in the beginning of April, do you know when we will expect the redult? Thanks alot

Nash 13 years ago

To napo, Suppose to be in May (Wave 1) but you never know, might delay to June (But less chance of delay).

Donald 13 years ago

has anyone received aud in ny?

Kaylee 13 years ago

Any word on AUD in ohio?

Anna 13 years ago

What about AUD scores in MI?

stilllllllwaiting 13 years ago

I am in Ohio and still haven't received

jb 13 years ago

What about AUD scores in Indiana?

Jamie 13 years ago

Anyone gotten FAR in Alabama?

K-dog 13 years ago

No AUD again today in Texas. URRRRR.

b"h b"ah 13 years ago

I got aud in NY last night 3/24 after 10 pm eastern time

VK 13 years ago Yesterday night I check on the above Loophole link for my AUD.- CO. It was gray( means not allowing me to click.)which means that I pass??? Next day morning it allowing status changed I can click on AUD?? Any body who passed thru such situation. On Nasba web still my score is not there.Is it because of reevaluation email from CO board? I am worried ...

John 13 years ago

pa just released scores. i just got mine. only 2 left.

krista 13 years ago

I just called NASBA, ME scores have been released. That means I'm borderline. Last part - I pray for 75!!!

Donald 13 years ago

What do you mean borderline- the late scores are close to 75 or smth??

tim 13 years ago

Does anyone know when the AUD scores for January window are going to be released? I took the exam the first week in Jan 2010 and still have not received my grade.

krista 13 years ago

To Donald - "Historically, people who get their scores after Wave 2 usually fall in the range of a 72 to 76" - thats what i mean

steve 13 years ago

I took AUD for NY on 3/4. The results were up when I checked at 8:30 this morning.

annoynomous 13 years ago

how do you know which wave you are in?

usha 13 years ago

Just called NASBA for my AUD scores in MA. They received my scores this morning and it will be posted online in 24-48 hours.

VK 13 years ago

I check my AUD on Loopholes link- for CO sate. Ystr Night it was gray - not allowing me to click on AUD (Pass?). Nxt Day morning it is changed and allowing me to enter.. Means what??? I got an email from reevaluation of my CA India Degree earlier. Nasba is not displaying my score on line. What to do did any one passed thru such situation????????

Mindy 13 years ago

did anyone in NY NOT get their score yet for AUD? im starting to get worried now after hearing some of you guys already got it.

SJK 13 years ago

anyone in OHIO get their scores?

Rickball 13 years ago

Just got AUD scores back for MA. Passed with an 84!! I clicked referesh for about an hour and it finally popped up on the NASBA site. Might work for you guys too.

shirley 13 years ago

I am in NY, still not get AUD yet. it's killing me.

Becca 13 years ago

Nothing in Ohio yet....

s 13 years ago

VK, I am from CO too, i got my scores online. even??????? i got my evaluation done in middle of my exams and haven't heard anything from them yet. I think they are releasing the scores for everyone. If your scores are not showing up then it might be coz that nasba have not uploaded them yet but i dont think CO mail has anything to do with that. Can you tell, what did they mail you?

JLS 13 years ago

Got my AUD results in CA TODAY, so I was behind some people. Passed with an 85. I feel like the order the scores were leaked had to do with when you took the test. Took the test 2/25, the last day of the testing window

matt 13 years ago

Anyone from CT get their scores?

torickball 13 years ago

If anyone took it in Mass when did you take the exam and have you received it yet??????

SD 13 years ago

I took MA AUD on Feb. 24th. Still nothing for me on NASBA.

usha 13 years ago

I took it in MA on Feb 20th and nothing for me yet. Hope this wait ends soon with a passing score for me

tim 13 years ago

Matt - i am also waiting for CT, have been waiting since first week in Jan, this is a little ridiculous.

usha 13 years ago

MA scores are out.Just checked my AUD scores. I got a 88.Three more to go

shirley 13 years ago

NY AUD is out!

soogratefulinOHIO 13 years ago

OHIO is out! 2 down, 2 to go

Pam 13 years ago

VK / S, I am from CO too...still waiting for REG results, can't see them online hoping to get them by US mail by monday. I just started my evaluation which will be available by end of april...I am just hoping I don't have to wait that long to see my results considering this is my last part

s 13 years ago

Pam, Hopefully u'll get ur result online in few days, might be before u receive the US mail. U can also call nasba whether they have ur scores, to be sure that u receive them. All the Best!

Pam 13 years ago

Hi S, Did you receive your online results at the same time as everyone else or did it come a few days later. REG was released by AICPA on Mar 22, almost everyone have gotten there results by Mar 24. I did check with NASBA, they said they have my result but will not release untill they find me eligible. Thanks

s 13 years ago

Pam, I got my Reg result at the same time when everyone got but previously when i did not submit my evaluation, i got the result 2-3 days late. but then i submitted my evaluation papers at the earliest. Now they have my papers and find me eligible so that might be the reason that i got my results with everyone. Did u get ur evaluation done?

Pam 13 years ago

Hi s, I have send my papers for evaluation only yesterday, so am not expecting it to be send to NASBA at least for next 3 weeks. I guess the only option now i have is to wait.

s 13 years ago

Pam, Don't Worry, you'll get ur result, keep checking. They might upload it sooner or later. But its definite that u'll receive it by US post, as Sandra mentioned earlier.

marc 13 years ago

Got TX AUD results today passsed!

deb S 13 years ago

Just got my result back for last part-FAR-PASS!!!!!!! Good luck to all of you! I am going to burn my study materials now-only kidding.