Waiting for CPA Exam Results?


Wave 1 CPA Exam results should start rolling out by the AICPA this Friday, May 14.

Is this guaranteed? No.

Only the AICPA knows when they are going to release the first wave of scores. has been tracking CPA Exam score releases since Moses parted the Red Sea November 2008 and knows that NASBA released scores to candidates on May 15, 2009, which means that the AICPA released scores around May 13, 2009.

Could BEC be released today? YES, absolutely.

Would it shock me? NO, absolutely not.

Would it shock me if the AICPA took until the following Monday to release BEC?

NO, absolutely not.

The safe bet is Friday, May 14 which gets the ball rolling for the onslaught of score releases.


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1,271 comments on “Waiting for CPA Exam Results?”

  • I too took the exam on april 21st and I have not yet received my score. I get up every day at 5 AM which is 8 AM NY time to check my score and as of today still no score.

  • Jeff, Thanks a lot for this awesome website it really helps, I have a littlequestion, I got the advisory score for BEC on May 20 this was my last section but the expiry date fo FAR was on May 21 and till now my CA account shows tat i have no credit on BEC and FAR expired what do u think …? and when do u think they will update this

  • Jeff- Do you have any idea if Waive 1 scores are still being posted in Iowa. I’m assuming since my score has not been posted I am in Waive 2?

  • While WI is a NASBA state, they are unique in that they hold EVERYONE’S score from a Wave and release them all at once.

    So, BEC people had to wait for REG, FAR, and AUD to come out before they can get their score.

  • @ Still Waiting,

    Yes WI is a NASBA state. Need to hang in there and attempt not to think about the it. Good luck to you maintaining your sanity!

  • @ Still waiting,

    I sat for FAR on 4/15 and AUD on 5/3 I’m in WI and didn’t get either of my scores yet…I grow a little more crazy every day I’m forced to wait. For the sake of all those that I interact with I need to get my scores soon!!

  • I took FAR 4/30 in NY (a NASBA state) and still have not received by score! Is anyone else in this situation? I called NASBA and they weren’t very helpful!! I cannot wait until June 30th, I will go crazy.

    Hopefully Im not the only one!

  • Hi Jeff, Thanks so much for this website. I finally pass all 4 parts after using every single day of my 18 month window. @Phil, I also received a 74 on FAR. Don’t waste time having it reviewed. You are going to pass it the next time with just a little more effort. Please consider if you even have time to have it reviewed. 18 months goes by a lot faster than you think. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  • Finally finished with this process after almost a year and a half – thanks to Jeff for creating a community for us all to be able to share our frustrations, failures and successes!

  • I took REG 4/2 and didn’t get my score – but other people in WA state did … so does that mean I am for sure in wave 2? What exactly makes that happen? Does it mean I failed?

  • @ Phil I would waste my time. I got a 74 in Nov 09. I studied my weak areas and retook the test first of Jan 10 and I got an 85. Save your self the headache and additional funds. Just retake the tests b/c you will have to retake it anyway.

  • @phil sorry…I received 2 of those unfortunate scores myself for BEC and REG. I eventually passed them. In the event you decide not to have them reviewed, I hope the 74 motivates you to study like a beast!

  • Freaking out!!! 74 on FAR. Found out today. Don’t care if there is less than a 1% chance… I’m getting my score reviewed.

  • Jeff, thanks for this awesome website -kept me sane while I waited for my scores. I passed all four so I am done!

  • LL – My PA Reg score was posted last night around 10PM. I got a 74… It looks like you might be wave 2, but I hope you have better luck than I did.

  • Still waiting for REG in Washington state … has anyone else in Washington state gotten a Reg score? I really hope I’m not in wave 2! I took it 4/2

  • Loophole works! Got my official score last night which means I just need to test my ethical-ness and then I’m done. Keep at it for those still in the thick of it – every tear and every rant and all the time is worth it!
    NOW I can go to Hawaii.

    FAR, BEC, AUD – 80
    REG – 69, 70 and finally. . . 83!!

  • UT REG is up! I passed and I’m ALL DONE! Yeah baby! Loophole does work for UT! Don’t give up!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I just want to thank you all for the support and encouragement you provided while I was preparing for the exams. I am finally finished with the CPA exam and would not have made it without God, my amazing family and friends, and this site!

    Jeff, thank you so much for going out of your way to obtain information for us, to make predictions for our scores, and to provide us with continual support and advice. I was so inspired by your story and greatly appreciate everything you have done to make this process easier for all of us.

    Thank you also to the users of this site – I obtained so much helpful information from all of you along the way, and it was really helpful to have a place to share experiences! To everyone who is preparing for future exams, I wish you all the best, and I know that you will all be successful. Never give up 🙂


    AUD 99
    BEC 90
    FAR 99
    REG 99

  • just got my REG score (Ohio) … 75!! … feels waaay better than the 87 I received on my BEC early this week. … but now FAR tomorrow is gonna kick my butt!

  • PA FARE is up…..I passed. This was the final section and I am done….Thank God.

  • Just got my REG score: 82. For NY. It took about an hour after people posted they got NY scores, so if you didn’t get it right away, its worth checking again.

    I sat on May 13, so I was resigned to being in Wave 2. A nice surprise. Halfway! Best of luck to all.

  • REG from New Jersey…. this is killing me!! it is still not there…

    HELPP!!!! AHHH!!!

  • GA is up… passed REC with a 84. My first try too :b

    Won’t be able to sleep tonight 🙁

  • FAR scores out right now in PR.
    Passed with 75!!!!!!!
    REG 78 , FAR 75
    Taking BEC next Saturday.
    Not bad for one graduated in 1991.
    Thanks sweet Jesus!!!!!!!!
    Hope more folks in PR have passed…

  • I have taken REG 4 times since last August 66,74, 71 and tonight is my 4th attempt. I have BEC in saturday, I cannot focus, I made up my mind earlier that I would not check the score.
    I cannot focus, I just want to pass. God let tonight be my night.
    For all Reg hopfuls out there. let’s keep out fingers crossed.

  • Jeff: I try and here is the message I got
    “We are sorry. Our system shows that you have already passed all parts of the Uniform CPA Examination. If you have questions, please call your Coordinator at the number given below. Please call the number below.

    Does it mean I passed the last parts REG? thanks

  • Jeff, How do I use the loophole. This is the 2nd exam I took so I’m not sure it will work.

  • Jeff: do you mean the Juridiction ID? when I put the juridiction ID and Date of birth , it allows me to register and I choose the one I already passed like AUDIT then it still allowe to go ahead until the point to put the credit card. what happen? thanks

  • Jeff: REG is my last part, but when I re-regaister for Audit, it still allow me to register. what happen then?


  • Oh yeah baby ! A failing score for REG tonight will simply postpone my romantic June evenings with FAR.

  • If NY is a NASBA state (I can’t remember if it is…) and it’s your LAST part, then yes it should work.

    (Where was this loophole when I was sweating bullets waiting for my scores!)

  • @Ks1..thank you! I’ve been too afraid to check it, this determines if I get promoted or not so I keep putting it off. But I’m going to take my laptop home tonight, take a shot then check my score 🙂

  • I guess so! It was my first exam so I didn’t know how easy it was going to be. I am surely not studying this weekend and will resume my normal drinking schedule forthwith.

  • just got my REG score in WA state via email. Oh, what did I get? A 97! Woot!

  • I’m an NY candidate and took Reg on 4/16. The score is not out yet.
    Does anyone know if NY candidates also have to complete the ethics exam/course after passing all 4 parts of the cpa exam? I couldn’t find any information on the website. Please let me know. Thanks!

  • @CO Far score? I received mine yesterday night at around 7ish PST. Wrote FAR in CO on May 7th.

  • @Sad recent accounting graduate – I am in the same boat. I took AUD on 4/5 and haven’t seen my score yet. Other people in OK who took the exam later in April and early May have gotten their scores. I am almost resigned to the fact that I will not get my scores until the end of June. Good luck to you.

  • Error: Score not found.

    Please verify Section ID Number and Date of Birth format and re-submit.

  • Man i took audit may 5th in texas, and everyone else has received their score except for me… wtf is up with that?

  • I am fairly new to this thing. What is the loophole?

    I’m assuming that it is when you try to re-register to take a part & if it doesn’t let you, then you passed.

    Is that correct?

  • Is it for sure that I passed if I have an advisory score of 88 on REG?

    How much can advisory score fluctuate?

  • No FAR in WA state yet. I took the exam on 4/5. I called the National Association for State Boards of Accountancy (or NABLA for all you Stewart fans). They said they have not received my score yet.

    Any ideas on when WA FAR scores will be released?

  • Good luck to REG folks, I don’t think NASBA states will get scores until later this evening, I know I bombed on the simulations but I am still trying to remain positive, nevertheless if I did not pass I will re-register right away and jump right back on the bandwagon !

  • Waiting on REG in TN…it’s my last part and loophole says “all parts in process” or something along those lines.

    Took the exam sometime in late April…arrrrrhhh

  • Audit was released this morning in MA, passed! Two down, two to go. Now waiting for BEC scores in June…

  • Got my REG score in CA which I took on the last day of Wave 1 (May 7). Passed with an 84!! This was a difficult exam and I was feeling on the fence about it. Good luck everyone!!

  • Yaya!! I passed REG with a 92! BEC is on Saturday and then I am done!!

    For all those who thought REG was difficult, I agree! It was a difficult exam and I didnt think I had scored that high so keep your hopes up! =D Good Luck to all!!

    I am super excited!

  • hey…What the heck? I took AUD on 5/17 could it be released already since your friend took FAR on 5/14?

  • Ohio loophole says i passed all 4 parts. I am still waiting for my FAR score in florida. Could i be part of the 1080 scores released?

  • Question for anyone – I took FAR on 4/17, and my friend took FAR on 5/14 – His score is posted, mine is not… We’re both in OHIO

    He said this could be due to my score being very close – or due to my simulations being test simulations…

    Can anyone give anymore insight? Jeff??

  • Erica in MN,

    I feel the exact opposite way. I scored 90+ on all my other exams but failed AUD. I felt the most confident with AUD too – I was in shock. Oh well.

  • SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I tried the loophole in MO and it let me re-register for the exam score that I am waiting on. Does this for sure mean that I failed? Please someone get back to me ASAP. I’m freaking out and taking another part tomorrow. BOOO.

  • Got my AUD score (90) last night in Colorado. 4 for 4. Time to get on with life. Good luck everyone.

  • Passed AUD!

    FAR – 75
    REG – 84
    AUD – 81
    BEC – 5/29

    Crossing my fingers that I get my life back after this weekend. Good luck everybody!

  • @Sweaters,

    Still no score this morning. I’m going to just TRY and not think about it and if I do end up getting a score tomorrow or Monday, then I’ll be “pleasantly surprised” lol. My friend took it the same day as me and he got his score yesterday too.

    Thanks for the support! Actually I am not a recent grad. I’m about to hit the big 3-0 and told myself if I didn’t do it now, it wasn’t happening. lol

  • Has anyone gotten REG scores in Alabama? It looks like some people have started to get theirs but I have not…and it’s my last section. Thanks!

  • So I received my score last night, and was seriously shocked to see that I got a score of 92 for AUD.

    Even though I was fairly sure I scored close to 100% on the first MCQ module and on the SIMS, I felt schwacked by the 2nd and 3rd MCQ modules.

    The paranoid part of me has to ask… has anyone ever heard of someone getting the wrong score? LOL.

    It would be really embarrassing to tell everyone I got a 92 and get a letter saying, “Oops, that was wrong! Actually, you didn’t pass!”

  • Jeff,

    Do NASBA states update scores throughout the day? I’m in TN (FAR 4/17). Heard AUD was released to candidates and trying to know when to anticipate wave 1 FAR.


  • @No Longer Impatient in IL

    sorry bout that- didn’t realize you were responding about a specific state.

  • yay!

    OK now Jeff – do you have any idea if there will be such a delay for Wave 2?

    I took AUD 5/17 and will take BEC 5/31.

  • Took FAR on April 16 in New Jersey. No grade yet!!!

    Anyone else in NJ with same issue?

  • @bakagal – I’m sure that’s true. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I responded to @Beth as I am also in IL and IL only provides the breakdown if you do not pass.

  • REG has been released in Illinois. I passed! 4 for 4 in under six months. I’m done. What a relief. Good luck to everyone.

  • Took AUD 4/12 in PA and no score. Tried loophole and AUD was greyed out. But called Nasba this am and they said score wasnt released. So i must be Wave 2 i guess? What a scam.

  • Just checked the score in VA, I got 97 for REG.. I thought the exam was hard ( I took it on 4/9 ). I am done with this forever.

  • Whether they break it down or not GOES ACCORDING TO STATE- and not every state limits to it if you fail. My state breaks down your scores even if you pass!

  • @Am I a CPA I’m still waiting for my FAR score too in Ohio. I’m hoping my score will be with the 1,080 the AICPA released yesterday. The wait is killing me!

  • Still no FAR for me in CO, and my Becker software just expired today…Not lookin like a great start to the day 🙁

  • @Beth – IL

    On the mailed results I’ve received in the past, they do not provide details of this nature. My understanding is that they only give that analysis if you do NOT pass.

  • @Beth – If you passed, they do not break down what you did good or bad on. Just that you passed. But if you didn’t pass then they break it down for you.

  • Maybe they felt sorry for us in TN with all the flooding. . . no idea why it works in some states and not others.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes to get the detailed results in the mail? I passed my section, but I’m still curious which parts I did good/bad on…

  • I’m in Utah, took REG on April 243h. Just checked the loophole and it says that I have already passed all sections! I sure hope it works! No official score yet, I don’t want to celebrate too much before seeing that.

  • I went to Re-Register (for TN, not Ohio or Georgia) and after I entered my jurisdiction ID and birth date I got a text box that indicated I had already passed. I didn’t get to the info screen to enter in cc info.


    I am in California. Sweeet baby jesus, finally I am at peace with myself.

    Time to move on to the next section….

  • Checked the loophole in Tennessee for my REG score – “We are sorry. Our system shows that you have already passed all parts of the Uniform CPA Examination. If you have questions, please call your Coordinator at the number given below.” Oh PLEASE let this be true (still no official score).

  • Just got my score for REG in IL. Crap, I failed witha 69. I guess at least it wasn’t a 74…

  • If anyone is wondering I am in NY and got my AUD score…this is a NASBA state…passed 🙂

  • Does anyone have any experience with the ‘loophole’ NOT working? I don’t have my REG score yet, but I can re-register for it… Is all hope lost?

  • FYI – IL is NOT a NASBA state (so as not to get the NASBA states hopes up). But fx you all get your scores soon and that they are passing scores.

  • REG score is up in IL!! I passed!! That’s it for me. I am a CPA.

    FAR 91
    BEC 85
    REG 82
    AUD 85
    Ethics 93

    Good luck all!

  • I took a gamble on my career to quit a dead end demanding job and pass this exam in order to establish a more fulfilling growth-oriented career.

    How much longer to know if I passed REG in IL, my last part? These people are sadistic. Can’t sleep…perhaps another shot of Jack will take the edge off : )

  • What is the loophole. Keep seeing this word so often in the posts.Can someone explain.
    3 done. Waiting for FAR.

  • Scores for FAR are up in CO. Got a 83 🙂 Took BEC today and thought it was pretty good…think I’m done. Great feeling.

  • DE, MT FAR is not released. I think only GA release a FAR We should wait more Everyday I check it 30 times more;;

  • I took FAR on April 12th and still haven’t received my score. I called NASBA today and they said that Wave 2 will be released at the end of June – can this be right? That seems a long stretch between wave releases…

  • MI scores are up.

    I passed AUD!!!

    1 down 3 more to go!!!

    Thank you everyone for your support during the score release period.
    Good luck to all of you.

  • FARt, I was wondering the same thing. I am waiting on a FAR score from GA (a NASBA state). Since I haven’t received my score yet, does that mean I will get mine in wave 2??

  • I took Colorado FAR on April 21 and still no score…although it looks like several ppl have heard there scores from this state. perhaps i am wave 2 and SOL, or scores will continue to be released?

  • Audit scores posted in LA. Yay I got a 76!! Good luck to all you guys waiting. That was only my first one so I will see some of you guys again soon. I just took BEC on monday.

  • FAR in FL is out. I took my exam on 4/12, and just got my score – an 84. Bye bye CPA exam, that was my last part. I’m finally free to move on with my life. Good luck to everyone still grinding it out. You’ll get there.

  • @PA2 – I had 2 scores listed for over a month. so you should be able to get both.

  • Im from PA and no AUD score. I wonder if I will even see it since Im waiting on REG as well. Don’t they usually take ur score down when a new one comes in?

  • Got Audit in PA…83..I’m fired up. Still waiting on Far that I took April 9

    Have Bec tomorrow..

  • Hi

    please give me some idea of how to get the loophole test so that we know the early result. Reg is my last part. thanks

  • If I was in that situation I would do everything in my power to schedule a seat ASAP. Can cancel if you wind up having passed.

  • Anyone ever heard of CA state board giving leniency on the 18 month deadline for passing all exams (say for example you are awaiting your last score now, and another test expires July 3rd 2010, and due to these extended release dates one may not get their score fast enough to be able to sign up for a retake during one of the first three days in July due to lack of open spots)

  • Are we getting any scores today? Waiting for AUD and REG (NASBA state). I thought I heard 7CST.

  • Does anyone know when the 2nd wave of grades will come out? I assume it will be mid-end of June but does anyone know which week it is? This was my last chance to pass FAR (to complete all 4). Needless to say I am going to be in crisis lockdown mode until I get this grade. FWIW the other 3 tests were not hard yet somehow I can study 3x the amount for FAR and swear to god 95% of what I study isnt on the test. fml

  • Jeff
    Any news for NY?

    Do you know if they posted scores for FAR?

    I can’t concentrate on anything!

    They got the best of my nerves thrilled…

  • @Dumb – I’m pretty sure no one has received REG scores yet. They were literally just released by the AICPA to NASBA and indie states so it will be 24-48 hours for most. Earliest tomorrow morning I should think.

  • Just for everyone’s information. The loophole which allowed you to get your results early if you’re waiting on your last score was closed down for Ohio, BUT, the loophole still works if you go through the PA re-registration page. It will say Something like “sorry, you can’t re-register because you have already passed all parts of the uniform cpa exam.” That is, if you passed…

  • Jeff,

    I am waiting for REG in Texas. If scores are not posted by Friday, do you know if they will post them on Monday (memorial day)?

  • @Kim-Texas

    Per Jeff’s post above more FAR scores were released. That would mean TSBPA would have them posted Friday at 3am; Monday at the latest.

    You’re really getting after it. Are you a recent grad? If so you’re doing the right thing. Get it done before your start date.

  • NASBA has tweeted that AICPA released REG scores today. I know you folks in NASBA are probably less than thrilled since they are behind…but for my fellow Illinois testers…I’m guessing we’ll have our scores tomorrow morning some time. yeah.

  • I’m in IN, a NASBA state, and I still don’t have my AUD (4/9) or FAR (4/7) scores…I’m really hoping to get them soon…don’t think I can stand waiting additional weeks to find out if I’m done.

  • MI NASBA website is really slow. I hope that means that they are posting the scores on line. 🙂 X <- corssed fingers.

  • Does it drive anyone else crazy that the NASBA twitter re-tweets the messages from non-NASBA test takers regarding AUD and FAR. Always causes a false alarm for me and ends up rubbing it in that I don’t have my score :/

  • Jeff – If I’m from California, do you think there is hope that REG will be posted today, or does CA still have to “process” the score after they receive it from the AICPA?

  • Is anybody in California still waiting for their FAR score? Just got out of AUD and was hoping for some good news. It looks like more FAR scores were released today so there’s still hope for Wave 1.

  • WAHOO!!!!!!! Maybe I will get my REG score before the long weekend! Thanks, for the info Jeff!

  • Jeff, do you think being that 236 additional NASBA – AUD scores were released today that we might have to wait 24-48 hrs for all the NASBA – AUD scores?

    I think it might work like that?

  • Finally there is hope! I cant wait to see my score!! Thanks Jeff for the FYI !!

    You are awesome! ; )

  • @Sweaters,

    Oh wow. You know I have to say, I may have had a new simulation. Well, I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that I’ll see something tomorrow.

    I just took AUD this past Monday and plan to take REG early July. Passed BEC already though!

    And you are not the only one. I will burn my becker books too, just not sure where yet. I don’t think my fireplace is “good enough”. They deserve something better 😉

  • I’m sick to my stomach!!! I feel that there is a possible heart attack in my near future at the age of 27!!! The grey hair is here already!!! Thanks a lot AICPA/NASBA.

  • After all of the complaining my BEC score was hand delivered to me at work from my wife – 84!

    Now the wait for Audit begins. I took that one this past monday.

    Good Luck to all!

  • @ Erica. Im scared to check mine. First my prior window REG score disappeared (Friday) so I assumed they had my score. Then “scores in process notice” was up everytime I tried the loophole. Then this AM they let me re-register for AUD. So Im hoping the glitch just messed up everyone’s AUD scoires which forced the system to have everyone see that re-register screen, even if they passed. I’m praying that is the case.

  • I know there is still some hope…but given the time of day NASBA tweeted about rev’g BEC, AUD and FAR from the AICPA…I’m thinking we are out of luck for REG today. Looks like the earliest I’ll see my score is now Friday…..but I’m not holding my breath.

  • EFF YESSSS!!!!! Tried the scoring loophole via my MN registration. Audit wasn’t greyed out this morning and now it IS!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • @LAN ho, the AICPA releases each test at a different time. So far they have released every exam except for REG. So it doesn’t really matter what date you took the test because the reason your friend has received his/her grade for FAR before you have received yours for REG is because FAR has been released by the AICPA already and REG has yet to be released.

  • @Kim-Texas

    Based upon what I have read, regardless of when you tested, if you received a new simulation you’re automatically in wave 2.

    Thanks for the congrats! With the Exam behind me AND the Lost series over, what am I suppose to do with my life?

    I know people joke about this, but I am actually going to burn my Becker books this weekend.

  • This just goes back to what I said last Friday…. doing an IT upgrade in the middle of your highest demand period for your system is just a stupid, stupid idea.

    Why, why, WHY do that when you KNOW when you’re going to NEED your system to work? Seriously, that’s just unbelievably poor timing.

    And with predictable results. I rest my case.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I know of one person who took FAR on May 1,2010 and that person already got the result. I took REG on Arpil 30 and I haven’t heard anything yet? Is there a difference way of releasing score between and FAR and REG

  • @Sweaters,

    Say it ain’t so! How could it be that you tested after me and I’m in a different wave? I just don’t get this whole wave thing anyway. Sigh!

    Thanks for the info. I will wait for tomorrow.

    Congrats on passing btw! 🙂

  • I feel you RK. 8 weeks ago this Friday I took AUD and still have no received a grade, this boggles my mind.

  • @RK – I waited seven weeks last fall for Audit. Good thing I passed or I might have done something drastic (like drink my meals).

  • With all the drama – I guess I’ll distract myself with work. And a BIG thank you, Jeff. You give us a healthy avenue in which to vent our pain.

  • The longest wait for me was 6 weeks for REG in October ’09. I took BEC on April 9, 2010, so it’s almost been 7 weeks. This whole score distribution method is very absurd!

  • This is getting a little absurd. I love how no one seems to know what is going on. I am one of the lucky people taking the exam for NC, so I do have to wait to get my scores in the mail. I would love to find out online. Waiting for FAR and AUD…. and waiting…and waiting.

  • Has anyone else spent their whole entire day on this site? I have. Even my boyfriend is stalking this site. HEY HONEY!!! LOL.

  • Message for Gonzo,

    I feel your pain. If FAR is you last part like it was for me, try re-registering in GA, the loophole works there, it does not in FL. It will ask you for you jurisdiction ID, click no, then it will ask you if you have an SS number, then click yes and go from there and try to register. If you passed it will let you know that you cannot register because you passed all parts of the CPA exam. I am a FL candidate who took FAR on 4/12, and it worked for me this morning. Good luck.

  • What a joke. No PA AUD scores yet. I think you have to fail an IQ test in order to work for NASBA

  • I can’t take this anymore. Where is my frickin AUD and REG scores? My nerves have been shot for a week already!

  • Anyone who took the exam as MS candidate has to wait a few days longer than those who receive their scores electronically – scores are sent via snail mail – Imagine that!

    Any other states like that?

  • Nothin new.

    Last I knew that were pushing to get scores out to you ASAP.

    I’ve met most of these people at NASBA. They really do care about serving you as candidates from what I saw.

    Things just aren’t going smoothly this week.

  • This whole waiting thing is driving me to stress eat (candies and chips). I wonder if I can hold NASBA responsible for mental abuse or a huge contributing factor to my weight gain. Hahaha I’m just being funny. It sounds like we all can use a little smile here.

  • at the rate that they are going, I will get my scores in the mail before they get them posted online…way to go backwards in technology NASBA

    Nothing for AUD in PA yet.

  • @Ash – I thought the same thing. If I had to answer another question I’d go mad too – but that’s her JOB. 🙂 Anyway – my friend who is on pins and needles over FAR (I’m waiting on REG) was told 24-48 hours as well. This entire process is just weeding us out. So stay strong – and try to stay sane!!

  • I just called NASBA and spoke to a man there. I took AUD in CT in early April and he told me that they just received my score today. He said it should be updated within 24-48 hours. I asked about NASBA’s twitter post saying by 1pm central time to which he replied “Yeah…I saw that.” So I am going to go out on a limb and say that there is a serious disconnect between who is receiving the scores and who is posting on Twitter.

  • Have you heard anything new Jeff?

    I wish we were in a 3rd world country as we would have received our scores on the day of the exam.

  • I took AUD on 4/5 in OK and still have not received my score. AUD scores from later in the month have been posted in OK, but mine seem to be lost in la la land. I hope to see something soon, but wonder if I will have to wait until the 2nd wave since a lot of people who took the test in early April seem to be waiting like me.

  • Has anyone from NJ who took AUD contacted NASBA to see if they have received our scores?

  • Iowa is a NASBA state and I am waiting on my FAR score yet. So I don’t think they have been posted.

  • I just called NASBA about FL AUD scores and the guy told me they just received my score a few hours ago and that it will be another 24-48 hours before my score is posted. Like REALLY???? WTF because I was under the impression they got our score on FRIDAY and they would have been up by now!! Don’t they know I am trying to study for FAR because I am taking it tomorrow?? I think I’ll blame NASBA and the AICPA if I fail FAR 🙂

  • So I just called and was told that ALL scores received have been posted by NASBA. I think this is the same SCRIPT jsb got. So the question is: Has anyone received AUD scores (NASBA STATES)???? If not, it is pretty clear that the Reps at NASBA have no CLUE what it means to be waiting for CPA scores.

  • MI AUD score was up!!! IN MY DREAMS last night!!!

    Oh waiting is so painful, although I know everyone is on the same boat.

  • jsb: I guess they are just tired of getting so many phone calls but that’s no reason to be rude. We’re putting them thru the same amount of aggravation we feel while waiting for scores 🙂

  • I too am ridiculously unproductive waiting to hear anything. So I did something stupid – called 1800-CPA-EXAM. The girl was so rude and unsympathetic and actually read me some blanket script on what ‘Error: Score Not Found’ means. Oh thank you! It’s been explained! Then she tells me that they have until the end of June to release so I should “just wait longer”. Gee thanks, Ace. I wanted to strangle her through the phone. (I was calling to ask about TN and the flooding but she just talked over me with useless information.) Not out? Fine. But rudeness? Oh heck no!

  • I have a headache from checking for the scores this past wk. Do you really think NASBA will post them today or will they continue to torture us ?

  • Kristy, I think it’s a universal reaction that the longer we wait, the more adrenalized we get, the more pessimistic we get.

  • Jeff-

    Can you get us an update from NASBA? Its almost insulting at this point for us AUD people waiting since Friday’s AICPA release.

  • Sat for FAR 4/27 and still no results….oh not feeling good about this. I ran out of time during my simulations. =(

  • It has been a long and EXPENSIVE year, but its over. Thanks Another 71 and all the comments for making me feel normal. 😉 Congrats to all of those that are with me and good luck to those still on the journey!

  • I should just call them every time I click that button and there is no score. Then they could have as crappy as a day as I am having

  • Can someone tell me about the work around? If I can pay for an NTS does that mean I didnt pass?

  • I bet someone in NASBA’s organization gets a bonus based off of how many times candidates go to the website and “click” or they just enjoy our stress LOL. That must be the reason for this seemingly ridiculous process.

  • “Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again. When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drum, there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!”

  • People with twitter…please message NASBA. They have got to clarify this, this is absurd.

  • @Kim-Texas

    Yes ma’am. I received my FAR score this morning. I tested on 4/30. Sounds like perhaps you’re in Wave 2. TSBPA updates their servers at 3am. If you don’t have it tomorrow morning, it’s back to waiting.

    Stay strong!

  • Have yet to receive AUD in NY…Has anybody else in NY?! I took my test on 4/2… Oh the torture!

  • Does anyone else feel like this whole mess is a REALLY good reason why they should NOT have done an IT upgrade in the middle of score release season?!?!?!

  • ineedthisscoresoicanstudyfar,

    NASBA does not release the scores, he was talking about the glitch they had with their system last night

  • They should not say anything til there’s REALLY doing to release. Waited from 8-10:30pm Monday… no scores… then said by 10:15pn Tuesday… no scores… now they say 1pm today? YEAH RIGHT?!?!

  • Thats ridiculous. Keeping their fingers crossed when they are already woefully late with the Friday AUD scores they got? What a sham operation.

  • Jeff, This sounds pretty ambitious given NASBA’s track record the past week and a half!! 🙂

  • Finally got AUD score in California this morning.

    AUD 78
    BEC 72
    REG 88

    Waiting on FAR result then I’m done with this test FOREVER..

  • Easiest to hardest for me- BEC, REG, AUD and FAR. I have taken FAR 3 times. I have gotten a 71, 74 and am desperately waiting right now to see what I made on the third try May 7. I take Audit for time #1 Friday. I think I am understanding it…. Passed Bec on second try 16 months ago and it expires July 31. Passed Reg on first try. Please let me have passed FAR! I can’t stand taking it again and I will die if BEC expires!

  • @Joe – I think it depends. I have a lot of pratical experience in Financial Accounting and very little in Taxes and Legal. Plus I loathe Taxes. Anyway – for me, from easiest to hardest:

    FAR – BEC – AUD – REG

    Don’t have my score from REG yet – took it 4/7 in IL.

  • Hey Sweaters,

    You got your FAR score today? I didn’t! Does that mean I’m in the next wave? I sat April 23!

    Don’t tell me I have to wait a whole other month. I will DIE!



  • @ JOE-

    In my opinion I thought from easiest to hardest was : BEC, REG, FAR, AUD. I had trouble with Audit. For FAR, I watched all the becker videos (about 30 hrs total ) and then crammed in about 30 hours of studying the 5 days before the exam, mainly reading the book and doing the questions in the book. Total studying = 60 hrs for me. My advice for FAR would be NOT to do questions over and over (for the others I DO suggest this). The reason being is that for FAR, a question can take you an hour to do! I did not do any supplemntal questions – i just made sure I knew the book questions inside and out and also the big examples in the book inside and out. I got an 80.

  • What is the general consensus on easiest to hardest for the exam?

    I took BEC in early April (89) & took REG a week later (still haven’t received score), but I felt it was extremely easy.

    Now, I’m studying for FAR which I take Friday and it is absolutely killing me. I feel that there is <20% chance I will pass. Should I just take & hope for the best or reschedule for early July?

  • Ok, so with this NASBA glitch, does anyone know if this affects IL scores since IL is not a Nasba state? I’m waiting on FAR and according to the IL board of examiners they have not received the score yet.

  • Did anyone in NY received FAR scores?

    I called NASBA, the told me score wasn,t released and I will be in the second wave.
    I tolk the exam on April 25.

    Then my friend called in and they told him they didn’t received any scores yet.

    Are they just kidding around?

  • Jeff- If we still haven’t received an AUD score does that mean we’re automatically in Wave 2? I took the test in Vermont on 4/13 and still have not gotten my results.

  • Just received email saying Auditing scores are available on the Texas State Board website (

  • California candidate here – I took AUD on May 8th (a day after the usual cut-off of the 7th), and my score was posted early this morning! 76! yay!

  • @JT. There are 2 of us in my office in UT that have not received AUD scores. YOu aren’t alone!

  • I would bet that REG gets released today. If you look at 2009’s April/May window it is pretty similar.
    BEC released Friday, May 15th. Aud Tuesday, May 19. FAR thursday May 21, and REG Monday May 25th. So about a business day inbetween each release.

    This year=
    BEC wed May 19, AUD friday May 21, FAR Monday, May 24 (one day ahead), and REG today, May 26.

    I think i Spend more time trying to predict when my score will come out than i do studying! hah

  • Just did the registration loophole through GA and it said that I couldn’t register because all parts of the examination were passed. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

    I off to go run in field of daisy’s with my hands in the air yelling FREEDOM!!!!

    Good luck everyone. This website has been therapy to me while getting through this process.

  • Cali AUD is posted. This was the last and it couldnt have been more closer. I got a 76, I guess finishing an hour early wasnt the best sign. Good luck everyone and congrats to those whose lives can now move on from this arduous process.


    We had a glitch in the system overnight, it is being corrected. You should check again for scores early this afternoon (1-ish CST)

  • NASBA just tweeted. said there was a glitch last night and scores will be available around 1pm CST.

  • Jay – I know but relax. No one has received their REG scores, so unless that means we are ALL IN wave 2, there is still hope. Let’s all hang in there! The wait is killing me too and affecting my study time for BEC, but unfortunately there is not much I can do about it? =(

  • WTF…I’m in Arizona, took REG on April 5th, and am still waiting. A friend of mine took FAR on May 7th and she already got her scores. How can the AICPA (or whoever the hell releases this stuff) think this is acceptable? And if I end up being in Wave 2? Talk about a frickin’ joke!

  • @GA- well, I am not sure about the loophole. I have passed Reg and BEC waiting on my AUD score and taking FAR Saturday. It says mine are processing, so I am wondering if it is bc all of mine are either passed or in limbo. I wouldn’t think to much about the loophole. I am screaming inside my head waiting on this score tho!!!!!

  • I tried the Ohio loophole and it says I passed all parts. Audit was my last section. Hopefully this means I’m done! In NY.

  • Waiting on REG too, in WA. Took it April 3. I’m not bent out of shaped and pissed off about it though, that just wouldn’t be healthy!

  • I hope they post the scores today or tonight as I need to focus on my BEC Review. I’m taking that on Monday and I waist so much time checking the score…. 🙁

  • @WTF Im waiting for Reg too.

    @Andrew Congrats! I doubt the loophole would be wrong saying that.

    @Andy in PA and MI I really really hope that guy is right. Everyone I talked to is able to reregister for AUD. So either he’s right or we all FAILED 🙁 Crossing fingers, toes, ears, and everything. LOL.

  • @WTF – I am waiting on REG scores too in FL.. Seeems like no one has gotten them yet 🙁

  • @Sad – Sorry you failed our auditing portion, that was my worst section, it’s a tough one. On a happier note, thank you for informing me that the PA loophole is working. I went there and input all my information and got this message… “We are sorry. Our system shows that you have already passed all parts of the Uniform CPA Examination. If you have questions, please call your Coordinator at the number given below.”

    CPA BITCHES!!!!!!!!! unless somehow the loophole messed up 🙁

  • WHERE THE FLIP ARE THE REG SCORES??!!? How many people on here are waiting for REG’s like me? I’m out in Cali and pisssed off -_-

  • @Sad…I did try the loophole and I am able to re-register.. I am praying that the guy is right…So sick of studying..take FAR on Friday…seriously ready to quit wasting my money…

  • @Sad, Yes I tried the loophole but this is my first exam and it sounds like the loophole works only if you are looking for a score on the last part of the exam. I was able to reregister. I’m still waiting to see my actual score on NASBA…

  • FAR scores out in Texas.

    I’m done!

    Keep your kids off the street this weekend. I’m going out.

  • I also gave NASBA a call this morning and got the same answer as Andy in PA for MI.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  • I just called NASBA, and they have received my FAR score and will be posting it this evening. So my wave 1 friends in FL, you should have your score this evening.

  • Just talked to a person at NASBA and they received PA AUD scores this morning and should be posted within 24 hours. I asked him about the loophole and he stated that if you can reapply it doesn’t mean that you failed.

  • @PA try to re register and see if it let’s you re register for AUD or whatever test you are taking. If it lets you re register, the theory is that you failed.

  • I took FAR on 4/5 and AUD on 5/10. Got my AUD score back this morning-86, but no FAR.
    I took my AUD exam after the 5/7 estimated cut off for Wave 1 and still received my score today. But of course, I have yet to receive FAR. Texas is a non-NASBA state.

  • I called NASBA. They said that they don’t care what tweeter (yes “tweeter”) says. But they did take my name and tell me that my AUD score has been released and I should see it within 24 hours.

    So as of now per random dude at NASBA FL should see AUD scores with in 24 hours.

  • NASBA told me last night that they expected AUD/FAR/TN BEC to be released last night.

    Only TN BEC went through and was released.

    I spoke with NASBA and they are working on it this morning.

    I can only pass on what I am told.

    I don’t pass on speculation – for instance, with a Friday AUD release, I thought NASBA would release AUD Monday, but I didn’t say anything because NASBA didn’t tell me that they anticipated a release.

    They said everything was a go for last night, so I passed it on.

  • Hi Everyone,

    It appears that the loophole is working. I was waiting on FAR, which was my last part and I needed to pass or I was going to lose BEC. I got the message that stated the following:

    “We are sorry. Our systems shows that you have already passed all parts of the Uniform CPA Examination. If you have any questions, please call our Coordinator at the number given below.”

    I hope that the loophole is accurate because that means I’m finally done. Good luck to everyone sitting for the exam. Congratulations to all of those who have passed and for those that haven’t, keep your head high. The exam isn’t easy and if it was, then everyone would be a CPA. I understand that when you fail you lose motivation, but you have to stay positive and stay focused. Trust me. I’ve sat for the exam 8 times now and now extremely happy that I’ve accomplished a life goal/challenge. Thanks Jeff for having a site which allows all of us to discuss our experiences. Good luck to all. I really hope that this loophole is accurate.

  • REG scores have not even been released by the AICPA yet so until they release them, its a waste of time to keep checking. Look at NASBA twitter page for updates about AICPA score releases.

  • @Annoyed. Don’t curse all you’ve got. It is all you’ve got. This is much better than being completely in the dark.

    Now,Jeff: A few weird things are defenetly happening. Yesterday prometric did not let me schedule my LAST part because they didn’t show my eligibility. Told me this comes from NASBA. This is obvously very frustrating but lets deal with it. They haven’t answered my email yet. It seems their systems are a little messed up.

    Took AUD on 04/04 (Nasba state) and nothing yet.

  • This is very peculiar, I’ve never had to wait this long for scores in the past. I’m in TN, still no scores for AUD – I took the exam 4/9/2010. I know NASBA stated that the flood would not affect operations, but at this point I think it’s safe to say that it did. :-/

  • Jeff – Thanks for the great site and the great info. Predictions are just that, predictions. At least it gives us a ball park of when to expect them, and a forum for us to talk to each other about what scores have been released.

    Still waiting on AUD, NY! Eek 🙂

  • I’m fine with predictions being off, but Jeff claimed to have spoke with NASBA and said AUD/FAR were coming out last night. What gives?

  • Loophole is working. Only works when score have been released. Didn’t pass Auditing in ATL.

  • Can anyone please let me know whether Delaware has issued AUD scores i took the exam on 14/04.

  • still no AUD scores in VT. i took the test 4/13…..any ideas of when we should find out? i’m going crazy over here.

  • NASBA tweeted that the AICPA has released some BEC, AUD and FAR scores. If you google “NASBA Twitter” – you can see this for yourself. They even say how many of each were released to NASBA on what day. I think the person you spoke to at NASBA is either misinformed or maybe just plain mean…

  • I just got off the phone with NASBA, they told me they haven’t received any scores from the AICPA other than BEC. How is this possible? I thought Jeff said BEC, AUD, and FAR have been released.

  • I’m convinced that the government provides employees for Nasba, there is no other way to explain this inefficiency.

  • Anyone from PA get an AUD score? And when the heck are they releasing REG. About to go CRAZY over here!

  • Hi Jeff,
    What is the range for release of wave 2 for FAR. I just took it. any answer is better having no idea.

  • “jeff where do you get yourpredictions from your off by almost a week i still got nothing”

    The AICPA is late by a week compared to last year and many previous Wave 1 releases.

    There have been windows where I was 4/4 for Wave 1.

    Sorry you don’t have your score…I really am.

  • @sc That is actually not necessarily a safe assumption. I’m in MI, a NASBA state, and received my FAR score at 5:30 PM EDT and my BEC score at 11:30 PM EDT.

  • @CA the whole screen went blank. My BEC score from last window and everything else disappeared but now its back with no sign of my FAR score…glitch I guess.

  • Josh, make sure you look at the bottom of the page, the top of the status page in CA wont get updated for a few weeks, scroll to the bottom if u have not tried that yet. Did anyone in CA get AUD scores or know of someone who did?

  • The status page of my account is blank. Waiting for FAR in CA. Anyone know what that could mean? Took FAR on 4/16

  • Is it safe to assume that since scores are released by nasba at 9:00 PM EST it does no good to check for my score throughout the day?

  • I am getting the same message…my state is NASBA New Mexico…looks like no FAR scores

  • @Nic Thank you
    @FARt Yes that is what I am seeing… Not sure but I would assume it is the state you tested with…

  • Is this what you guys are seeing?

    Error: Score not found.

    Please verify Section ID Number and Date of Birth format and re-submit.

    Also, can someone please clarify whether scores will be received in the state which the exam was taken, or the state which the applicant registered?

  • I have no understanding of how I could be in wave 2; assuming that I am wave 2 according to the post that wave 1 FAR scores would be up tonight

  • Yo how is Reg? Pretty redic? I feel like the written part on the sims is going to be so hard.

    Is it mostly tax or law or both? or just depends?

    Similar to beckers questions?


  • @ REG? NJ and Andrew –

    I took REG on 4/9 and also haven’t heard. This is killing me! Anyways, NJ, I feel like I failed too. It was brutal!

    Scores will come out soon, I hope!

  • No audit score in Michigan yet…took it 4/2…took REG 5/21…trying to study tonight before bed still

  • Took Reg in NJ on 4/2/10 and still no score either…. hopefully we’re not waiting until mid-late June

  • What about REG? Anybody? I took it 4/6/10 and dont have a score yet. i probably failed, but i need to know!

  • Got my score back for FAR today from VA. Got an 80 and I ran out of time halfway through the second simulation. This is the first exam I passed the first time through, needless to say I am on cloud nine right now.

  • It’s almost always between 9pm and 9:30 central time, 10-10:30 eastern.

    NASBA told Jeff earlier today that AUD/FAR will be online tonight.

  • 9.27 and no result yet for AUD. i will see what will happen for the next 30 min and good night and good luck all

  • 9:20 EST No FAR score in South Carolina…unfortunately. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!

  • Any one received any scores in MI. Lookes like they forgot about us. Any one can advice please, I have BEC. tomorrow and my mind is stop working 🙁

  • I seem to always get shafted when it comes to score releases…I took FAR in Jan and it ends up being the last score released. I take REG in April and yet again it ends up being the last score released…

    I have a feeling when I take AUD in July, yet again, it will be last to release in Aug.

  • FAR scores are out for MD! I received FAR score and I got a 88! I took it on April 12. Good luck to you all!

  • Has anybody received a FAR score from the state of CA? I took my exam on 4/8 and it sounds like NASBA sounds will be releasing tonight.

  • Also, I heard today that starting Jan. 2011 the CPA format is getting overhauled. From what I heard they are going to be including International Accounting Standards questions. I finished undergrad in 2008, masters in 2009 and did not learn anything about international accounting standards. So if you’re planning on sitting for the exam I recommend you do it before 1/2011.

  • Why don’t they release the scores earlier than 10 PM EST?!?!?!? Give me scores or give me death!!!

  • Does anyone know when Wave 2 is? I took FAR April 10th and have no score yet.
    I took BEC May 4th and got my score this week. When can I expect Wave 2 FAR?

  • Where are the REG scores?!? I was under the impression that the order was generally BEC and then REG. It appears that it’s gonna be BEC, FAR & AUD…. then REG (hopefully tomorrow!) … but that is obviously just wishful thinking

  • @AB – I wouldn’t guarantee what they told you was correct about being Wave 1 vs. Wave 2. They tell people wrong stuff all the time, as the people who answer the phones aren’t usually “in the know.”

    If I were you I’d check tonight around 10pm central time and see if your score is posted. If it isn’t posted sometime tonight, then you probably have a wait ahead of you.

  • Jeff,

    Do you have any idea if anymore AUD scores will be released in this wave? I called NASBA and they told me my score hasn’t been released yet.

  • I am waiting for FAR…I can’t even register for any section in my own state of NM. I get that “all sections are currently in process”. Looks like loophole does not work for me in OH

  • Why AICPA? – For the great group rates on life insurance!! I have heard that the rates are amazing from several people recently. Seems like the accounting profession is not considered ‘risky’!

  • If they are going to release any REG scores today, likely it will be in the next hour. It’s usually between 4pm and 5pm central.

  • ARGH! Where’s REG?! I keep waiting for a NASBA Twitter to tell me that the AICPA released the scores… but alas… no twittering.

  • I am going to think twice before I join the AICPA… Due to the annoying score process I am no longer interested in their club! LOL

  • Per an email from NASBA, scores should post to the website tonight.

    My guess would be watch at the usual time. 9-9:30 central or thereabouts.

  • I’m in LA (Nasba) and no scores yet. Just in case anyone from LA is waiting on AUD scores.

  • wow @CO I guess we have a looooong wait ahead for those who took in Colorado then….sigh!!

  • If you’re waiting on scores in Texas, don’t waste time checking for them all day. The TSBPA updates their servers overnight (around 3am). If your score is not there now it won’t be until then. A notification email after the update is sent between 9-10am after the update if your score is posted overnight.

  • @ Travis – I don’t know what is taking so long. I took AUD on 4/25 so I’m hoping to be included in wave 1. I guess we’ll see.

  • Looks like NH is a NASBA state and I think someone got a score from that state, if I recall correctly from previous read.

  • I would predict REG gets released Wednesday afterneroon/evening if it is consistent. Since REG is usually 2nd or 3rd I am sure it will be Wednesday, latest Thursday.

  • My AUD and my Hubby’s AUD scores came out in OK around 11:30 or so. Have a friend that FAR came out in OK…. but I am still waiting on my FAR score… I think I may have got pushed to wave 2. 🙁

  • Thanks OK!. I appreciate the news. I will keep refreshing as I have done for the past two weeks. Congrats to you!

  • @Okla – I took it 4/29. It JUST showed up. I called OAB this morning and they said that all their wave 1 scores were already posted…obviously not. This guy said that not all OK scores roll out at the same time since it’s actually NASBA that updates the OAB site so yours could still be on its way!

  • Looks like the NASBA states are starting to update.

    KS you are so lucky, congratulations!!!
    I hope to get my score soon!!! Although by now even it if came now it’s not soon enough 🙂

  • OK!-When did you take the test? I sat on 4/5, but my score hasn’t shown up on the OAB website yet.

  • @ E in MN – I tried the Ohio loophole ting and got this “We are sorry. Currently all sections of this exam are still in process.” However I just tried getting my score from last exam window and it was gone, but there a day or two ago.

    I’m trying not to speculate too much because it is driving me CRAZY

  • Sara- also waiting on MN audit score. I did notice my FAR score from last Window dropped off yesterday, so mine is definitely in process.

    Sara, have you tried the Ohio loophole at all? I tried before and after and was able to reg for all sections both before and after. Does it work for MN?

  • @disappointed – why do you think REG will be released next week? I was hoping AICPA would release them by Wed at least.

  • Jeff any predictions on Wave 2? do the HAVE to be released by AICPA by the 30th of June?

  • It looks like we will not get REG scores until next week. I will be surprise if they release them this week.

  • @Bre and @KS..I’ve taken several exams in CO and my experience has been CO does not release scores until at least 48 hours after. I am waiting for FAR and it is my last one but do not expect it to be up until Wed-Thurs morning.

    Good luck to both of you!

  • Has anyone received their AUD score in MN. I took it on 4/19 and am going crazy waiting becuase it is my last one I need to pass.

  • Thank you all for the advice, I am going to get started on doing more MC questions now using Becker and be sure to do any I can get my hands on. And I think I struggle w/ reading too fast too, so I will have to slow down and read the question right the first time around. Wow, this test is driving me crazy. It seems like so long ago when I passed REG (4/16/2009) and now I am in serious crunch time to get them passed in my window!

  • @Waiting, I agree with Erica in MN, you need to know why the answers are right/wrong. When taking the exam also slow down and make sure that you know what they are asking about. I found that in some cases I was reading the question to fast and while I was thinking that they were asking about the same area Becker question would address in particular form, on the exam they were asking about the other areas. So slow down when you read the questions, and know why answers are right/wrong. After all you have over 1 min per question.

    Norm, if I were you I would wait with application for the sections. While there is a price difference of $4.00 if you need to reschedule for the two sections together the savings should be much greater. In the past I have calculated savings of approx.40.00

  • I am pretty sure that won’t work. Once you register, only those exams are available to schedule on your 6 month NTS. I thought that you could not add an exam to an existing NTS, you would have to register for a completey new NTS. If it were only a $4 difference, I would guess most people would register for one test at a time.

  • took REG 5/1 in CA.. don’t think that I got a new simulation as they looked pretty standard… any ideas when will the score come out?! The waiting is killing me!!

  • Question to everyone:

    I failed FAR and am going to re-register for that section. But, I’m waiting on REG score, and may need to retake that one if I fail. Today, can I register for FAR, and then a few weeks from now register for REG if I fail REG? Anything wrong with this, besides about $4 difference in fees?

  • @Waiting – I would do every MCQ question I could get my hands on and review closely why each answer is correct and why the others are incorrect.

    When you review them, before looking up answer, review in your head why each is correct and why each is incorrect.

    If you can establish this routine, test questions will be much easier to analyze on test day.

  • @Waiting – Becker Homework Questions!!! Otherwise, you’ll end up like Jeff.

    Awaiting REG Scores in PA, Taking FAR tomorrow…Good Luck!!!

  • I have been watching this thread like crazy for the last week and just wanted to report in. I took AUD on 4/13 in Arizona, and got my score at 10:00 am this morning (Tuesday May 25). I passed!!! Anyway, hope that helps others figure out if they should be getting theirs yet or not.

  • @Waiting…I also used Becker for my prep, and I found that the scores I received on my exam very closely mirrored the scores I got on the Becker practice exams. I felt that for me the best study method was to review the flashcards over an over and do questions until I was ready to poke my eyes out. That stinks to be in that 70-74 range. I hope you find some better luck soon!

    STILL WAITING FOR AUD! Taking Reg on Thursday and GOING NUTS!

  • Group- I need advice! I have FAR on this Sat and I have heard back on both AUD and BEC and they were both close, but no cigar! I have used Yaeger CRAM for both and Becker for my initial prep. I am looking for advice. What should I do now, for FAR this Sat to get me over this 70-74 scoring hump? PLEASE HELP!

  • I also took AUD on April 12th and have not received my score. Sounds like we may have been given a new simulation.

  • Lulu, I’m in MI and I know BEC scores have been up, nothing for AUD and not sure about the other two.

    Hopelessly waiting….

  • Tested for AUD April 12 haven’t received anything yet. Talked to NASBA rep and he said it could be anytime between now and the end of June. Cant wait to hear something.

  • @Bre – totally understand, this is the worst form of torture!! I am going to sprain my index finger hitting refresh- I took mine on the last day of the window – May 7th – so mine could be either way…

  • @ KS1, No I am in CO and don’t have my FAR score yet! I tested 16 April, and I am getting impatient. yesterday I got an e-mail that said “Today, 1132 AUD, 4898 FAR scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for April/May 2010 testing window”
    This is my first section, so I am not really sure what this means!

  • Steve-IL

    It really doesn’t mean anything. Illinois is the same as California, as they release the scores as they get them. The whole “wave one” thing really means that scores from the first half of the testing window will be released by the AICPA in chunks over the next couple weeks.

  • Any scores realesed in MI, I took FAR on 4/13, and Reg 5/4 , didn’t receive grades yet 🙁

  • Am I the only one from IL who has not receieved their FAR score? Anyone know what this may mean?

  • FYI.. scores are released by the AICPA directly to your CBA account in California. The CBA does not do any sort of processing and does not see your score before it is posted on their website.

  • hi CA-Aud, thanks for the info. CBA is not very good at picking up their phones……i hope the torture will be soon over for all of us. Good luck with everything!

  • Hi ZZ,

    I just called the CBA and no one answered. I called yesterday and they said they did not receive my score as part of the 5500 AUD scores released by the AICPA last week. They told me throughout this week the AICPA will release AUD scores in chunks. Another 1200~ AUD scores were released by the AICPA yesterday so I called today to see if my score was part of that release and the CBA line went to voicemail.

  • Just talked to my rep in TN (NASBA state). He said there is no truth to the rumor about TN waiting until the end of the window to release all the scores at once. TN will release in “waves” like always. He also said they are hoping for AUD to be posted sometime today or tomorrow.

  • Question for Jeff- in your memory has there ever been a mid-day or morning score release by NASBA? I’ve only heard of the evening releases.

  • Nothing in California yet. I dont think this is a NASBA state. Actually it should be an early release state. Took it 4/30, maybe I am in wave 2. Still waiting, no longer patiently!

  • I haven’t received my FAR score either for Texas. Just “patiently” waiting by checking my email every 2 minutes. Anyone have any idea when they are getting released??

  • Thanks for the info Jeff.

    MI is a NASBA State 🙂 Now lets just pray that the scores will be up soon. I’m taking BEC on Monday and can’t focus on my studying 🙁

    Good Luck Everyone!!!

  • @Impatient in IL – I did the Ethics first thing and knocked it out. It was nothing really. I think it took me a couple of hours.

  • In South Carolina Waiting on FAR, my last one. Has anyone from SC gotten a FAR score posted yet this morning?

  • Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe NASBA usually releases late in the evening, so there is no point in refreshing all day for us NASBA folks.

  • Idaho is up…GOT AN 87 ON FAR!!!! One more exam to go!!!!!!!!! Good luck everyone!!!!

  • AUD scores are available on Maryland’s state website now. Just got mine. Guess I was being impatient when I posted 2 hours ago.

  • For those of you who have taken and passed the Ethics exam…the ‘open book’ one…what sort of time committment was required to go through the materials and successfully pass the exam?

    (Still waiting on my REG score, but if I pass – want to get this out of the way before the end of the window if possible)

  • Couldn’t access the ILBOE site forever, but finally got through….passed FAR!!!

    Somehow I got a 95, which makes no sense since I left the exam in tears after not finishing either of the sims. So for all of you out there with a similar test experience, hang in there, there is hope!!!!

  • @Jeff

    We need you man. Give us(nasba states) an update, considering that non-nasba have been getting their AUD scores.

  • Sorry, this post is of no relevance but I saw there were 666 posts and I figured I should just add one more post. No one needs any kind of bad omens right now, haha

  • Finally got my AUD score this morning in IL – 83!!!! I’ll take it! Now just 3 more exams to go until I’m a CPA!

    Congrats to everyone who has passed and good luck to all who are still waiting!!

  • I got my FAR score today – 89!!! I’m SOOOO happy…and relieved that I don’t have to study the same materials again!!! 🙂 🙂

    Good luck to all of you who are still patiently awaiting your scores!

  • I am still waiting for AUD scores in VA too…this waiting game is almost worse than the test itself!

  • Has anyone in Texas heard when FAR scores will be released or have a prediction of when they might be? I’m very anxious because this is my last one…I just need a 75!

  • I’m in a NASBA state (LA) and have not received my score. Trying as hard as I can to be patient.

  • KY is not an NASBA state but they get the scores from them and then post on their site. I spoke with the BOA in KY yesterday and they had not gotten Fridays AUD release so I assume that that mine was from Friday. It also takes a little while for them to update so hang in there CPA$

  • In IL, scores just posted

    AUD 85 🙂
    FAR 61 🙁

    Well, at least now I know. Hope to get a passing REG score back in the next week or so.

  • @ Ashley, no KY is not a NASBA state. And congrats ChrisD, I just wish my AUD score would post since im in KY too and took it April 30th.

  • Update for fellow IL folks (since IL is not a NASBA state).


    On a personal note – I Passed! 85! Not a glam score but I’ll take it 🙂

    FYI – I took the exam 4/21.

  • Some of the AUD and FAR scores have been released in KY a few minutes ago!! I took AUD on April 30 and I am really hoping that my score will be posted later today and that I didn’t have a new simulation and am getting pushed all the way back to mid June.

    If I pass AUD, I will only have FAR left which I got a 70 on the first time. So close yet so far away!!

  • Hey, anyone on here received their AUD scores in Maryland yet? I assumed I was in Wave 1, but haven’t seen my score.

  • I am going to be extremely upset if the NASBA update this weekend was to fix the stupid loophole! This is the one thing that gives any candidates any hope of ever receiving a score and the NASBA update seems to be the reason why scores are even further delayed! I can’t wait to be done with this whole process and never deal with NASBA again.

  • AUD and REG (Reg isn’t released by AICPA yet, but I was hoping to have seen AUD by now since it was realeased Fri).

  • Thanks! At least I’m not the only one still waiting on them. I’m sure they just haven’t posted any yet!

  • Still waiting in AUD in IL 🙁 I guess the lady i talked to yesterday was wrong, or if the IT guy did post last night I was just not in that group!

  • Lets not forget that NASBA is in Nashville and has to be somewhat affected by the flood.

  • My score has not yet posted on the ILBOA site, from the looks of things they have not posted FAR/AUD.

  • Keep posting predictions Jeff. It is good for our planning and anticipation. These other dorks need to learn some patience!

  • Jeff, I hope you keep posting the predictions…I always know there is some give/take. At least it helps with planning purposes. I have champagne in the fridge just waiting on that passing FAR score

  • If I didn’t post the predictions, then people would still ask “when am I going to get my scores?”

    They are a guideline and based on past trends and compared to last year. The AICPA is releasing much later than they did this time last year.

  • @Kim – “I am beginning to think that all this about the predictions etc isn’t helpful. I was fine all through April knowing that I wasn’t going to get a score. Ever since I was supposed to get my grade on the 18th I am a basket case.”

    Oh my… I feel exactly the same way! I’m starting to hate the predictions too because it makes me anticipate it way tooo much…

  • My guess: Since NASBA got another 1000 AUD scores today per Twitter, they are just going to release them all together tomorrow night to minimize confusion with people thinking they are Wave 2. But I’d love to be wrong.

  • @IL. I just checked and got garbaly server output junk. I re-logged in and still no score 🙁

  • Alyssa — I could not agree more. The grading, the score release, it’s all such a big mystery. Highly ironic, as you point out, considering our profession.

  • Alyssa- I’m with you and think that is a great idea. I would have gladly waited a few days as long as I had a definite answer. It’s time consuming enough to study for the exam but to have to wait and waste time checking all the time is even worse

  • @Kim-I totally agree, I was doing great focusing on my other exams while not knowing my REG and FAR scores. But ever since scores started coming out, all I can do is keep checking and hoping and get frustrated at how slow the process it.

    I personally think it would be best if they just set a date/time to release and stuck to it and fully informed everyone of the exact order and logic. Even if it meant a longer wait by a few days to ensure they could adhere to the deadline, knowing the how and when is so much better than this waiting/guessing game they put us all through. I mean we are accountants for goodness sake, is full disclosure and transparency too much to ask?!?

  • Ok..really? ILBOE is taking forever. they are usually really quick to post scores. 3 hour drive from here…yup. im camping out in front of the door.

  • I thinking maybe Jeff’s mistake was in the eastern time and not west coast time…making 11:15pm eastern the release. Or, not. Either way, I’m giving up for the evening shortly after then.

  • someone said they have their AUD score in Alabama on another forum…so maybe tonight?!

  • I honestly don’t think you can predict the release I took Reg and Far on Jan 4th and got the results for Reg in like 4 weeks but didn’t get Far until the end of March. I got a 75 so I assume they were deciding whether to give a passing score or not till the end of the window.

  • @Kim, after I get this score I am done trying to figure these things out. I am glad I am on my “rest week” away from studying.

  • I am still waiting on AUD in KY. This hopefully will be my last waiting for a grade to post. I spoke with the state board today and they still had not gotten the results from Friday. So I am heading to bed because they will not post them till tomorrow since they have their own site. Good Luck all!

  • I am beginning to think that all this about the predictions etc isn’t helpful. I was fine all through April knowing that I wasn’t going to get a score. Ever since I was supposed to get my grade on the 18th I am a basket case.

  • To clarify it is AUD that I’m waiting on that was released Friday and today. Not sure which set I may be in, since I took it on 4/2. I can’t focus on studying for REG!

  • This is my first time going through this, and I’m beginning to think everything I heard about IL being an “early bird” state is (insert profanity here)! 🙂

  • No one (not NASBA, not anyone) knows when scores for sections not yet released by AICPA will come out. Also, scores take 24-48 hours to be released by NASBA. So, no one knows when REG is coming out and no, FAR is not coming out tonight.

  • IL AUD here, nothin yet.

    Getting good news back today from AUD would’ve been great! I just got out of REG, and concur with anyone who thinks it’s brutal. For all I know I could’ve passed, but I won’t be surprised whatsoever if I didn’t.

  • Jeff,

    Does the release tonight include the AUD scores from today or only friday’s release? Also when should FAR scores be reported?

  • NASBA Today, 1132 AUD, 4898 FAR scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for Apr/May 2010 testing window. #cpaexam #cpa #accounting

  • Great to know Jeff!! Thank you! I should be a wave 1 AUD score so hopefully I will see it soon 🙂

  • Thanks guys. I do not work in tax or law, but I did the Becker course (still working HW). I just never know after leaving the exam! I walked away from BEC feeling sure that I bombed and ended up with an 86. It’s a total crapshoot.

    Good luck to everyone waiting on scores! Still anxiously waiting AUD in UT!

  • I thought REG was not bad. Although I work in tax so maybe that is why! I used Becker and studied about 40 hours over a 5 day period. There were only a few questions that I wasn’t sure about. I took it 5/6.

  • Anyone in IL hear when the AUD and FAR scores are going to be released? I know that AUD hasn’t even loaded yet and I am waiting on FAR? Any predictions? I remember someone saying they talked to the ILBOE and said the tech person is coming in tonight to do it.

  • @Travis – It’s hard to really compare FAR and REG since the material covered is so very different. I loathe taxes and don’t have much experience in Legal issues so I felt it was hard. On the otherhand, Financial Accounting has always been a strong area for me and I have quite a bit of practical experience in it, so I was not surprised to do well on that one. So -just because FAR was hard for you is absolutely no indication on how you will feel about REG. Good luck to you.

  • It’s sounding like a lot of people thought REG was pretty bad…I’m taking it this Thursday. Is it really as bad as people are saying? Could it possibly be worse than FAR? Good thing I have nothing to do besides study the next two days.

  • @Greg – Who did you talk to at the State Board? I just called and they said they don’t have a list of whose FAR scores were released.

    It is my last exam so I am anxious.

  • Me too… I did becker and felt semi-prepared heading into the test. I thought it was SO HARD! I also barely finished the sims, and didn’t even understand what half of the questions were asking in one. I walked out of the test and all I wanted to do was vomit. I feel like I failed too… but am hopefull that I didn’t. And hopefully that you didn’t either!

    @LauraGrad10… I don’t know for sure whether it would take longer for them to grade a more difficult exam. I am just hoping!! And hoping that means I’ll still pass!

    @ E in MN.. I tried the “loophole” to see if I could re-register for Reg, and that didn’t work because I had more tests left on this NTS. I’m not sure if that’s the same as the Ohio loophole, but I think I’ve given up on them. I’ll just wait. And study for BEC… test on Saturday! Yikes.

  • Glad I’m not the only one who felt REG was pretty difficult. I took in 4/7 in IL. Am very nervous…but heard it is the most heavily curved…something like a raw score of around 65 will likely get you a passing score of 75. But I don’t know if that even approximates the truth or not.

    BTW – still no AUD score for me (IL)

  • I just called the Arizona State Board to see if I am in the first wave of FAR. They confirmed that I am so it should just be a matter of NASBA getting out the scores via email (within a day or two, hopefully).

  • Just wondering…since FAR was released by the AICPA today, when is the earliest I can expect to see the scores posted by the IL (which is normally quick to report)?

    Usually it is the next morning, as with BEC, but I think people are still waiting on AUD scores in IL, so I don’t know what to think anymore!

  • Sad sad – I thought Reg was very difficult as well. I definitely put the time into studing but when it came to the SIMS, I was so dissapointed. Granted, I finished both of them but I struggled!! I want my score! lol…waiting in CA

  • It’s not the Ohio loophole that’s sad.

    The Ohio loophole: go to google, search for “Ohio Loophole cpa exam.” Read the instructions- it’s a way to attempt to figure out if you’ve passed in advance of actual score release.

    I am trying to find ANYONE from MN who has used it and/or can confirm it does(n’t) work.

  • @ Sad sad (MN) I AGREE!!!!! I took REG April 2 and thought it was SO HARD! I prepared for a long time and was totally ready, but the sims were very difficult. I don’t think I passed.

    What do you mean “that means REG was really difficult?” Do they take longer to grade if the test/sims were really hard? Do you think they will curve based on performance?

    (WA state)

  • FAR before REG!!? So… that means REG was really difficult?? I sure thought it was on Apr 9!

  • Andrew- Give it at least 24-48 hours for the scores to be released. Highly unlikely scores will be up that quick but I can’t say I haven’t been refreshing my score page every 5 minutes!

  • So will it definitely take at least 24 hours for Nasba to release FAR after they receive scores from AICPA or should I stay up till 3 AM pressing the refresh button?

  • Anyone know the lag between score release and emails being sent out in Arizona? We only get our scores via email. No posting in AZ.

  • Ughh! me three! I took REG on Apr. 4th and the wait is killing me now! I have never been this impatient! = /
    At least AUD and FAR should be coming out soon according to NASBA ; )

  • AUD April 5th Louisiana – didly-squat so far.

    / last part I need
    // just want to start the drinking binge with a clear conscience.

  • Same … Took REG 4/2 and AUD 5/3 NO WORD on AUD in Washington State and it looks like REG is going to be last. I wonder if I will even see it this week. Which is frustrating because I take BEC on Saturday.

    What is the deal with NASBA? Will we see AUD scores today??

  • NASBA Today, 1132 AUD, 4898 FAR scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for Apr/May 2010 testing window. #cpaexam #cpa #accounting

  • Today, 1132 AUD, 4898 FAR scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for Apr/May 2010 testing window.

  • Jeff: the REG will released at the last, does it mean it is not a good sign for REG candidate, I mean it would be a tough grading?


  • per NASBA more AUD and FAR scores were released to them today. Looks like REG is getting the shaft…

  • Why dont you all just chill… we are all anxiously waiting for scores whether its one or two exams. Calling NASBA or checking the loophole isnt going to make you get your scores any sooner.

  • JT: GL to u 2. Tonight at 9;00pm seems like a good time to find out we all passed AUD. 🙂

  • Stephanie & Warren- I took BEC in TN on 4/1 and I have not received my score. I called today and they said they were released on Friday, so if you did not get your score (which I didn’t)…you are in wave 2. UGHH!!

  • That may very well be the case. I am just going off of posts by other people saying they called and found out that their scores weren’t being released in this wave. Thats all. You may very well be right that states haven’t released yet. Like I said, Im just going off of posts of people saying when they took it and that they somehow found out that they weren’t getting their scores in this wave. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

  • @AE- it seems like no on has gotten their AUD scores- NASBA received the scores on Friday from AICPA, so I was under the impression that it takes them 24-48 business hours to get the scores released

    I don’t think that its everyone is in wave 2, I just think that they have not been released yet.

    Has anyone gotten an AUD score???

  • @ JT and Ae. Thanks for the info. I feel very confident about the AUD score. I just need to see it to BOOST me on my study of my last part, FAR.

  • Wave 1 AUD scores have been released to NASBA and are in the process of being updated for candidates. They were released Friday. However, after reading posts, it appears that quite a few candidates waiting for AUD that took the exam in April, even early April, are not getting their scores and are in wave 2. AUD may have had a new simulation as it is hard to imagine that so many people have not gotten their scores when they took the exam that early on. I always thought that the cutoff was the 7th of May.

  • Jeff-

    You predicted May 18th for the NASBA release of AUD. I understand these are predictions subject to error; can you give us an update using your “connections”???

  • PR – When I spoke to NASBA this morning(for UT) they said that everything they had received up to that point had been posted.

  • I took AUD 4/13 and am still waiting on my score. Does anyone know if the loophole of trying to re-register for the exam works for the Audit section?

  • For those who took AUD, it sounds like quite a few people who took it in the first month aren’t getting their scores and are in wave 2; quite possibly AUD had a new simulation because people who took it early in the month are getting scores! Hang tough

  • When I spoke to NASBA the representative informed me that they could not let me know if they had received individual scores or not. So I’m stuck speculating. Taking BEC on Saturday…hopefully to be my last exam!

  • I called the IL board and they said that nothing will get posted for auditing until the IT person comes in tonight. So I guess I can stop checking until the morning. They cannot tell you if you are on list to get a score or not, and NASBA cannot tell you that if you are IL since it goes right to the state board.

  • Took AUD 4/2 in NY and have yet to receive a score…somewhat relieved because I’m taking FAR this coming Saturday.

    Is it possible that NASBA is still in the process of updating their system for the 24/48hr lag time?

  • JT- I am in FL and took mine 4/21 and thought for sure I would be in wave 1 too. I called NASBA and they said they didn’t receive a score for me and it wouldn’t be released until wave 2. I am so annoyed!! How can they make us wait 2 1/2 months for a test score???

  • I’m sitting for UT and just talked to NASBA. They said that all the scores they have gotten have already been released. I’m waiting on Audit so it looks like I’m in wave 2…not really all too happy about it either.

  • Thank Jeff- I appreciate it. I’m just nervous because I am seeing people who took other sections before that and they aren’t getting their scores. Also, I am an IL candidate (not a NASBA state) can I still call NASBA to see if my score was one of the ones released or does that not work for us?

  • For those who have already received a score, did anyone test after April 30th? Just wondering…

  • Jeff- I took FAR April 30th. Would my score most likely be in Wave 1 unless I have a new simulation?

  • I took BEC in TN on 4/26 and have not received my score. Does that mean I am in Wave 2?

  • @ Warren – no I don’t think that means you failed. I know they say if you had a new simulation you are in wave 2. for BEC, maybe if you had a large amount of new questions?I’ve also heard you will be in Wave 2 if you are very close to a passinggrade. So it could be ither!

  • I took BEC on 4/2/2010 and I still haven’t received my results. I know i’m probably in wave 2, but does that mean I failed? If I didn’t get a MC only test back in the first wave?

  • Did any scores get released today (Monday)? Anyone from any state get a score other than BEC?!?! I was sure that something else would have been released since BEC already started rolling out on Thursday of last week….

  • Is it true that FAR scores are always released last? I took it on 4/9 and I’m becoming VERY impatient…

  • Ok…I just talked to ILBOA. Customer Service really has no idea if they will be posted today. She did confirm that they didn’t get them out over the weekend. She said that they get an email internally that is simultaneous with the scores actually being posted, so we would likely know as soon as they do whether or not scores are available. 🙁

  • Any idea of when FAR will be released in Texas? I hate this waiting game!! They claim that our scores are not curved so why can the not tell us what our score is immediately after we take it?!

  • Anyone get AUD scores in IL yet today? I looked and…nothing! I’m beginning to think this is a conspiracy.

  • I just called nasba and they can tell you if ur name is within the 5577 people whose scores got released – unfortunately mine wasnt, even with a 4/25/2010 testing date for AUD…but i cant focus on BEC studying so i had to call and give it a shot – now i have to wait till mid june 🙁

  • @Debell- Just called NASBA again about TN scores and BEC was released last week. They are not holding scores this first wave and he said the fact I didn’t get it just means I’m in wave 2 even though I took it April 1st. He said there is also a possibility they could be released at the end of this week after all other scores. Who knows?!

  • Just talked to NASBA. I took AUD on 4/2/2010 and they told me my score was not coming until the second wave. NOT COOL, NOT COOL AT ALL!

  • @A – I am in NY and took AUD 4/25 – still waiting on my score..keep hitting refresh on NASBA but no luck yet 🙁

  • Waiting on Audit in Texas. Took it 4/21! I thought for sure we would have them this morning!

  • I think AICPA will release REG today, at some point this afternoon, which means we should know our score within 24-48 hours, probably late Tuesday night (10 pm Eastern or so).

  • Thanks Cari. Good luck to you. I’m hoping my score is released. I took the exam on May 7th so I am right on the border.

  • @Sam IL – NASBA tweeted on Friday that the AICPA had released AUD scores. I have not received my score yet, and it doesn’t look like any other fellow Illinoisans have either. Hopefully, we will see scores tomorrow.

  • Did the AICPA release AUD scores? I see people talking about IL releasing, but I haven’t seen anything about the AICPA releasing the score?

  • stillwaiting – Based on comments so far, it appears that it’s very possible IL did not post AUD this Saturday. No one seems to have received scores yet.

    That being said, for now I wouldn’t worry about being in Wave 2, and hopefully we’ll get scores on Monday!

  • Just wondering if anyone in IL has received their AUD score yet? Really hope that I am not in Wave 2!!!

  • Hey I was the one who called the ILBOE on friday and was told that the tech dept works nights and weekends to update scores.

    However, since no one from IL has received AUD scores, the lady I spoke with could have been compeletly uninformed…wouldn’t be the frist time I was give less than accurate information from them.

    For all those waiting for scores, hang in there!!!

  • No scores for AUD in IL yet….at least not for me. Guess it will either be Monday – or heaven forbid – Wave 2 🙁

  • Okay so if TN isn’t releasing wave 1 scores until wave 2, when on earth will that be? Nasba/Aicpa just needs to set up a system that emails you when scores are available, then you could navigate to the site and retrieve them. This whole click and hope routine is stressful and ridiculous.

  • How likely is a California AUD release before Monday? Has anyone from Cali gotten their AUD score?

  • @Cari – I am not sure. I am just going off someones post on friday that said “I talked to the ILBOE and they said that once the scores are released to them from the AICPA the tech department keeps working so scores keep being release. Meaning if you in IL, you should have your scores tomorrow morning!”

    This is my last test and I have always received my other scores mid-week, so I am just wishing for today! Since they are not up yet, I think we may be out of luck until Monday.

  • IL, waiting for AUD as well, nothin yet. Sounds like it could go either way, today or Monday. Guess it depends on how much ILBOA wants to torture us. 🙂

  • @IL – do you know if they will post on the weekend? This was my first test, so I’m not familiar with the process.

  • Help I took Far April 5th and still no score. Any word on what is happening for California? It’s been 8 weeks!

  • @AE-I know we are lucky IL is so quick to release…now if we could only work on getting the AICPA to be a little more responsive!

    Good luck to you too!!

  • @Brian- I’m afraid to say that I heard that TN will no longer be releasing wave 1 scores and they will all be released at the end of the entire window. I really hope this isn’t true.

  • @paying cust
    I know right?! I was thinking the same thing. I was sure this time that my score from one section would NOT be released on the day of my second. Wrong. The makers of Xanax thank you for your support, NASBA!

  • @dbell and Rachel, I took BEC on 4/5 and I still have no score either. I think the “new test, wave 2 release concept” only applies to tests that have a simulation. BEC should always be released in its corresponding wave.

  • Seriously, NASBA? An IT upgrade?

    What planning genius decided to schedule an IT upgrade during a time when they could reliably PLAN on needing the IT system to provide CORE service to THOUSANDS of customers????!?!?!?!

    Typical monopolistic thinking… “They only have one provider, what are they going to do about it?”

    That’s just plain poor customer service. I’m so glad I’m paying them a thousand dollars for this “privilege.”

  • @Rachel…I did not get my BEC score either (TN). If we are not going to receive our scores, it may mean our exam was a new exam. If that is the case, we will not receive our scores till wave 2. Really no way of knowing.

  • Jeff-

    Is it true that Tennessee will not be releasing any Wave 1 scores? I saw where NASBA tweeted something to that effect. I called NASBA today and they said that BEC for TN would be released at 7 pm CST and I didn’t get my score. I took my exam April 1st…

  • @dbell: Did you get your BEC score for TN? I didn’t and it’s past 7 oclock like NASBA said? WTF? I read a tweet from NASBA today that made it sounds like TN states are not posting any wave 1 scores…is this true?

  • Jeff – I’m waiting on FAR in Texas. Obviously the 24th release won’t happen…when do you anticipate FAR being released in Tejas?! I need to know my last score!!!!!

  • @Alyssa – I am waiting on FAR for Illinois as well. Looks like next week! The nice thing is, Illinois is really good about getting scores updated and released quickly. Turn around has been less than 24 hours which is great! Good luck!

  • Honestly…that is very inconsiderate on NASBA’s part. Being as inimately involved as they are, they should know how much people are relying on this. They should really revamp their score release process where they set a concrete date in which they will release scores. I guess the problem is systematic as it stems from AICPA (NASBA’s release is contingent upon AICPA’s release).

  • i’m going crazy here, took both FAR and AUD in the same week, if i pass, i’ll be done, if not, i’ll have to start all over again because the passed ones expired in may………hurry up! AICPA!

  • Any update on Massachusetts? Did people receive BEC scores? Anyone get AUD which I am assuming is next………

  • @Dbell- No problem! I just couldn’t keep checking my score every 5 seconds. It has really been killing my productivity studying for REG that I’m taking next week!

  • Thanks for that update on Illinois! That is my state and I am waiting for AUD (took 4/21) as well as REG (4/7). I was hoping to get REG since that is the one I have been really sweating, but will of course settle for AUD no problem 🙂

  • I talked to the ILBOE and they said that once the scores are released to them from the AICPA the tech department keeps working so scores keep being release. Meaning if you in IL, you should have your scores tomorrow morning!

    Unfortunately for me I am waiting to hear on REG and FAR…looks like the wait continues into next week. Just wish I could found out atleast one score to keep me motivated for the weekend. Sitting AUD next thurs and I cannot focus for the life of me…

  • Scratch that last post….

    This just posted by NASBA via Twitter:

    Takes 24-48 hours but key phrase—> Biz Days. RT @flat_six: @NASBA What are the chances of AUD scores being rolled out tomorrow night!?!?!

  • Andrew- I believe someone posted in the last couple days that once NASBA has the scores from the AICPA, the process is automated, and therefore can be posted on weekends.

    I can’t guarantee this is accurate, but I did read that somewhere in the past few days.

  • Jeff – Will NASBA update today to tomorrow? DO we have a chance to get our AUD score by tonight or tomm (NY)