CPA Exam Score Release Updates July & August 2010


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Update #1 (August 16): Updated BEC release prediction: Wednesday 8/18
Update #2 (August 18): 10,896 BEC scores released by the the AICPA
Update #3 (August 20): 7,629 AUD scores were released by the AICPA
Update #4 (August 23): 1,808 AUD and 8,625 FAR scores were released by AICPA
Update #5 (August 25): 313 AUD, 1,704 FAR, and 8,329 REG scores were released by the AICPA
Update #6 (August 27):265 FAR, and 1,845 REG scores were released by the AICPA
Update #7 (August 30):168 REG scores were released by the AICPA

Update #8 (September 16): Yesterday – 11,565 BEC scores were released by the AICPA to NASBA from the July / August 2010 testing window.

Update #9 (September 20): Friday (September 17), 7,361 AUD scores were released by the AICPA to NASBA from the July / August 2010 testing window.

Update #10 (September 22): Tuesday (September 21), 7,577 FAR scores were released by AICPA to NASBA from the July / August 2010 testing window.


BEC – Wednesday, September 15

AUD – Friday, September 17

FAR – Monday, September 20

REG -Wednesday, September 22


BEC – Wednesday, September 15 (1 for 1)

AUD – Friday, September 17 (2 for 2)

FAR – Tuesday, September 21 (2 for 3 – one day off)

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Jeff Elliott



1,612 comments on “CPA Exam Score Release Updates July & August 2010”

  • Hi
    I have cleared all the sections of the CPA exam in August from Colorado state. Till now i have received the scores of all the sections and a congratulatory letter from CPA examination servces. i have not received any certificate or degree.
    Could somebody tell me how and when would i receive the degree and/or certificate


  • Hi Can any one tell me when the results will be out for AUD, BEC & FAR which were appeared fron New hamshire Board in the lastweek of October 2010.

  • I need opinions… Is it possible to study for REG in only 7 weeks? This will be my last exam unless I have to retake FAR (haven’t received scores yet). I did BEC in 5 weeks, Audit in 6 and FAR in 8. I don’t want to rush it but since there’s no testing in December, I wanted to take it in November. What do you think? Is 7 weeks enough time?

  • I took FAR on 8/30 in California and still have not received my test score. I sent an e-mail to the Calif Board of Accountancy (CBA), but have not received a response. Any suggestions, besides being patient?

  • Wisconsin posted scores!!! 78 on FAR…I am done and out of studying. (82 AUD, 81 BEC, 76 REG) I used Becker self study CDs for all parts.

  • I’m in WI and I’m still waiting for my scores. I have to purchase a new NTS for the 2 parts I haven’t taken but would like to save some money by purchasing all of the sections that I need at one time. Hence I do not want to purchase my NTS until I receive the scores but I also want to get the next sections done soon. How long should I wait???

  • WI is really playing with my emotions now. Would love to know why they make us wait? Just need this REG score to be done and here I wait. @#$@#$!@$~!$!%#@%

  • In a snail-mail state and found out yesterday that I passed FAR and am done with the CPA! Used Becker Fast Pass for all 4 parts and passed all 4 on the first time while working full time and going to school part time. It is worth the money if you put forth the time and study power. Good to luck to all! You can do it!!

  • When, when, when? Why is WI so slow with these scores? This score could mean that I have passed … therefore it is really hard to wait for, ugh!

  • Any thoughts on when Wisconsin will finally release their scores for July/August window? Could it be tonight?

  • Yup, I’ve heard that AUD are just lots of stuff to memorize.. I hope I can pass it with one try before the new test format in 2011..
    PLUS, my gf passed all four parts all with one try, I want to pass the whole thing and move on too!!

  • Way to go, Kevin! That was smart to save Audit for last… Wish I would’ve done that. Seems as though that one’s the easiest.

    By the way everyone, NASBA’s twitter account says they just released a few more scores. I’m guessing that’s the Wave 2.5.

  • Got last part FAR score, Passed. Took the exam on 8/27, in NYC

    Done with CPA!

    “Do the hardwork and believe in yourself, You will pass”

    I wish the best for all awaiting results and all who are preparing to give the exam.

    Take Care


  • Got FAR score this morning. PASSED!!!
    Done with CPA.

    Took the Exam in NY 8/27. All those awaiting results, wish you all the best.

    “Do the hardwork and believe in your self. You will pass”

  • Can someone explain the concept of “Wave 2.5”? I get that it consists of borderline scores and that they may be rechecking written communication. I’m waiting for my REG score and I know they’ve released 2 batches already, and that the second smaller batch is suppose to post tonight. Would that second batch that is suppose to post tonight be considered “Wave 2.5”?

  • I’ve read from another thread that there is a Wave 2.5 releasing borderline score… I still didn’t receive my score for FAR in NY, does that mean I fail?!

  • @Julia
    Congrats! When did you take your FAR in NY? I took mine on 8/23 but did not see my score from NASBA yet.

  • I guess you just have to try to enjoy your weekend and wait till next Monday or Tuesday…

    By the way, thank you so much, Jeff, for provding this website. This is my only venue to get an idea about getting the scores.

  • I am still waiting for FAR PA also. I took the exam on 8/20. Is it safe to assume if I don’t have it by now that it will not show up till Monday night? I am still trying to figure out how this scoring crap works.

  • so when nasba says it takes “24-48 hours” to post is that a true statement? if i did not get my REG score by now does that mean it could still post today or that they just did not get it in the last batch?

  • @Dee we are both in the same boat. I sat in NY but registered in PA. Maybe thats the lag in our score release because we sat in different states. I really hope some got released last night.

  • Still waiting for my PA FAR score that I sat for in WV….how can I focus on my BEC exam on Oct 2, while FAR is in limbo??

  • Reg scores are up for Texas!! I passed this time. I am done! Thank you so much everyone for all for support! Jeff you are awesome!!

    BEC 79
    AUD 91
    FAR 84
    REG 73, 90

    Good luck everyone!! πŸ™‚

  • YAHOOOO….79 on AUD….highest score over and this journey that begin in April 2007 (yes I’m a little slow, lol) is FINALLY over!!!!!

    Good luck everyone – keep pushing through.

    And P.S. I FULLY endorse Yeager, I used Becker from 04/07 – 06/10 with MANY ATTEMPTS on all parts. Got Yeager and passed REG and AUD on my 1st attempt.

  • REG in MA is out. I passed! I’m all done! Everyone Good Luck! The main thing to remember, “DO NOT GIVE UP!” Thanks Jeff for keeping us updated during this stressful time.

  • The window better not be closed…it’s after 10:15pm and my score still isn’t posted for AUD (in MA). Anyone else received a score tonite yet?

  • @AB.. Jeff mentions in his video that AICPA says the window is closed, just less people than normal took the exam.

    I’d like to know, Jeff, what the latest possible wave 1 test dates are. I took reg on the Aug 11th and wound up in wave 1.. do you think that was the last day? I sure would like to wind up in AUD wave 1 next period, but I probably shouldn’t base my test date around it..

  • I was just about to let everyone know about the AUD ones too…but I have to wait on NASBA so I’ve still got another day to go before I know =(

    I better be in this round or I don’t think I’ll be able to handle waiting over the weekend!!!!

  • Just wanted to let those know who are waiting on audit that more scores were released. I’m from MD and finally got mine this morning! I passed! 3 down only 1 more to gooooo! Good luck everyone!

  • NYS FAR is now posted. I passed!! This was my last section and so I am officially done. I took all four sections for the first time in the July / August window and I used Becker. People told me I was crazy, but it can be done. My advice is that it is hard to keep up intense levels of studying for long periods of time, and therefore I think there is something to be said for just plowing through. My summer was not fun, but now I am done. Good luck everyone & thank you Jeff for this site. It was my moral support during the score release process.

  • got my REG score in CA – 85! wooohooo! I’m all done!

    Thanks to all of you guys in this site specially to Jeff! To all of you still taking the exam, hang in there! Patience you’ll get there!

  • Anyone in PA try using Oasis. Details state that they haven’t received scores but loophole let’s you re-register?

  • In FL and found out at 2am that I passed FAR! Finally done. Thank you so much for this website Jeff. I haven’t posted before, but trust me I was always reading up on things. Good luck everyone.

    FAR 78
    AUD 92
    BEC 85
    REG 80

  • Has anyone received their FAR scores in IL? I can’t take the wait anymore! I want to know if I am done…..

    AUD 82
    REG 82
    BEC 80
    FAR ??

  • Hi, jeff;
    Thank you for all the endeavor you put for us. Really like your website.
    I just found that i am done with all four parts. So what is next? do we need take the ethics test mentioned by someone before? what is that?
    Thank you

  • Passed FAR, I am done!! Thank you Jeff for this website. I have been glued to your site for the past year, not sure how I would have made it without. Good luck to everyone else!

  • Anyone know if the rest of the AUD scores were released yesterday by AICPA? And if not when they are coming…if they don’t get released today my score is going to be a full week beyond when it was expected…I can’t wait all weekend =(

  • Checked for my FAR score in PA last night around 10:15 and got nothing. Checked this morning around 7:30 when I got in work and there it was… 87. Made my day. Last part. I’m Done! Everyone else.. hang in there. and thanks.

    AUD 82
    BEC 78
    REG 77
    FAR 74, 87

  • I checked my score at 12:20 right before falling asleep, and there it was. Passed FAR. I’m all done.

    Thanks again to Jeff for this outlet to vent my pain and suffering, as my friends/family would probably get sick of hearing about it.

  • Still waiting for my AUD scores in PA… any ideas when are they going to be released?
    BTW, thanks Jeff for your effort on keeping us updated πŸ™‚

  • Im from CA..havent recieved my FAR scrores yet..i took my exam in the beginning of the window.Does it mean im in border line..plz share ur experiences plz

  • Hey is this new (Kansas)?

    NASBA has received a portion of the AUD, BEC, FAR and REG scores. We do not receive all scores at once. If you do not see your score online we have not yet received your information. As we continue to receive scores we will update this site. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Still waiting for the AUD score for the exam I took in August

  • AHHH!

    I can’t take it any longer.

    “The section(s) of your Notice to Schedule (NTS) have been attended and scored. The score(s) reported generated a score notice to be mailed to you.”

    The next 2.5 hours are going to be some of the longest of my life. Worse yet, I may as well say 3 hours, because I know I won’t be able to load my score right away.

    I had so much more hair a week and a half ago.

  • Jeff, thank you for providing us with your predictions and this informational forum where we can discuss and share our thoughts concerning the CPA. You might not have gotten every prediction correctly, but you made an effort to make a short video explaining your second predictions to us. Your hard work didn’t go unnoticed with me. Thank you again.

    I found out I passed my last exam today and I am relief. But I know this is only the first of many steps to becoming a successful and great CPA. I have to keep learning and improving.

    For the rest of you who are still taking your exam(s), stay focused and motivated in studying for the exam, and you will be one step closer to becoming a CPA. I wish all of you the best and good luck.

    For CA candidates who passed all four parts of the CPA, don’t forget to take an ethics exam with the AICPA. It’s a requirement!

  • Still waiting for my FAR score in PA. It’s my last part. Sat 8/15. First time around I got a 74. Anyone know if it takes longer to get your score if you take the exam at a testing center in another state. I’m a PA candidate, but sat in NJ.

  • @TX – thank you SO much! Very valuable information! I don’t wanna be going crazy looking before I think it will be there.

    Still have to wait for another round of AUD to be released though….*sigh*

    Holy cow! I think that is the longest I have ever seen someone have to wait for a score. I bet they were just sick!!

    Thanks again for your help and explanation!

  • @Hurry Up N Wait

    I’ve only gotten 2 scores back and know when a few freinds got their scores, so I’m not an expert but this is my experience for TX…

    NASBA says the scores were released, and 2 days later (almost every time) you get an email from TSBPA around 8-9am that they’ve received a grade. In terms of Saturday, none of my friends have ever gotten an email/grade from TSBPA on a Saturday, always comes on the next Monday. So if the grades were released yesterday, you’ll hopefully get an email tomorrow morning.

    I say almost every time because one time a friend had to wait a week and a half after NSBA announced the release (which was ridiculous considering he took the test beginning of April and didnt get a grade until after July 4th)

    Also, I’ve wasted hours refreshing the TSBPA website and I’ve never actually seen the grade before getting the email; so you might want to save yourself the trouble and wait for the email notice… but like I said I’m not an expert

  • Unfortunately, no Audit scores were released with the FAR score release yesterday. I’m in the same boat as you so I was really hoping more audit scores would be released. Hopefully more scores will be released tonight and we will know tomorrow or atleast before another weekend!!

  • Does anyone have a new guess about REG? Possibly released before this weekend? I can’t take waiting another weekend!!

  • @TX – this is my first exam and I’m in Texas. So let’s say a score was release Tuesday night by AICPA. Are you saying that it would be up on the TSBPA site on Thursday AM? If so, about what time? Also, does Texas ever post on Saturday morning?

    Thanks! I’m waiting on AUD but wanna make sure I know when to check when it IS released.

  • @FAR Texas
    I’ve tried on NASBA, but get a notice to check the Texas website. Texas takes a day or two after NASBA posts the release to be on the website- I’m waiting on REG, but my FAR was released the morning of 2 days after NASBA said they were out

  • I dont see what all the fuss is. I personally never check my score online and always wait for it in the mail, because everytime I take it, I know I passed. I am 3 for 7 so far.

  • Jeff….I think you are amazing! I appreciate all you input and hard work. Thanks for that. And to those who think that Jeff’s predictions are “wrong”…..Jeff’s predictions are always in the ballpark. We are all adults here and if you can’t handle waiting a few extra days….then don’t expect a date to see a score. Just continue checking and be surprised the day it does show up! THANKS, AGAIN!!!!

  • Ultimate PA test for the loophole tonight. My coworker and I are both waiting on FAR scores….it’s letting him reregister but not me. We’ll see!!!

  • Scores are up in VA from latest releases, they seem to do a good job processing and posting quickly. I just received my FAR score from the release yesterday – that is about as good as you are going to get.

  • Does anyone know if it’s possible for AICPA to release more scores batchs for FAR today? do they only release scores once a day to CA?

  • How is it possible my FAR scores are up on NASBA already? Didn’t they just come out this morning. Says 89 but i’m scared to believe it!!!

  • Does anyone know if any AUD scores were in the batch that went out last night? or was it just FAR? I’m beginning to think I should just give up on checking my score altogether

  • @CA FAR – Yes, you passed. Congratulations. I passed also (91) and am in CA. Got my AUD score (83) Sat. AM and FAR score this AM. Took AUD on 7/31 and FAR on 8/27. Good luck to all.

  • I could understand the trolling if I was way off, but I nailed BEC and AUD to the exact date and I was *one* day off on FAR.

    Tough crowd! Normally I’m 0/4 in Wave 2.

    The occasional troll on here usually has ulterior motives.

    Trolls however, are people too. πŸ™‚

  • I think Jeff does a wonderful job providing the service that he does, considering he passed the exam years ago and kept up with this site in his spare time.

    No complaints from this guy.

  • AUD Scores. I see a lot of people are missing them. Me and a co-worker have both not gotten our AUD scores in MI. Are they planning to release other AUD scores anytime soon.

    Also, a lot of people are dogging Jeff, but I personally love his predicitions. Even if they aren’t spot on, they give me a general time frame to start looking. Without his predicitions I may have started looking for my score weeks ago!

  • Okay people, actually Jeff’s been right for most of his predictions. Everyone needs to first off understand that when the AICPA releases your score–it doesn’t mean that it will automatically get posted. Your state may not be a NASBA state, so he can’t tell you exactly when each individual State Board will post it. And if your state IS a NASBA state, he can’t tell immediately when NASBA will post them. A score “release” is different than score “posting”.
    So you people who pull your hair out over Jeff’s predictions being “wrong”…just don’t.
    Jeff you’re da man!

  • CBT Exam Advisory Scores received from NASBA.
    FAR Advisory Score: 81

    This is my first time. Does this mean I passed? This was found in the ‘Application Status Information’ under ‘Status Information’/’Status’ Tab.

    Thanks in advance!

  • CBT Exam Advisory Scores received from NASBA.
    FAR Advisory Score: 81 – Attended: 08/25/2010 18:09:00

    This is my first time. Does this mean I passed? This was found in the ‘Application Status Information’ under ‘Status Information’/’Status’ Tab.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Jeff predicted reg scores to be out today, but he’s been wrong with his predictions. I don’t know if he has gotten any right yet, but based off Jeff’s predictions I’d add a few more days, so I say Reg gets released next week.

  • @SB–If you go to the Status tab and scroll all the way down where it says Application Status Page, that is where your Advisory score is and your score report of what your strengths & weaknesses were. Don’t look at the very top where it says Credit Status Information–that doesn’t show the advisory score. A passing score only gets posted there once both Waves are released entirely.

  • Now that NASBA released 7,577 FAR scores (posted on Twitter) – what does that mean for REG? Will we get a score by the end of this week or what?

  • Here in CA, and yes FAR scores are out. That is 3 down and 1 to go for me. It is amazing how a passing score can set your morning off right!! Hope everyone did well, and good luck to you all!!

  • Rise & shine California – we are all waiting to hear if you have received FAR or REG scores. Please let us know (other than Ali πŸ™‚

  • still no FAR score in NY… do they usually update the score in NASBA throughout the day? or just like once in the morning? thx

  • So much for getting my score on Monday….STILL nothing….so going to be a minimum of Thursday now…. This is totally ridiculous, I’ve been less annoyed the times I’ve failed!

  • if we have not received our auditing score in the first release of wave 2 does that mean we are more then likely on the fence as far as pass/fail?

  • Hi Jeff, is there any chance that AICPA will still release REG scores today? I’m hoping for my score tomorrow.

  • Jeff –

    Are they releases other Audit scores with FAR as well, I’m in MO and still haven’t received my score?

  • @ E….well usually AICPA releases in late last test that I got a score for was BEC..AICPA released around 4 and my score was on ILs website by 9 the next morning. It seems like CA is fastest and then IL is right behind them.

  • Anyone care to explain to me how the IL score release typically works since it is not a NASBA state? i.e., once NASBA announces they have received scores from the AICPA does Illinois typically post the scores that day?

  • Hey,
    Normally AICPA releases their scores after one day gap i.e Monday,Wednesday,Friday.

    if they didnt release FAR on Monday. Will they release tonite or on Wednesday night?

  • She probably did it because it’s entertaining to see us all freak out for a few minutes haha…all this waiting turns us into crazy people

  • Folk Im thinking that the scores DIDNT come out yet. ALI is playing games. I think we will have to waite until tonite(Tuesday) after 10pm and check for score releases. They will probably be out tomorrow. I only have 1 more to go FAR!!!!!

    AUD Β– 80, BEC Β– 76, REG Β– 81, FAR Β– 8/19/2010

  • Did ANYONE get FAR results??? I was as it is tensed this morning and then got into comfort mode that the results have not been released !!! But with the new posts here by Ali, I feel i need to start getting nervous again :-!!
    But did anyone receive their FAR Scores for CALI?? I’m so anxious

  • He says in the video he was expecting FAR Wednesday and REG Friday but then corrected himself on Facebook and said FAR Monday (as in yesterday) and REG Wednesday. However, I’m assuming FAR was not released yesterday since people from CA haven’t gotten scores yet and CA is usually the first state to release them.

  • Has anyone watched the video from 9/20…does that say anything about the rest of the scores. I hate how it’s not all in print now – I can’t watch videos with sound at work. Hoping someone can shed some light on where the rest of the scores went….I’m waiting for AUD and it’s my last one….

  • @Hou and Hurry Up N Wait,

    I’m in Texas and received my AUD score this morning, so rest assured, yours will be coming.

    To everyone else, I am DONE! Good luck to the rest of you. It’s worth it!

    Thanks Jeff for your support too! This website is a life saver! πŸ™‚

    BEC, 75
    FAR, 79
    REG, 88
    AUD, 72, retake 87

  • @HOU – no, unfortunatley they were not all released at one time. I am in TX as well and don’t have my AUD score yet either. Hopefully the rest were released yesterday and we will have our scores tonight/early AM.

  • Has anyone received their FAR scores? Is it possible that they released REG yesterday?? This waiting is killing me.

  • I am from texas and I still have not recieved my AUD score. I thought all AUD scores were released at the same time in Wave 2.

  • I know no one knows if FAR scores were even released yesterday or not…but if anyone gets their FAR score in IL today will you please post on here. The BOE website is blocked for someone reason where I work and I have to use my co-workers phone and don’t want to be bothering her every 5 minutes…


  • PA applicant, but sat for FAR 8/15 in NJ. No score yet. FAR is my last part. Failed with a 74 the first time around.

    AUD – 82
    BEC – 78
    REG – 77

  • I received my score in Ohio this morning. I passed AUD so now I am done. Does anyone know what happens now? I know there is an ethics test, but how do you register, etc?

  • I blame the AICPA for the unnecessary waits for scores (waiting on FAR from 7/30), but not so much NASBA. I am still unhappy about NASBA’s change in updating us on Twitter, where they posted the day they received the score; they seem to reporting the day after they receive them now.

  • MA scores are up. Passed with an 84!! Jeff thank you for providing a forum for us to share our joy and our pain…keep up the good work. For all those still waiting I wish you all good luck. For those that have failed, please don’t give up there is a promising career out there for CPAs; and for those that have passed please join me in thanking God for without his help this would not have been possible. Peace

  • To do the backdoor you put in all your info and then you get to the sign up page and then you never sign up.

  • Since MD isn’t a NASBA state, does anyone know when MD AUD scores will be released? Thanks in advance!

  • Ok, the suspense is killing me. I have an hour left hopefully to find out my AUD score…doing the sign of the cross and crossing my fingers.

    Good luck everyone!!!

  • Has anyone from PA received audit scores yet? When I put in my info a new message comes up that says online scores from my state are available so I assume that means I am in wave 2?

  • Hey…has anyone tried to register with the state of Ohio to see if the backdoor is working to determine whether or not you’ve passed AUD. I did it and it won’t let me register. I am hoping that means that I passed AUD. Let me know if you’ve tried…

  • @New Orleans…I am in the exact same boat as you! Finished BEC and REG back in May and took FAR 7/1 and AUD 8/25. I’m still waiting on both scores and it’s killing me! Sooooo frustrating.

  • @ IL Reg….its funny that you are hoping reg comes out before far where im wishing this isnt one of those freak cycles where far comes out last.

    Jeff you’re now 2/2 way to go

  • Any word on scores released today? I’m hoping to find out about FAR soon. I felt terrible walking out of the testing center but apparently that is not always a bad thing.

  • on twitter nasba says to check after 10. this is my shortest wait for a result but its the worst because i might be done!! ahhhh!!!!

    BEC 80
    Reg 81
    Far 76
    AUD 8/24

  • No AUD in New Orleans. I have been waiting on FAR since 7/2 and AUD 8/30. I am very frustrated with this score release process. I have already passed REG and BEC. Waiting on my fate, and waiting , and waiting, and…..

  • I am in the same boat. What is the chance whether REG would be next instead of FAR??

    Where may you get any information about the REG or FAR release?


  • can somebody please clarify the way nasba sent the twitter message. When nasba says we can check after 10pm, are they referring to BEC or are they referring to the audit scores? In other words, when is audit getting put on nasba…im in ny by the way.

  • I’m waiting for REG in NY… does the re-registration trick work in NY?

    I tried to log-in to the re-reg on with all my correct info (Jur ID, etc) and got a big fat error! Maybe I’ve been booted from the Exam altogether? =-D

  • WA state sent out scores via email. Scored 99 on AUD! And now i’m all done! Went 4 for 4:
    April 2- BEC-86
    May 31- FAR- 89
    July 30- REG- 93
    Aug. 31- AUD- 99

    Used Becker and studied every spare second I had. I probably studied too much, but in a span of just months I am completely done. Worth every miserable second and “No” for every event that I was asked to go to. Hang in there guys, it’s all worth it in the end!

  • 7361 AUD scores were released by the AICPA to NASBA for the Jul/Aug 2010 testing window. Pls chk online after 5pm today for scores

  • Way to go Done! How exciting! I’m in Texas also and only have one kid, 4, and I’ve got three sections left. I can’t imagine doing it with TWO kids. You are awesome. Congrats! And thanks for the GREAT advice. I am always wondering what worked for people as far as how much time to study. Now go do something wonderful for yourself. =)


    FAR – 83
    AUD – 89
    REG – 87
    BEC – 78

    Passed all sections the first time using Becker. I studied about 15 hours a week for about 8 weeks/test (except BEC which I did in the same window as AUD and only study 4-5 weeks). Just keep doing the practice test over and over again (seriously, like at least 10 practice test), didn’t put a lot of time into studying simulations because I figured if I knew the material I could figure out the simulations – plus, I rarely got a simulation that looked like anything on the study software anyway.

    My friend who was a CPA before me gave me all this advice and it worked great so thought I would pass it along. We are both full-time employees at a Big 4 in Texas with young kids (mine are 3 and 5) – so you can do it even with a busy schedule.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • I’m getting a feeling NASBA changed their announcement procedures on Twitter. After wave 1 scoring, I think they weren’t too happy with all the calls, so they came up with that “we won’t release that information anymore.”

    Now it seems like they won’t announce it on Twitter until the day of the actual score posting, so they’ll come out with something tomorrow morning re: AUD.

    I understand not wanting to field calls from everyone that sat for the exam in a particular wave, but I don’t like that delayed Twitter announcement. Makes waiting even harder.

  • @ Godbless: I am in CA, and experienced the same thing when I tried to re-register for an exam that I didn’t feel I had passed. It was blocked out. I called the board and they said that it would remain blocked until my advisory score was released. I ended up not passing, and as soon as my advisory score was posted the exam was unblocked and I was able to register.

  • Leah – Based on what the video said, 10:15 pm. This time of day also falls in line with when I received my BEC score, so I would be on the lookout for it then.

  • Hey Jeff or Anyone – I checked NASBA to see if I could re-register for Audit, but it would not let me. The AUD part has been blocked out. I am in Connecticut, and I took the AUD exam on 8/29/10. Does this mean that I passed the exam?

  • Okay, I’ve decided. Somebody needs to build us the first ever Score Release App. I mean, we already all check NASBA and our state board sites approximately once per minute when we think our score should be out. We need an App for that!

  • Illinois AUD scores are out!

    I passed with an 89!!! 2 down 2 more to go!

    FAR 94 (7/27/2010)
    AUD 89 (8/31/2010)
    REG ? (10/29/2010)
    BEC ? (11/30/2010)

    Good luck to all!

  • Jeff- Thanks u so much!!!!You make this wait so comforting>Im awaiting reg and aud.BEC credit expires in Oct. And good lord-i dont even know whether il get dates by then!!

  • This exam process is the craziest crap ever!! The release process is just another tool for them to mess with your mental state.

  • Jeff,
    Do you know if any more BEC scores were released on Thursday. I noticed someone posted on here that AL BEC scores were up on the NASBA site, but mine has not shown up yet.

  • So if AUD scores are released today by the AICPA as predicted, that means that they will not be release by NASBA until at least Monday correct?

  • Anyone try the Ohio loophole when they were waiting for their last part and they sat for the exam right before credit was lost for a previous exam? Still waiting on my score for REG. Its greyed out but its allowing me to register for FAR, which I lost credit as of 8/31. Took REG on 8/30. If I passed REG on 8/30, I wouldn’t lose my credit for FAR right?

  • reg 93, aud 82, far 88, & BEC 89!!! 4 in a row. All with Becker baby!!! So don’t give me an excuse that becker was bad for BEC. If anything its you got caucky!

    Good luck to everyone! get it done before 2010 is over I hope.

    The loophole kinda worked in that it never allowed me to re-register. It just kept on saying scores are in process.


  • Hey Jeff I need some advice! I am studying with Becker. I passed REG with an 89 just found out i didn’t pass BEC. I definitely dropped the ball on studying so that is my fault but now I don’t know what to do. I am in the middle of FAR with Becker live classes and currently scheduled to take FAR Oct 21st. I have already done Becker classes for Audit but didn’t take the exam yet. Should I try to take FAR and AUD before 2011 since my NTS will expire in December? I really don’t want to take BEC in 2011 so should i re-register for it now and push one of the other two to 2011? AAAAAAH! Help!

  • I just checked NASBA and saw this on its website, “NASBA has received a portion of the AUD, BEC, FAR and REG scores. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR SCORE ONLINE WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT. As we continue to receive scores we will update this site.”.

  • Nothing in MN yet. However this is my 4th exam and i’m getting the message that we are currently in the process of updating scores or whatever it says. I hope that mean i’m done!

  • Waiting on GA BEC score. What’s the usual post time for scores (i.e. 4pm, 7pm, 10pm, etc)? I’m not getting a lot of work done today waiting on this ridiculous process. Good luck everyone!

    1 down 3 to go…

  • CT – I can’t want to get my AUD result. The exam was pretty difficult. First testlet was pretty easy, but the second and third testlets got harder.

  • Loophole loopy- since nasba has got the scores and hopefully updated,if u keep getting that message,i would think you are done with exams.GL!!!!

  • Does the loophole work in MI?

    I get a message that says something like “all sections are in process.”

    BEC is my last section.

  • Does Ohio loophole work for NY

    Any one plaese confirm!!!!!!

    waiting for REG
    hope it’s my last one
    so far i was fortunate to pass everything on my first try!!!!

  • I blame them – why can’t they just have a progressive scoring update, such as “Score received, waiting for release authorization from state board” instead of “Not found.” It would have saved them thousands of phone calls after the last round of testing.

    Hoping Jeff is right about Monday for FAR, as it has been way too long.

  • Eliazabeth – NASBA told me the same thing today. I guess there sick of getting all the phone calls and want us all to wait for the postings online!

  • Hypothetically speaking, if my score was released for BEC yesterday and I live in FL, any idea when I should be able to see it?

  • I just called NASBA to see if my BEC score was released in today’s batch and was told they’ve had policy changes within the past couple weeks and can longer give that information out…Has anyone else been told the same thing?

  • Can you register for the same exam again? I took the BEC exam on 8/25/10 and I haven’t receive my score yet but I have the option to register for the exam.

  • Does Ohio loophole really works? I tried it this morning and it allowed me to proceed for re-registration.. does that mean i fail the exam? Is there anyone from Virginia candidates tried to see if it really works?
    BTW.. i am waitign on BEC score

  • Since everyone is asking about this loophole, I figured it deserves its own thread.

    Who does this work for? — NASBA Candidates who have past three parts and are waiting on the score for their fourth

    When does it work? — After the AICPA has released your score to NASBA, but before NASBA has released your score.

    How does it work?
    1) Go to NASBA.ORG –> Exams –> CPA Exam
    2) Select OHIO and click “go”
    3) Click “Re-Exam Registration”
    4) Click “Apply Now”
    5) Click “Continue”
    6) Choose “No” for “Do you have an OHIO jurisdiction ID”…since you are not from OHIO
    7) Choose “Yes” for “Do you have a US SSN”
    8) Click Submit
    9) Type in the CAPTCHA letters, your Birth Date, and your SSN
    10) Click submit
    11a) If you receive the following message, the theory is that you passed:

    “We are sorry. Our system shows that you have already passed all parts of the Uniform CPA Examination. If you have questions, please call your Coordinator at the number given below. Please call the number below.

    11b) If you do not get this message and it lets you proceed, the theory is that you did not pass.

    Does it always work? — Nobody knows. But it does NOT seem to work for ALL NASBA states.

    Does it work at ALL? — If history is a guide from what I have read, everyone who got the message passed.

    AUD Β– 80, BEC Β– 76, REG Β– 81, FAR Β– 8/19/2010

  • Here’s what I think will happen. They will release BEC scores tomorrow at 3 pm. Most states will then get there scores by Friday at midnight! Then they will start releasing the rest of the sections through out the next week.

  • The loophole has its on discussion on this website. Google it and you can find it easy enough. The loophole doesn’t work for everyone, and it definitely doesn’t work before they’ve released the scores to NASBA!

  • I hope that loophole is not true because it seemed like it was going to let me register for BEC again. I got to the screen where it asks for credit card info πŸ™

  • Yes, I have kept studying in case I failed. My FAR credit expires in November, so I’ll only have one more try to pass.

  • Ready – If the scores aren’t released today, I doubt we’ll see BEC scores this week, unfortunately. It usually takes TX 2-3 business days to release, and they don’t release on the weekends. This sucks!

  • Hoping to get results for BEC, my lone remaining section, in TX before the weekend. It’ll suck to spend another weekend studying only to find out next week that I passed (that’s my hope).

  • I went to NASBA and tried to re-register for FAR last month and if it lets you attempt to register, then that means you failed. I have only tried this with FAR and it let me re-register, then I received my 70 a few hours later. I did this last month, so if you see that you can’t re-register for it, don’t get too excited!!

  • Ughhhhhh… I really hope they release the BEC scores tonight. Does anyone know if the 9pm is eastern or pacific time…

  • I took BEC exam from colorado state. Does any one know if NASBA would release the colorado state scores by 9 PM tonight?

  • @jjk – I had the same problem with BEC. I took it on August 30 and the first testlet was extremely difficult. The second was easier and the third testlet wasn’t as difficult as the first, but not as easy as the second. I am scared I didn’t pass because of that. This is my last section to pass. I want to be done!!

  • It depends on what state your in. MN will post at midnight the day after the scores are released.

    Same thing happened to me jjk. I’m not worried about it. We passed!

  • Will the BEC scores be posted on the NASBA website at 9PM tonight???? This is my last part and I’m nervous because the test got easier in the second testlet, then became more difficult in the third . . . .

  • Yeah, it’s usually around that time. And then we have to wait for the State Board to release. Unfortunately for me, TX is always the last to release!

  • Anyone know what time of day they will announce the scores are released? I want to say its around 3pm to 4pm Eastern Time.

  • Why do they do this to us? Isn’t it bad enough that we have no lives while we’re studying for this exam? And then they make us wait! URG!!!

  • Does anyone know how the Ohio Loophole works…i am waiting on my last score (FAR) can I attempt it now? or only after they release the scores? Also how do you do it and does it work, thanks

  • C’mon and release BEC already! I’m shooting for 4 in a row here. Jeff just has to be right all the time doesn’t he.

  • @ Really? and Justin: Regarding the essays, I’m pretty sure that only one of the essays is graded. I would guess that the essay from your first sim was graded and the one you didn’t get to wasn’t looked at. I took Reg and did a really thorough job on the first essay of the first sim, but didn’t have time to touch the second essay of the second sim. I ended up with a passing score on Reg, and my exam report showed that I did better than than the average passing candidate on the essay portion. I don’t think that would have been possible if they had looked at my second essay that was blank. Others have also told me that only one essay is graded.

  • @Really? That is all I did for the second written communication. REG was my first part I took with sims, I didn’t manage my time well, and I went NUTS on the first written part/first sim all together. It was like 6 paragraphs. While studying for AUD I found out all you need is a paragraph.

    I didn’t know what else to do with it. I figured anything is better than nothing, and a copy/paste only took a few seconds. Otherwise, I try to take a stab at a good written communication.

    @FARE was FAIR Yeah, don’t get all down on yourself, you aren’t out of it yet. I didn’t get my REG score for two and a half painful months, and it turned out just fine. Good luck!

  • Justin – is that seriously all you did? Copy and paste the question into the answer box for written communication? Is that some secret trick I’m just now hearing about?

  • @ Justin: Well I feel a bit better now. I did try your tactic though. I looked at all the tabs, tried doing the research etc, but not even the research I could get done. I think I was just too pressured to even focus haha. Hopefully I get a good score too! Thanks

  • @FARE was FAIR Don’t count yourself out yet. I had nearly the same experience with REG, except I had 15 minutes to do the second simulation.

    I looked at every tab in that second sim, and decided to focus on what I felt I could (a) do in the time left, and (b) do the one I felt most comfortable with in terms of material. I did the research, just because that took the all of 30 seconds. Written communication? Copy the question, paste into the answer box. You get the picture.

    I wasn’t able to finish it all, and ended up with an 89.

  • I took FARE August 30…. The MCs were very good, and so was the first sim, but for the second sim I had only 10 mins to complete it, the material was difficult and i choked. I only completed 1 tab and I think I messed it up. What do you think are my chances to pass?

  • @reeaaalllly need AUD – I had the same problem when I took Audit. I took it early in the window and had to wait until wave 2. I have heard that the reason for the delay is due to a new simulation or that your grade is borderline. The reason mine took so long had to be due to a new simulation because I passed with an 81. I would think that is the same reason you have to wait.

  • Okay, so is it true that I am borderline pass/fail because I am in wave 2? Sat for AUD July 3rd and I am patientlyand prayerfully waiting πŸ™‚

    The Big Four accounting firms usually offer $5,000K to their employees if they past the exam within their first year of employment (or sometimes before they begin working), then $2,000-$3,000 if you pass during the second year of employment, and then nothing after that.

    This could vary by firm and location, but it’s what I’ve seen for a few large firms in the New England Area.

  • Does anyone know what employer’s will usually offer existing employees as a bonus or raise after they complete their CPA certification?

    AUD – 80, BEC – 76, REG Β– 81, FAR Β– 8/19

  • 3 MC? That’s it that you’re sure of? There are 5 questions in each testlet that aren’t counted towards your grade. I’d say if you’re only sure of 3, you’ll be fine! Of course, I haven’t taken REG yet, so I can’t quite say for sure. I felt like you did for AUD though. I was pretty confident in the MC but knew I screwed up the Sims. Got an 84 by the grace of God. My diagnostics showed I did poorly on the sims too, so I still say you have a good chance!

  • @ Be Hopeful

    I took REG on 8/31 now i got 3 MC wrong for sure (then theres the others we dont remember)regarding material that i knew but chose the wrong answer and did not feel good about the simulations can i be hopeful still?????

  • WJ – When you do well on the first testlet, the second testlet gets more difficult. The grading is lighter on the more difficult testlets so I wouldn’t worry about that one very much. You must’ve been given an easier testlet for your third one because of your performance on the second. All in all though, it sounds like you probably did well!

  • WJ

    Sounds like you performed well on 2 out of 3 testlets. That is usually a good sign that you’ll pass in my opinion.

  • At this point I don’t care when they release the scores. The last test I took was auditing (least favorite) and I was sicken on the difficulty of the second testlet. I noticed the third test was considerably easier and I knew that I blew the second testlet. I pray that I made these points up on the communication and sims. Lets just say that I won’t be shocked if I didn’t get this one. Good luck and peace to all!

  • Any chance of BEC being released today 9/13? Last year I think I read that the BEC scores were released on 9/14.

  • Price isn’t a factor when it comes to passing the CPA exam. A CPA makes way more money over the rest of their career in comparison to a regular accountant that a few hundred dollars or a couple thousand dollars makes no difference. Most firms either pay, or give a bonus upon passing the tests anyway.

    Glad you guys were able to make use out of Gleim. I gave it a shot for 3 different sections and it was never going to work for me.

    The amount of comprehension and understanding i got from Becker, and my high exam scores so far, 93, 88, & 82 is worth the $1800 i spent on Becker. I had spent $800 on classes and Gleim materials and was able to get a discount through Becker.

  • @WJ….I completely agree, Gleim is awesome. You have to read the explanations on the questions even if you get it right that way you truly understand the reasoning behind it and you don’t just memorize the answers. Becker is way too overpriced. I will always stand by GLEIM

  • Like I said it depends on how you learn, and comprehend the material.

    I couldn’t learn by going over questions. I ended up just remembering the answers instead.

    For me it was the combination of lectures, reading the book, memorizing flashcards, and going over the simulations and all of the multiple choice questions.

    That way it sunk in better.

  • @ “Gleim was no good” I disagree I used yeager the first time for FAR and got a 74. I purchased the gleim mc to get additional help and received a 85. I took Reg using gleim only -just the book/MC- I passed on my first attempt. With gleim you have to understand the reason why you missed the questions and not memorize the answers. If you find yourself memorizing the answer read the explanation to the question to ensure you understand the reason for the correct answer. I honestly swear by both yeager and gleim. I haven’t been wrong so far. I think Becker is too over priced. This is just my opinion

  • What review course is better depends on the way you learn and study.

    To me Gleim didn’t teach you anything. It was trying to memorize as many questions as you can for the exam which doesn’t teach you anything. When it came down to the exam the highest score I got was a 65.

    Which to me is all one should be able to get from just memorizing the answer to a question.

    I switched to Becker and on just 3 exams i score a total of 79 pts better, and passed all 3.

    Becker actually taught me the material. I learned and understood the material. Which gives you a better chance to pass the exam.

  • @ Rev. Proc

    I could not agree more the Gleim questions will prepare you better than anything else. I would recomend to anyone to buy the gleim questions as extra study materials for each part and they are only $50 per part.

  • Am I studpid….or anyone stuck on BEC…

    I also had some trouble with BEC. I passed on the thrid time with an 80 and studied for all my exams with Becker. I decided to buy the Gleim BEC questions for $50. They are very challenging but it made me pass. The Becker questions were too easy I thought.

    Also, I am a firm believer that it really depends on what exam you are given. I studied very hard, knew all the concepts inside and out, and did every question 3-4 times for BEC. After the first exam, I think there was about 50% of my questions on topics that I have never seen before! And when I took the exam for the third time, it was a complete joke….Keep studying and you’ll pass. Good Luck!

  • It turned out that I was borderline and thats why my score wouldnt come out…73 in FAR… :'( im ready to shoot myself

  • Received my BEC score from July and didn’t pass. Awaiting Audit from August and take FAR in November. I now will be taking BEC with the 2011 format. My Becker expires in November and not sure if I should stay with Becker for BEC or switch to another review course. Any thoughts

  • Am I stupid…

    I just passed all 4 sections of the exam and I can tell you honestly that BEC was the hardest for me. Here’s the order I thought about the exams (from hardest to easiest)


  • Thanks, Justin! That’s really helpful advice. Hopefully I’ll do better the second time around. Who knows? I might just get lucky and see that I passed. Yeah right, but at least I’m staying optimistic!

  • BEC was my last section and i took it on August 27. I tried applying in OHIO and got this message: “We are sorry. Currently all sections of this exam are still in process.”

    Does this mean that the loophole is working and i passed because it wont let me register. Or would it be too early to tell?

  • You are not the only one, no need to worry. I sat for FAR on 7/30 and will likely get my score around 9/20.

    It isn’t an indication of passing or failing. I took REG on 10/5/09 and didn’t get my score until 12/20/09, and got an 89, so there is no correlation there.

  • I took FAR in the early of July, I still haven’t got my score!!!!! I worry so much… am I the only one?

  • BEC isn’t the easiest section for everyone. It has a lot of broad concepts that most people don’t pick up in their jobs, especially if they work in public accounting. Cost accounting, economics, IT, many things that you were only briefly introduced to as an undergrad. Another thing that hurts is the lack of simulations. I know it sounds funny, but some people deal with longer questions better than multiple choice.

    I consider myself semi-decent with cost accounting, VERY strong with IT, and a good working knowledge of things like investments, and I was only able to get an 83.

    I think your approach of continuing to try to pass BEC might be a good idea – you’d hate to save it for last, only to not be able to pull it off and lose credit for sections you passed earlier.

    All you can do is keep practicing those multiple choice questions to no end. Just try to think in terms of the concept, not the correct answer – so explain to yourself WHY an answer is correct, not just because you know it from doing that question 10 times in the past week.

    Going to Amazon and buying a copy of the most recent Wiley book might help, as they also have a plethora of multiple choice questions at minimal cost ($35?).

    Good luck!

  • I took BEC on Tuesday and it was the most difficult test I’ve ever taken. I almost got up in the middle of it. There were things on there I had never even seen before. I’m doing Becker, and it helped me pass Audit. I studied like crazy and really put forth the effort. It’s discouraging when I hear that BEC is supposed to be the easiest section. I don’t want to move on to the next section because if that was the easiest one, then there’s no way I’ll pass the others. Guidance, anyone?

  • I took REG on July 2 and recently I got my score back… got a 73 πŸ™

    But I took all of the other exams in this window (I don’t start work until the end of this month) and I haven’t gotten any of my other scores back. Here are the dates I took the others:

    FAR – July 15
    AUD – Aug 12
    BEC – Aug 19

    Other classmates I know who took FAR and AUD on the same days as me already have their scores back (some even got them 2 weeks ago!). Where are my FAR and AUD scores??? What does this mean? Does it have anything to do with my last name beginning with a W?

  • has anyone herd of/or know of its possible to take an exam twice in a window meaning if one were take an exam in window 1 get results not pass πŸ™ and reapply to make before end of cycle in wave 2

  • Dear future CPA friends,
    I have something to share. On Friday I called NASBA, after the last FAR release, and they said my score was not released and I will have to wait for Wave 2. Guess what my friends today while at worked I “missed” checking the exam score every 2 seconds so I decided to do it again, for the good time sake. Somehow with the help of the power from above (God), magically my score was there. A beautiful 75 right there in front of me on the 15″ screen with the NASBA wonderful blue as the background. WOW!!! I’m speachless two more to go.
    My REG survivors (survivors because you haven’t given up) I also have taken REG this testing windown and didn’t pass. I will have to retake it next testing window, but don’t give up. We so can get this done!!! Now I’m trying Bisk material so I hope it will be like having a piece of cake.
    Good luck to all, and congrads to those who passed!!!

  • I would just like to say that this is the best website ever! After my first exam I spent hours trying to figure out when to expect my results and finally came upon this site. Just took my fourth exam and came straight back to my handy-dandy bookmark and Jeff’s predictions are already up!

  • I just got my 78 on REG-I was one of the 168 scores released yesterday.

    The Ohio Loophole didn’t work for me–infact, it still says my scores are in process, but I can see my score through Utah’s site.

  • @ 75%CPA: You will be in Wave 2. The cutoff for wave 1 is usually before the 10th of the 2nd month in the testing window, and someone said this one was around the 7th/8th. Good luck!!

  • @REG, REG2, and XWU7…..You guys should use the gleim questions as extra study materials. The first time I took REG I made a 70 and I used Becker. The second time I used Gleim questions to help me study and made a 97. You can really learn a lot from those questions and you can buy the questions online for about $60.

  • @REG again and REG again 2..OMG, godness, i failed REG three times already…this time by one point. i feel this part i cannot pass for some reasons…REG again’s report shows opposite than me….your weakness is my stength….your stength parts are my weaknesses…..i have no idea now.

  • Im in MN…Loophole in Ohio worked. I was allowed to reregister and later i found out i got a 72.

  • Hi, mine is Delaware. i took AUD on Jul/27 but STILL havn’t heard anything yet. am i in 2wave?? or should i call coordinator and ask?

  • Ahhhhh. Good to know there’s someone else out there like me. I just got my fifth failing score on REG using CPAExcel (68, 71, 70, 72, 72). I’ve passed everything else but REG is kicking my can.

    I’m a Controller and have two kids. It’s tough finding the right amount of time to study. I’m pretty burned out. I’ll probably lapse on AUD before I can retake REG again. I’m hosed! Good luck REG Again.

  • @Reg Again Bless people like you! I have a hard enough time working full time and studying for this while still managing my life, nevermind being responsible for two little ones.

    So you’d say you squeeze in about 15 hours a week? That isn’t bad, I think that’s close to what I’ve done, but I usually do that for about two months (admittingly, I’m better about it during the last month).

    Have you tried refocusing your studies on the law/ethics part? Maybe study that section first (six weeks out), then maybe once a week, go back and do the multiple choice questions to really burn those concepts in? I know it sounds annoying, but it might work.

    Another suggestion – have you considered trying a different system? I myself used Yaeger, and have had great results – 3 for 3, with an 88 average, waiting on the 4th (wave 2). A former co-worker of mine struggled with BEC, not passing 4 or 5 times, and finally passed after switching from Becker to Yaeger.

    I haven’t tried anything else so I can’t compare, but I feel like they do a good job of directing you to the necessary information by providing instructors notes and hand picking the multiple choice questions (instead of doing 180 questions in a chapter, it would end up being 60-90 questions or something). The system comes with Wiley books, which is where they get their MC choice from.

    If you don’t want to repurchase an entire system, maybe you could snag a Wiley book ($35 on Amazon) for some more practice questions.

  • @Justin I use Becker and I feel it is dead on in preparation (no surprises). My report is always about the same; Business Law-weak, Ethics-weak, all else average or above. I always score higher than average on Simulations and Correspondence. I have two small children, so I generally study early morning (1 hour) and evening (1 hour). This is usually 4-5 weeks before each part. I also work in a firm FT (going on 2 years).

  • @REG Again Reg is a tough section, and I think my only saving grace was 4 years of public accounting behind me.

    What study materials have you been using? How did you study, and for how long? What did the score report that was mailed to you say about performance in particular sections?

  • Is there anyone out there that has failed REG too many times? I just received my 6th failing score. (74,73,67,72,73,72) Any suggestions?? I feel as though I am prepared going in.

    BEC 75
    REG see above
    AUD score pending (1st time)
    FAR early next year

  • Is there anyone out there that has failed REG too many times? I just received my 6th failing score. (74,73,67,72,73,72) Any suggestions?? I feel as though I am prepared going in.

    BEC 75
    REG see above
    AUD score pending (1st time)
    FAR early next year

  • Im also wondering what the predictions for wave 2 are. Took FAR 7/31 and fell on wave 2. Desperate to know!

    AUD 85
    REg 81
    FAR 7/31
    BEC 8/31

  • UT REG – Thanks for the advice!Β  I just called 800-CPA-EXAM too. They said they have my REG score (took 7/28) and will release it within the 24-48hr window.

  • Ryan, try calling NASBA at 800-CPA-EXAM and ask them to check if your score is in the system or not. I called today cuz I was going crazy waiting. Mine is in the system and should be released today or tomorrow. I’m in UT though. I sat 8/6.

  • Has anyone gotten REG for Pennsylvania yet? I took it on July 31st, would have thought I’d have heard by now. Really hope I’m not in wave 2.

  • Normal? No. It’s a small percentage of people that take the exam in wave 1 and get reported with wave 2 (my best guess is 10-15%, but that is really just a guess). Possible? Yes. It happened to me.

  • Okay, this is crazy. I sat in NY on 7/3 for AUD, no score yet! REG on 7/31…….no score yet! If I am in wave 2 for both, then I will have waited almost three months for my AUD score……is this normal??? I should hope not.

  • Take it easy, brother, BEC only contains MCQ, and 2.5 hours exam time is fully enough. If you still have time, suggest you review the IT chapter more carefully.
    Good luck to you!

  • So I took my REG exam on July 16 and still haven’t gotten my score. Does that mean I got a new simulation which is why it’s taking longer to score?

  • @Keanu & @T

    Thank you for all the tips.I struggled with time management(TM) on the REG exam and had the same issue -having to leave blanks in my 2nd sim.Somehow, scraped through.I’m very skeptical of the FAR exam as TM is my biggest challenge.

  • so I just got my REG score in IL yesterday (took it aug 13) I got a 75! also found out last week I got a 75 on audit! must be my lucky number 2 more to go!

  • If you look back further 8,329 REG scores were released on 08/25/10. What you are looking at was the second day of the release.

    Yesterday 313 AUD, 1704 FAR, and 8329 REG scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for the Jul/Aug 2010 testing window. #CPAExam 6:00 AM Aug 26th via HootSuite

  • Not sure why but am wondering same thing. I took REG twice and failed twice. Probably will be taking again next window. So depressed.

  • Anybody else who took REG wondering the same thing??????????

    There are about 8k to 10k scores released per exam type in this wave EXCEPT for REG. Why is that?

    (August 18): 10,896 BEC scores released
    (August 20): 7,629 AUD scores released
    (August 23): 1,808 AUD and 8,625 FAR released
    (8/27), 265 FAR, and 1845 REG CPA Exam scores were released.

  • @Nervous
    Thank you! Cindy lectures, provides notes, and goes through sections of each module pointing out what you should be familiar with and what you must know (memorize). She also goes through a number of MCs and sims. The MCs are great because she explains choices, the right answer, and why the others aren’t the right or best answer.

    Time management during this exam is tough. I left most of Sim2 blank because I spent too much time figuring out the MCs.

    Nervous energy is good, just put it to good use. And best of luck to you.

  • @Keanu
    Congrats! I’m really inspired by your perseverance.
    Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I have passed 3 (passed REG this window -although a close call,76) and have FAR left -will take on 11/15. If I don’t pass that one I’ll lose credit for BEC.
    Just a question -does Cindy explain concepts or just reads out from the Wiley’s text book?

  • HJ – I’m another Mainer who took REG and I’m still waiting on a score… I saw on 7/28, should be first batch.

    Another other Mainers waiting on REG?

  • @Texas, CPA – I’m totally confused now because I took REG before you did (8/4), but when I called NASBA they said they had not received my score and indicated I was in wave 2. Any ideas as to why that might be?

  • Passed FAR with 79. Virginia BOA posted it last night, and I took the exam on 8/09.

    Failure to pass this exam in the late 90’s erased the three credits I had accrued and crushed my spirits. For those of you on this journey, do not give up, and make no assumption about pass/fail until you get your score.

    Three days before the exam, a freak storm came through and knocked power out for 70 hours. I went into the exam feeling unprepared and thought the MC were very difficult…guessed on most of them. I left most of Sim2 blank; only completed the communication and labeled on tab, left two tabs completely blank.

    My recommendation for studying — use Yaeger (Cindy Simpson is incredible), focus on understanding the underlying concepts, and do as many MC as you can. Good luck.

  • Hey UT REG,

    I took the test on Aug 6th and received my score last night (aka 3am this morning) in Texas. This score was in the 1st wave of wave 1 (hope you followed that) which was released on Wed. If I were you I would just give NASBA a quick call.

    Best of Luck

  • Did anyone who took the exam on August 6th or later receive their score yet? I thought I made the cut off on Aug 6 but it looks like I may have ended up in the second wave. I guess I may get lucky with these last scores released today and see my score Monday. Here’s hoping…

  • @Jen – I am waiting on REG in MA. Took it 8/4 and called NASBA today. The woman said that some REG scores had come in, apparently, mine was not one of them. Not sure if that is all of them, but she indicated that she thought I was in wave 2.

  • Jeff,

    For those 1,845 REG scores released today, are they only to NASBA or could some be for the indie states (Illinois)? Thanks! I just want to know if there is still hope for me to get my REG score this wave.

  • Already called.. My FAR score is not included in that new batch today. I think the AICPA has it out for me.

    See you wave-2-score-time-despite-the-fact-we-sat-long-before-most-people-getting-their-score-in-September people next month!

  • Today, 265 FAR, and 1845 REG scores were released by the AICPA to NASBA for the Jul/Aug 2010 testing window.

  • MN – finally done. And it’s time to look everywhere for a real public accounting job. I would really appreciate your help if you could let me know when you see openings.

    FAR 82, REG 88, BEC 85, AUD 78

  • Do you know what it feels like when you wake up at 4:30am to take a leak and decide to check your score (because NASBA was hung all night before) to find that you got a 75 on your first exam (FAR)? How about when you left almost an entire sim blank? Let me tell you….FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!

  • Hi, i passed the last part of cpa exam (FAR) before the expiration date of Audit, will the status of Audit change to “Pass” after the FAR score is finalized? Thanks!

  • @Illinois

    “The Board of Examiners has received a portion of the AUD, BEC, FAR and REG scores. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR SCORE ONLINE WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT. Check online for your score – we cannot communicate scores over the phone. As we continue to receive scores we will update this site.”
    this is on ur their home page.

    Also i called and the lady said, ‘all scores get uploaded in 24 hours of us getting it’
    Scores were released on wednesday evening…

  • ok….we are all here to wait for the beautiful scores…right…..oh please….doesn’t mean that we are all in border lines lol….but believe or not, i really this this way, either we are on the border or we are having new simulations according to jeff at twitter.

  • ILL REG,

    The IL board actually told you they were finished uploading scores? They won’t tell me anything.

  • I agree with ILL-REG my simulation was so simple a kid out of high school could have done it!!! I don’t think it would have been a new one, than again who knows.

    I can say that CPA makes me want to BARF from all of the:
    exams!!! I wonder if Tim likes that mnemonic.

  • @Justin…god, budy…u really are….man…i had the exact same situation as you….next window will be my last window, i have to pass FAR…then….still waiting for REG like crazy….man… could they done this to us….like you said, now i still have remember the REG’s materials…who knows what will be happend in next month??? i already forget everything….i wonder i never experienced this before, and i really had a bad feeling after REG…cuz the questions are so hard, even MC….just ridiculous hard to me….then what’s next….i really lost my mind…i don’t have mood to study for FAR…seriously…

  • yeah..took on 7/1
    i have people with me who took on 7/2 and in august and they have their scores…
    nothing yet….

    ILBOA says all scores have been uploaded…meaning they dont have our scores….
    either we failed with a 74 or we had a new simulation.
    I dont believe i had a crazy simulations were pretty normal…
    but then who knows…

  • Jeff, Do you think that there is still a chance that AICPA will release more scores? I’m just hoping that I’m not in Wave 2 for FAR.

  • @xwu7 I sat for REG on 10/5/2009; I left that test center CONVINCED I failed. I felt like someone had just beaten me up. Worse yet, my score didn’t come in one wave 1. I didn’t get my score until 12/17/2009 – which I was absolutely stunned to find I passed with an 86.

    I agree, the scoring process is incredibly frustrating. The fact I could sit on 7/1 and not get my score for nearly 3 months, while someone sitting for the same section can sit on 8/13 and get it back in a week. Absolute garbage, but that is life.

    The worst part, to me, is how this process makes it very difficult to plan for the future. I sat for FAR on 7/30, and if I don’t pass, I lose credit for BEC. Now, had I found out this week, I would still have a great deal of retained knowledge for studying, and would be able to study notes/MC questions/practice sims to keep sharp and retake during the first week of October. I could then re-study for BEC and take that late October/early November, and possibly be done.

    Now that I have to wait until September, I will lose some of that retained knowledge, and likely have to delay retaking FAR until mid-November. With December a blackout month, I wouldn’t be able to sit for BEC until January – and my next credit expires in April 2011, so god forbid I fail BEC and not find out until March, I have ONE MONTH during my busiest time of year to recover.

    Had I just found out this week, I would have had five months to recover.


  • what is the chance for me to pass then??? high or low??? has anyone here can share the experience with me?? i am going to nuts now…and cannot do anything….cannot work, study and sleep…god… stress out…..

  • @Justin, thanks a lot for your explanation, but i don’t want to wait almost two months to get a unexpected score…u said you experienced it before , did you pass after long time waiting period??? it’s suck if the score is…..i don’t want that…u know. we all want to pass. and especially, when i heard my coworker told about she passed all this morning and she took it on 8-6 lol…..i was like, on my god, i will very painful if the score….ugh……thanks a lot for your help… simulation and border line….i have no idea.

  • @tcpa85 I think he is fine. His twitter account ( has been active. I think it’s just a big site to maintain, with a lot of users asking him things, and hard to cover 100% with his spare time alone.

  • Does anyone know how Jeff is doing? He hasn’t updated this yet and I haven’t heard from him on the forums at all. Is he ok?

  • @xwu7 – Certain circumstances trigger delayed score reporting on the exam. While I don’t think the AICPA officially discloses all of them, one big one is new simulations.

    Every person that sits for the exam has a different set of questions and simulations. Sometimes you end up with new simulation questions, and there is no way to tell. They just require a certain “bank” of answers to faciliate the scoring process, so it takes a two-month window to accumulate that bank. New simulations will automatically knock you into wave 2, whether you took it on 7/1, 7/15, 8/3. Doesn’t matter. They hold the scores back until they are happy with their analysis/QC of the problem.

    It’s also rumored that borderline scores (let’s say 73-77) might also hold it up, but I’m not sure about that.

    Very painful wait, but I’ve done it before, and I am almost positive I have to do it now for my FAR score.

  • hi Jeff, i took the exam on 8-2, i called AICPA..they said they don’t have my score, it will be wave 2…can you explain to me what happen?

  • JS- I think so. From talking to the AZ State Board they hadn’t received any scores yet as of yesterday morning, but I was on the list to receive mine. I still haven’t gotten it yet. PRAYING to get it before weekend for some peace of mind (and some margaritas-to celebrate or feel sorry for myself…we’ll see!)

  • I got my score in NY for REG ….. I’m so sad I got 70 πŸ™ .
    Taking FAR on Monday….
    FAR 8/30
    AUD 10/4
    BEC 10/26
    REG 70, November

  • REG CA – Did you call NASBA and see if they have even received your score yet. I took it on the same day and they havent received mine yet

  • @Jim, just called AICPA, my score not released yet which really annoys. I hvnt seen any GA REG reported so far though.

  • Still waiting for REG in GA (took the test on 7/16). I don’t understand why REG is the last released this time (unless to aggravate me) and I thought I saw something about a system problem and a release this afternoon.

  • Think they will let out any more Reg scores? I took my test on July 30th and NASBA said they havent received my score yet? I thought i would be in wave 1, but maybe not.

  • As much as I want to walk away, I am hoping for another small FAR release. Looking at wave 1 for the April/May testing window, there were three score releases, with the third only having a couple hundred scores go.

    Third time’s the charm, right?

  • I took REG in Maine 7/28. Still waiting for the results. “Error: Score not found.” is getting old fast. Hoping I didn’t get a new simulation and get bumped to wave 2…..

  • Here’s the email I got this morning…

    “Congratulations on successfully completing all sections of the Uniform CPA Examination…”

    It so feels brillant!

    No matter where you are in the process, don’t give up! Yes, the tests sucks…Yes, the scoring policy sucks…and yes, the studying sucks..but do it anyway – it’s yours to earn!

    Best of luck to everyone as that continue their CPA journeys!

  • Per ILBOA, “The Board of Examiners has received a portion of the AUD, BEC, FAR and REG scores. If you do not see your score online we have not received it. Check online for your score – we cannot communicate scores over the phone. As we continue to receive scores we will update this site.”

    This is right on their homepage on the top left hand corner and it was updated this morning. So I am guessing, it will be in the next wave 2.

    Plz see – I am waiting on my FAR score.

  • I checked the NASBA site this morning and I passed FAR! Good luck to the rest of you. That’s 1 down, 3 to go.

  • Oh my god a 74 I cant’ take this! How do accept having to study (far) all of it all over again for 1 pt. The Ohio Loophole worked for me it let me reregister while waiting for my score to post and this was not my last part. Oh well I got BEC in 4 days God help me!

  • The scores have been posted for Texas. After 17 months I am finally done. What a feeling. Good luck to everyone.

  • In PA,

    Reg scores were posted this morning (i sat on 8/6). Passed with a 75 (as BEC was just about to expire!?!?!), I am finally done with the exam!! To all those studying for the exam, keep your nose to the grind stone and it’ll all payoff in the end. I took BEC 4 times, AUD 3 times, FAR 2 times & REG 2 times…Jeff – great site, it was great to interact with people going through the ups and downs of the CPA exam. I also purchased Jeff’s REG notes which were extremely helpful in studying the key areas related to TAX!!!!!

    Johnny Murph is signing out!

  • it’s unbelievable…. it’m so frustrated…
    anybody got MT AUD score??? I took MT AUD July 29th and there was no new-type simul, I guess. It should in WAVE 1 !!
    I’m gonna give up waiting for the release unless my score is up until tomorrow night…anybody experienced this happening before??

  • @Mad: I’m right there with you. I took AUD on 7/1 and BEC on 8/21, and I have been checking for almost a week now for my AUD score, which has been cutting into me studying for REG. It now appears that I am in wave 2 for AUD, so I will probably get my BEC scores first. Argggggh!

  • Congrate Reg in TX. I am up early to study for AUD and still have not gotten my FAR score-7/2. I must be in wave 2 or Louisiana is still slacking on posting my score. We tend to stay behind the curve down here. This is very frustrating. I cannot even concentrate on AUD b/c of this. I hope AUD is my last one but I now have to wait in Limbo all month for two scores. Thanks AICPA/NASBA. As if studying wasen’t enough stress.

  • I am in tears, I just got my REG score and I passed! I have completed the CPA! It’s 4am and there is no one to share the news with but my candidate friends.

    Best of luck to everyone that is going thru this horrible process – stay with it!

    I’m DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Raghu!! i hope its the latter one. This is my last one, cleared 3 out of 3 so far. Can’t wait till wave 2 release

  • @Amit I think you may have got the new sim so your result may come in 2 wave. Otherwise NASBA may still be releasing scores in bits so you can check it on the website in a day or two. All the best.!!!

  • Got REG in SC, passed with 87!!!!!!!!! Done with the CPA, good luck everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, im so happy to be done :))

  • @cpa

    Believe it or not -yes, I left the entire sim. My 3 testlets were very tough like someone compared them to Einstein’s theory of relativity & not the 1+1=2 type.
    So, do not lose hopes -you’ll pass!
    Good-luck & prayers to all those still waiting for scores.

  • @ nervous

    Did u really leave the 2nd simulation entirely and passed?!!!!!!! same 4 me and soooo worried…my score not released yet!

  • NYS Reg scores are now posted! I haven’t been able to sleep, and I just checked. I received good news, and I hope the rest of you do also!!

  • Passed REG, although narrowly with 76 -exam taken on 8/1 CO.
    Thank you Jesus! I can’t believe it -Good luck to those still waiting for their scores. I couldn’t finish the exam & had to leave the 2nd sim. entirely & still passed.If I could pass, you all can-hope this raises your hopes. Three down -one to go(FAR). Ohio loophole worked for me -I got the’currently all exams are in process’ along with contact the co-ordinator message before & after NASBA received my score. So it does work for CO!

  • Wow, just woke up, hit refresh on my blackberry and found a BEAUTIFUL 76. FAR was my last section and I would have lost credit for AUD if I had failed… Best thing I ever saw.

  • I PASSED FAR!! I can’t believe it, I really can’t! For all those out there still waiting on scores, I wanted to let you know that there’s still hope! I only wrote one sentence on one of my communications and nothing on the other and I still got a 75! Just keep your head up, don’t stress (as hard as that might be), and keep pushing forward. All of you will get there at one point or another!
    I am just so happy that I’m all done! Thank you God!

    REG-89, BEC-87, AUD-94, FAR-75

  • Passed Reg with some cushion (87). Wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. I didn’t even finish the simulations. This was my first part. Took BEC yesterday. I will be so happy if I pull that off as well and made it 2/2.

  • Just got scores for Nebraska. It was my first test, took 7/9. REG 94! Now awaiting wave 2 for BEC, took 8/16
    Hopefully you all awake to scores in the morning! Good luck

  • Holy cow. IL did get a few more FAR scores. I was worried about this one, but squeeked by with a 76. Now just need to take Reg in October. Good luck everyone!

  • got my REG score in PA … 81 … I’m not one to exagerrate, but i thought i failed for sure. this test proves its the luck (or unluck) of the questions you get. keep at it everyone.

    AUD 82
    BEC 72, 79
    REG 81
    FAR 8/31

  • MI sorry I missed your last post I am so sorry to hear you did not pass. Just keep the faith and the fight. We’ve got to keep moving foward! Next time the victory will be ours!

  • Thanks MI and Brandon! I can’t believe that I cannot get on NASBA right now and get my score. I have 5 days before I take BEC and I need to put FAR behind me This sucks!

  • @MI

    I don’t think you can guarantee your statement is true. One example (being your experience) doesn’t prove anything; coincidence is possible, especially in a 50/50 scenario (i.e. you pass or you don’t).

    Sorry to hear you didn’t pass, wish you the best for next time.

  • Anyone get an AL REG score yet? 95 on AUD, waiting on REG, and studying for the dreaded FAR.
    I’m thinking I may be wave 2 because of a sim.

  • C in PA, I have to say I disagree with Brandon. Last time I didn’t pass BEC I was able to reregister and that was not my last section. Although I would wish that Brandon would be right. Thast would be so good for both of us!!!

  • If someone receives a score in FL tonight, please let me know. I was told this morning that my score would be up in 24-48 hours and I can’t stop refreshing the page knowing that it could be going up at any moment now that we’ve hit the 10 o’clock benchmark. Thanks!

  • @ C in PA

    Ohio loophole only works if you’ve passed 3 sections already. So no reason to be down right now, you still have a fighting chance for a passing score.

  • I am so sad I called Nasba today and they told me they received my score today and that it would post in 24-48 hours even thought this is not my last part all through out this release I had been checking the Ohio loophole and it would not let me re register but tonight I don’t have my score yet but I could re register for the exam under Ohio and PA I guess the loophole works and unfortunatley I did not pass.

  • Anyone in IL still waiting on REG results?
    I took it early in the window and now i am afraid that I will have a 74 or i will be in second wave. I took it on 7/8

  • Jeff can u you tell me please what is new simulation ? i gave my exams on 07/15 and 07/24 for REG and FAR i havent received scores yet, when i checked with NASBA they said i might be in wave 2,still is there any chance of getting results today or i have to wait till september 2 week,, please can any one reply thanks

  • IL released addtional FAR score. I took on 7/15 and finally got the FAR socre today. I Passed it!!! I thought I would be in Wave 2. Thanks!! Good Luck to everybody!

  • Got my Bec and Reg score back! Passed both, although I though I did better on Reg, but dont really care as long as I passed waiting on Audit results in wave 2 and Im done with this nightmare

  • IL and :

    There is a luck in the exam verison, some of them has higher percetage of hard MCQ.
    I had the same. One topic repeated around five times!

    Anyone had received REG in DE.

  • Waiting on FAR (7-2) and AUD(8-7). Called NASBA this morning and they said they had received my scores this morning and that they should be on the website today or within 24 hours. Well we are going on 12 hours and no score yet!!!

  • Any thoughts on when Regulation Wave 1 will be released for New York State? I am so tired of seeing the “error score not found” message!

  • IL-Reg,

    Wow, that sucks a lot….I’ve taken all four, passed 2 and don’t know about 2, and i can tell you i thought reg was the hardest because of stuff like that.

  • @ πŸ™ – I just got it shortly after 5. Might I also add that my scores for both REG and BEC were not all that surprising. I did Becker and did a bazillion MCQ’s, but a LOT of the material on the exams was still foreign. I had one topic on REG for which there were at least 5 questions. I NEVER saw a question in the Becker MCQ’s, and when I looked back, the topic literally had less than 1 page dedicated to it.

  • I called Nasba this morning at 10am they told me my FAR score was in early this morning obviously earlier than 10 am at least so now at 5:37 I attempted the loop hole your talking about by attempting to re register for FAR and it will not let me says all exams are out still….i’ve passed the other already this is my last exam sooo we think this is a good sign…or is it to early to try the loop hole?

  • IL – Reg, when did you get your score? i’m gonna be so mad if i have to wait another month to find out. i’m in il too and haven’t gotten it πŸ™

  • 71 on REG in IL. This is the 2nd dose of bad news I’ve gotten in the past 2 weeks. 74 on BEC and 71 on REG = very unhappy me! πŸ™

  • 25% CPA,

    I’m in IL too and took Reg, I haven’t gotten my score πŸ™ I hope I’m not in wave 2!

  • @CA REG–I took REG 7/27 and my score was posted this morning at 5:40AM. CA usually is quick with posting scores within a day after they are released. Last testing window, my friend didn’t receive her score when everyone else’s was posted and sure enough–she was in Wave 2. If you don’t hear by at least Monday, I would think that’s it–I hope not though, so you are relieved of your anxiety. Good luck!!!

    passed REG 86!! whoooo

  • Did everyone in CA receive their REG score?

    I sat for REG on 7/10 so I was hoping to be in Wave 1. However, I had a nifty sim that included an IRS form that I had never seen before, so maybe it was a new sim and I’m in Wave 2?

  • @ny, In TX, I call my board directly. They tell me if they have my score, and the exact hour they expect to update them online (they said 3am for all you TX REG people). All states are different, though.

  • Just got my FAR score in MI and I passed. I am finally finished with this exam after 4.5 awful years. Don’t ever give up – trust me! Good luck to all. Thank you Jeff for creating this site.

  • Called IL BOE. They didn’t have any info. Just said that scores are trickling in. She hadn’t received any notice about REG scores being received or when they may be posted. πŸ™

  • MN – Got my AUD score yesterday AM. Passed…. I am done with the CPA exam.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Still waiting on my FAR score in IL. Hoping that it was part of the second small release, and that it will show up tonight.

  • Does anyone know if your score was released in the second set of scores (my FAR was released last night) if that means you are borderline?? It is my last section and I just want to be done! Atleast I won’t have to wait another month like I originally thought…

  • Just called NASBA and my score was released. It will be posted sometime tonight between 9-10 is my guess. Hope to see good news!

  • Just saw my REG score in CA!
    So friggin’ stoked to finally be done!
    Good luck to all those still pulling out their hair.
    FAR 82,AUD 80,BEC 83,REG 93

  • In PA, awaiting REG score from 8/6 test date (3 of 4 passed to date)…the infamous OH loophole continues to tell me “all sections are in progress”. I tried both the PA & OH re-registration, but no luck…

    Anyone have any luck with PA reg scores or Loophole successes?

  • @IL-Reg

    I know!! what is the deal with IL….i didnt get my audit score until last night! I got a 75 though, so maybe that was why! But, I would really love to know about REG

  • @ Waiting in MS

    I just got my BEC in the mail today! I passed. I am hoping you get good news too!

  • ILLLLL – That’s exactly what I am – ILL! Come on Illinois! What the heck is your deal – post the dang scores already!! I’m going to implode!!

  • Ah so that is 8 eastern time right?
    IL Reg, there is a chance. My friend took FAR on 8/13 and received her score!

  • I bit the bullet and called nasba just now and they said reg scores should be released tonight around 7pm CST

  • Tell me about it. I am super irritable waiting for IL to post. I feel sorry for anyone who has to talk to me this morning. haha

  • OK REG scores are out! Thank goodness I passed! Only one left and it is BEC on Monday. I am so close!!

  • @ FL They usually release around 10 pm. I called this morning and they received my FAR score yesterday. So, I’m hoping and praying it’ll be up tonight.

  • @ FL They usually release around 10 pm. I called this morning and they received my FAR score yesterday. So, I’m hoping and praying it’ll be up tonight and it’ll be a passing score. It’s my last one!

  • Texas peeps…someone said the scores get posted at 3a and others said 5a…if I remember correctly, the last test I had, I woke up and checked at 3a – no score. Then checked again around 6a no score. Got to work and got my score around 7:30a. Then got the email from TSBPA around 10a. So who knows.

    This is my last test and I’ve said so many prayers that I passed it. The lady at TSBPA said she saw my score but couldn’t say anything. Let’s hope we get an early release in the morning!

  • @Michael… thank you for your reply- just found out failed audit with a 74- hoping for some good news soon

  • @ REG TX, I hear they release them around 10pm usually. Also, I was told on the phone they expect them to be up Friday night.

    @Please respond, wave 2 is reported before the next window starts. This means they will be in late September, with BEC first most likely, so probably September 21 or something.

  • @Waiting and REG in Texas,

    Thanks for the updates. I am also waiting on REG. I took it July 9. I also heard that they release scores really early, but for some reason all MY scores have showed up between 10-11am.

    Seems like the wait this time around has been longer than my other tests. πŸ™

    Good luck to you both! One more day (I hope)

  • Just got my AUD score this morning, passed!!! Took it on 8/5/10, thought I was in wave 2 after the killing waiting, but finally got it!

  • Just called CO and they have my REG score although they wouldn’t tell pass or fail.
    This waiting is killing!
    Good-luck to all in the same boat.
    Congrats to all who have passed!

  • To REG in TX – I really hope they release scores tomorrow – Reg is my last one and I’m dying to find out! I read in one of the previous blogs that Texas releases early in the morning at approx. 5:00 am – I tried it with my last score release and it was there at 5:00 am (I didn’t get the email until 10:00 am). So needless to say, I won’t be sleeping tonight and I will be at the computer early in the morning!

  • Well, couldn’t wait any longer, and just called about FAR. They don’t have it. Sounds like wave 2 to me. On the plus side, I won’t spend the rest of the week refreshing the score page.

    See you guys in September!

  • Just got an email from a contact in AZ, she said wave 1 REG scores were released yesterday to NASBA, and that it takes a few days for all of the scores to reach their destination; Arizona has not received their copies yet. Hang in there!

  • Just got off the phone with NASBA as well and they said my score have been released. Waiting on SC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a LONG wait

  • MA Waiting

    I am also frm MA. I just got off the phone with NASBA. they said my scores were released but got to wait another 24-48 hours to get them posted.

  • @VA-REG

    I am on ventilators!! I took all 4 parts within 2 days gap – Aud – 8/3 (88), BEC -8/6 (82), Far – 8/9 (82), Reg 8/12 ???????

    For 3 parts which i passed – I at least had a fair idea – but for REG – I have no clue – though i did all the sims(filled up ha ha) and MC

    Hope i pass????????????????????

  • Just got off the phone with 1-800-CPA-EXAM myslef, said they have my FAR score, yay! now I just need to wait, most likely tonight. Will feel better just to know. Put passing of course would feel even better.

  • I saw someone post yesterday that they did not complete either communication tab in their simulations – as well as other parts – and still got an 82.

    I’m here to tell you guys it IS possible. I thought I absolutely bombed FARE. I had 35 minutes left to complete the two simulations and I literally threw in answers. I was unsure about the multiple choice and felt miserable.

    To be honest, I thought I was going to get a score in the 60s.

    I just received my passing score of 81! Can’t believe it. First test, first passing grade.

    1/4 CPA – good luck to all!!

  • @worried, results for reg have been released yesterday by the AICPA not on monday…so i think ther was a misunderstanding…unless ure talking abt a different test

  • @WorriedTX No. Some people say it means people who are “borderline” but that’s just an assumption, its not really true. Also, different states take different amounts of time, don’t panic!

  • Worried in TX –

    This is my 4th exam, so I’ve been doing this for a while and I wouldn’t think that the late arrival of your scores is a reflection of the grade…I called TSBPA and they said the scores they got last night will most likely be released tomorrow.

    Best of luck!

  • @3done

    I must’ve done pretty well on MC. The first testlet was a breeze, but I was very unsure about the next two testlets. And I felt like I was just making up numbers on the sims. I mainly practiced MC and only went through one full sim. Worked for me, but I don’t know if that’s the best strategy.

  • @Worried in TX — I wouldn’t worry. I don’t believe there is any correlation between release date and performance.

  • Can somebody please advise on this: I called NASBA to see if my score had been released for TX and they said it had. Everyone who was released Mon got their score today. This means I must have been released yesterday with the remaining 1,704 scores. In past experience does this mean I more likely failed??

  • @waiting in VT…I had always heard about the 10pm release time but people have posted that scores come up at different times so im not sure

    any word on NY??

  • Talked to NASBA this morning. Said they received the REG scores yesterday and my score is one of them! Does the website only update once a day around 9/10 p.m?

  • So I just called TSBPA about REG and she told me they would most likely be released tomorrow…

    My heart is going to explode out of my chest.

    @Big Joe…I’m not going to put on pants until I get my score either! I need to stay in bed, watch trash TV and panic!

  • @VA-REG

    Can you elaborate more ? Did you do your MC very well and hence this high score – or you dont know – please help as I am in the same situation??

  • REG scores are up in VA!!!

    I passed and I completely thought I failed. I was seriously bracing for Wave 2.5.

    Good luck to everyone!!!

    REG – 91
    FAR – Oct 2010
    AUD – Nov 2010
    BEC – Dec 2010

    Yeah, I know, I’m crazy for trying to finish all four parts in 5 months.

  • Anybody from CO got REG score??

    has someone(from any state) took on 8/11 or 8/12 and got their REG scores??

    Pleaseeeeeeee help if you have

  • So I tried the loophole and didn’t appear to work – is it too early, did I fail, or does it not work in Texas?

    Has anyone from Texas used the loophole successfully? Also, anyone in Texas have a guess when REG scores will be released by TSBPA?


  • I just called NASBA and I am in the FREAKING second wave. REG is the last test I am waiting on. I took is July 2 and thought for sure I would be in wave 1. Oh well. Any ideas on how much longer I have to wait?

  • REG scores up in CA. Passed with an 82! 3 for 3 and waiting for AUD in wave 2. Congrats to those who passed!

  • REG scores are up in KY. Passed with an 88! Finished the CPA 4 for 4!!!


  • Pardon my typo, I didn’t receive an “ail”, I received an email from the board. Good luck to everyone waiting on their scores πŸ™‚

  • Just got an ail from the Texas board that my exam score was ready. I took aud July 27th and I passed!! I passed!! Now 2 more to go ( FAR and REG)

  • MA FAR came out last night at some point. I passed – good luck to everyone else! My CPA journey is over!

  • In PA, waiting on last part (REG), I attempted the Loophole (trying both PA & OH)both messages were the same telling me that all sections are busy

    Passing grade = CPA
    Failing grade = BEC timing out on 8/31

    …….the suspense is killing

  • Waiting on my last two tests in MN FAR (took 7/9) & REG (took 8/6). Justed called NASBA and was informed that both of my scores will be released in wave 2.


  • Per NASBA Twitter 2 minutes ago:

    “Yesterday 313 AUD, 1704 FAR, and 8329 REG scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for the Jul/Aug 2010 testing window. #CPAExam”

  • IF REG results were released last night, does anyone have a clue when I would recieve my results in NC? As far as I know I have to wait on snail mail in NC.

  • JLB, didn’t anyone tell you if you get a single point over 75 you studied too hard??

    Congrats! Enjoy the weekend and buy a new 10-key to celebrate.

  • Got my FAR score in Texas and I passed! That’s it, I’m all done with the test.

    AUD 98
    REG 97
    BEC 91
    FAR 99

  • @ttt
    I took an AUD for MT on AUG, 11. I got my score already I guess you are in wave 2

    When will release REG
    Waiting is killing me

  • This process is frustrating. I have passed BEC and REG, waiting on FAR-7/2. Co-worker took it same day as me and got his score. Looks like I am in wave two. Taking AUD Monday and will be waiting for two scores next month. This has been a long eleven months. I have a 6yr old and newborn at home. Not sure how my wife and I have stayed together through this and now we need to sit in limbo another month. Like waiting on one was not enough. My Becker expires in November so if worst case senario and I fail both I am SOL. Mad, sad, exhausted, and ready in New Orleans. Come on NASBA/AICPA….

  • Wht is going on….!!! we need to plan for next and this is time killing!

    I hope we get it by maximum end of this week, otherwise will lape after the weekend…!

  • BEC 86
    FAR 67
    REG 73
    REG 82
    AUD 72
    AUD 82
    FAR 79

    17 months and I am done. For all who have not passed keep your head and don’t stop trying.

  • anybody to get AUD scores in MT?
    I took AUD in July 29th. Even, there was no new-type simul, I guess… I believe it should be in wave 1 !! So, I e-mailed to NASBA and they said my score isn’t received by wednesday morning. I’m so sick of their slow and unreasonable working…

  • Utah FAR posted tonight. My first exam and I passed. I needed that little boost of confidence to keep going. Best of luck to all. I will remind each and everyone of us (including myself) that this is not easy and yet we all keep going. Good job, friends!

  • Has anyone ever received their score on the NASBA website and then not been able to view it a few days later?? I got my AUD score last Monday which was an 80, and then tonight I logged back on to view it again and it says, “score not found”….When I went to register for more sections of the exam, the box for AUD was not highlighted so I’m hoping this is just a glitch….

  • I guess PA waited to release AUD and FAR at the same time! Congrats to those that passed and my condolences to those that didn’t.

  • Does anyone has any news when will AICPA release the REG scores. i am dying for it, have cleared the other 3. BEC-86, FAR-84 & AUD-81

  • To all my PA peeps, PA just posted my AUD score in the last 30 minutes. 75 baby!!!!! My birthday starts in 1 hour, best gift I could have gotten! I thought I was in the second wave.

  • Great job everyone.

    Still waiting on a FAR score in IL. I’m hopeing for tomorrow or Friday, but I guess we’ll see.


  • Anyone from NJ receive their AUD score. I took July 2nd and just want to see if I’m in wave 2 or not.

  • Yeah, hopefully we’ll hear something early tomorrow morning and possibly get them tomorrow night?


    Where the holy goat our my freakin’ REG scores you useless monkeys?

  • Justin in ur post, “823 AUD & 3 FAR scores were released yesterday PM ”

    It seems that was cuz AICPA released it in late PM …later in the night after NASBA closes its office…. I believe on twitter it says managed till 4:30PM…

    While FAR have been released all day today even when NASBA was open…

    I am waiting and going crazy too as i took my exam on 7/1
    this is ridiculous but i wouldnt get my hopes up for REG score tomorrow…..earliest i can hope for is Friday in ILBOA website…
    Goodluck everyone…

  • Here we go, I found what I was looking for on Twitter – from last September:

    823 AUD & 3 FAR scores were released yesterday PM by AICPA to NASBA from the Jul/Aug 2009 testing window. #cpaexam Friday, September 25, 2009 9:25:18 AM via HootSuite

    So it is very possible for them to receive scores one day and not tell us until the next.

  • It’s possible; I THINK I’ve seen NASBA tweet something to the effect of “last night, xxx REG was released” but can’t remember for sure.

    Based on what people said here earlier, there seemed to be FAR scores released today, so maybe they were just a little slow to tweet today.

  • Maybe NASBA couldn’t tweet and take all of our phone calls about whether or not our FAR scores were getting released?!? LOL

  • Jeff- any idea why NASBA never tweeted that more FAR scores were released today?? I called and they said it was released this morning, but I never heard anything formal on Twitter, etc.??

  • I really don’t know how much longer I can wait for REG….this is killing me!! :/ I’ve been checking ALL week and it STILL hasn’t come out. I’m mad at the AICPA.

  • Well, I guess AICPA decided to make us wait for the REG release! This is just not right. I hope they get their stuff together in 2011.

  • @Bobnweave, I took AUD 7/2 and have not received my score, at this point I think I am in the 2nd wave.

  • Where’s my scores??? In NY, took AUD 7/3 and REG 7/31…………….no score yet! Anyone have NY info?

  • this is unbelievable … why does it need to take this long to release scores when they already have them sitting around???

  • I’m right there with you. Hopefully we will get news of releases very soon…and with good results. God, please help us.

  • Well its 6:00 pm EST now, I dont know what your talking about Christine, I dont need a dolorian to look at a watch.

    Sorry I blew up, I was just hoping for the scores to be released.

  • He did say 5:30 EST. So far it’s not even 5 yet. He may be good at predicting scores but I don’t think he can do much about time travel. Hang in there banker.

  • Jeff, so what you are saying it that I should not be driving home today around 5:30 hahaha. With the iPhone technology I can get into an accident. Hehehe.
    Thanks again for the scoop.

  • I just got my score for FAR… I passed with a 94%! Illinois is still releasing scores as I speak. I took mine on July 27th. Have hope people! Good luck to all! Thank you God for everything! Next stop Auditing, August 31st… dum dum dum.

  • Just got my Audit score in IL…..75!!!!! totally worth the wait! I noticed that the scores say advisory…what are the chances of those changing?

  • Jeff, you are an angel from heaven!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for giving me hope again, maybe I will see one of my scores today.

  • What time of day (EST) does the AICPA release scores to NASBA? I am waiting on REG for my last exam and want to try the loophole.

  • @ Justin – I did work in public and audit, but I work for a private company now. I agree, it was much easier to prepare for after I had a busy season under my belt. I just hope that translates to a good grade. LOL.

    @waiting in NY and waiting in ME – I agree. I’m in the same boat as you guys. I don’t understand why some people were given a different simulation than others.

  • @waiting in ny – I sure hope so. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to pass this one. But waiting another month or so for our scores is not helpful at all. I’ll keep checking to see if there are any updates.

  • I’m waiting for CA too but I took FAR Aug 6th. Hopefully they will release some FAR with the last section of score releases for REG.

  • Took AUD on 7/31 in CA. No score up on the CA website under Status. That was my first section. Any ideas of why my score is not up? New simulation when exam is changing soon seems odd…

  • @waiting in me — nasba told me the same thing. i really hope that means we got a new simulation and not that we are borderline. it seems as though an awful lot of people are in our same position though…

  • I just called NASBA for a score update on the FAR exam I took on 7/17. They had not received my score,and notified me I am likely in Wave 2 – which can come out as early as next week through mid-late September. My only conclusion is that I had a new simulation pushing me to the 2nd wave. I guess we will just have to wait it out…

  • @Please pass me

    What state are you in? I’m in PA and still have not received my AUD score. I took it on 7/12.

  • *relieve

    proof of how nervewrecking this is–i can’t even spell

    CPA = Certified Pain in the Ass right now

  • Oh Wise Jeff,
    Please releive our fears & enxity, and enrich us with your knowledge and intuition with an update as to what you think may be going on with the rest of FAR and REG scores as of today.

    I speak on behalf of all!! We beg thee!!! haha

  • more FAR scores are going to be released! i’m in PA, and I called NASBA and they said that they had just received my score today and it would be out in 24-28 hours. I called yesterday and the day before and they had not received me score.

  • Waiting on REG…. took on 7/1.
    IL is an early bird state….common AICPA release the darn scores…
    almost 2 months since i took the exam…

  • the next 24 hours of not knowing are going to suck. unless i got pushed to wave 2 which would mean the next month is going to suck! good luck to everyone who has PATIENTLY been waiting for REG results!

  • In PA, waiting on Reg – 8/6, 3 parts passed, but BEC will time out on 8/31…Can anyone confirm the legitimacy of the loophole using the PA site or do you have to use OH?

  • @reg If the AICPA releases REG scores to NASBA today, the scores will likely end up being available tomorrow night.

  • @Joe There is a chance you’ll get your REG score before your AUD score. That’s almost what happened to me – 10/5 REG, 11/29 AUD, and I think I got my AUD score two days after REG. But based on the recent score releases (like in this wave), AUD was released before REG, so you’ll likely get your scores in that order. Who knows for sure, of course.

    If you work in public, and do audits, I bet you passed just fine. I had four busy seasons under my belt when I took AUD, studied for a month, and felt like I could have gone without studying for it.

  • I took AUD on 8/6. Until last night, nothing was showed up on the NASBA website. I called NASBA in the morning and they told me they received my score today. I have to wait another 1 or 2 days.

  • Sat for AUD in CA on 8/7/10 and got my score this morning (@ 5:33 AM PST to be exact).

    Didn’t do as well as I had thought, but I passed by just a hair and I’ll take it!!!

  • @ Justin

    I figured out what it is, thanks.

    Also, I’m taking REG on 8/31. Is it possible that I might get my REG score before my AUD score that I took on 7/17 because of the new simulation, or whatever?

    I’ve been waiting for over a month now for my AUD score and now I might have to wait another month and a half – that’s ridiculous.

    I guess if I bombed it, though, I wouldn’t want to find out right before I took REG. LOL

  • MD is finally out.. And I passed with 88.. I am finally done with the CPA journey. Congrats everyone.. and for those that didnt pass… NEVER give up.

  • @Justin

    Haha. Well I am. And I love the Marines, but I have no idea why it’s up there?

    Maybe it has something to do with my email address?

  • Sounds like the FAR release today was pretty significant. Keeping my fingers crossed..

    @Joe I have no clue about your picture. I thought you were just proud to be American or something.

  • I just called NASBA again this morning. Yesterday my FAR score was not released. This morning it is. They said I should see it online by Friday afternoon. I took it in MA on 7/31.

    Good Luck to everyone else.

  • @NY

    It is both probable and possible – that this time around – someone who took as late as 8/13 may be in wave 1

    for BEC results – I remember someone who took on 8/12 was in wave 1 – same for Far – this time – I (and few others) took on 8/9 and were in wave 1

    Assuming that 9th was a monday and the end of week was friday – and asssuming AICPA may consider a full week – rather than just part of a week – there is hope!!

  • @Justin

    That sucks. Thanks for the info though. On an extreme side not, why is there a picture of the EGA by my name? I don’t think I’ve ever posted on this site before…

  • @Joe You could have taken it on 7/1 and ended up in wave 2. Certain conditions make wave 1 people fall in the wave 2 bucket. Unforunate fact of life in the CPA exam. Take my REG example – I took it on 10/5, didn’t get my score until 12/20. It was a brutal 2.5 months.

  • I took AUD on 7/17 and I still haven’t received my score yet. I called NASBA and they told me they haven’t receieved my score and that I would get it “sometime between now and the end of September.” I thought I was in wave 1?

  • hey guys!!

    I told you more Far scores were coming today

    no one would believe me

    Jeff has been right based on past trends!!!!!!!!!

  • Changed my name from ‘Seriously.. WTF??’ on yesterday’s posts to ‘THERE IS HOPE!!!’ b/c I just spoke w/ NASBA and they HAVE released more FAR scores today!! Woop Woop!! Good luck everyone!!

  • Perhaps I am just trying to be optimistic. But it seems a very large percentage of people are waiting for the FAR exam to be released, compared to any scores Ive seen. Infact I dont think Ive seen any scores in IL. But a lot of waiting. So hopefully according to 3done its options 1 & 3. I cant imagine ALL of us were held back due to borderline scores.

    1)New Sim Β– only AICPA can tell you whether it was new or not

    2) Borderline scores Β– 71-76 Β– so sent for a final review

    3)Second release Β– wave 1 Β– no idea how someone who took on 7/16 can fall in second release

  • @justin FL is a Nasba state and all the lady said was “your score was received today.” I’m assuming it was from the release on monday because I havent seen too many posts from FL candidates who have received their FAR scores yet.

  • 3done – Thanks for the great info. I took my exam on 7/29. I called the AICPA but they said they could only tell me that FAR had been released. How do I find out if it was just a new sim? Basically a NEW sim or simply wave 2 is “ok” with me… but borderline 71-76 is not what I wanted to hear… makes me very nervous

  • TX – I’m waiting for TX to post FAR exam results as well, so hopefully they’re just running behind.

  • @Jusitan and cpa…. Thakns for your advise!! I will do that by today!

    I suppose to receive my REG score by tomorrow!!

    Hopefullly passed…

    Good luck to everyone!!!

  • So REG is my last test and I pray, pray, pray I passed it. I see the prediction is for the scores to be released today – is this still what others are thinking?

    Also, since this is my last test and the scores will be released by the AIPCA today (I hope) the Ohio loophole should work, right? Someone please reply!!!

  • Took FAR in NY on 7/12 and still have not received score. Noticed some people in NY have received FAR scored last night/this morning so I got nervous. Called NASBA and spoke with this lady Kim, she said my scored was released by AICPA and should be posted within next 24-48hrs. Therefore, for people in NY area that haven’t received anything, there is still hope…

  • Has TX ever posted scores during the day? I am waiting on FAR. Usually they are posted first thing in the morning, like around 4 or 5 am

  • @FL FAR My guesses: (a) room for error, (b) they don’t have access to actual scores (controls over the reporting process?), (c) general policy – they’d have 1,000 people calling every time this month asking for their score early.

    Do you know if they received it from the AICPA today? Or was this the release from a few days ago? Honestly, I don’t even know if FL is a NASBA state.

  • Just called Nasba about my FL FAR score and they said “your score was received today and should be posted online within 24-48 hours” why cant they just tell you over the phone?!

  • I took FAR 7/2 and haven’t gotten my socre! Could it really take this long or do you think there is a problem and I should call? I did change my name with NASBA a week ago due to marriage but everything looks to be changed correctly.

  • @NY
    πŸ™‚ I can understand – this is pure unadulterated torture – North korean style!

    Most likely reasons are (just repeating a few of jeffs and other opinions on various forums)

    1)New Sim – only AICPA can tell you whether it was new or not

    2) Borderline scores – 71-76 – so sent for a final review

    3)Second release – wave 1 – no idea how someone who took on 7/16 can fall in second release

  • I feel like there are a TON of people waiting for FAR, it looks like a lot of you called NASBA and ILBOA (those from IL) – Whats the verdict? I was being optimistic but when I didnt have a score this morning Ive lost a lot of that… Do we REALLY have to wait another 4 weeks?!?! This is my last test – not cool.

  • I took mt FAR on 7/16 in NY and i still haven’t received it. But my simulation didnt look brand new to me.. Will i be in wave 2 or do u think my results should be out with REG today?

  • @GA

    I remember Jeff also saying that there could be a few more aud scores released along with reg on 8/25 or 8/26 – I also have been reading the same on other forums and many have the same opinion

  • @3done – how do you know their will be a second wave1 release on the 25th?

    took FAR in ga on 7/15, nasba informed me they had not received my score. bummer

  • @stressedinPA

    I am in the same boat. We are both proud owners of a new simulation I suspect. If it is any consolation, I took mine the week prior. Hey, it is what it is. Good luck!

  • So I took AUD on 7/14 and have YET to receive my score- did I somehow manage to get shuffled into Wave 2? As if the exam wan’t inherently stressful enough… Does anyone have thoughts?

  • Does anyone know what it means if people are saying NY FAR scores are out but I keep checking mine and it still says “Error: Score Not Found” πŸ™

  • @Nash Reg was absolutely brutal to me. I can’t remember the last time I was so shocked than when I found out I passed.

    Unfortunately, it might be too late to report issues, and I don’t know what state you’re in (assuming it’s different for each state). For example, CA requires candidates with testing center issues to report the problem to testing center staff during the exam, who will file an incident report, then the candidate would have to report the problem to the CA state board and NASBA within 10 days.

    Either way, good luck!

  • NY FAR results are finally up and i passed with 82!!!!!

    just gonna put it out there that i did not even touch the communication part for either of the simulations and pretty much only had time for a few parts of the simulations…so if you do good on multiple choice (which originally i thought was too hard and i didnt think i did ok) you can still pass!

  • @Justin…

    I had my REG in july, and it was really tough, i am not sure if i will pass, but i am hoping… your msg gives me some hopes… thank you

    I had some issue with my test center during my REG Exam, I am not sure if i should report that to NASBA, that had effected me in my exam! it was really bad. any advise!!

  • Took FAR on 7/2 and still have not seen score posted in Louisiana. Passed BEC and REG. Taking AUD Monday and I hope that is my last one. Has anyone received a score from Louisiana for FAR??