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My friend took the CPA Exam in late 2008 and always seemed to get her CPA Exam scores no later than 3.5 weeks after taking her exam.

Is it taking longer to score now than a year and a half ago, or was my friend just lucky and didn't get any brand new simulations?



This is an excellent question and unfortunately, I don't have a clear answer. I get asked similar questions all of the time and ultimately, only the AICPA knows what is going on with their score release process.

In 2008 when I was taking the CPA Exam, a resource like that tracked CPA Exam results didn't exist, which is why I started doing it.

The first breakthrough in the score release mystery came when the AICPA granted me an interview, which shed a little light on the process.

I will say this: the CPA Exam score release process seems more complicated and mysterious than it did even two years ago.

Is that just my imagination or have things really changed? I honestly don't know.

The best you can do is keep plugging along in your cpa exam review course while you wait for results (and hope that you didn't get a new simulation).


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  • Hi Jeff, am currently using the Becker CPA review material and I just finished all the lectures for FAR. Now am attempting all the multiple choice questions for each section and I plan on taking the exam on the 18th of August. In your opinion do your think my review strategy is good one, up until I take the exam? The material is really overwhelming but so far I managed to get through F1 and understand the bulk of it. Also I wanted to find out from you whether its true that one may see similar questions from the review material in the actual CPA exam?

  • Hi Jeff:

    I want to subscribe to club75 and get the Yaeger discount. I need to purchase 2 parts. Your note says with the club 75 subscription one gets an extra $100 off the full course or $50 off 1 part. So what happens if I buy 2 parts? Do I get $100 off or $50 off?



  • Hi Jeff:

    I logged into but had no idea of how to get info . I am willing to pay for that. Can you give me some details.


  • Hi Jeff:

    I passed all four parts, now what is the next step I should do to apply for CPA license. I took in NY

    Best regards


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