Free: Updated CPA Exam Score Release Guide for October/November 2010 Testing Window

08 Nov 2010

Ask Jeff

By Jeff

Everything you need, all in one place – including the full list of predicted CPA Exam scores & results release dates for Wave 1 and Wave 2 October-November 2010.

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usha 13 years ago

Hi Jeff, What is the timeline for release of scores wave 2 october/november testing window.

Neely 13 years ago

So, I know this is pretty far in advance, BUT I have until July 7, 2011 to pass BEC and AUD before I loose FAR. AUD is scheduled for January, and I need to schedule BEC. Since its busy season, I want to wait as late into April as possible, while still having the possibility of getting my scores in Wave 1 in case I don't pass and need to rechedule by 7-7. Any suggestions???