CPA Exam Results Update: June 16

The AICPA has not released any scores to NASBA or the Independent states.

The following is based on nothing but my opinion, so take it with 10 granules of salt.

Revised Released Order Prediction:

  1. BEC
  2. AUD
  3. FAR
  4. REG

I believe BEC and AUD will be released this week with FAR and REG next week.

REG seems to be getting the shaft lately, so maybe some reverse psychology will help.

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37 comments on “CPA Exam Results Update: June 16”

  • @Kyle- I am waiitng for my last section (BEC) in PA and loophole is giving me message that my sections are still in progress. Are you getting something similiar?

  • Can’t Wait- there is usually at least one or two days in between the AICPA releasing the different exams.

    Follow NASBA on Twitter for the exam score release information

  • Jeff–Can we expect the next section of scores to be released tomorrow around the same time…and the next section the day after that?

  • @Allie~

    I thought I had it bad. At least I got my results for AUD which I took 5/3 back with Wave 1. We’re almost there so stay sane!!

  • how long after the AICPA release do u have to wait for it to register for the VT loophole trick? is it usually accurate… i just did that for BEC and it was grayed out, dont want to get excited..

  • @JS and Erin – I took FAR April 1st and haven’t received my score yet either, so I feel your pain! I’ll probably get my Audit score, which I took May 25th, before FAR!

  • Annie — I think you are asking about Illinois, which is NOT a NASBA state. To get your score go here and log in

    On average, my scores posted at 9 AM the morning after AICPA released the scores (Illinois is an “early bird” state). Hope that helps.

  • I don’t know how to check score online. I tried to go to NASBA, but right after Iclecik scores ( Illois), there no info for me to enter section ID or whatsoever???
    What website should I go to to look for my scores?

  • @Erin

    I’m in the same boat as you. I took Far 4/15 and am still waiting. I guess AICPA thought I was having too much fun waiting and wanted to make my final wait (HopefullY) as long as possible.

  • Whoa Erin that totally stinks!!! I can’t believe you’ve been waiting for almost 2 months! Sorry to hear, but the wait is almost over. Hang in there 🙂

  • Jeff–If AICPA does decide to release, what time during the day does that happen usually?

  • Another thing on the “Ohio Loophole” as it states in the thread, go to the OH NASBA page or it’s only for your final exam. I found these both to be not true for VT. I did it on my first exam on the VT NASBA page…

  • Another loophole comment, and I am not sure if this is for every state or for everybody, but in VT when AICPA releases scores (doesn’t have to be my last exam…) I can go to the VT (not OH like in the thread) NASBA page and try to re-register. For the first exam I took, before NASBA released I went to register for BEC, and was able to. A day later NASBA released and I did not pass.

  • Kris – Yea I know, the question was about the 24-48 hr window it takes NASBA to release (at least I thought).

    TWIB – I am unsure of UT as a loophole state, it’s always worth a shot though once you hear the AICPA has released the scores.

  • Jeff – Do you thing the AICPA will get the scores released early enough this week for BEC and AUD in order for NASBA to post them before the weekend comes rolling around? I really don’t want to have to wait until next week to get my BEC score through NASBA! 🙂 This is the last score I need in order to be done.

  • How does it work for, what I assume, are the non-Nasba states? I am in OK, and I know I have to check my score on the OK Accountancy Board’s website, but do they receive it from NASBA after the 24-48 hours, or directly from the AICPA?

  • All I can say is I hope so. Does anyone have any advice on studying near a score release? This is only the second one that I’ve been through ad for the week to week and a half around he date I have zero motivation. I am fine for the couple of weeks leading to it but hit a huge wall. Then after (failed last time, 73 – studying for retake) I had great motivation to study (2nd test – AUD), thinking “I CAN’T FAIL ANOTHER!”

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